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  1. I am not actually.This is merely an observation coming from my experience with quite few "top" high-rate servers last year, it's not my opinion of what someone finds satisfying in the game and whatnot.I am not really interested inthe reason people move to different servers so quickly or what a player's satisfaction entails. I am just commenting on what I've experienced and conclude that it is only natural thatsomething similar happenshere. If youcan point outa fewrecent Interludehigh-rate server that managed to last longer than, let's say 3 months, while keeping the interest of the players as well as the population intactthen please let me know and I will be more than glad to change my opinion regardinglong-lasting seasons. I am not assuming anything. I really don't care for their reasoning ortheir intentions. If you think these are the reasons for server-hoppingthen this is fine but I don't think it actually matters. This is a very old game that has beenon the decline for years and I don't think any new revolutionary high-rate server isgoing to change this pattern and provoke people to stay on a server longer. This would be great and I am all for itbut I can't see this realistically happening. No it's not.This is your opinion and it's quite subjective really. You can actually see that for yourself. Just testany current high-rate interlude server and see how many people abuseinterfaces and botto avoid the grinding phase and jump to action when they gear up. Luckilygrinding hasan entirely different concept here. Anyway, I don't think all these points actually matter for the success of the server and I don't see any reason arguing about them. The intention of my post is to provide suggestions for gaining a more consistent playerbase that would consequently benefitthe longevity of the project.
  2. Just to be clear, I am going to name certain interlude servers just to provide examples of my arguments. People that actually played on theservers I am going to mention the past months will hopefully be able to relate.It's not really about advertisement, I don't care about that. Anyone that played last season could tell that the server died pretty fast and there were a lot of posts and suggestions as to why this happened. There are currently discussions as to what needs to be done and pretty much everyone provides argumentationregarding the features of the serveras the sole reason for this happening. I saw posts with people expecting the server to last months and other people talking about a "grind increase" as this is what l2should be about. The fact is that this game, and specifically Interlude, is not what it used to be and the game as well as the playerbase have changed with time. I have played quite a few pvp interlude servers in the past months and they all follow a similar model. Provide minimum farm, people gear up, sieges/epics(peak of the server), people start leaving, serverdries up and "dies"after a month, or a bit longer if the project is actually decent. The whole interlude playerbase is already accustomed to this playstyle and in my opinion they actually prefer it instead of grinding a server for months (doesn't really happen anymore from my experience with any interlude pvp server that I have played) My point is that it's completely normal for servers to die fast currently. This is what the playerbase is used to. People should stop having unrealistic expectations of servers lasting for months and just adjust. It's 2019, there can't be a pvp server that lasts more than 3 months and doesn't plateau and start declining in numbers.Any server, any season will die sooner or later no matter what changesor new features are going to be implemented. Actually Emerald is one of the few developers that actively changes his server every season and you can tell that the majority of people don't really care about it. They will just join the server and play when they know that a new season is coming up. Further proof of this is how generic servers like most br projects, l2damage etc manage to attract high traffic every season and stay on top regardless of the fact that they stay dull and don't really change up things. They manage to do this by providing a fun project that even though dies quickly it makes people return for new seasons. Therefore, I would like to provide a few suggestions, different from the whole "change things up we lose players" argumentthat could attract new traffic to server and ensure (hopefully) a higher number of returning players. - Advertise the server more and to a broader playerbase. The biggest l2 interlude communites right now are the russian and the latin americans (mostly BRs). However, these guys have their own projects they like to play on and they also don't really speak english so translations are essential if you want to attract them. Any fresh russian or latin project is always surging with population regardless of its quality. Interlude-online (gve russian server) startedits newest season recently and the amount of ppl there is insane even thought I believe its a quick cash-grab andinferior project to ovc. Same with a similar