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  1. about population / future steps

    I agree that seting cap for max weapon to +10 would be ideal .And this would improve slightly the balance .The only problem i see with this is that archers and titans will take the hit the hardest .As i know this 2 classes were a little underpowered already last time i played compared to daggers/mages so maybe a little boost to them would fix the issue perhaps .
  2. Trust nobody especially in a l2j server if u dont know him enough .While this rule by trusting some popular leaders from established huge clans may workonlow rates ,this will never work on some high rate server in general so im not speaking just about l2ovc . Alli can tell u here 99% of clan leaders are scammers and scumbag players.In a grind lowserver they wouldnt be able to lead sh1t ,here they just make clan for clan skills and if they find some victims in the process ,its their profit. I had my share of being scammed here too so i speak from experience .Like clan leaders that change sides during sieges when they were suposed to be ally or when i gift all my gear to some "clan leader" and when i came back he forgot who i am .
  3. min 5 Dual Box

    If u dont have friends to help transfer your items i can tell u a little trick,maybe will help you If u have some adena sell your item wich u want to transfer with offline shop at more expensive price,so that others wontbuy it ,log the other account and buy it .If u want to transfer adena sell arrows with the account u want money on and buy those arrows on the char with adena .
  4. Why we dont see Titans?

    I dont even think u bothered to read the reason of my buffs setup,or that u even understand how titan cap damage works .Its beyond my words to see how a noob like u can criticise something that doesnt understands .U never played titan in interlude ...and if u did u probably didnt made more than 10 kills with him.Just stick to what u know ,paladin hi5 0 damage with mage weapons and mage buffs that spams sacrifice and agro like a bot having pleasure to randomly annoy others .
  5. Why we dont see Titans?

    Whatever makes u feel better stupid troll .Keep seeking attentionand saying stupid sh1ts ,this is your meaning here on l2ovc in wich your playground are this forums .
  6. Why we dont see Titans?

    I played spoiler 1-2 weeks max but again u know better .I told you it makes perfect sence to farm gear on some other classes for normal peopleit makes perfect sence .Too bad u are some stupid troll that cant understand that and u try making this lookbad .If i played spoiler does this means i dont know to play other classes ?U dont even make sence .U just spam like a nonbrain . If u were some good player that play here constantly i would know about you .For someone that i dont know or i never saw u ingame u seem alot of interested in me . Instead of your vendetta and acting like a stupid child u could instead ask me things about l2 to teach you how this game works or about l2ovc history ,maybe this way your time would pay off instead of trolling better players that play here since season 1 and acting like a clown .

    Im not sure but i think mirage is still nerfed at 50% proc .Only Emerald can confirm this .Retail proc is about 80 % and yes it cannot be resisted by buffs like mental or epics so mirage aint buged .If we talk about balance context its another story .In case Emerald decide to nerf mirage even more he needs fix their backstab landing though .I did a random test with Chevignon in town while he was always with back and missed 5 in a row .In any other server i didnt see something like this even other javas . Also if th hits for 7k on some weak defense target aw/pw should deal way more than that because he has the lowest damage among all 3 daggers and this applies even here on l2ovc .

    No one is worried about u retard .Also u didnt discovered how to abuse paladin .That class was abused way before by other impotents .U wasnt the 1st muppet to use paladin with mage buffs and and mage weapon on hi5 server.There were plenty other retards before you did it .
  9. Why we dont see Titans?

    hi5 paladin with 0/0 score .Selfown picture more likely .
  10. Why we dont see Titans?

    Dude even if i dont know you i can read you for what u are .U are some stupid attention whore .I was on l2ovc right from the start since season 1 ,during this times l2ovc had transformations wich u cant know about,u also dont know how many other classes other than spoilers i did play and the fact i was top at those classes whatever it was ,its not some brag,its what it is,its a difference from being delusional and brag that is factual.Also u dont know the old players here .All u do is to spam for seeking attention .U played maybe 1-2 season for 1-2 week probably mage while this class being on top .Its not even worth to argue with a monkey like you . I can tell u some transformation l2ovc had like there wasnt even epics in shop in the start ,only good clans could farm those .There werent spoilers arround .I played so many seasons that i cant stand mages anymore ,wich are best class to start off .Since spoilers were introduced here it was a good alternative . As i said u dont know how some classes works or u like to ignore this .Titans can play only with end game wich makes sence they need be farmed on some other classeswich was the case everytime i was playing titan in recent seasons .Anyway i dont owe u an explanation .For me it makes perfect sence .To bad for idiots like u it doesnt . If u disagree with what i said u can just add your guide here and tell us how to start with b grade titan and we call it Detro titan guide .
  11. Why we dont see Titans?

    Dude like i said u dont even know me .I never recall u ingame .U talk about iq and stuff like i know to play just spoiler and that u are better player .How is that possible when all u do is troll inforums ,i never saw u ingame and u behave like u know me personal and u have some vendetta against me .U are the invisible warrior that nobody saw orknows about but u behave like a person with mental issues,its not even about trolling anymore . If u have a mental problem go find some help ,im dead serious about it .
  12. Why we dont see Titans?

    Whats your problem dude ? By trying to flame someone that u even dont know and say sh1ts that nobody believes..... Since 1st post adressed i sensed some urgy towards me .Wtf is wrong with some people .Like i said i just posted after some months trying to give some tips for some newbies.I dont even know u ingame and im old player here i know most of community that are old enough here and have some roots but i dont even know u . Whatever your problem is stay the fuk away .
  13. Why we dont see Titans?

    Btw Scaretactic. forgot your stupid ingame name cause i know who u are .Just be the server sponsor and stfu ,dont talk about people u dont know ,use your payed weapons and make frags and best for you would be to disable your forum account .Forget my name or that i exist ,dont even try to imagine u can know me .
  14. Why we dont see Titans?

    You are in same boat with this troll detro .I play l2ovc since season 1 moron .This what u told about me its some circumstantial bullsh1t since i played almost every damm class possible herewhenu even didnt knew about l2ovc or how faction servers works . By trying to throw dirt into me all u do is flaging yourself how stupid u all are . Read the fukin thread here,i was on point for someone that may be interested how titans works.Its not about u are some stupid idiot detro and how they need troll me for reasons that i cant understand ....
  15. Why we dont see Titans?

    My question to you is what u gain by trolling me ?Is this your way to have some fun ?Are u some idiot butthurt or what ?Are u a an internet forum freak with wrong hobbies?Ofc u are a nobody here in l2ovc otherwise u wouldnt try troll me because those old enough and real veterans knows i had some impact on l2ovc in one way or another .