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  1. I like your sugestions.I would go even further.Epics should be shadow items nontradable and nonenchantable.The only real epics that dont expire should be drops from epics.Also weapons and gear that go over +4 should be considered "personalized" and made nontradable. People will need choose what want more shadow epics or enchanted tts for m def.Tattos should be removed to compensate this.And also there is possibilty for people to buy real epics but will be for rich guys,or for lucky ones from raids. Strange machine should give just a small additive bonus like 10% percent max.Max enchant rate shouldnt be more than 75%.Minimum shouldnt be less than 60%.Enchanting skills should be let default or just a small additive bonus from strange machine like 10-20% max.95% for every +1 is silly. And about warcryer in theory sounds nice but for cov players can make ol too.And i hate to see ol zerg.I hope emerald learned his lesson about ols.I told this like 3 seasons ago what impact can have an ol zerg inside a big ally and people saw it.
  2. Well its something that was new and for 1st time.I really liked the ideea.But that npc needs some nerf imo.
  3. I hope server wont open soon.So players can appreciate more the server when they are into a season already.They need stick into a season rather than asking and making lobby for new seasons.Avadon wars is for weak players,but its a big ammount here in l2ovc and its a sad fact unfortunately.
  4. Haha u saw 3 db+16?U have no clue how many weapons+16 are out there.Most people that had such weapons quited already.There should be tons of such weapons in total.Its because of this new npc implementedfrom this season called weird machine that raise your chance to 85%.Nothing against this npc,quite contrary i like creativity and new ideas but it was made way too strong.Also players could have +30 skills because of this npc wich would boost particular classes more than other.U cantell an archer or titan wont getsuch benefits as a dagger/mage/glad/tyrant would get.Mages with 20+ surrenders 20+gloom and +20 nukes felt stronger than ever this season and this beside that OP cancel wich in first two weeks make any melee with starting gearunplayable. About population,yeah its the sad true.Many are server hoopers,jumping from server to server and make a domino effect.Other seeing some quit they quit too just to be in trend.Thats why i suggested some sort of restrictions with items to restrict some players getting too stacked because of others leaving their items.From here it came my ideea with nontradable items,its harsh suggestion and not normal i admit but is for the greater good. Also some people cannot adjust to more than just mage stage server and can play just avadon wars wich is their strange sence of fun,wich for me after so many seasons is the most boring.Seeing in time other classes become strong they preffer quit.From here it comes the myth with top pvp as top mage,wich its a busted ideea,but some idiots still refuse to think otherwise.
  5. I rise upper than you ,its a fact.WIch makes u what?From all players that could talk about me,2 retards brother that are in need for looking free attention,found themself to speak about mebecause otherwise noone would notice them,This is what i call AttentionWhores,who are willing as far in lieing just to try put me in bad spot. Next time when u speak about anyone ,whatever question about him,1st ask your self that and compare the results.A nobody cannot speak about someone else better than him.
  6. Focus death should give 45% back damage for stabs acording the new fd descriptions from this season.Same thing for fp but bonus should be 30% back.But aint the case bonus from back is lower than this.There are more things to fix about daggers but i think we need take them 1 step at a time,thats why i will report just this for now. Here an example: Damage without fd on some other dagger using lethal blow---> Damage ~1350 Damage with fd from back using same skill ,in same duel,nothing changed except fd added Damage~1600 ---> So here is the theory if i as dagger(pw)i hit 1350 damage than by using fd from back i should stab with same skill 1350+45%=1950 so ~2k damage. So there is a difference wich implies fd aint working correct.1600 damage is less than 2k.And same thing with focus power bonus from back for stabs
  7. Enchanting System

    Casual and +16 shouldnt be in same sentence.Just lucky casuals.I dont want seee a server full of +16.There should be a clear structure,>+14 should be rarity,+10> dozens because still hard to do.
  8. Enchanting System

