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  1. Shelfish Question ^__^

    Yass maybe

    yeah :C ... Esmerald just stop ignore the ppl that want un-nerfed the summoners and stop ignore as

    Come on Esmerald, Un-Nerfed Summon please, just someones want to play this class. Come on dont be rude man, I just want to play this server and this class...too boring to see and play the same classes... in 1 week pure daggers
  4. Summoners Nerfed?

    On all servers, if you know how to use a summoner is too strong, so all servers will do that, idk just put in my place or anyone who chooses this class and is still trying to lvl this, it is too difficult and When they did lvl 79 you realize that this is not worth it and leave the server even you used my video for your page and then just decided to "take some of the gains they had" ... too much effort for nothing, it is simply unfair for all who love this class. I do not mind attacking from behind or behind the obstacles, I want the last exactly force they had. No more. Please, I want to play this class.
  5. In last season I played with my insane class Elemental Summoner and kicked alot of in this last season I try to play with Arcana Lord, and dont have good results with the P.Atk because is lower than last time that I played with it...before was like 6k P.Atk with Rebirth lvl 1 Unicorn Pet, now Feeline King is just 5.6 and with cat self buff P.Atk ... just hit like 300/500, before I hit 500/750 I think is something wrong... Because with Mystic Mouse I kill 3 times more with B grade and no Rebirth than Arcana Lord with rebirth... I dont know I'm very disappointed cuz play to much time for nothing... Just a advice if you want see that or dont try this class. Good Look love this server after all. And Love You too pussys <3