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    Есть у кого шмот дать потаскать, или чара побегать?)
  2. adena plspls

    oh TY! About exp U create function for UP lvl ?
  3. Talisman tradeable within account

    Talisman Lilith dont tradable..( but Hunter Talisman сan trade.
  4. lilith & anakim talisman

    Need upgrade him. Anakim talisman+lilith talisman+Seven sign =LILITH Hight grade talisman
  5. EXP

    idk its bug or no, but i kill today 300+ ppl, and give me 10% EXP. Rly? if i need 103 lvl for skills, need farm 2 years?
  6. Elemental Spike

    1) Shadow snare reuse time 7sek, but u fix for 30 sek... 1)Why you fix Elemental Spike, if he no have reuse time? Loock pls mov for off server. 10:00 - 10:20

    Server open this Friday 17:00, or 00:00 Friday?
  8. next target

    /next target dont work. Fix this pls.
  9. kto-to pojdet?

    мои любимые сокланы стартуют в составе ~ 10 чел. КЛан скорей всего будет называться CasusBelli . КЛить будет m0rda У типов норм онлайн и стаж игры. Меня к сожелению не будет, уеду в отпуск на 2 недели. Так что пропущу этот вайп..(
  10. Ok GL all

    Interlude rly chronicle for f1 f2 f3. No more... Mb only Tank, Destr, Tyrant have f4 f5
  11. This weekend Olympiad

    After start server, this weekend (16.07 and 17.07) mb need OFFOlympiad? Onlynext weekend ON.
  12. Ok GL all

    ok new season Interlude. Say all RU ppl who play heer 2 wipe ago? u say he haker clan Now he play RU GVE but he start heer, if u need more fun) p;s; For Luffy come back DewilsOWN
  13. Special Shop

    ok ty
  14. Special Shop

    S80 free, why no open Special Weapon/Armor/Jewel?
  15. Adding elements on free weapons

    Dear Emerald ignore all topic..