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  1. I was waiting for that topic 3 days haha😂
  2. @Agent Agent you are the only failure calling urself someone for being "free hero" pro player Btw butthurted so much about that siege?U know you need to hold castle for 2h not 10 mins?
  3. @Agent I bet you never played on a retail server or other stuff except l2java by the way you speak. Top clans there would even take 4-5 OL`s for siege in order to be unbeatable.You were crying about 3 OL`s on java about CP Recovery when u were spoiling all days on events so who`s the bot there? You have also no idea about strategy or certain preparation for siege that`s why u never hold a castle except some dead servers i guess:D Btw you dont rely on others to look good? Made my day
  4. Zeref


    Agent u are the only hero on server thats overusing the Hero Chat so much with lame quotes like "Speak blue if u want talk to me" or other insults which i can`t remember or i didnt wanted to. It`s not only about insulting someone or racism, sometimes u can spam on that chat all day and sometimes u know when to stop. Anyway a gag for overusing Hero Chat should be implement on server and I hope @Emerald will reconsider this.
  5. Zeref


    Agent you shouldn`t talk about Oly or that Blue Chat stuff if u are one of those free heroes without competition. It looks really pathetic. Btw someone should really make a Flame Zone on this forum.
  6. Zeref


    Well baning for trashtalk maybe not but at least gagging people that overuse the Hero Chat should be the solution here. 1-7 days depending on spam.
  7. WM % in AM is much more lower than a 54% m.crit staff Mr.Expert.
  8. Uhuhu defending yourself because u found something that brokes the balance wow imagine if all mages would run such set up that would make game so enjoyable and leave server like 10vs10. You`re selfish and arrogant without that staff and expertise u wouldn`t even deal proper dmg as mage and i dont get u talking about buffs if i hit you without crits for 1,5k with em and major so you must be pro mage to know it. https://imgur.com/a/41VfO P.S So kind there but why u don`t talk here like on all chat or hero chat?
  9. https://imgur.com/a/37buw Yeah yeah java not destroying server
  10. Yeah,javaking knew that bug since yesterday, he didn`t report it,players told him it`s bugged and he is completely fine using it still and laughing on chat.......Where`s justice??
  11. Yeah the m.critical rate with staff is INSANE I was wondering why all these hero mages took it and now i realize why because it has bugged m.critical rate and they landing all the time crits and don`t even bother reporting it.... cuz it`s normal rly...
  12. So here it ends after a long journey of enchanting the fists couldn`t finish the +16 marathon http://imgur.com/a/DOE9X http://imgur.com/a/8C770 http://imgur.com/a/0OrK2 http://imgur.com/a/B6YS Rest in peace my babies
  13. Zeref


    I agree with the oly thing that its true that it is not quite as rewarding as an oly should be. Other things working well for all and newbies especially, gj Eme. About the castle, I personally think that a passive skill or some extra reward like adena or smth from time to time to the owners would make the castle worth much more, back in the old school lineage the lords of the castle were making a lot of adena. Remember there`s only ONE castle to get in the server so why not make it worth fighting for even more.
  14. Server is just great The dream is real