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  1. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Indeed. I'd like to play kamael. HellBound or Gracia final
  2. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Can we go for Hellbound chronicle? New race and subclass skills. Or for gracia final. Enchanting armor gives hp and classes have more diverse skills.
  3. Next season changes

    "in next seasons starting gear will be C-grade and S-grade will be locked (including boss/tattoo shops)." Starting with C-grade is good news. More challenge needed to get max geared. How long untilS grade gets unlocked? Will S grade be unlocked together with boss jewels or boss jewels will be unlocked earlier?

    Nothing happens when I click Login. I have a fresh install of l2interlude and I am using the latest patch.
  5. deathmatch geodata

    Yes, there it occurred for me too once
  6. deathmatch geodata

    This is the third time I get "popped out" of the zone - then I have to return and re-enter:
  7. Balance Mages

    This is nerfing all mages. Balancing means to decrease one stat and supplement it to another. Here's my proposition: Decrease: Expert Perception to x1.5 [done] Infinity scepter mcrit bonus Increase: The Expert Power matk by x0.5:[5 + (5 * 0,5) = 7,5 % matk] Experts Haste cast speed to 5-6 %.
  8. Magic Crit

    What about balancingthis nerf by increasing the Expert Power matk by x0.5? [5 + (5 * 0,5) = 7,5 % matk] Or, Experts Haste cast speed (5-6 %?) Discuss.
  9. Grand Boss Instance (QA, Orfen, Core)

    No PVE at all! No instances, no PVE farm zones. Instead add 0.1% RB Jewel dropchance from PVP or from Box of luck (0.5%).
  10. Enchant gambling NPC

    As we had a poker NPC, I've an IDEA: IF a player has 2x weapons +4, one can use them at that npc to gamble-trade it for a +5 weapon with a chance. If it fails, the player will be returned only with one weapon +4 and the other will disappear. (Or both will disappear? Or one will be returned +0?) The chance lowers if the grade gets higher. (newbies will have more chances here). Max grade should be A grade, loosing S weapons makes players quit. Perhaps in this case the enchant rates should be the same for all the grades (66.6%?) and the enchant items a little bit more rare?
  11. Starting Grade Interlude

    If the next season will be interlude (as it seems to be), I'd say the starting grade should be C (free C grade items) and if the server progresses later open B grade for free. Who thinks this is a good idea? Why and why not?
  12. New season

    Anything more than interlude will give more armor and weapon choices, elemental stones. From gracia finaldaggers will be unhappy: "Prophecy of Wind" ...Decreases moving speed by 20%..." but will haveShadow Step! Warriors get RUSH/rush impact in H5, so they have a chance in pvp. Bishop/EE/SE/DOMI gets chain heal in H5. Dwarfs will start do dmg in H5. Interlude to keep things really simple and classical. I'd say starting from B grade is wrong. Free starting grade should be C for more progress. In gracia final warriors have no chance catch fast players.
  13. New season

    +1 Interlude, Gracia final or H5.
  14. New expert skills effects

    Could you please explain this " Expert's Gold Digger: +50% Adena Income."? What is the exact effect and in which cases it will apply? For example: Does this effect event reward adena? Does this effect voting reward adena? Does it effect the adena income for assisting a kill? If yes, in what proportion? Does it effect the adena income for killing an event mob? Does it effect the adena income for an achievement? Does it effect the adena if I sell my items :D? Does it effect the adena income for killing a player solo?
  15. New season

    What will be the next season and when? IMO it doesn't matter what chronicle: H5, interlude or Crusade - change is needed. Even if Crusade will last 2 weeks, I'd play it. My favorite chronicles in ascending order: 1) H5 - well balanced between interlude and Crusade. Better graphics. Most people don'tlike kamael. More effective progress than interlude - Sub-class skills, lvl 81+ skills, more armor and weapon choices, elemental stones, masterwork items. 2) Crusade - Good graphics, new and more effective skills, Ability points and Ertheia mage is a killer. Classes are very well balanced. Exalted status. R, R95 and R99. Talismans, brooch jewels. Harder to reach endgame - just too much to do. 3)Interlude - Poor graphics, f1 + f2 + f3 combo and /targetnext. Poor Progress. After gaining lvl 80, enchant skills and getting the expert skills + epics - what then?