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  1. VincentVega

    More cosmetics

    +1 I personal play here since 4-5 seasions...thought that previous one was the worst one among them all but this running currently is really clown fiesta all the way. Donors who wipe out 6+ people by themselfs,literally fully geared after 6 days with max skill enchants. Totally horrible. Personal my last seasion here ever.
  2. My dc rate is once every 10-15 min. Its really annoying,especially that sometimes it takes like 3-4 minutes to log in again as char stuck in the game or something-just see window „please wait...”
  3. Duuude,who even care about that? I bet you are the only one 🙄
  4. Got boss jew? Skills +20++,proper grear? If not this topic should be closed asap because its nothing more than noobish crying. Sorry mate,its like talking that some class at start is bad while geared later on and enchanted is more than fine. PS: i play WR...try this class at start,after 3 days and then come back 😉
  5. Like every seasion on start—-> range class/healer/tank to drop sh1ts from domi/pony Later on ,with gear/skills +25 every class is good on high/low serv population state.
  6. From experience of last seasion ( and ofc from this one too) we know long progressive grind doesnt work here-it make it even worst (especially for people who join week/week amd half and so on after grand opening). Real fun and real balance start when people are geared up and skill enchanted-for now...for „normal” players till you achive that ( i think is hard enough) server is long time dead and empty. PS: i like the idea of boss tokken.
  7. Well in my opinion gear progression must be reworked (if for interlude was fine,on h5 is terrible) as server life lenght and time for normal people (who work,and play lets say 3-4 hours) to invest in „gear” and skills ++ ( which are same important as gear) dont go together. This seasion was fun only for donors and few nolifers who spend 2x hours to play per day- they get insane fast top gear,2 shot people and left after 3 weeks. Imo make gear way easier to get-its pvp server which is dead after 1-1,5 month max-every seasion i’ve been here (x5)
  8. +1 ofc when you finally get top items,epics and skills +25+ server is dead :D
  9. Well if we going this way its not only archers -class that became weaker COMPARE to other classes that get huge boost in chrons after interlude like gladi/tyr/sh/pala. Look at daggers against robe users/sps that lost status killing machine due cast speed like it was on interlude and so on. I think but ofc its just my opinion that archers were more than fine this seassion ( remember most of the maps here are range friendly).
  10. Archers weak? 2,7-2,9k per crit to char with 2,9k def and 300++ attribut defense. Chars that are able to outrun every class here. Its very good here 😉
  11. And who are you? His personal secretary? Assistant? im not crying just puttung clearly facts that everybody knows since long time. He is owner so its his interest to care about server....even if he didint see it during invisible mode ( which i dont believe),he can simply make char in 2 sec with full attribut and check it way faster by his own than all „experts” from forum.
  12. I have 300+++ to all. What’s the difference if he hit 7k or 4,5k per hit? You are dead in 3 sek anyway. No wonder people leaving-cos where is the fun on pvp field? Running away from clown who abuse broken class ( again @Emerald do nothing to nerf that 33% boost to offensive tanks,prolly he doesnt care anymore since community is low-seems like that) or be frag meat no matter what class you play right now.
  13. Again problem with tank-PK is he get boost 33% to dmg in one of the updates while he supp to be untouched while he is most offensive tank,thats why one clown with end gear is nearly immortal killing machine on low populated server-which ovc is right now. Dont understand your crying about mages-they still own hard with end game gear vs end game gear. Really fun begin with skills +25/30 but again...till you get them+end game gear+epics server is long time dead.