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  1. Archers?Is it mage server?

    @UmaruChan mages never falls off late game lol (official files) mages are broken every stage of game oninterlude in this server theyr still broken, mages far superior than archers imo Unless you got Double rings + duel might augments,since mages cant get 100 % magic crit rate here. on the other hand we have duelists which deals 400 aoe damage lmfao,buff that shit already
  2. Archers?Is it mage server?

    even tho you get db +10, you might lose 1v1 againts amage with mediocre gear lol
  3. Archers?Is it mage server?

    archers are still fine late game, mages broken right now as always
  4. Problems with macros

    try skillforce macro
  5. question bout gladi

    whoever uses TSS in 1v1 should reroll to crafter btw
  6. question bout gladi

    what u mean all gladis? there was only meand fox1k, no one else played that garbage ass nerfed to the groundclass in ovc yeah gladi known for its 1v1 in pts files LOL, not in server where titans hit for 10k meanwhile my glad hit 400 to IC set -Its all about aoe/spawncamp, if you dont aoe theres no way to farm adena as glad, your skills dealno damage, you cant chase people , you cant catch any archer/dagger , you get oneshotd from titans ,mass cancels from mages, why would i go out and chase people with 600 damage storm 750 damage blaster ? We told himto remove spawn camp and buff duelists, he didnt do anything except buffing useless single target skills, so we gonna spawncamp once again, and there will be atleast 5 more wannabe spawncamper parties to kill the fun in server.
  7. question bout gladi

    * Reduced duelist AoE force skills damage by 25%.* Reduced duelist single target force skills damage by25%15%. @Emerald is this a joke? you play glad only with those aoe skills, i dont want to hit600 damage sonic buster on mages, plz reconsider this and buff buster/storm aswell
  8. Info

    played dagger for couple hours in last season, trashed slco plebs real quick , and you know ,hittin 12k lethal blow to newbies is totally normal thing , meanwhile my glad deals 600 aoe damage but yeah better nerf focus death
  9. Info

    last season was pretty lit tho, daggers' frontal lethal blow damage(WITH focus death)was 4x higher thn my glads sonic buster LOL
  10. Info

    problem is windwalk rebirts,lethal blow damage and mirage but hey we are nerfing focus death LMFAO
  11. remove spoilers, i mean like remove that shit bro i dont wanna see autist and disabled people like frymealiver runing around
  12. sLcO no fake

    we comin in hot baby Recruit open for : -oop (out of party) dominator -oop another dominator -oop warlord -oop tank Recruit closed for disabled tyrant players and wannabe daggers see ya retards DM open pm me on forum or in game
  13. thank you

    they nerfed what? me no read patch notes me spawn camp only