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  1. infinity rod

    Pretty sure it works with waking scrolls
  2. Active augments

    any conlcusion on this ?
  3. Active augments

    I've played some servers that claimed off files and the active augs always preserve when u change the weap. Can we have major things like that added to the changelist? Also is that a test or its permanent no matter what and how it is on offi?
  4. Agent001

    l2 comunity have never been polite so i see no problem here, but id love to see chatban for those who speak language other than english on hv
  5. unban

    Luffy hitting newbies? No way.
  6. I was told to post it here, and no last season aug bonuses ware different
  7. Every other active/passiveaugument gives % bonus, exept for those which makes them pretty uselss.
  8. Strider cluttering

    Yeah, imagine a dest with that thing
  9. about magic critics

    He was on 1h, but i guess there are more important stuff to do maybe another visual pet bug
  10. about magic critics

    Cut the crap, we are talking here about almost 100% m crit rate Its OP no matter what u bullshit augument excuse u find
  11. about magic critics

    Taking my words back about the 8/10.If wasnt for some other mages i'd say thats just normal skill and not an mc, but for real i got about 30consecutive m crits from a sps (and yes im 100% sure is m crits).
  12. about magic critics

    +1 There are some players wich hit like 8/10 m cirts
  13. Change main class

  14. zaken area

    At least 3 ppl fell under the map. Annoying as hell when this happens on a grand boss.
  15. Titans-redesign

    +1 here, would be great if we get 2 see more titans. Melee classes are rare nowadays,wich is due to the high m. crit rate most mages have.