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  1. Cardinal-glady help

    Hi guys !!! Im not play l2 too many years but i play now sori for my english is bad... so i have question if someone good player know what is the best armor for glady and buff to upload screenahot pls here or give information for buff dyes and armor. And one more abute cardinals how they have so bigg defence is any trick with buffs or dyes-armor or resist??? Some cardinals get 200 damage with a armor and some other more... thanks :)))
  2. Cardina-glady voithia

    Pedes kalispera !!! Epidi exw na pekso xronia l2 mporei na me voithisi kapios na mou peis 1on ti armor buff dyes pernei o glady gia na skiszi kai pws h cardinals vgazoun toso defence!!!!!!! Uparxu kapio kolpo me armor dyes resist ?? I kati pou na mhn gnorizoun poloi? Thanks