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  1. No. Changing too many parameters during a live server would create unbalance and chaos. Change one parameter: Reduced magic critical rate by 40%. -> Reduced magic critical rate by 30% AND monitor the change.
  2. These nerfs are almost fine just the Magic critical RATE nerf is a bit too much. I've wit + 7 ; all the magic buffs and I magic crit every 1/16. Also, MoG has Valakas, and he does not magic crit at all. Yes he has magnus on this map, but the 2% mcrit rate from CoV, PoWater makes no difference. **Reduced magic critical rate by 40%. -> Reduced magic critical rate by 30% maybe?
  3. Maasikas


    Add just PP (prophet) buffs to Overwatch event. Full buffs is too OP and on the other hand no buffs is boring.
  4. 4 members party is fine.
  5. In IL they are self buffs, in H5 they can be obtained from the NPC buffer.
  6. 1. Option to exchange elemental stones with a small fee (0.25*fullPrice): Water <-> Fire Dark <-> Unholy Earth <-> Wind 2. Option to downgrade elemental crystal to elemental stones with a loss ratio. Upgrade: 5 stones = 1 crystal Downgrade: 1 crystal = 3 stones
  7. Maasikas


    Lol. It is a season based pvp server. I'm not interested for the server to live over 2-3 months. Ppl get bored. 1. Epics are fine. Maybe add extra criteria: can only be bought once from shop, not tradable and char needs to have pvp lvl 5 (captain ) to wear it. This way item sharing amongst nolifer clans is limited and the it avoids the reroll of characters where you see a lvl 1 Archer with full s and epics. 2. Epics boss only obtainable: Bosses have random spawn times and that would be unfair. Noobs who get the drops sell them to the highest bid which are nolifer clans Making them unstoppable 3. Spawn: Agree 7 days delay but if the respawn time is longer multiple boss jewels should drop. 4. S grade harder to get, agree. Also no S drops should be on the first week. 5. A grade should also have pvp lvl requirements. 6. No normal scrolls. Higher grade should have reduced enchant rate 7. This kill requirement for enchant success rate increase was already implemented several seasons ago. Strange enchanting machine - same concept. You pvp'd for enchants and sacrificed them to gain higher success rate.
  8. agree, OL / duelist/ mage / Warlord spamming AOE and making 30k per map, gg. Perhaps, Any AOE SKILL/Heal/DMG/debuff should have a reduced: 1. gear penalty bonus 50% - avoid abusing B grade vs S grade 2. aoe effect bonus - the more targets hit/heal/effect the less rewards you get. (every target x = n +1 and x*0.85) the AOE nerf should be not much, since we dont want to loose CC, supp classes.
  9. 1. Adena Scrolls and Scavenger lvl 3 > They are fine. Overlord event farm + (duelist/warlord) -> Decrease only the AOE skills gear penalty bonus. For everybody else this bonus is fine, especially for newbies and solo players vs groups. 3. Epic Grand Bosses - dont run them on the first days. Run epics only if more ppl online. 5. God motivation/Death Luck buff boost -> God motivation is fine. If ppl want to pvp they pvp, if they have this buff in their favor do something about it, dont rush for obj. Some ppl dont want to run for flags for 30 mins, they pvp anyways even without this buff. Death Luck buff boost - > you are just butthurt that a B grader kills you without any effort. Now that poor B grade guy has been killed several times by geared players (or a party) and for any chance of competition he needs that boost. *Also S grades seems way too easy to gather. - Partly agree. Currently, less enchants are being dropped so ppl rush for higher grade instead of buying and enchanting A/B grade. Lock S grade for until X amount of A items have been bought OR make S grade harder to get. Increase the drop rate of lower enchants. So average players have enchanted lower gear. Top players/CLANS rush for S grade anyways. This would also reduce the gear difference penalty bonus problem, if ppl run around with enchanted A items vs pure S grade.
  10. Yes why? I agree. No resets. You wait
  11. ? Epic bosses have full random spawn times? it can even be the first event 😄
  12. Me too, same interval! Cant play like this ;: (
  13. Will this feature be in interlude also? " gifts shop: from now on players can sell items they don't need to shop for Adena."