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  1. Movement issue - meele classes

    It's the same as the previous seasons. Backstab lands 100% unless you are TH/not using focus death.
  2. Clan Skills

    This is a good idea given the nature of the server. If you really want to impose arestrictionto thisyou could potentially make the more advanced skills unlock by ranking up, so they are still accessible toeveryone but you have to work for them. It would also add another incentive to the ranking system.
  3. add limit to WLs

    That's the proper solution. Some classes are straight up obnoxious in big numbers (see healers). There should be a cap for the warlords as well since people went full clown mode this season, making playing anything other than ranged classes depressing in narrow-spaced maps. These posts are kinda pointless though since there are always biased people coming over bitching-defending their classes,not matter how silly they are,so Emerald wouldhave to see for himself what kind of parody any enclosed map is with 10 warlords stunning each other for 24 minutes.

    No point blaminganyone for auto assisting.The thing does more harm than good and the "advantage" it offers is mostly irrelevant. Also @Rhaegar, your confidentstatement isa bit funny because you actually did havea vod of yourself auto-assisting veil on the ruins escortmap last season,even if it was for a short while.
  5. Warlord skills

    The arguments in favour of warlords are legitimatelyhilarious. You guys have everything figured out.
  6. x10 adena

    That's a bit funny considering supports make a lot more than damage dealers.
  7. Not really important or a priority, just a QoL change. Website Statistics K:D Board -Disallow players' names from beingregistered in theK/D leaderboard unlessthey meet a certain kills threshold (eg 1000 kills). Every season there areinactive characters registeredon the board with like 10-15 kills which makes the board partially lose its value. Online Board - Again, it's just cluttered with secondary shop accounts. I think it would be a lot moreinteresting if the timer was based on actual play time (Maps, events, olympiad, pve zone,but not village. the timer works for Adena/Drop/XP scrolls). Ingame Leaderboard I thinkhaving two additional metrics for the actual combat would make thingsmore interesting. Namely,Total damage dealt/Healing done (essentiallywhat we had for the Raid Boss fights). Both metrics would either work like the ones we already have (accounting for 10 people)or be limited only to the top scorerof each respective metric (2 names). The damage-dealt statistic could potentially be made toignoreaoe skills since these areeasily abused early in the season.
  8. stream buff

    This is a bit ignorant considering you said yourself you haven't streamed before. The stats are actually quite significant. I wouldn't say they are overpowered but the bonuses do add up. For reference, the guidance as a standalone bonus basically allows you to "cheat out" another buffslot which, you should know,is quite relevant especially mid-end season when archer is the most contested class. That being said, it's understandable that the streaming bonus needs to be appealing however itshould be something that it's equally useful among all classes. As of right now the bonuses are a lot more relevant to certain classes compared to others.
  9. To my experience, from all the addressed points,the only thing that reallyrenders most melee classes useless are disadvantageous maps (mainly escorts and open-field domination, due to the lack of cover). The only options are tosit there watching or suicide into 20 people. This is in accordance to the game's nature though, there are more pvp-effective ranged classes as opposed to melee ones, therefore more ranged players, thatultimately vote for the maps that favour them. This is especially more relevant during mid-season when everyone transitions into archers and start voting escort maps. Even if you reduce the ranged maps, if more people play ranged classes then the few ranged maps are still going to be played more on average. It is what it is basically, not much can be done about this. Melee classes can play for objectives instead of kills,in the aforementioned maps,but playing for objectives, besides being boring, is also a waste of time since you don't make any money. Other than that, cancel is already known to be waytoo powerful, obviously against melees, but also in general. I could address the reasons but people don't seem to care,judging from previous posts, so I don't see this getting any realistic nerf either. Even if cancel got the nerf it deserved, there are a ton of people playing nukers so the amount of bitchingwould probably make Emerald revert it anyway. Geodate issue. Again, it is what it is. You learn to play with it or you don't play melees. You can't really flick a switch and fix this. Stuns/shocks/debuffs are not really an issueif you have rb jewels, not sure how you guys manage to find them troublesome. You obviously can't have 100% resistances, some go through but the land rates go down dramatically if you have the appropriate epics. Even if that was an actually issue there are still workarounds (buffs). The use of strider in pvp is actually retarded but luckily there are very few abusing this so it's not really a big issue either. For what it's worth there are plenty of solutions to this.It couldhave a cast time,make the rider automatically dismount it when taking set amount of/any damage or being unable to use itin combat ( this is up to@Emerald). Pressing a button and instantly getting insane movement speed during pvp is not really balanced. The main use of it should be to get back in pvp faster in larger maps, not make the user invincible against melee classes.
  10. The purpose

    If it's in your inventory you are already using it. If you have two of them they queue up and work accordingly.
  11. Rank

  12. wtf is this changes????

    No it's not. Cancel should had been gutted considering how busted it is. SPS/Sorc'sare lucky to get away only with such a small cancel nerf.
  13. nerfing everything minus archers

    The guy on the screenshot is on high end gear. DB more than +10, passive/active dm/might. If someone, as geared as him,doesn'thit magnus/pow magesfor as much then how much should he be hitting them for? 3k? Then your average archer without augments/valakas, on a db +5/6~ is supposed to crit you for like 1.5k while you mc them for more than 6k with lightning skills. I agree that the damage gets out of hands when people carry that kind of gear but the same applies for mages. You literally kill that guy in 2 seconds if he is within your range. Obviously you are at a disadvantage on a ranged map but so are the archers in narrow spaced maps.