br server, Lovelyaden. An utterly trash, bot infested, generic server that launched roughly a week agobut withtons of people nonetheless. The similarity of both of these projects is that they derive most of their playbase from their respective communities and don't even rely on voting schemes to get popular.My point is that even if ovc manages to attract a small portion of these communities, in conjunction with already returning players and the general european community that moves between servers we can have a well populatedserver that is setto last longer than usual. To sum up, try to advertise in different networks, provide translations for the two communities mentioned (my apologies if this was already done, I think there were discuissions about this but I can't really recall) - Attract CP's/Clans to join the server. As I already mentioned,the way the interlude community currently operates in highrate pvp servers is by server jumping with their cp's/clans and competing against each other. I moved with my cp to a couple of servers in the past months and first-hand experienced this. I understand that most CP's are not interested in playing in gve-type servers as their playstyle differs from that of the server however getting even a small portion of them to join can surely be beneficial to the server. Now,to provide an example as to why attracting cp's can be positive for the server. Lovelyaden (the server mentioned before), as well asmany other servers, havean open-beta phase a week before the server launch and organised a 9v9 event with rewards for the winning party. 18 fucking cp's registered for this event. This means a minimum of 162 people ensured to play on the server. The number is actually a lot more if youconsider that most cps obviously have more than 9 active players and that each of these players can potentially advertise the server to other people. This is actually a huge form of advertisement that a lot of servers don't take seriously. So, to conclude this point, organising an event before the server launch with rewards (up to Emerald to decide) could attractCP's, that usually avoid gve servers, to the server and make things a lot more interesting pvp-wise too. I would personally recommend maxcheaters as a venue for advertisting such events (and even the server in general)as all of the CP leaders read the posts there when looking for fresh projects to compete in. I understand that people find this site unethical or whatever, but it is what it is. No point hiding behind our fingers in 2019. - Making the server grindy does notguarantees a longer lifetime. I saw people suggesting making the server harder, making sets harder to get, adena harder to farm etc. Obviously the server shouldn't be easy and should provide goals for people to work on but if you make things to hard people will straight up get bored and leave. Again, its in the nature of the interlude community to consistentlyjump between projects nowadays. Another example for this argument is the recent launch of l2sublimity. An excellent project with great developers that died in less than 2 weeks because the creators thought it would be good for the lifetime of the server to make grinding for items insanely hard. People just got bored and left even though the server looked very promising. - Small suggestions to be considered(not really the point of this post). a) no customs for the love of god, most successful high-rateprojects run on the generic B,A,S gear and people actually enjoy that. There is no need for experimentation, in my opinion, when simplicity works for other servers. b) restructuring of the donation system. I don't really know how successful the server is donation-wise and it's not any of my business but I never felt compelled to donate in ovc. Getting a set amount of adena never personally motivated me and the random discount rewards are useless 99% of the time unless they are rb jewels. I would suggest adding cosmetics as, believe it or not, people actually like this shit. Custom hats and accessories, obtained with donated currencyare a nice way to support the server, armor skins could also be considered but I have seen mixed opinions about these as people usually want to know what kind of armor the opponent is wearing. Lastly, some sort of vip type of benefit is the most common way the servers I mentioned use to monetise. It could be anything from QoL changes to xp, slight adena-boost.Nothing game-breaking.Again, up to Emerald to consider these. I merely suggest features that I have seen successful server utilise. TL;DR Stop expecting ridiculously long seasons, this is a thing of the past. Instead,adapt to the current style of Interlude high-rate servers, advertise the server more, attract people that tend to avoid gve-like servers.
  3. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    What are you talking about dude.Inflation makes no sense in the economic model gve servers utilise. You are basicly suggesting the opposite of what we had so far. That would mean new players/players that don't play as much would have to pay higher prices for gear that other, more active, players purchased already.
  4. Scammer