    Why dont let it just retail and include an aditionalsmall bonus to strange machine like 10%.If people are too stupid to break their weapons,why try to bail them out? I didnt like oe system for last season,was too high,and strange machine impact was too big.
  9. Your reply are either unecessary or expired.And your contribution to this thread was zero.FD/FP seem to work better and closer than ever to a retail fd/fp.
  10. Come on guys server should be closed by some time.But i admire the fact Emerald keep it allive and he doesnt rush another season.There is a change needed in community mentalities.Message should be clear.If u guys want play l2ovc,u need stick more than 2 weeks because another one wont come any soon.This message should be clear for all fouls that leave premature this server.
  11. Yeah sry for that i was carried away,dont want to transform this topic in offtopic>And speaking about it,i voted yes,if epics will remain same price,nothing will change except that players that join later will have easier time to get epics. Btw 1 critics i have about current prices.Is that prices for s are too cheap,like seriously 1k adena and negligible number of mats for s grade weapon.Thats way too cheap.There should be some cap how cheap S items get due to progressive gameplay.I am pro for progressive gameplay but as u told prices should stay in some range from initial prices.50 % for last stage its a good number.And mats should be stay as valuable resources even end game stages.If u make it too easy this aint good ,even newbie still need work abit to get this end game gear,and close to free is not wise imo.
  12. Agent001

    People speak bla bla spoiler blabla titan and all that.And the funny thing is that in last 2 seasons,the count of titans were bellow nr.of fingers a hand can have. Why is that.Trust me if titan would be any close to op as some might people thing it would be not a minority class.The trend will be always that op classes will be a majority played and not viceversa. U are welcome to try a titan,u or anyone else who thinks is easy.Also i need some competition,because no one is willing to give me at this class.
  13. Agent001

    And who are u of i may ask?I think i have an ideea who.A dagger that ussualy wouldnt came close to me 10 meters ever.
  14. Shut up troll and be gone.Emerald is right,a noob like u cannot give an input.Not a postitive one anyway.U played many years l2 that u come here in l2ovc to play agrobot,and teach people how is to play agrobot wich u call suport.There is no human being that played high level l2 and played agrobot in a retail for example the way u did,wich is server an abuse. U know retail is 9 man party in wich 4 or 5 are suports like buffer/healers,who would take a clown paladin with mage buffs and acumen and other buffs than cov such powi :)in such party with 0 dps.Its not possible at competitive level.U told u play teon but u came here to play agrobot with powind.Such players as u should be banned just for stupidity.
  15. Yeah its my bad i give attention to nobodies.I should be more carefull with who im talking about.This server like this forums has all kinds of specimens and trolls,and frustrated kids with issues>Its downgrading for me that i interact with such specimens when i should ignore them 100%. But want to give u a lastadvice to spare u the trouble.If u the homo brothers,want find whos really noob ingame,u dont need go far,just look each to other and problem solved.2rabbits from 1 shot.
  16. Not everyone is liar.Just u and Soulka the homo brothers.There are people like chevignon,abc,chaksand other old players from l2ovc who know the truth because they played hi5.U will never see them saying to me such lies as u showed here. All what u presented is lie propaganda with pics that were real indeed but not in context that u presented.The context that u presented are the lies wich u and your brother try to show.And since u are noobs,u are easy detectable,by mechanics standpoint by the fact i was 300+resists and in dyna+6 it was practically impossible that damage to take in legit fight.And some other pics with my worst score and this after u chase me with agrobot in a range map in disbalanced event. You told people u and your brother came from Teon,wich probably other lie.U came from official to play agrobot in l2java wtf.Paladin was really imba class,and tough to pvp against.A good skilled with selfrespect would play that class properly,and not agrobot with mage buffs and acumen.U think that was pvp?for chasing people and spamming agro and self sacrifice...for real now?And u talk about my pvp skills,dont u find this pathetic at all? U got revealed as pathetic liers,there is no more reason for me talk anymore with u f4gots.So bye and stop speak with me cunt liers.
  17. ACtually im tired to speak with u.U are a pathological liar,i said i wont reply to f4gots as u anymore but the ego part of me keeps going to reply to worthless piece of sh1ts.I dont need to defend myself,statitstics and rank speak for itself,top 1/2 was in between me and abc that season thats the real deal.What u want from me f4got.I dont need any excuses.Dont u look into mirror who u are u fuktard?Im not the one who need lie,i dont take pathetic pics of anyone in his worst moment,i could deafeat anyone even patty,or glads with vesper and red weapon1vs1,and u talk about u as archer that u could?dont be ridicoulos with your lies,at least lie so u wont be detected.DOnt u get it how pathetic u are.U dont have measure of things to realise this.If anyone could take me 1vs1 i wait to come and tell me to my face,i want find out who that person was(wich was none).U couldnt be any close my level not in past season and for sure not in future seasons as well,u will stay at noob status forever taking pathetic pics of those who u hate.
  18. Btw if initial prices for epics will be same as before wich isnt specified,than i think it might be ok to include this progressive gameplay for boss jewels,so they get cheaper during time and will be easier for later people that join server,than for those who start.Its all depends of starting price for boss jewels,if is higher than before aint good,if is same is OK.
  19. You are right about gap between vets and newbs i never dennied.But it must be found a solution so class balances wont be affected if possible.Archers/titans/daggers are most affected by this change,if epics will be harder to get.Its no rocket science to draw such conclusion why. Im not afraid of competition what are u talking about,also u take rushed conclusions about me.I never said anything about donators other than those who started flaming me and tell me how i play.
  20. Its because fighters had a stronger start u damm foul.And why u hide your rank,u fukin nobody.In the server start top 20 were 15 mages,and quessthe myth was busted with 2 week mages as top players,,,not all of them quited and not even 1 of them was threatfor me after,all they were were newbie killers most with pet healer in ass.ABC was all the time with healer btw,wich is not a criticize or a flame,i was mainly solo and did pretty good job owning noobs to such degree that i made u and your brother suffer and taking pics in my worst moment,and lieing that it was the reality. Your propaganda has failed,u are fukin liars.A pathetic foul like u was no match for me 1vs1.An archer couldnt do sh1t vs me and u know it but u will not admit such things,since all u do is presenting lies.
  21. My opinion is that this change will empower mages even further more.Fighters such dagger/archers are more dependent on epics than mages are.While glad/tyrants will be all right since theit mechanics is different and doesnt relly on baium/aq.So instead of 1-2 week mage domination this change will increase it,if epics are harder to get. But tatoo should be removed,i never liked this custom addition.Mages and healears are strong enough,they are a graders and should suffer acordingly to fighters.Beside shield is underated by many and not pointed how usefull it can be,more than actually tatoo does.This shield bonus for mages is actually strong and neglected by many.
  22. OK insert words here<whatever> from 2 liers.U got proven as liers.U want me tell u what that means?It means your credibility is equal zero. Read more and learn what that means
  23. Agent001

