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  1. Twitch Streamers stats its a joke

    The stats are fine, not anywhere as broken as you guys make them out to be. I played fully this season and I never felt I was ata disadvantage because I had 1 str/int less. The only bad thing is that the whole streaming setup can be easily abused. You can get the buff while streaming in terrible quality/blackscreen and notbenefit the server in any way.
  2. Dynamic balancing teams system

    To add to this, when one side is overpowering the other, there could be an automated message prompting the players to switch to the weaker side - perhaps with a small reward as incentive. E.g. "Your side is way too strong, type .switch to change teams and gain X adena/whatever" Just a small suggestion, not sure how easy/hard is to implement.
  3. RB jewels essentially force the players to farm ~110k adena if they want to max their chars.If you remove boss jewels from the store you would have to add something else that people would farm for or the server would die way too fast.
  4. I honestly can't understand what you peopledream about every time you complain about the server's life.6 months, 1 yearlifetime servers? This was athing 10 years ago, there are no pvp servers that last more than 2 months anymore. This season the server has been more than successful, tons of people joined and the server went strong for 2 months.
  5. Acquisition and savings difficulties (adena.etc)

    This is not really that efficient because it doesn't consider openings of other servers. If you plan the server openings ahead of time and a specific L2OVC season start coincides (+/- 1-3 days) with the opening of other servers then the whole season could potentiallygo to waste. The best time would be when the server is ready for it (changes/fixes are done) and there are no other big projects happening in the same timeline.
  6. Weird bug

    The problem is still there but it also feels very clunky now as the character tries to somewhat re-path (?) when chasing after targets (not sure how to describe it exactly).
  7. Nerf Celestial/Cancel

    Honestly, I think it's fine as it is. I haven't seen anyone actually abusing3x cele (bishop, innate skill, augment).In my opinionreducing barrier to 5 seconds would hurt duelists/tyrant quite a bit since they have to stack their forces again in that time-frame (iirc). What you could do is blockbishops from casting celestial on tyrants and duelistsso they can'tstack the invincibility effect. Also, please don't enable FOI in events. It's way too strong in organised play, especially when usedagainst random people and could potentially cause balance issues with factions.
  8. The matchmaking is getting way too uneven.

    Some numbers from today Reds are ahead both in ELO and Count. Are there other parameters that affect the matchmaking besides elo and number of people on each side? I am just trying to figure out what are the causes ofsuch imbalance. Could it be that the matchmaking isbalanced, ELO-wise, in the beginning of the map and if one side overpowers the other/people leave the map the matchmaking stays as is?
  9. [EndGame] Noble Books for basic stat

    I think it's a nice end-game concept. It doesn't really break the game and providessome sort of incentive to re-visit the farm area when you are maxed. Only issue could potentially be new players having a difficult time killing the Noblesse RB because it is going tobe contested a lot more.
  10. Balance

    Cancel is basicallya better curse of gloom in this server. It's just ridiculous that sps/sorc's open their rotationwith cancel even if their target doesn't attack them. The nearly 100% land rate is fine since the buffs return shortly after but the cast-time and cooldown are just ridiculously low. Another ridiculous thing is that if you lose Bless the body, Song of vitality, Cov from cancel,you have to regenerate all this missing life when the buffs return, even if the nuker didn't even deal any damage. Effectively, cancel can deal like 5k damage just by removing your health buffs.
  11. Mages

    I think this is the sweet spot I have been noticingfrom most nukers that have a proper build. They usually seem to crit 1 every 5 hits.
  12. Dressme / Costume / Transmog

    I agree. Skins are always nice and easy $$.
  13. Make Olympiad great again!

  14. Make Olympiad great again!

    This is a lie. Stop making things up in your head and posting them as arguments. I never had an issue killing the boss when I needed it. Even if you miss it once or twiceyou have way too many opportunities over the course of server life to get it. There is no reasonto spoon feed an easy noblesse to every player.
  15. Make Olympiad great again!

    There are obvious downsides to this suggestion. First of all, it actively reduces the amount of players registering for games. Fewerplayers on the list could mean not enough players available to initiate the games. Besides that, restricting players from playing as many games as they like could potentially screw up with their hero chancessince match-ups are a thing in olympiad. One could get unlucky and then being unable fight his way back up due to games restriction. The suggestion regarding dividing the classes into tiers is also problematic. Again, two different leagues would reduce the amount of active people participating which could cause trouble with the initiation of games. The most important issuehowever is that categorising all the classes into tiers can be subjective. To use Luffy's example, a necro could be considered as a lower tier class since it's generally weaker class compared to the top tier oly classes, however game knowledge, gear, and augments can put the class on par with summoners, ol's, gladis. Hence, putting a good necromancer on the lower tier list would enable him to pretty much win all of his games since there are no hard match-ups. This is just an example that is relevant with other classes as well,besides necromancer. So, how exactly do we decide which classes get on the upper league and which ones on the trashcanwithout creating this issue?