    so you gave him your items?
  5. What about summoners ?

    The problem with these posts is that people are always biased towards the class they play.Instead of objectively judging a class,they come here and turn these posts intoa joke in fear of havingtheir class nerfed. Summoners are an overall weaker class and normally people wouldnt care about the pet's damage but given the low population of the server it's a lot more likely to be targetted by one repeatedly and therefore cause these complaint posts. The high damage of summoners obviously has the drawback of low crit rate which makes it somewhat tolerable. In my opinion the problem with the class is how ridiculously antifun it is to play against (on par with pre frenzy titans). Basicly there is no pvp interaction when you fight a summoner in this server. They are allowed to afk safely behind a corner and send their pet to attack you with absolutely no drawbacks again and again and this understandably causes frustration. It is just not fun having a summon targetting you repeatedly right now and not being able to gain anything out of it. I suggested in a previous post to make killing the summon rewarding so it can be less frustrating and somewhat worthwhile having to deal with it. The suggestion was denied as killing the summon contributes to the reward gained from the summoners death but this is simply irrelevant when the summoner has the option to practically never die while still "pvping" from a safe location. Summoners are currently the only pvp class with no real downsides. Nerfing their damage would pretty much render them useless, therefore,my suggestion would be to either increase the cooldown of the summonso the summoners are required to play mindfully instead of spamming summons from the other side of the map and going unpunished,or, as I said in the previous post, give an actual reason to the players to kill the summon. The current incentive for killing a summon is simply nonexistent.
  6. L2.exe doesn't launch

    I did once again. No luck sadly.
  7. L2.exe doesn't launch

    I tried actually, with a link you posted yourselfon a previous topic, with no success. I tested other servers and they run normally. The only issue is with OvC.
  8. L2.exe doesn't launch

    The game was working properly until I tried to login once and the game wouldn't launch. Basically using l2.exe does nothing, it won't even load up the Lineage2 loading image. I had a fresh client and patch install, followed everyinstruction on the FAQ and made sure that there are nofirewall/antivirus interference. I even followed some instructions suggested on this threadhttp://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2102-l2exe-not-launching/&page=1, as the problem is identical, with no success. There was no change in my computer.The game startedbehaving like this all of a sudden even though I never had a similar issue with L2 ever before. Can you please look into it ?
  9. L2 OvCnomics

    From my perspective what always demotivated me as a player was joining a gve server and seeing people ridiculously ahead in gear. This phenomenon escalated quickly this season as there were people hitting +16s and getting S gear as soon as they were unlocked.Other than that another major factor was the heavily unbalanced factions. Basically a few people grinded hard at the start, abusing organised play and certain classes and and getting way too ahead progression-wise which led one faction overpowering the other. As a new player why would I want to play against people that far ahead of me in such a short time? It's not fun.
  10. Staff Event

    What is there to investigate, both are potential rewards under the +9 rewards category.
  11. The way it works right now a summoner can stand around the corner and safely send his summon to farm pvp for him. This is understandable as they are somewhat an inferior class in mass pvp. However there is little to no incentive in clearing their summon, that being to protect a support or so. Consequently, when a summoner focuses downsomeone squishy,like a mage,theyeither haveto accept theirfate or wastetime killing the summon, gaining nothing out of it only to have the summon resummoned again almost instantly. The reward obviously should be something miniscule, like one point, that wouldnt make players focus the summon but they would also not ignore them unless they have another target.
  12. Is that all?

    That's not what skill is. Skill is about reflexes, apm, ability to read the opponent, dodgingabilities, so on and so forth. All these mechanics are not existant in this target-basedgame.In the first example you could just utilise next target and never worry about losing target, second example is game knowledge and common sense. I understand your concept of "skill" in l2 but realistically all the scenarios you can put out boil down to gear/game knowledge/RNG. Bring out the most "skilled" player of all time against a paraplegic with only a couplefunctioning fingers and the latter will always win if he outgears the opponent/is optimally buffed/is not screwed by rng(crits,m.crits,stuns,whatever).
  13. Does this workas intended?The info says itprovides +1 to CON/MEN, DEX/WIT, STR/INT at level 3but there wasn't any stats increase when I upgraded it from lv2 to lv3.
  14. Is that all?

    I cant believe there are still people talking about "skill" in l2. You literally press less than 4-5 buttons with each class. Thegame is about grinding, items, organised play and game knowledge. I also don't see how the server differs from the previous seasons that I played in.It's all about mass pvp and developing your character. If you don't finding this exciting anymore it's probably on you and not onthe server.
  15. New expert skills effects

    Can you stack the same skill three timeslike the old rebirth skills? Cause some of them are pretty much worthless if you can't stack them.