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  1. CC

    KeepEye of paagrio and enable Counter Critical: On close range fighters 100% (like it is), on archers 33% crit dmg while in effect.
  2. Eye of paagrio

    Only 60 holy resist yes :D. And +normal zerk. And it's 6k not 8k.
  3. Eye of paagrio

    I've +8 Dyn robe, no zerk, no dance of zerk, clan pdef - archer with hero bow crits 8k per 4 sec 3 hits. Ofc he is full epics also, so archer are always endgame.
  4. Just some ideas, thoughts: discuss. Some interlude seasons ago progressive game play was enabled and It had a lot of negative side effects. After 1 week A grade was completely free, thus who invested several game hours quit since new players could acquire their status instantly. How about to implement this feature half way in H5? Progressive game play should be enabled until Vesper is completely free, depending on how many S80, S84 items are bought. Every set of items bought, the price lowers step by step (every item bought 0.05%).Elegia and Vorpal shall never be free. Enable costum Attribute system for (elegia, vorpal)items to get attribute lvl 450 on weps and also 200 on armors. Those items shall be called something else than stones. Boss jewels are restricted for 7days after server stat, so is FA to adena in npc. Elegia and Vorpal from SHOP are restricted for 7 days. Strange machine should be enabled, This concept was interesting. Sacrifice 10x items to increase enchant rate for (skills, weps, armors, augmentation). After entering 10 items the 11-th enchant item USED would use the enchant rate determined by the sacrifice machine.Perhaps this machine would be too overpowered for H5, so maybe sacrifice 10x Agathion stones to acuire super agathion stones which increase success rate by 24%for weaponsinstead of 12%. Whilst top players are sacrificing items, low players can sell these items and their progress is boosted and the cap of items can be lifted more quickly. So top players also dont whine about getting too few rewards whilst killing lowbies. Options: a. Dont remove cat and pony buffs. Dont nerf mage AOE and aura blast skill. Instead nerf Empoweringecho:on sph: Decrease casting speed by 10% and increase mp consumption by 35%. Also, add this skill to other magesin a nerfed manner? b.Dont remove cat and pony buffs. Dont nerf mage AOE but nerf aura blast dmg by 30% and crit chance by 10%. c.Dont remove cat and pony buffs. 2x delay on aura blast. d. Dont remove cat and pony buffs. Remove Emp Echo, add + 3 WIT to sph. Expert skills and books were a perfect featurein interlude, these also can be and should be implemented to H5. I mean, their effects should be reduced significantly, but slight diversity is always fun. Especially the Scavanger Exper skill, for more adena drop! I liked the old L2 ovc times, where you could have ranks lvl over 100+; This is more progressive, fun and rewarding - please bring it back. Players can acquire ranks more easily but with lesser rewards. Even acquiring mere adena for ranking up is fun. For every 30 levels one expert book shall be acquired. Vitality should be utilized more: If a player has full vitality, increase adena drop, item drop by 400%. Vitality shall be restored every 24h for one block, and fully every Monday morning. Vitality shall drop by score acquired? Increase the epic boss events! I've been playing since the beginning and i've seen 2x AQ, 1x valakas and 1x antharas. Reduce their re spawn time. Increase their respawn rate during active hours! OR make a baseline of active players, and when there are the most active players then the chance of re spawning an epic boss is HIGHER. Restrict epic spawns during nighttime. There should be no restriction during weekends. PS: NEVER ever remove the grade penalty feature. This way, normal players have chances vs nolifers and wallet heroes. PS: DO NOT bring back interlude, keep working on H5. I will and most of the community will support it, even with real donations.
  5. I suggest to remove lifestones and add buyable agu skills. 300 000a each.
  6. Multi TVT

  7. Eye of paagrio

    Dont agree.
  8. a question about augment skill wild magic

    If I remember correctly, in interlude it was 0.75%
  9. Cardinals and other healers need some tuning

    Don't agree, JUST remove pony buff and in retrospective, cat buffs - make them self buffs as in interlude version. Agree on removing pony and cat buffs, make them class specific self buffs. Fully agreed. But this means also no kitty buff. Currently, Aura Blast does the main damage for mages, all other mage AOE spells do nothing. On the other hand Tyrant andGladi AOE is impressive. Server features applied atm: Nerf all AoE damage by 30%- Change to: Nerf AOE damage of non-mage toons. After pony buff is removed, aura blast cannot be just spammed. Reduced magic critical rate by 30% - Change to: reduce critical DAMAGE not rate. Suggestion: keep the empowering echo as it is, but nerf it: If used, casting speed - 10%. Well any other mage and fighter has a bigger chance to interrupt the magic and deal damage as SPH is casting. SPH has low CON/MEN/WIT anyways. This way SPH would be risky and rewarding, especially in parties, but not so good as solo, so other solo mages are better off vs SPH in solo situations.
  10. ''hate''

    It makes many players quit because every season he tries to create multiple puppetclans to destroy any competition and ensure himself the dominance of the server. BTW There will always be haters.
  11. hero weap

  12. Changelist

    Yes. It's the first h5 for a long time. Better make a lot of improvements now than during the next season.
  13. penality

    Indeed. +1 +1
  14. sts is an archmage with lower hps

    Or decrease the mcrit nerf. 10% nerf is a bit too much, how about 5%?