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  1. Vote Here: Clans

    Btw 1 more thought.After reading what happend this season. -Did anyone consider this new rankings,a better alternative?What was the issue with old ones,to me it wasnt any. Since reading tanks and warlords are now awarded for cc while adding this new rank system.This increased their numbers so it made annoying for the whole server.And what annoying means its that people tend to quit.I tell since a long time,dont give any rewards for suports other than xp.Suports makingdd stronger and boosted and its enough of reward by itself.DOnt let in a faction server to have bunch of random healers/ols/tanks/warlords running by themselfwhile making hell for everyone arround,and they get rewarded for that.
  2. Vote Here: Clans

    I think L2ovc becomes more and more a casual server.Emerald u made enchant becoming significantly easy,that to me server aint attractive anymore...but who knows maybe noobs like it more this way.U made it so scrubs and noobs can have +16 items.Whats is this seriously?U want make noobs being equals to better players with any cost?U want players that spend more time to be equal to those who spend less time?This is not the way,im telling you. Now about clans,i think it was no problem whatsoever.U make a mistake like u did with enchants.U cant force people be equals in l2.Anyone can have anything,its a matter of grind and will...this is how i remember l2.Dont give easy path so that every scrub can have whatever he wants with no effort and no time invested. Things went too far imo,players cry now because want clan skills without clan?Andplayers asking removing clan skills really?.I think this is ridicoulos.
  3. What?I thought u are trolling,but now i see u serious.WTF is wrong with u?Call paramedics someone.Toresuscitate your brain back.
  4. U must admit it was a good fiting joke.
  5. Woman dont get rude,respect your elders.
  6. I just exposed u who u are.In game u arent reliable at anything u are incompetent player/leader.Facts is backing up this,what did u ever achieved here other than nothing?And yet i see words like randoms and nonfactors coming from your mouth. And i exposed u here with your biased suggestions as well,so tell me who suggested to put k/d ratio ingame?. And i exposed u who u really are.A scammer,not as worse as what Luffy did,but in same category.A pixel whore who is willing stepping over players or anything for the sake of those pixels. And spoiler doesnt earn 1k adena per map this are bollocs,they may average 300 adena at best or even less when crowded server if u dont count mats and was always a hard grind to reach at that point because needing OE spoiles +10 at least.Mats are valuable when server starts and their value stards to drop as long u getting into season.And once again spoilers do nothing ,they are not annoying they are just a good fit,Emerald did well with them.People can choose ignore them,they are just classes with tons of hp/cp and deffensive.A glad/tyrant can be easily as tanky as spoilers but this classes can drop damage,spoilers have 0 damage. And when others played spoilers wich u call random spoiler,u was playing random healer healing random targets and resing for rewards and free kills.How pathetic this can be seriously.
  7. And u should know better im a rock emotionally,i tease faggots like u for breakfast.Still this doesnt changefrom the fact its in my right to call u Scammer,its something u did and name suits you. Abouts poilers and how much adena they get Even if its the case wich i reall doubt because i didnt read any significant changelist for spoilers than in previous seasons,so im entitled to know better than what u think othersreport about it to you.But lets say spoiler do 1k adena per map,why it matters for u?And why u put spoiler alongside real annoying classes tanks/warlord.Also u dont even mention ols or bishops. Btw keeping your track u shouldnt suggest anything about server for improvement.What u said its all a wall of text mostly biased bollocks.Last time u suggest something was to put K/D in game,another biased sugestion so f4gs to can appear in statistics somewhere because u couldnt make it anywhere else.And to show at K/D u and your clan evoid mini events like plague and do pvp just like rats instead of enjoying server and do natural pvp like everyone else.
  8. I breath fresh air all right ,dont u worry about this Scammer.Its a good name Scammer it reflects something u did,so i think its ok to use it when i speak with u.Btw offtopic why u have that Gerrard portrait,u should put some virus or a rat in that picture but nvm. Back on topic my point is that all suports should be aproached including healers ols,not just what u wish.U said spoilers earn 1k adena where is the prove Scammer?Because i did play spoilers couple of times previous seasons and they never earned as much.From where this numbers and theories?And what have to do spoilers with anything,they are harmless class 0 damage almost 0 cc,why u bring it in discussion alongside with tanks/warlords.
  9. There never was any problems with spoilers whatsoever.Except for when they could steal alot of adena and make players not joining maps,but that was long time ago got fixed fast and were nerfed.THey now barely steal,they are more like mats makers wich cost nothing for other players to be spoiled.
  10. Isnt kinda weird this OP guy doesnt mention healers and ols in equation when speaking about AOE.Its not a hate reply from me keeping the circumstances and what i feel for this pathetic player.He just never play this classes what he mentions here but forgets about those who plays them.Healing and rezing randomly targets is as bad as agroing randomly targets as tank. Anyway my feedbackabout suports(all of them) is that earnings as adena should be less than dd.And about spoilers there is nothing wrong with them,they are an alternative other than mage to startand they were madefit the system,and also an alternative into farming mats for end game gearI dont know if now is possible to spoil 400-500 adena but before it wasnt possible(they got boosted?).Unlike warlords or tanks spoilers arent annoying,do they have agro or aoe stun to cc arround,everyone is free to ignore them.

