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  1. New expert skills effects

    Can you stack the same skill three timeslike the old rebirth skills? Cause some of them are pretty much worthless if you can't stack them.
  2. Enchant gambling NPC

    Do you imply that this system wouldprovide a higher enchant rate for that +4 weapon at the cost of losing one of the two weapons? Because I don't see a reason not to enchant the weapons yourself instead of using this gambling method. Regarding the enchanting system, I honestly believe Emerald should adopt the enchanting method used in the old gve server already. What I mean by that is enchant weapons safely through pvp count, which gets harder depending on your weapon's grade.Armors and jewerly enchanting would workin asimilar way that provides armor scrolls and gets your gear to -1 enchant from what it was in case of failure. This provides incentive forplayers to keep playing in order to enchant their gear andmakes pvp somewhat more fair in the sense that people realise it's up to them to get well enchanted gear and not inthe hands of shitty RNG. It's honestly more fair for all players and a lot more fun considering how many people ragequitted this season because they failed their s weapons while others had +12/13 weapons because they were lucky enough to get them on their first try.
  3. Farm Zone

    It sounds like a great idea but since it's a farm zone it should be balanced around all players and gears. What I mean by that is that if you limit the access to 1 hour then mages will clearly have an advantage in farming compared to classes like daggers or archers. That is, ofcourse, If you make the farming of these 100 materials hard to get and it requires a lot of time. Also, if you restrict it to 1 death perday, I can assure you it's going to be abused by clans/group of players, giving no chance to weaker players to gain any loot, unless they wait out all the big clans to finish their farming for the day. Just some food for thought. I think adding new stuff to keep the players occupied is great especially for chronicles like interlude where you don't have much to do gear-wise.
  4. Gisse on fire

    never surrender to water lul, nice pvp nonetheless
  5. To Emerald plus some suggestions

    You don't get my point. You can obviously kill the spoilers but if a team has 10 people playing spoilers they will lose the map's objective every single time since they lack dps. A spoiler's sole purpose is to farm mats box and adena, that's what they are designed for. Overflooding a team with such classes make teams weaker damage wise and therefore impossible to contest objectives like domination zones. Also, it's pointless trying to organise random zergs to pvp effectively when talking about mass pvp. That's what clans are for. Maybe it makes sense to you now because there are like 20 people tops in every map but when server is populated its basically chaotic.
  6. Remove Race/Class subclass restrictions.

    yeah, why exactly is that? does it matter in any way to the way pvp works in this server? it's just a pointless restriction.
  7. Rebirth exp penalty

    It can be demotivating,no doubt. I spent 15k to get two subs to level 80 because, honestly, who wants to play a dd when you lack important skills and it takes so freaking long to level up (especially now with the population going down daily). Leveling a class up from 76 is tolerable when the server is floodedand people are around the same gear but with the way the server is right now it's just pointless and you are pretty much forced to pay if you want to try another class and still be on equal ground with the rest of the players.
  8. As the title suggests, remove the default restrictions that disallow you fromsubbing to certain classes because of your main class/race. This is an 100% pvp focused server anyway, it should be natural to be able to play all classes without having to create new characters. example, Allow Dark Elves to sub into Elf classes and vice versa Allow Archers/Daggerists Mains to sub into another Archer/Dagger class respectively. Maybe you could limit this for certain classes like OL (even though I dont see the reason). Opinions?