    Ofc trolling time,when something point u how stupid u are.Just like sky is blue,its a natural thing for u to be stupid.
  24. I was top 1 pvp for a reason those 2 hi5 seasons .8/12 is now u try to flame me with?U think if i had such scores every map i would be was top 1?Just a logical question.Yes it may happend from different reasons to anyone including me...such range map,disbalanced sides and harassed by agrobots all map.And some frustrated kidstook fast a printscreen.Same when idid when i died unbuffed,or maybe missclicked the wrong armor set wich i cannot know but all i know 15k damage wasnt possible to receive from anyone,4-5k was more likeley from a stacked archer and in guts just abit over 1k.The fact that u take such pictures when clearly it wasnt something regularprove s and shows how pathetic u guys are.U took such minor incidents and tried presenting such a regular stuff by lieing.Reality and the big picture wasnt even close from what u try present here, Your mission have failed.I was top pvp,u guys are top joke and top liers.Bye now.
  25. Agent001

    This is what means for someone to be blinded and noob----> scaretactic aka cnigga69 in game. Obviously u had no clue i was talking about,neither how mechanics works in game.And its 1 example like i told u arent that smart u contradict yourself alot,Your hate or whatever towards me ,make u look like a foul when u try be smart.Wich u are not.Who the fuk care how much money u earn,this is game forum none want to hear such detail.Is this your way to brag or what? And as about your game skills in game i saw enough,u say u donate 100$,i dont believe it.People saw u with dc and Am from day1,this is what they could see.So just stay the fukin silent,its ok u help server but dont speak about others u pathetic player.Every season join the bandwagon and kill lowbies as donator.What can i say,U are "pro".The clan u came with slco were so pathetic just zerg rats,the oly farmers were all pathetic despide many donators including the sws leader that java players from here made instruction with them inside oly.Even their titan didnt want to come when i called him dozens of time.