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  1. What happened to the map voting as it was in Interlude? If one gameplay style was voted too often it was removed as a voting option. Currently archers abuse all possible OPEN FIELD maps: tvt, ctf, bf, goth, domin Where are the siege maps? Castle, Fortress?
  2. Yes, that will just lower the archers dmg, but all the other classes will be still strong. Maybe try keeping the archers nerf as it is and reduce the rune trigger rate. Instead of 20% + 20% + 20% to 5%?
  3. Just an idea or a suggestion: The rune system is a delicate system and affects all classes. It is harder to test and re-balance after. And also think about classes with higher sustain stats - if you just lower the rune trigger chance it will trigger anyways fairly often since these "beasts/tanks/tyrants/gladis" sit in the middle of the fight getting damaged from every direction thus eventually gaining 100%++/s trigger chance. On the contrary @Emerald you did a lot of mage nerf TESTS and boosts last season - maybe find an average from there and reduce the current mage nerfs instead of touching the rune formulas?
  4. Touching the runes formulas will create more untested chaos, it is easier to lessen the mage nerfs
  5. Well, mages are a bit weak due to the fact it can trigger so often in conjunction with the mage nerfs applied.
  6. disconnect every 10-5 mins
  7. Just dont make any changes during the season! Yeah maybe the Rune activates a bit too often, but all change requests should be tested and implemented before server start.
  8. If you suggest crazy ideas like this, the topic will get closed :D. Mages are fine, just MAYBE the MC nerf (50%->40%?) should be re-opened for discussion for the next season. IMO, All other nerfs are ok.
  9. Mages are more balanced now yes, but I suggest no NERFS/Boosts during season - that will make things even worse. IT is what it is now. IMO: *MC damage is Perfect *Rune protection buffs seem to be ok or not? is it because elemental damage got nerfed? For me they feel OK. *Perhaps Mcrit rate should be a bit higher, currently it is 50% nerf, maybe the nerf should be 35% or 40% idk feat: * Nerfed attribute damage bonus by 30%. * Reduced Empowering Echo M.Atk. bonus from 25% to 15%. * Reduced all AoE skills damage by 30%. * Reduced magic critical rate by 50%.* Reduced magic critical damage by 25%.
  10. If ppl get used to he new gamemode all the other summons will be good aswell.