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  1. Strider cluttering

    Yeah, imagine a dest with that thing
  2. about magic critics

    He was on 1h, but i guess there are more important stuff to do maybe another visual pet bug
  3. about magic critics

    Cut the crap, we are talking here about almost 100% m crit rate Its OP no matter what u bullshit augument excuse u find
  4. about magic critics

    Taking my words back about the 8/10.If wasnt for some other mages i'd say thats just normal skill and not an mc, but for real i got about 30consecutive m crits from a sps (and yes im 100% sure is m crits).
  5. about magic critics

    +1 There are some players wich hit like 8/10 m cirts
  6. Change main class

  7. zaken area

    At least 3 ppl fell under the map. Annoying as hell when this happens on a grand boss.
  8. Titans-redesign

    +1 here, would be great if we get 2 see more titans. Melee classes are rare nowadays,wich is due to the high m. crit rate most mages have.
  9. Training dummy

    Can the training dummy be less mobile or smth with the agro. Testing back blow dmg as a dagger is nearly imposible, you need a player to do so.
  10. random stuff

    2 more things worth mentioning: Party disappearing on events such as russian roulette, lucky chests and so on. When PT leader getts c.error or leaves the game the pt leader is not transferred instead it disappears once again(not sure if thats just interlude thing).
  11. Poison curse farm zone

    when i go in i wanna kill people, how im gonna do that if evry single on restarts? Why is it even a pvp zone if u cant kill any1
  12. Poison curse farm zone

    Your logic is questionable. You are one of theese puppys who shit their pants n rr when u see some1 else arnt you
  13. Poison curse farm zone

    U can use soe if u want. Logging out is an easy way to escape death
  14. necro's pet

    Not a necro player myself, but i love seeing somediversity among the mage classes. Indeed its a big nerfwhich is not needed.
  15. Poison curse farm zone

    Add a poison curse inside farm zone please, Im sick of Empire members rastarting. Its a pvp server after all.