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  1. yeah thanks for replying just to this and not to the rest of the argument, real helpful :3
  2. Lets See it has 2k more Hp/ 100 more P def/ 100 More M def/ 2 More accuraccy and Eva , Yeap that would totally make reaching 79 worth it and will totally help me killing enemy easier.. PLEASE even the first 2 summons Mirage and Boxer Reach 17k hp instead of 15 like magnus and guess what i'm sure they dont have that phantom pvp penalty that u say magnus have. Still looking for a purpose to use Magnus in this SV :3
  3. Yeah emerald and that sure is the reason why in everyother server (Elemental Masters,Spectral Masters and Arcane Lords) Use their 3rd class summons instead of the 2nd Class in PvP and Oly, they just feel bad for their opponents and handicap theirselves... Dissapointing Answer Once again
  4. I mean.. that could possible prove the dmg of Tidal Wave Vs Hydro Screw although we are not in Gracia+ Chronicles but that's beside the point. What i really want to know is what about the normal hits how its possible than magnus has almost 2k more P atk than merrow and its hitting lower or sometimes the same Dmg with normal/Crt hits.
  5. Reporting an obvious bug is QQ to a 5 season "Summoner", *Sigh* this wannabe summoners...this will be my last response to u.
  6. And i Ask u what's the point of Having that much P atk ( Btw that's obviously not interlude) if the 2nd class One having 2k less hits more to ppl in pvp, BTW Are u LVL 79 yet? you are phantom summoner just wait till u get Spectral Master u will be dissapointed too :3
  7. Cant wait to see when ppl start to gear UP, how much Dmg Merrow will do :3
  8. Yeah Emerald sure this is So normal than in every other SV Elemental Summoners Choose to pvp with Magnus Cause they want to handicap themselves, and not because Magnus obviously do more dmg, i mean its a 3rd Class Skill (79) but to you the logic its that Merrow should hit More. This is a PvP server and you think this is normal? ok :3
  9. So i would like to report this.. because i'm dissapointed after a lot of farming just waiting to reach Lvl 79 to finally get the most powerfull summon.. i found out that Magnus hits lower than Merrow (2nd Class Pony) even though Magnus Has almost 2k more P Atk. I will leave u 2 Screenshot's to show u.. what i mean.
  10. Shelfish Question ^__^

    OMG It's GAMenBoy!! *Pass Out*
  11. New expert skills effects

    LF Flame Section P.S: Emerald Check your inbox please, Thanks :3 P.S2: Easy P.S3: Yamada = B1tch
  12. New expert skills effects

    This. also what scaretactic is true , i'm pretty sure none of us want to see an archer vs dagger Endgame season.. plus this limited too much the possible combinations of rebirths.. at the end of the day pvp wise every1 will have the same rebirth combination.. since like midfekar say some of them are pretty much worthless if you can't stack them.

    Seriously what is your problem with summoners? calling the class stupid? real mature.. "When we" Stop writing like u or all the server are mage users, i dont even gonna bother explaining to you again the crt rate of summoners check the other post.. Emerald already decrease the range of the summons, what do u want? that summoner and summon have to be on a distance of maximun 500 to each other? This is NOT a 1V1 pvp server , every class have his pro's and cons. you are writing like you always going to find a summoner and obligatory its gonna be 1v1.
  14. New expert skills effects

    Did u know that Summon's Crit rate is Capped at 100 Max that's 10% Chance 1/10 , you are telling me it's not fair that a Summon hits 2,5k to a Robe User that probably uses Berseker and Magnus or Pow 1 out of 10 hits minimum... Servitor Healing has a range of 600 if a Summoner its always that close to the summon it will always be destroyed by the ppl so Spamming servitor healing its not possible. "They Run like retards" so Archers And Mages can kite (quit) but summoners not ^^. 200 dmg obviously to a class that can put +4 men from dyes and btw 200 must be without surrender/gloom and vortex and obviously the classic cancel.
  15. New expert skills effects

    Summon Empower is not a passive skill... is an active one exclusive to the summon only that also takes 1 buff slot... last season summon's were dealing like 200-300 dmg to A mages, the buff or boost to this class is absolutely necessary to make this 3 classes playable.