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  1. abusing warlord

    You waste 5 min to kill a player in C gear? Damn you're bad.. 30k hp? 70K actually. in fact i have so much resist, that i take those 10k hits from mages like nothing
  2. elo

    No. :3
  3. THskills


  5. Golem's - Newbies

    Having over 5K deaths sucks huh? keep climbing that ranking "" Dagger "":3 Add a spoiler rank to comfort this guy please.
  6. Oly buffing enemy

    another period, still waiting for an answer..
  7. Golem's - Newbies

    Totally agreed, what's the point at this stage? if you really want newcomers, then u should reconsider this change..
  8. Oly buffing enemy

    Any answer to this?, last period i try it still the same, u can give the buffs before the fight (countdown).. but not in the actual fight itself.. i know this is in the changelist/fixed section but u may need to look it up again..
  9. Oly buffing enemy

    This hasn't been fixed yet..
  10. yeah thanks for replying just to this and not to the rest of the argument, real helpful :3
  11. Lets See it has 2k more Hp/ 100 more P def/ 100 More M def/ 2 More accuraccy and Eva , Yeap that would totally make reaching 79 worth it and will totally help me killing enemy easier.. PLEASE even the first 2 summons Mirage and Boxer Reach 17k hp instead of 15 like magnus and guess what i'm sure they dont have that phantom pvp penalty that u say magnus have. Still looking for a purpose to use Magnus in this SV :3
  12. Yeah emerald and that sure is the reason why in everyother server (Elemental Masters,Spectral Masters and Arcane Lords) Use their 3rd class summons instead of the 2nd Class in PvP and Oly, they just feel bad for their opponents and handicap theirselves... Dissapointing Answer Once again
  13. I mean.. that could possible prove the dmg of Tidal Wave Vs Hydro Screw although we are not in Gracia+ Chronicles but that's beside the point. What i really want to know is what about the normal hits how its possible than magnus has almost 2k more P atk than merrow and its hitting lower or sometimes the same Dmg with normal/Crt hits.
  14. Reporting an obvious bug is QQ to a 5 season "Summoner", *Sigh* this wannabe summoners...this will be my last response to u.