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  1. New expert skills effects

    I know what u mean but for some people frags is everything doesnt matter for them ks or not.
  2. New expert skills effects

    It was worth.As long u had a healer speed >defense,thats why top gh were most of the time with healers.But yes solo daggers its debatable. Daggers(gh/pw) with powi took 6 speed per level while my titan took 4 instead.Wasnt kinda fair since % speed boosts more classes with basic speed such elfs/dark elfs and less human/orcs fighters.
  3. New expert skills effects

    It was clearly a bug.People with 300 element did way too much damage and wasnt normal for hi5 since bonus received from element was higher than normal.
  4. New expert skills effects

    Element system in hi5 was more close to gf.This wasnt fixed if i remember correct.Btw u wont be alone if its interlude,and i will be here.I just hope this time interlude will have perfect geodata this is somethingi wait for long time.Also dunno how free i will be and have that much time to play as in other seasons.
  5. New expert skills effects

    I think new perception expert skill is OP for mages.If is x2 this should mean 100%.If its the case end game mages will m crit way too offen and be too boosted and compared to +15 crit rate for fighters its unbalanced.We didnt see this bonus in action but to prevent this maybe reduce this bonus from x2 to x1.5?
  6. New expert skills effects

    U mean daggers.Classes with most dex and most basicspeed did benefit most from %.Static is better and more fair.As i remember daggers with powi and 3 ww rebirth were close to 240-250 speed(ghost hunter) without blinding.Was kinda OP and they were really unreachable.
  7. New Server incoming?

    I am very curious whats next for l2ovc also.If there are any plans about it or its undecided yet.There can be only 4 options 1.interlude 2.hi5 3.grand crusade 4.None I preffer option number 1 and 2 :).Dislike 3 and 4.
  8. New expert skills effects

    Totally agree hi5 is an improved gf from every aspect.But if will be hi5 this needs alot of work to make it at decent level as interlude in terms of balance,progression and bugs count.
  9. New expert skills effects

    This threadbecame to degenerated with full of nonsence.It should be moved to flames but since section doesnt exist directly into trash.
  10. New expert skills effects

    Hey moron enough is enough already.U like to suck your own d1ck or what.Ok im awfull playerand whatever u want.But if am bad what does this makes u or players like detro.
  11. New expert skills effects

    I already had like ~8-9 k pvps cant really remember,top mages had 10-11k at most.I doubt this makes me nonfactor.And at from this point it was when server switched to a more balanced pvp with classes overall.
  12. New expert skills effects

    I dont know what that pic is trying to prove.Dont know why i took that high damage seeing that isan enigma after so much time :),maybe i was unbuffed and u took fast a printscreen or it was the short time where archer were buged.All what this prove is that u took a picture thats it. And btw speaking about gear u have no clue how much adena i had.Progressive gameplay really stoped me to buy best gear.I was with dynasty yes but with 200k+ adena in warehouse.
  13. New expert skills effects

    Previous season i think was the 1st time i saw mages with ww 3 speed rebirths :).
  14. New expert skills effects

    The points in wich first two weeksserver is mage phase.Also the point in wich different classes have different progression.Why do u think after some while mages start to cry about daggers and archers in server?And when was you and your mage when that happend.If u were good or top as u think u would stick mage. When i took leads in pvps server was still plenty and many topand good player were still arround for fun pvp.Me and pornostar had the most,he was the best mage not jokers like you.
  15. New expert skills effects

    Thats all what u have to say?I made some fair points,where is the stupidness.And even a player like Luffy is better mage than you,.U throw some sh1t and than u are left of response.