    Here in L2ovc players are pathetic community is pathetic most leaders of clan are pathetic.Doesnt matter leaders of clan or the common players.U need be very careffull and really its best to not have hopes to find trustable players because they will use that untill its too late. BTW about Luffy His kind of scam should be bannable offense.If there arent such rules there should be.
  12. Backstab miss

    I am pretty sure backstab should be high landrate from behind but how high im not certain.There is no way in hell,absolutely no way a th to have 40% chance with backstab from back as it has here. And Its just impossible to prove it either way.
  13. Clan as retail

    Ah and 1 more thing.Ofc wont matter with u.U will always play with 4-5 useless players here in l2ovc wich u call them your friends whatever.U will always be nonrelevant to the server.The greeks u call nonfactors and randoms will make u areal nonfactor,a guy like Luffy will make you his bitch in oly and many others would do just same.Thats why u never participate in anything here,no oly no sieges and by not having an organized clan.U are incompetent to have a decent clan in the 1st place.And u are an incompetent player as well,need to recall that after 3-4 months after 90% from those top 20 left u still didnt manage to enter there.U had a ridicoulos k/d just through fakery and evoiding maps and players,all u could ever do here. SO what u are is simple:Incompetent/irrelevant player/leader and whats even more worse SCAMMER.
  14. Clan as retail

    No but would be nice to have a scammer thread.So people can know who are the scum of the server,would be handy at least and more healthy.
  15. Clan as retail

    Dude....It was me and Teo wtf we were no strangers to you,we were both duo that season we knew each other from past....We wanted joined a familiar clan,u was familiar because we played before,we knew somewhat from previous seasons.U spoken very nice to me and with respect before in other seasons and that season untill the scam when your behavior changed 180% degree....,But before that i asked 2 royal leaders for me and him before join you.You said i can give u one,.I never needed for myself cause i was perma hero,but teo really needed.All went smooth,you with your own mouth said yes,dont fukin try to denny it. 1 day later or few(cant remember exact)after i joined you,i get ban and in before that i decided to leave all my items to you.So it was 2nd or 3rd week after start,i gift you full boss jewel set+6,aq+9(wich no else had in server atm),ic+6+other stuffs,all that i had,it was 150+k adena at least. After some time i get unban,and i decide to come back and play in the middle of the season.And suprise suprise after i log i get hate pm,that im not real one haha.I told u stuff that only me was possible to know,u kept your sh1t.I asked some help from you, I was naked without nothing.All u offered me was bw+6 wich(u kidding me :)) that u was trying hard to sell with 1k adena and nobody wanted to buy it.Your behaviour changed radically like i never saw before.Clearly u didnt give a damm about me anymore when i was naked and back and didnt want to have anything with me. And u are not Server Care Police.Its just you being a coward to try make this scam and your behaviour as excusable.Why u did even mention Emerald into this u fukin f4got?What he has to do with anything beside my ban? You are a scammer point.U dont decide this if u are or not.Your actions did decided this conclusion in wich u are A SCAMMER.A fukin Cameleon that changes behaviour into just his own interest. I know its downgrading for me to even mention your name and speak about such things in a faction server.But i dont care,i will remind to everyone once per couple season,i will dedicate some from time and i will always remember people about you.We should have a scammer thread here so people know who are the scum of earth on this server and should be evoided as plague.
  16. Backstab miss

    If u have solid evidence just make a bug report,and wait response.
  17. Clan as retail

    "Bla Bla Bla im not scammer".On your scout honor.. The poor guy didnt afford more than 1k adena to help someone that could elevate his clan from his nonfactorism and wich u spoke to me as your god before (When i was with gear on me) and gtfo random spoiler that brokes server rules and is Emerald friend sudenly :)(this when i was naked and back after ban with all i had given to u) Dude u realise u are the most hypocritical bulsh1tier pieace of sh1t that can exist on this earth?U cant talk serious. Scam never had and will never had excuses.U are a scammer and a cancer.KD RAT ,faker player.You have a brain of 5 year old to pull such excuses and soemone to take you as serious and your actions are legit for factor player that u think u are.
  18. Backstab miss

    You are right dude.But u must be new here,this was long time reported,unfortunately never proven with solid evidence to be taken into consideration.
  19. Clan as retail

    The most irrelevant player in l2ovc history that thinks himself as factor just spoken :).The discrepancy between what u think u are and what u showed here in l2ovc is humoungous.U cant tell me to shut up,or anything what to do for that matters.U should ask at most to be ignored because u are a cancer.
  20. Clan as retail

    Man its just sad that someone like u represents bulgarian community here.Its beyond pathetic.
  21. Clan as retail

