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  1. Remove Race/Class subclass restrictions.

    yeah, why exactly is that? does it matter in any way to the way pvp works in this server? it's just a pointless restriction.
  2. Rebirth exp penalty

    It can be demotivating,no doubt. I spent 15k to get two subs to level 80 because, honestly, who wants to play a dd when you lack important skills and it takes so freaking long to level up (especially now with the population going down daily). Leveling a class up from 76 is tolerable when the server is floodedand people are around the same gear but with the way the server is right now it's just pointless and you are pretty much forced to pay if you want to try another class and still be on equal ground with the rest of the players.
  3. As the title suggests, remove the default restrictions that disallow you fromsubbing to certain classes because of your main class/race. This is an 100% pvp focused server anyway, it should be natural to be able to play all classes without having to create new characters. example, Allow Dark Elves to sub into Elf classes and vice versa Allow Archers/Daggerists Mains to sub into another Archer/Dagger class respectively. Maybe you could limit this for certain classes like OL (even though I dont see the reason). Opinions?