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  1. Are you blind ? @Agent I wasn't even talking to you or about your post.
  2. You are a complete dumbass. I really don't know why I am even arguing with you or why you are still allowed to post in this forum. Every season you clutter the forum with your autistic posts that are based on nothing. You compare a low rate to OvC which is a clear case you an idiot in the first place. I am not sure where you get your delusions from or who you trying to fool by saying that there are "literally 0 melees" in the server when it's an obvious lie. I play melee every season in this server and I am doing fine. Your bitching won't really convince anyone.
  3. Congrats, great evidence. I guess destroyer is not niche if literally everyone ignores you and can afk auto attack them. Too bad this is not the case in this server. Maybe you could suggest emerald to make players automaticly ignore destroyers or give destroyers cp pots to spam so this can work in OvC as well. It would make as much sense as your other suggestions.
  4. Not really. This literally comes down to play style preference. More people playing ranged classes doesn't necessarily mean that the server is not balanced or that melee classes are not viable. Maps are generally more ranged friendly because that's what people vote for. There are enough options for melee maps already but that's irrelevant if the biggest portion of the server prefers to play ranged maps. This is a PvP server after all and the vast majority of the people will move towards actual PvP classes like mages/archers that are viable in every map, instead of niche/situational picks like titans or daggers that are completely worthless in open areas. I don't have to tell this to you, you play here long enough yourself to know that people overall prefer these classes so naturally they will choose maps that favor them.
  5. Are you playing a different server? This season had more stunbot archers than any other ever EXACTLY BECAUSE stun shot lands a lot. What are you even arguing about here anyway? You want your stun to last like 5 seconds or something so you have a chance with your dwarf against other classes that are actually built for PvP? You would just be more obnoxious than you already are and you still wouldn't get a kill since dwarves are not an actual PvP class. Not sure why you cry about melees being unplayable anyway when we have seen Tanks/WLs (at least before the support income nerf), gladiators, tyrants, literally every dagger class and titans being viable here.
  6. Djinn


    The stability issue was that Orders won an epic fight. :) Jokes aside, are the people who won going to get compensated for this or wait for 3 days when Order gets another shot on a raid boss? @Emerald
  7. You shouldn't waste your time if you can't join chaos. This season one side is completely locked out of gear progression while the other progresses for free. Might as well close down the gm shop for Order since not being able to get epics is 10 times worse than any gear Merchant has to offer.
  8. It's exactly what Stinger said. The skill only executes when the dagger is in melee range. If you choose to run, the cast animation still has to end, seemingly appearing to you like you are being attacked from a distance.
  9. Regarding ranks, it's not just bishops. Any class that lacks aoe is left behind because they can't abuse the kill streak quest that gave 45 ranks to gladies/tyrants overnight. Players that used these classes already have ~8 expert books compared to 0-1 expert book that the rest of the people have. This is a massive advantage against any other class that has to progress a lot slower with the ranks. About noblesse, on the previous IL season the required level was decreased from 80 to 78 to make Olympiad more accessible to everyone. If the same sentiment still stands, the required 35 ranks for getting noblesse should be reconsidered because getting to rank 35 right now is considerably harder compared to its equivalent rank 5 of the prior system.
  10. Djinn


    join chaos guys
  11. Djinn


    No they don't. That's literally the damage output you reach after you get aq/baium and you enchant your blows and it's mostly against low defense mages. Unless you are talking about attacking 500 p.def plated leather archers, then sure, but the argument is kinda baseless. I read all of your post and you exaggerate most of the numbers you mention to make your idea more appealing. Mages are going to eat archers alive dude. You think some 450 attack speed archer( again, you mention big numbers so im assuming you talk about what everyone plays, gs on dead eye) on maje/shyeed bow, w/o aq baium will stand a chance against a nuker on dc/daimon staff? Sure mages won't crit as hard but they dont have to. Competent players without access to valakas will just switch back to magnus and destroy archers. Why you think nobody plays archers early season when everyone is equally geared?Because archers are trash without items. You also say yourself that archers would have to rely on A/S grade bow but you also suggest increasing the prices by a lot on your opening post. You already put them on a shitty spot by your own suggestion. Your idea is nice but it would require a complete rework on damage values, to make some classes even playable w/o epics,and I don't see that happening. The reality of it is that mages and early season tyrants/gladies would just take over for the whole season and everyone would just whine for nerfs again.
  12. This can only be of benefit to the current team balancing issues. Essentially, another option on the gatekeeper that allows the party leader to directly port in the whole party on the weaker side. If both sides are considered balanced, per the current balancing algorithm, the system places the party on waiting list and the players can either wait it out or join the map individually. It is basically a consistent way to rival organised groups on one side without overpowering the other side. It also allows people to play with their friends and, as already mentioned, partly eliminate instances where people don't attack their own clan mates playing on the opposite faction.
  13. Djinn


    What are you even talking about? It's a core buff if you want to have any kind of impact in pvp. The only point in time siren is impractical is very early in the season when mages don't have valakas/perception expert and that's a very short time period so your "arguement" doesn't even make any sense.
  14. It's really amazing how oblivious some people are about their skill level