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  1. H5 Recruitment

    Honestly i dont want see this OP selfhealing agrobots in HI5 that we had in other seasons .This should be a priority .Its a class that can be abused by stupid people .
  2. [Vote] Flame Icon

    I would preffer FI to be both selfbuff and not stackable with AI .But if its to pick one is FI selfbuff .And same thing with SOS and Prahnah ,this powerfull buffs should be just self .The advantage of having one in a party its way to powerfull and their impact could mess balance badly .
  3. H5 Recruitment

    Btw dunno who this experienced peoplearethat will suggest balance .I dont trust that many people here know what they are doing or they have really the needed experience .And those who hadussualy stay away .But i think Chevignon is a good choice not sure about others ... I myself i dont have so much experience in hi5 ,but i have plenty with hellbound and GF . BTW if its to speak some issues that hi5 hadi can mention few : -glad tyrant mageswere little OPonce they got +300 weapons .But i think mainly because of my point bellow -resists were based on GF model ,many people complained about it .Damage boost from elements were much much more than in H5 -Paladins are little OP end game .1 of few changes I would make is to make FI and AI not stackable together :Something that NCSoft should have done because basically its same buff self model and party model .Also Sacrifice from Paladins it was extreme powerfull ,it was kinda gamebreaking when abused .A paladin with mage buffs and acumen weapon could tank 10+ people that was agroing randomly or specific targets just to annoy them .Something must be done about it ,maybe reduce power on sacrifice route if possible . -FI SOS and Prahnah are very potent party buffs .Maybe for better balance this such buffs should be self only .But I would let party UDas it is since it has a longer reuse .
  4. H5 Recruitment

    its not the sameas inclass balance context.Help or suport are the words that should be adressed .
  5. H5 Recruitment

    U cannot ever balance that and its a part of the game .Emerald can at most boost newbies giving them some temporary help make it easier for them to reach the end game .Most important aspect is to make it viable for newbies to be able to develop their char at decent rate at any stage of server .
  6. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Interlude is just old and limited .Dunno about what community wants but i would like a more complex chapter,anything from hellbound to hi5 would be just that,maybe indeed its time to move on from this interlude to other chapters.People need realize interlude beside being old and obsolete ,its very linear and simple in a bad way .Also geodata in interlude and limited skills/choices was always a punch in the nuts for those who likeplay melees .At least in later chronicles u can overcome that with skills such as rush and shadow step and other that makes melees more balanced towards range . A hi5 would be ideal ,it doesnt need be perfect ,Emerald just needs continue work from last hi5 and improve it step by step and if possible consulting community in wich direction .Hi5 can be improved season by season it can be a long project but it could be worth imo .
  7. Vote Here: Clans

    Btw 1 more thought.After reading what happend this season. -Did anyone consider this new rankings,a better alternative?What was the issue with old ones,to me it wasnt any. Since reading tanks and warlords are now awarded for cc while adding this new rank system.This increased their numbers so it made annoying for the whole server.And what annoying means its that people tend to quit.I tell since a long time,dont give any rewards for suports other than xp.Suports makingdd stronger and boosted and its enough of reward by itself.DOnt let in a faction server to have bunch of random healers/ols/tanks/warlords running by themselfwhile making hell for everyone arround,and they get rewarded for that.
  8. Vote Here: Clans

    I think L2ovc becomes more and more a casual server.Emerald u made enchant becoming significantly easy,that to me server aint attractive anymore...but who knows maybe noobs like it more this way.U made it so scrubs and noobs can have +16 items.Whats is this seriously?U want make noobs being equals to better players with any cost?U want players that spend more time to be equal to those who spend less time?This is not the way,im telling you. Now about clans,i think it was no problem whatsoever.U make a mistake like u did with enchants.U cant force people be equals in l2.Anyone can have anything,its a matter of grind and will...this is how i remember l2.Dont give easy path so that every scrub can have whatever he wants with no effort and no time invested. Things went too far imo,players cry now because want clan skills without clan?Andplayers asking removing clan skills really?.I think this is ridicoulos.
  9. What?I thought u are trolling,but now i see u serious.WTF is wrong with u?Call paramedics someone.Toresuscitate your brain back.
  10. U must admit it was a good fiting joke.
  11. Woman dont get rude,respect your elders.
  12. I just exposed u who u are.In game u arent reliable at anything u are incompetent player/leader.Facts is backing up this,what did u ever achieved here other than nothing?And yet i see words like randoms and nonfactors coming from your mouth. And i exposed u here with your biased suggestions as well,so tell me who suggested to put k/d ratio ingame?. And i exposed u who u really are.A scammer,not as worse as what Luffy did,but in same category.A pixel whore who is willing stepping over players or anything for the sake of those pixels. And spoiler doesnt earn 1k adena per map this are bollocs,they may average 300 adena at best or even less when crowded server if u dont count mats and was always a hard grind to reach at that point because needing OE spoiles +10 at least.Mats are valuable when server starts and their value stards to drop as long u getting into season.And once again spoilers do nothing ,they are not annoying they are just a good fit,Emerald did well with them.People can choose ignore them,they are just classes with tons of hp/cp and deffensive.A glad/tyrant can be easily as tanky as spoilers but this classes can drop damage,spoilers have 0 damage. And when others played spoilers wich u call random spoiler,u was playing random healer healing random targets and resing for rewards and free kills.How pathetic this can be seriously.
  13. And u should know better im a rock emotionally,i tease faggots like u for breakfast.Still this doesnt changefrom the fact its in my right to call u Scammer,its something u did and name suits you. Abouts poilers and how much adena they get Even if its the case wich i reall doubt because i didnt read any significant changelist for spoilers than in previous seasons,so im entitled to know better than what u think othersreport about it to you.But lets say spoiler do 1k adena per map,why it matters for u?And why u put spoiler alongside real annoying classes tanks/warlord.Also u dont even mention ols or bishops. Btw keeping your track u shouldnt suggest anything about server for improvement.What u said its all a wall of text mostly biased bollocks.Last time u suggest something was to put K/D in game,another biased sugestion so f4gs to can appear in statistics somewhere because u couldnt make it anywhere else.And to show at K/D u and your clan evoid mini events like plague and do pvp just like rats instead of enjoying server and do natural pvp like everyone else.
  14. I breath fresh air all right ,dont u worry about this Scammer.Its a good name Scammer it reflects something u did,so i think its ok to use it when i speak with u.Btw offtopic why u have that Gerrard portrait,u should put some virus or a rat in that picture but nvm. Back on topic my point is that all suports should be aproached including healers ols,not just what u wish.U said spoilers earn 1k adena where is the prove Scammer?Because i did play spoilers couple of times previous seasons and they never earned as much.From where this numbers and theories?And what have to do spoilers with anything,they are harmless class 0 damage almost 0 cc,why u bring it in discussion alongside with tanks/warlords.
  15. There never was any problems with spoilers whatsoever.Except for when they could steal alot of adena and make players not joining maps,but that was long time ago got fixed fast and were nerfed.THey now barely steal,they are more like mats makers wich cost nothing for other players to be spoiled.