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  1. Scammer

    so you gave him your items?
  2. What about summoners ?

    The problem with these posts is that people are always biased towards the class they play.Instead of objectively judging a class,they come here and turn these posts intoa joke in fear of havingtheir class nerfed. Summoners are an overall weaker class and normally people wouldnt care about the pet's damage but given the low population of the server it's a lot more likely to be targetted by one repeatedly and therefore cause these complaint posts. The high damage of summoners obviously has the drawback of low crit rate which makes it somewhat tolerable. In my opinion the problem with the class is how ridiculously antifun it is to play against (on par with pre frenzy titans). Basicly there is no pvp interaction when you fight a summoner in this server. They are allowed to afk safely behind a corner and send their pet to attack you with absolutely no drawbacks again and again and this understandably causes frustration. It is just not fun having a summon targetting you repeatedly right now and not being able to gain anything out of it. I suggested in a previous post to make killing the summon rewarding so it can be less frustrating and somewhat worthwhile having to deal with it. The suggestion was denied as killing the summon contributes to the reward gained from the summoners death but this is simply irrelevant when the summoner has the option to practically never die while still "pvping" from a safe location. Summoners are currently the only pvp class with no real downsides. Nerfing their damage would pretty much render them useless, therefore,my suggestion would be to either increase the cooldown of the summonso the summoners are required to play mindfully instead of spamming summons from the other side of the map and going unpunished,or, as I said in the previous post, give an actual reason to the players to kill the summon. The current incentive for killing a summon is simply nonexistent.
  3. L2.exe doesn't launch

    I did once again. No luck sadly.
  4. L2.exe doesn't launch

    I tried actually, with a link you posted yourselfon a previous topic, with no success. I tested other servers and they run normally. The only issue is with OvC.
  5. L2.exe doesn't launch

    The game was working properly until I tried to login once and the game wouldn't launch. Basically using l2.exe does nothing, it won't even load up the Lineage2 loading image. I had a fresh client and patch install, followed everyinstruction on the FAQ and made sure that there are nofirewall/antivirus interference. I even followed some instructions suggested on this threadhttp://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2102-l2exe-not-launching/&page=1, as the problem is identical, with no success. There was no change in my computer.The game startedbehaving like this all of a sudden even though I never had a similar issue with L2 ever before. Can you please look into it ?
  6. L2 OvCnomics

    From my perspective what always demotivated me as a player was joining a gve server and seeing people ridiculously ahead in gear. This phenomenon escalated quickly this season as there were people hitting +16s and getting S gear as soon as they were unlocked.Other than that another major factor was the heavily unbalanced factions. Basically a few people grinded hard at the start, abusing organised play and certain classes and and getting way too ahead progression-wise which led one faction overpowering the other. As a new player why would I want to play against people that far ahead of me in such a short time? It's not fun.
  7. Staff Event

    What is there to investigate, both are potential rewards under the +9 rewards category.
  8. The way it works right now a summoner can stand around the corner and safely send his summon to farm pvp for him. This is understandable as they are somewhat an inferior class in mass pvp. However there is little to no incentive in clearing their summon, that being to protect a support or so. Consequently, when a summoner focuses downsomeone squishy,like a mage,theyeither haveto accept theirfate or wastetime killing the summon, gaining nothing out of it only to have the summon resummoned again almost instantly. The reward obviously should be something miniscule, like one point, that wouldnt make players focus the summon but they would also not ignore them unless they have another target.
  9. Is that all?

    That's not what skill is. Skill is about reflexes, apm, ability to read the opponent, dodgingabilities, so on and so forth. All these mechanics are not existant in this target-basedgame.In the first example you could just utilise next target and never worry about losing target, second example is game knowledge and common sense. I understand your concept of "skill" in l2 but realistically all the scenarios you can put out boil down to gear/game knowledge/RNG. Bring out the most "skilled" player of all time against a paraplegic with only a couplefunctioning fingers and the latter will always win if he outgears the opponent/is optimally buffed/is not screwed by rng(crits,m.crits,stuns,whatever).
  10. Does this workas intended?The info says itprovides +1 to CON/MEN, DEX/WIT, STR/INT at level 3but there wasn't any stats increase when I upgraded it from lv2 to lv3.
  11. Is that all?

    I cant believe there are still people talking about "skill" in l2. You literally press less than 4-5 buttons with each class. Thegame is about grinding, items, organised play and game knowledge. I also don't see how the server differs from the previous seasons that I played in.It's all about mass pvp and developing your character. If you don't finding this exciting anymore it's probably on you and not onthe server.
  12. New expert skills effects

    Can you stack the same skill three timeslike the old rebirth skills? Cause some of them are pretty much worthless if you can't stack them.
  13. Enchant gambling NPC

    Do you imply that this system wouldprovide a higher enchant rate for that +4 weapon at the cost of losing one of the two weapons? Because I don't see a reason not to enchant the weapons yourself instead of using this gambling method. Regarding the enchanting system, I honestly believe Emerald should adopt the enchanting method used in the old gve server already. What I mean by that is enchant weapons safely through pvp count, which gets harder depending on your weapon's grade.Armors and jewerly enchanting would workin asimilar way that provides armor scrolls and gets your gear to -1 enchant from what it was in case of failure. This provides incentive forplayers to keep playing in order to enchant their gear andmakes pvp somewhat more fair in the sense that people realise it's up to them to get well enchanted gear and not inthe hands of shitty RNG. It's honestly more fair for all players and a lot more fun considering how many people ragequitted this season because they failed their s weapons while others had +12/13 weapons because they were lucky enough to get them on their first try.
  14. Farm Zone

    It sounds like a great idea but since it's a farm zone it should be balanced around all players and gears. What I mean by that is that if you limit the access to 1 hour then mages will clearly have an advantage in farming compared to classes like daggers or archers. That is, ofcourse, If you make the farming of these 100 materials hard to get and it requires a lot of time. Also, if you restrict it to 1 death perday, I can assure you it's going to be abused by clans/group of players, giving no chance to weaker players to gain any loot, unless they wait out all the big clans to finish their farming for the day. Just some food for thought. I think adding new stuff to keep the players occupied is great especially for chronicles like interlude where you don't have much to do gear-wise.
  15. Gisse on fire

    never surrender to water lul, nice pvp nonetheless