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  1. Youtube Event

    Nice one.Hopefully this video should attract more players because server is underrated and needs be even more popular.
  2. Btw about shield defense rate.I think this part wasnt included and ignored when mage was balanced vs other classes such giving them tatoo and nerfing fighters damage.I remember i played previous season and mages with clan shield passives and shield buffs.It was really annoying sawing damage like examples: 3k,2k,2k or 2k 1 3k 2k or 1 1 3k 3k. THis part about mages was ignored,shield kinda reduce alot damage for mages while archer becomes even more irrelevant.
  3. Frenzy reuse

    U could as well ask to delete titan.What titan can do without frenzy?Keep cry kid cause some titan kill u.
  4. Frenzy reuse

    Btw i checked statistics at classes created and only bd,da, sm and ss are less popular than titan u kidding me :).And people still cry wtf.They want 0 titans on servers.
  5. Frenzy reuse

    Look arround how many titans u see compared to mage archers daggers?U are kinda biased dont u think?What cheese u talk about.U cry cause u die as healer or ol to titan,well bad luck for you cause u are slow class and cant run well but this doesnt mean u need cry about just grow up.Any class can be cele himself not just titan.Cele is not titan skill,u know how this class works?Those who have cele are glads/tirants not titan. And there is ofc cele augment wich has huge cd,and there is cele from bishops.So if is anything wrong with Frenzy being in cele very offen than it must be bishops fault,its not titan fault.
  6. Take a look at mage balance.

    Btw archers always need play in retreat mode vs nukers thats called kiting.While your cooldown is recharging u retreat so mage wont nuke u continously.U cut some of his damage like this while u mantain yours,this is how it 900 range archer should have the advantage if u do so.If u get caught in closer range vs good mage u are toasted no matter what.
  7. Take a look at mage balance.

    Dude balanced is made for end game mostly.U need reach that point and than speak about balance.Its not 1st season of l2ovc here,some older players know what are talking about.Archer improves better end game,hes the most gear dependent class.Aq+baium+valakas+OE db+might/dm augmen+6 jewelsmake huge difference,u areally need all of this.
  8. Take a look at mage balance.

    Btw who thinks mages end up garbage end game its just bullsh1t,Its actually balanced and mages never become sh1t like someone tries to lie here.Server just become more balanced and more classes come into play thats it.
  9. Take a look at mage balance.

    Mages fall off 2nd+ weekbecause other classes such melees can catch up.Meanwhile pussies like u are long gone and all talk and talk about how he won server.
  10. TVT and Death match Scoreboard

    You are pathetic.Avadon killer.So time remaining till quit is 13 days to nolife vs inferior geared players.Than u can pull business trip card.Clients are awaiting.
  11. TVT and Death match Scoreboard

    But its just funny to see the complaints,i love it.
  12. TVT and Death match Scoreboard

    U said u didnt log since changes in a thread where Emerald can read.I just told u its in vain as advice.This changes that Emerald made so they can heal just in party,makes perfect sence to me.This way they cant be abused anymore so unlimited numbers of ols cant heal an entire clan/ally anymore.
  13. TVT and Death match Scoreboard

    I did play previous season u did not so actually i know what im talking about,because changes u cry about are just from this season.And knowing Emerald,by telling i stop playing or logging u wont impress him to undo his changes,quite contrary :).
  14. TVT and Death match Scoreboard

    THis nerf should be made much earlier in the past,but its good,better sooner than never. Please tell me whats the point of a clan havingols in map and some solos players cant even use cp pots,did u ever think about that?AS i said 99% of ols are as good as cpbots spmazors.It was getting ridicoulos,previous season u could see ols in every dirrection,but only 1 or 2 ols were actually main char for those players wich participated in oly and such.All rest were second hand ols with garbage gear spaming like bots so thatsome pathetic playerscan have advantage.Not to mention there were many accounts banned previous seasonbecause of botting with this ols. And stop play like a bot,an ol have other skills,hes decent in direct pvp more than others like tanks warlord etc because of drains.Also he can seal wich can be nasty and very usefull in 5 man party.
  15. TVT and Death match Scoreboard

    Btw being on topic,I dont understand why Emerald try to push the suports so much.99% ols that play are just irrelevant,they wont play oly or be relevant in other ways other than spamzors of cp/hp with snawball effect in maps. And rewarding them more than dd or close,its just wrong.