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    Nyhay zakupu, Lipton startuet? Ishu u kogo shmot kupit’ mojno 😁
  2. lf jes

    Jess say u rat 🐀 and leave game
  3. H5 Recruitment

    Like H5 too for this
  4. oly

    Many server for Oly enchant max +6. Mb its best enchant grade for normal and balance class
  5. mana gain

    Skill clarity and Jewel enchant
  6. LS

    Emerald, it's no serious.. Play 2 week, and only2 LS drop for box.. 3000pvp/6000 assist, and drop only 2 LS. WTF??! Mb need more chance for drop LS?
  7. Error

    fix* creater new client )
  8. Error

    Fixed* But if i try join for my friend char, all time disconnect. Why?!
  9. Error

    Hi ppl. help me pls. I can try login for my 2 char (trader), and have crit error. After 5 try, server dont join my main char. This block for 15 min or 12 hour?...
  10. Russian Kingsta takeiteasy

    Пасаны, барыжет кто адену?
  11. Russian Kingsta takeiteasy

    дохуя видел пацанов РУ в игре, даже вроде ктото сделал клан. Там блеать писюну с Ростова сегодня повезло и он на Валакасе выбил неклю.. Вот так фарт пацану
  12. Book of giants

    22h play, and give 1 BOG from box.
  13. Server offline?

    now. Write now, admin Rus GVE relax in sea )
  14. First day Drac Bow? :D

    if he have money, why him no pay donate?
  15. Coming up next...

    If u no need 3rd buff go play x1 classic