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  1. i cant use AUTOUSE soulshot in the elemental master. I tried a rightclick, but It's unable to automaticuse function.
  2. WTFast

    Plz excuse my lack of explanationhe WTfast is gaming without Lag tool. i tried Login but i never go to next after the server update is this a bug? or not? I would truly appreciate it if you would kindly handle this matter :D
  3. WTFast

    I cant login when i use the WTfast. am i blocked from server? i cant use this?
  4. Active augments

    That wasn't solved yet
  5. hello im newbie i have one question I want to increase buff slots Grand master said You need Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Modern Language Version) !! but i dont have it How to get Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Modern Language Version)?