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  2. wtf is this changes????


    Restart server pls,mini event stucked.
  4. nerfing everything minus archers

    /agree As dagger point of view (while i should be natural enemy of archer) im easly shotted even on UE (lol!) as itwas impossible few seasions ago. Also my dmg to them ( epics,skills+10/11) is generaly between 1,9-2,9k-once a year 4k (ofc,fighiting with broken geodata you are able to hit max 4 times) while they hit you almost every second hit 9/10 accurate 2,8-4k-its ridicoulus class here and dont even deal with that because all defenders here are playing exacly that class ofc there are many reasons why is that-low drop rate of enchants armorso its great harvest for donor archers,nerfed other classes,too many maps with open space (most of them). basically that was the worstseasion so far- imho.
  5. State of server-prices

    Since the server is running couple of weeks and most people are fully s geared +++,maybe its time to decrease price of a gradee items in shop to keep more newbie players?
  6. Insane lag issue

    Still doens't work...its just me or server is still under problems with log in? It kick me out from main screen..disconnect all the time.
  7. Reanimate server

    I think that taking care about newbies is priorit, i see everyday new people that come but like Mayhem said noone wants to fight b vs full ++ S. Change events a little bit-make some more reward to raid in the middle ( like enchants/parts/useful stuff )- right now this event sux. Lower the prices for gear,make it easier for new,for old players it doesnt matter as most of ppl right now have everything. Maybe put some new events? Remove this usless like humans vs zombie etc
  8. I wanna increase buff slots :D

    by box of luck ( i have no idea what is a % chance) or buyfrom players it should be extra cheap right now
  9. Votemanager error hopezone

    +1 fix that fcking hopzone
  10. Class change question

    skills from sub 80..i dont get it,when you change your main is 76 again or it replace sub 80 lv like 80 lv-->80 lv
  11. Class change question

    So you lose all the skills from the sub 80 lv?
  12. Class change question

    I have a question about class change menager. If my sub class is 80 ( for example SH ) and my main is 76 ( GH) and i will change my class ( sub as main) will i keep exact same level from subclass (80?) all skills,rebirths? I know that prolly you lose skill enchant but the most important for me is level and rebirths.