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  1. Tyrant archer

    You joined the bandwagon when other brainless zerg clan quitplay.This say alot about you.And this with siege lets leave it like this,you joined a leader who 2-3 seasons ago didnt even know what siege means and how it works and what he has to do,its a fact not stories. And again u came here to flame because i speak bulsh1t i am a retard.Once again prove me bison doesnt work with bow.Ifu counter me try prove me wrong.I tell u cant because is legit.U are just ignoring facts and you are blinded by the desire to flame me.I dont care about your backround but if u come with the expert attitude on me like u know game better than prove it.
  2. Tyrant archer

    You talk about zerg,but u know what zerg means or u pretend stupid.Its not nr of clans vs nr of clans.Its number of players vs number of players.You telling me we were more players?I dont believe that.We killed your zerg clan 2-3 times,than u guys was 1 hour town recruiting more randoms and waiting for us to go afk and other leave because of boredom wich exactly happend.Are u going to denny this too.And i said i had 5 players i didnt evencare about siege at all,i was there to help whatever chaos clan will seal against the brainless server zerg clan thats all. And once again u speak about others to reflect u as good player.I told what u are,a zerg player,otherwise u wouldnt join the bandwagon every season like slco previous and empire this,the 2 zerg clans who recruited all brasilian randoms who could find.
  3. Tyrant archer

    Dont bother to explain them.They won because we was zerg :).Let them with this false memory so they can feel good.
  4. Tyrant archer

    Btw to this "ex geno player",come bring proofs retard that bison doesnt work with bow.I will wait till end of times and u wont be able to bring such proofs.
  5. Tyrant archer

    Ex geno player:).He may be american,and what,most this americans are sheepwithout a sheppard.And on l2ovc his sheppard that played here when he did was sws so he can have glow.Pathetic players and brainless zergers here.
  6. Tyrant archer

    Hey prevy welcome to my fan database.I read u wanted make titan,and i wish u did so i can have a challange.
  7. Tyrant archer

    And i bet u will never be a hero on a java server.Come on dude u are pathetic tyrant,pathetic dagger,pathetic ol,pathetic "insert class here".U are a player with no hope.Also another java random typical player from empire of randoms.U are the perfect description of theplayers they have.
  8. Tyrant archer

    You seemto care alot about.You are a zerg type of player.SLCO and this Empire of randoms suits you.Dont u remember when u made me zerg clan when i had 18 memebrs all clan and i had 5 players at siege including me while your clan had 30+ and an ally clan.You are the random here,i dont care about numbers,i dont need pet healer,dont need ol army,i dont relly on others so i can look good,i can play either way,and schooling java noobs like you since l2ovc beginings, You had some fixation about me that when u speak u are all delirious,throwins stuff at me that ussualy happends in your circle.How can someone like you 1 season ago from SLCO or this season from Empire of randoms make me zerg its beyond me :).I didnt know even you exist since this or previous season,and by makinga figure of speach u are like a sheep that trying to insult a lion and show his muscles. And this with 4-5 clans its a good joke for some laughs.If we were 20 players each one with clan made u would said 20 clans vs yours?
  9. Tyrant archer

    And btw u are still pathetic from many reasons.Day 1 dc mage with AM,its good thingu contribue to server health,but dont give lessons to pvp to others and how game works ok?.Also u speak about me being zerg clan 1st week we saw whos the zerg.Your clan was stupid brainless zerg recruited all possible randoms,half of them bots suport for the other half bots dd.And many from them broke the server rules,i dont think they got ban for no reasons just because.You are a fake player with fake impressions about yourself,who dare speak about others like hes somebody,we have plenty of this in l2ovc. I dont know really why some loosers still spam here despite speaking just bulsh1ts,being cooky and arrogants like they know this game so well but in facts for most this players they are just some muppets.
  10. Tyrant archer

    And yetim still relevant unlike others here.Speaking from ass and flaming is easy.You tell than exactly how game works and bring proofs if u saw something wrong in what i said.
  11. Tyrant archer

    Dunno about bear but bison im 100% sure it works with bow.And whats all fuss about.Warriors have all 40+str with dies and selfbuffs that boost their p atk or atk speed.Titan should hit ton of damage with bow too but hes capped.Other warriors classes arent cap and this damage is quite normal,like i said nothing buged or broken about.
  12. Tyrant archer

    And beside damage what else they have:)?No defense,susceptible to all mage debuffs cancel,low acuracy vs daggers,low speed.I deleted tyrantafter 1 day cause i die every minute with him,its fun this tyrant with bow untill its not anymore.Its kamikaze class,a boogie class to scare noob kids like you,and is nothing buged about it.
  13. Yamadas macro

    Sure Cop :).Spamming to players they are noobs and macro on hvis not the definition of fun for me.BUt its understandable to aside with your weird comember.
  14. Yamadas macro

    Its funny,exactly what i said when yamada did the post about me :).People here dont look into mirror before reporting or speaking about others for what they are.
  15. What happend with this maps?.This were best maps for pvp previous seasons.Now dunno if there is even a tvt in this location.Respawn in same location and pvp in this maps is awkard zerg vs zerg instead all over.
  16. Zerk1 in buf npc

