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  1. Your mage sucks btw .Daimon mage are good only in the 1st week when archers are low threat .After that daimon mages are free frags for almost any archer .Get yourself Am++,an ic shield ,dc+6,tatoo,shield buffs,perception level 3,all clan skills,refresh active than u talk .
  2. Dude clearly i know what im talking more than u do ...Because i experience it .
  3. Neah i played multiple times the mage ,and i did play all mage classes .Mage can win vs archer too depending alot of crit rng .Necro i found is the best vs archer ,u just keep your summon behind at all times .The only issue i found out as mage vs archer is the ability to stack resists .I know this aint a problem when server is populated with all kind of classes .I know that if someone is stacked vs my element other mage or archer will rape him hard .But this becomes an issue when server gets a little more depopulated and buffs can be exploited acording to whats on the map .
  4. Correct .The only advantage of archer over mage is that 100 extra range they get at level 78 .And this allow them to kite and frustrate mage not being able to nuke continously .Dps wise mage can outdps if they nuke continously .Also mage has another advantages over archer vs melees .It takes forever for an archer to kill a warlord or a tank or a dagger. think Emerald did a nice job in balancing archer vs mage .The issue with the server is not mage vs archer .Its the range vs melee .Melees should be the one complaining because of pathing ,debuffs and broken stuns of archers .Also 70% of maps that are rolling are range maps .Server is dominated by range in the 1st place .Melees are just a flavor .
  5. All this thread is just qq and has nothing to do with balance .It has more to do with being frustrated that u cant kill everything at will from range . Seriously now ,why old players that play mage and other that can reach 50+ kills per map dont qq (like xveil for example) . The recent past seasons i did play mage myself more than i ussually do and i found out they are perfectly fine . All mage reach about 20 % m crit ,except sps who i would say about 25 % m crit if u give them valakas and pow .Thats very strong ,because a mage can nuke 2 times per second so the m crit would come in average every 2-3 seconds when continously nuking .An archer like GS shots once in 2 seconds with dead eye ,so people need to stop comparing crit rate vs m crit .No it shouldnt be the same because mages nuke alot faster . BTW when i was mage i was able to keep my ground as mage vs archers .End game mage can do that perfectly fine .And people that are playing mage underestimate the power of shield here on L2ovc .Offen can be difference between life and death vs archer. So this thread need be closed .There is nothing wrong with the mage and is nothing wrong with the archer .Its just sad qq .
  6. Bad suggestion .I dont want to see tyrants with cele/barrier game after game ,that would be ridicoulos .Reuse skills make the unbalance in oly a little more balanced ,if that makes sense...
  7. Cause pointing the obvious is crying .Why should i cry .I just tell u how it is ,its your bussiness if u accept to be in dennial or not .
  8. At least i didnt zerg newbies to consider myself a pro like u .
  9. Stop being butthurt u idiot and accept reality .
  10. Adena scroll was probable the biggest mistake from the server side .Than it was the people stupid decision to make zerg vs newbies .Luffy is a retard and Rhaegar is inexperienced enough to know the server .
  11. Server is balanced with little exceptions .Archers are not OP .Just augments are kinda OP since 3 seasons ago .
  12. I remember when people cried because of AI 2 min and because of 2-3 paladins that we had playing back than now we have 0.Unbelievable .Who cares that it wasnt retail since it was balanced .
  13. Dude there are 2 clans full of players high ranks with top gear playing 24/7 with suport and u take double adena reward.The order side are all casuals and most of them cant afford sh1t .Do the math ,u think server will last like this ?If u guys splited from the start than 1 clan would cancel the other . But like this all this damage that is unleashed by the server nolifers goes into newbies and lowbies because there arent any clans to sponge any of that in the order .
  14. Well what do u expect .When 2 "proclans" of nolifers team up to play against casuals .If they were competitors they would play against each other ,but its easier to d1ckhold and kill lowbies instead .
  15. The reason why people think pets are OP its because people are lowbies .For pets this is the end game and are accessible very early .So yeah for early stages pets are op .But overall no and the general balance is based on end game .