    Chaks was never a coward like u.I never saw him evoiding DM,vips battlefiels or staying in spawnguard zone as his friends.U realize u make him a defavor by puting him in same sentence with your enlisted names and by chesse tactics used by you and other f4gots to fake boost their k/d ratio.He was always playing natural,not event evoider. U are clearly a coward,everytime u try hide under his belt like a little kid.U have no back bone,u represent the bulgarian community here in the wrong way here.Btw previous season after 3 months that everyone quits u still couldnt pull top 20 kills,dont u think this is beyond pathetic?just saying Pony and Kat are other retards that used same chesse tactics to boost their k/d.Itook number 1 spot with a secondary char in 2 -3 hours for k/d and trust me i never felt more retarted in l2 than playing so cowardly in those 2-3 hours by evoiding maps and evoiding players that i could die.To this day i dont understand whats the fun in being a retard,a faker l2 player wich fakes his k/d ratio unaturaly.
  22. Clan as retail

    Chaks cannot vouch for u.And he never did anything because he doesnt like to talk about u,he gets upset from this subject and tell this is a big reason why he doesnt play l2ovc.Honestly im a little dissapointed about him saying this,because in case if someone that i trust tells me that x guy is a scammer,there is nothing....absolute nothing that i hate most in this l2 other than scammers.Scammers that say one thing and do other stuff behind your back...or when i was coming back u got forgoten about me and telling how random spoiler i am and gtfo manners. So to recapitulate so players can know what scam i talk about.Its when i left server i let u everything ,epics set gear and stuff.And when i came back all i got was gtfo treatment,ugive u bw+6 light (1k adena market price) at most.Not even royal leader.Better to have some randoms nonfactors royal leader.BTW this is one of the other reason wich u will alwaybs be a nonfactor here or doesnt matter wich server u play .U dont put leaders your friends,that play 1-2 hours or none at all above more competitive players.THere could be was solutions,u know u can swap royal leaders right?But the fact that i left 150 k+ gear adena gear i come back i get the stranger treatment this was what cheryy on the cake. Who the fuk does that ?I didnt wanted all back ofc but for sure i need more help than 1k adena bw+6 cause i was completely naked without nothing when i came back.And u blame it on me that why i wanted play again instead of staying quit. For sure the backround i had with bulgarians,my insticts were telling me its all good.I realised i made biggest mistake to thrust a jerk,a f4gotnobody. Its all good,but for me will never exist as forgiven or getting more gently when it comes about you.U are the worst kind of player wich i hate in l2.
  23. Clan as retail

    Probably Maleficu on most servers i played at that time.That was my nick.If any bulgarian from your circle knows Columbian ask him about Shrek.He should remember.Btw i speak in terms of diversity and just for the sake of conversation.Because i have nothing to prove to a nobody such as u.There are plenty l2ovc players wich are more "factors"than what u proved here in l2ovc.Also u are zero even in bulgarian community probably,none ever heard about you ever.U may be some friend of a friend of a friend wich may suck a d1ck to join a top bulgarian clan. KD is a stat for how retard a player can be.Because by having a high KD he needs soe everytime a map ends,evoiding dm vips and making spawnguards his friends. A natural kd on the other hand is not,but every player that i saw in kd list was doing at least 1 of what i enlisted. I proved u previous season,tell me in wich category u want to be nonfactor and i make .I made a new char in took me 2-3 hours and i took your kd place easy just to point u how clown u are.What u do is not pvp at all,i call it rat PVP with rats/
  24. Clan as retail

    This wont work for u scrub.I met OOC in 2 server or 3 cant remember exactly and everytime as enemies.You make a big mistake assuming im lieing.U realise most is in fog,since it was quite some time.THeir leader was awakaneddemon or something like that.I know him since azure since he was at begining.This was real glory days of l2.But best i remember about OOCis from arion which were against MR my current clan at that time. And as i told u i really was in bulgarian clan in TBD in nexus server wich were previous allies of MR from arion.I told u already wich my status was.Columbian missed alot that season i was their main leader.imagine that and i am romanian they were bulgarians.This didnt prevent me had good times with them and not dominating other clans such ooww and other decent clans wich i cant recall atm.I knew too many good l2 players bulgarians never met a cancer with same nationality as u.I dont need to lie this are the facts,u dont need believe me.My opinion about you is already expressed so no need to repeat myself. So im sorry about you.I was more factor in popular servers than u can ever be here in l2ovc.Bulgarians had decent strong clans,dunno about present l2 anymore cause im not curious anymore.And for u being a bulgarianits an anomaly because u look more like agipsy. .
  25. Clan as retail

    I can tell u wich clans i have nothing to hide scrub.Names are OOC and TBD.Btw i was viceleader and leader in Columbian absence while dominating l2off server both pvp and pve.Want know more info about me noname scammer.I knew quite some players bulgarians CHaks is one of them and i have great respect for them. Compared to them u are a pile of sh1t.I think End of the world is sooner the day,than u becoming a factor in l2ovc.Prove for once u are competive into something like kills leader,or dominant oly hero or do something other than speak.