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  1. server is super bugged

    There was never 600 ppl here,dunno who you hit to deal 300 dmg..prolly tank
  2. Interlude Season

    Hope Emerald will stick to h5 as interlude after so many seasions became...boring and not attractive at all. ofc is only my opinion.
  3. Hello, Got question about that...did you change smth last days? Normally reward of SP was 100k+ during double exp/sp period now its 56k like on normal farm time.
  4. Restart

    +1 Server already dying slowly,its like 70% of population gone. Those who start ( indeed we can see new ppl every day) quit as its impossible to „catch” geared ppl,also economy is kinda dead right now on server market.
  5. Dodge-Wind Rider

    Show me that video plx. Sry Eme im too old for digging in the yt old videos. For me skill is clear-resist for all.
  6. Dodge-Wind Rider

    Well i got stunned and died. Thats why im asking about checking that.
  7. Can you check that skill? I still get stunned by Armor Crush while being on effect. if im not wrong it gives 100% immune for short and range psychical skills.
  8. 85 % of server SH

    Same here...currently is sad to say but its waste of time and no fun at all
  9. 85 % of server SH

    Indeed is boring,right now you see like nearly half of population left cos not every1 wants be a frag meat/play sph on h5 which supp be most „balanced” of all chrons. Ofc like you said there is army full geared sph -most donors-who defend their class (thatneed biggest nerf here asap). Im just courious why @Emerald still do not react and do not anything to change actual state of gameplay whichis ( no offense)-terrible.
  10. Cardinals and other healers need some tuning

    Well,to your information and this another mr. I know everything-like i said i made it for fun,cant afford xx bogs to enchant skills on duel,just wanted check it quickly. Anyway,ovc cancer community in best shape
  11. Cardinals and other healers need some tuning

    About daggers: i made one just for fun...WR/aq/baium,skills enchant on element...i hit low gear mage 1,3-2k while they hit me 1,4-3k (dont talk even about good one gear...its around 5-8k) This class is a huge joke here and dont even talk sh1t pls
  12. High five?

    Im sitting on the toilet and squeal. Im definitely jew nigga. Gn
  13. Freight Warehouse

    Alt x /mailbox

    @Emeraldfinaly went toorder to bring balance