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  1. Journey of the Fists

    So here it ends after a long journey of enchanting the fists couldn`t finish the +16 marathon http://imgur.com/a/DOE9X http://imgur.com/a/8C770 http://imgur.com/a/0OrK2 http://imgur.com/a/B6YS Rest in peace my babies
  2. Updates

    I agree with the oly thing that its true that it is not quite as rewarding as an oly should be. Other things working well for all and newbies especially, gj Eme. About the castle, I personally think that a passive skill or some extra reward like adena or smth from time to time to the owners would make the castle worth much more, back in the old school lineage the lords of the castle were making a lot of adena. Remember there`s only ONE castle to get in the server so why not make it worth fighting for even more.
  3. Successful Server

    Server is just great The dream is real