    This buff is ussualy given by bishop,so is nothing out of ordinary.Would be was more versatile with this in npc,-10% m def instead -16% was the main reason.Anyway its not some big deal,we just would have more options regarding this.
  17. Zerk1 in buf npc

    Can this be added?Its a good alternative for people that want something in bettwen full zerk and not at all.
  18. Shift attack as archer

    It doesnt work,when this combo is used archer should stand still and fire arrows if target in range.It works just for doesnt move party but it doesnt fire arrows.
  19. Agent001 There is no sosa in top 20.I think i consumed energy speaking with a nobody.From now for real u will be fully ignored by me.And last message for you is next seasons try harderand maybe u can enter top 20 so u can break the ice.Also as advice dont speak about others being nonfactors and randoms,u are in same boat.Maybe learn to play like a normal individual this game,also try learn what team work and game manners with other individuals is,persons are more important than pixels in game because they are real,pixels are just that.
  20. Agent001

    I try find u in top 20 but cannot find you.U dont exist.
  21. Agent001

    Gtfo retard :),u are so obsessed with k/d and to not die that offen u dont even make top 10,and newbies can enter top 10 but u cannot with low activity in server.U are pathetic.U and yamada are 2 retards,one top deaths other top frustrationnumber 1 spot in server.Keep soe every mini retard,and stay town like a rat evoiding maps and events that u can die. You are not even top 20 after many left in events and general pvps,why u spam this forums,u are a nobody,i try find u in top 20 but cant find u.K/d when u delog and playing like a rat evoiding minis and events where u can die,u think this makes u special?Seriously now,i dont even joke or flame.You have mental issues,search a doctor.
  22. Agent001

    Not that it matters but i have k/d of 3 by playing naturally.I had dm with 20 0 or events when i had40+ and deaths that u can number on a hand.I play naturally wich means sometimes in zombies u start zombie u die at least 20 times,or events like vip/battlefield when because of mismatched u can die alot also and campkilled.I play solo alot also and titan its unevoidable u will die alot,the purpose is kill more,as archer in town maps if its zerg dagger u risk die alot too and this for me doesnt mean i need stay town like u to preserve k/d.U know this ofc because u evoid such events.I dont care about k/d i play my tribute other needs develop also its healthy.I dont die vs specific players if i want too,and this top players who provoked me over and over during l2ovc seasons ussualy ends kissing the floors if they try be superbrave with me. U are a retard,u dont know what else to think of to flame me with,thats why u bring this spoiler thing over and over wich makes perfect sence to normal players.U are so disturbed mentally that u cant even realise that.I was always top pvp players and always be.I never scammed nobody,i never delogged,i play naturally,also whats u call pvp its not actually pvp,its pussy pvp for rats.In real pvp when ammount kills matters u will never be top,so keep doing what u can,playing like a retard,for normal players k/d means jacksh1t,for retards its all they have.
  23. Agent001

    Playing spoiler it has a purpose,and its a nice alternative if someone doesnt like play mage in start.But what u do it has no purpose also no explanation other than u need institutionalized and helpedmentally.Not just that but u transmited your virus to other in your clans all soe from events because they have a good example from who to learn.You dont have a clan,beside juls u have 4-5 noob players.And yes at this stage it matters even few players if they soe.Your k/d obsession and how u play does make u look like this person that needs mentally help.You didnt play spoiler like me u didnt need :),but u played random healer healing randomly targets behind zerg:).Bishop could do more "pvps" than actually dds but yet,where are u?U dont exist at top 20 neither score neither kills.Its same thing with you every season.And dont tell they are random malakas and play more , this are just excuses in your sick mind.Players like P0rnostar or MrTeo are pvp players,and yes they are greeks.And they are light years better than u in pvp .Everything i said about u i stand 100% including scammer.The only thing i dont know is if u are a gipsy but u for sure behave like one. And watching this k/d ratio statistic i dont recognize most of this players.U are in top with unknown players.THe only players i know are juls and bubbles.And bubbles is another delogger,a strider player.Beside juls and prinny wich are good decent players all i see are no names.WHo the fuk is Kvothe:),u have some work and alot of running delogging,soeing and evoiding events to surpass this dude:). I told already u can take your k/d and throw it at toilet.It means something only in your distorded mind.
  24. Agent001

    Look i will try behave nice even vs players like u wich dont deserve it.The answer to your question is simple,was for farm,i had a clan to raise,i needed farm for my main because i could do it better than playing b grade titan.Doesnt this make logic for u?I dont fukin care what else think.I am very capable pvp player,other can think whatever they like.Like i told since i play here in l2ovc i started all kind of formulas,i never strugled whatever class i started,and the longer i got into season the better i become because i know how to setup my chars,and this is the whole purpose of game.Not just brainless pvp,progression has a huge roll. And the fact i played spoiler it made me defavor because got me back in pvp backboard,but farm was more important.U keep this flames boy up,it doesnt matter for me at all,and anything else u have to say about me its zero impact. U asked emerald to put this k/d ratio.I wish emerald to not listen to u.Now because of this,there are players wich most are from your clan,and others too they soe in minievents or dont participate to evoid deaths.Better for them to read some number in k/d statistic than actually play the game as it is.Whats the fun in that really.
  25. M critical was the problem

    I would expect next interlude seasons that cancel to be modified a little,so melee classes can have little less hell when starting from zero in a mage server.