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    Please checkthe Mystic Muse magic critical rate..10/1 mcwith valakas (wild magic,dance of siren) ? LMAO.. andarchers are hitting 5/4-3 crit. + have long range + healer they are fcking unstoppables dude. Even with A gear +6 + clan shield + tattoo GShitting me 3.300+- .. WOW i am just 3 fcking crits from archers.. and i am hittin 900-1100 (with diamond +9 + rebirh power +clan skills etc)normal (cause i can do mc :P)to an archer with s jewels(OMG). just OMG.!surrender of water have 3-4sec cast time (why?) lol?+ low chance (give 100% rate then lel)curse of weakness too (no1 use but is an epic skill).... Just please check it.. This server will be l2archer+dagger server soon.. thank you..!! Guys please comment ur throughts and dont cry because the server will be 2 class server and then ? u will start to cryhere (why the server lose ppls etc...)! And please! dont be like LTA players. (Crying at ALL chat because they are all archers) Respect the other players.! HAVE A NICE DAY! + Sorry for my fcking english