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  1. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Go for Hellbound: Kamael race + Dynasty armor + icarus + Attribute system
  2. Why is server openning always on Saturday?

    How about Saturday 15:00 Gmt+3
  3. A-Grade is free in less than a week

    I agree. I just expressed my opinion. I did suggest: Lock S / Boss for a longer time + 7 days. So new players won't get destroyed.
  4. A-Grade is free in less than a week

    Idk it seems that this had a big impact on the server. On a saturday noon there are 10 chaos players vs 10 order players :D. The problem is, that ppl play and expect to get stronger and superior - thats the point of L2. Farming, donating same thing. One has more time to play the other less. Now if ones progress is nullified that pisses me off too. On the other hand the gameplay has to be progressive, but this time the curve was too steep and A grade got free in 6 days. I also think, that S and Boss jewels should be locked for at least 1 week. And I also think, that the server should not be newbie oriented (how to get more new players) but the goal should be how to keep the main player base here. The main thing what keeps players playing is that they know they get stronger and better and are getting superior to others. If this motivation is gone, It's just like playing tetris. Well, now we have a situation where new players are likely to come, but the population is low - will they want to stay on a low population server?
  5. advertising lottery

    Good old Eclipse, but please save some nerves : ) :
  6. Next season

    Go for 21.07 ?
  7. Next season

    At this point it even doesn't matter which Chronicle. IMO The opening date should beannounced at least 2 weeks in advance
  8. Next season

    When will it start? Will we have an Interlude season before H5?
  9. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Indeed. I'd like to play kamael. HellBound or Gracia final
  10. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Can we go for Hellbound chronicle? New race and subclass skills. Or for gracia final. Enchanting armor gives hp and classes have more diverse skills.
  11. Next season changes

    "in next seasons starting gear will be C-grade and S-grade will be locked (including boss/tattoo shops)." Starting with C-grade is good news. More challenge needed to get max geared. How long untilS grade gets unlocked? Will S grade be unlocked together with boss jewels or boss jewels will be unlocked earlier?

    Nothing happens when I click Login. I have a fresh install of l2interlude and I am using the latest patch.
  13. deathmatch geodata

    Yes, there it occurred for me too once
  14. deathmatch geodata

    This is the third time I get "popped out" of the zone - then I have to return and re-enter: