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  1. 1dmg skills(Shield def)

    In this server archers has the same range as mages, lol..They can also magic critical 1/3 attack and u will miss or make 1dmg crt.. Niceu
  2. 1dmg skills(Shield def)

    Well, to begin with i can note a few things that doesnt work well. I play archer 1.arches are not supposed to miss against mages 2. Shields are not supposed to block 1/4 attacks
  3. Overlord mana issue

    i know how to buff.. when a skills does 200mp and u have 4k how u can deal with it? does it? cause i get nothing
  4. Overlord mana issue

    summores is main class and ol not? wow .. u cant play as a support either
  5. Overlord mana issue

    Overlord's steal essense costs a lot of mana.. after 20 skills i have no mana left and i stand still in fight or i try to die to refill it.. gm find a solution, all mages casts like crazy and have no mana issues