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  1. This should be done a long time ago

    Cause pointing the obvious is crying .Why should i cry .I just tell u how it is ,its your bussiness if u accept to be in dennial or not .
  2. This should be done a long time ago

    At least i didnt zerg newbies to consider myself a pro like u .
  3. This should be done a long time ago

    Stop being butthurt u idiot and accept reality .
  4. This should be done a long time ago

    Adena scroll was probable the biggest mistake from the server side .Than it was the people stupiddecision to make zerg vs newbies .Luffy is a retard and Rhaegar is inexperienced enough to know the server .
  5. feels bad man

    Server is balanced with little exceptions .Archers are not OP .Just augments are kinda OP since 3 seasons ago .
  6. why not broooo

    I remember when people cried because of AI 2 min and because of 2-3 paladins that we had playing back than now we have 0.Unbelievable .Who cares that it wasnt retail since it was balanced .
  7. why not broooo

    Dude there are 2 clans full of players high rankswith top gear playing 24/7 with suport and u take double adena reward.The order side are all casuals and most of them cant afford sh1t.Do the math ,u think server will last like this ?If u guys splited from the start than 1 clan would cancel the other . But like this all this damage that is unleashed by the server nolifers goes into newbies and lowbies because there arent any clans to sponge any of that in the order .
  8. balance system

    Well what do u expect .When 2 "proclans" of nolifers team up to play against casuals .If they were competitorsthey would play against each other ,but its easier to d1ckhold and kill lowbies instead .
  9. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    The reason why people think pets are OP its because people are lowbies .For pets this is the end game and are accessible very early .So yeah for early stages pets are op .But overall no and the general balance is based on end game .
  10. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    Whats all the fuss with this pets ?I dont find them OP at all .Their petsdont progess further more .Its a good option for newbies to start here .
  11. Emerald read

    Dude cant u read ?Where did i say u cant duo with a healer friend or whatever ?And spare me of how to be a pro bullsh1t .This is not a flame topic .
  12. Emerald read

    Emerald let me explain it to you .Im trying to tell u that newbies are litterally 1 shoted by end game vets .Newbies cant handle this damage once server reach a certain point .Thats why I think all classes should be included to have a cap damage just the same way titans have .Put a cap damage on 40% for target's (hp+cp) for ranges and 50% for all melees .Yes u can even revert titan back to 50% for all i care . And secondly i adressed the overuse of suports in the events .As we all know most server is made by casuals and solo players,they play for fun .Thefun wont last long for them seeing they have to deal with parties of nolifers with se/bish/ol 24/7 .Just stick with the same rule that 2 healers should be forbidden in the same party but u need aknowlodge the fact that SE and OLs are also healers .
  13. Where is the pride ?

    The restriction should be for all classes to make some logic .Titan is not the only class that can 1 shot and put ridicoulos damage in pvp.Why not applying to all classes than ?Where is the logic that an archer or mage can 1 shot from 900 range but a titan cant in a melee range ?
  14. Where is the pride ?

    The issue with the server is that all nolifers and "proplayers" are in 1 side teamed up together playing with their healer army and the other side arecasuals ,Newbies are getting 1 shot literraly ,im not even kidding.If im a grade mage with tatoo and shield lv 2 expertise and i get 5k from archer than newbies for sure they get 7k . Same thing vs mages that are m criting once in 4 nukes for like 4-5 k . BTW why we still have SE+Ol+bishop in the same party in events (for sieges i dont care) ?Arent ol,se healers ? 24/7 such partiesare in events hunting for lowbies ruining any fun of pvp.And people are wondering why L2ovc seasons doesnt last anymore ...........anyway its deja vu ,and what i talk was talked before .
  15. Worst OVC

    +1 I think this is the reason why Emerald implemented this .Nothing wrong with this .Adena scroll should be only for the donators that suport the server and not for everyone .