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  1. target

    you do realize that next target aint gonna work in that distance...its clear in that pic. i could name couple of chaos faction players running around with zranger and not macros since they got to be uber trashes to keep hunting you into a mass zerg of 20 ppl while they are alone. Lets say you are an archer and you have couple enemies against you. There are 3 robes 1 archer and 1 tank. So as an archer which one you target first? (lets say that all of them are standing still). Correct you have to be retard to target the tank first while there are 3 robes and 1 archer to prioritize. Here comes the issue ching referring to. You cant stop it thats for sure but we dont have to deny it aswell. I mean low players gonna be low no matter what but since the target -> hit/nuke whatever while enemy is running is so buggy those "trashes" got a huge advantage. Maybe im wrong maybe im not. I guess we done for this season so yeah... whatever.
  2. target

    Thnx god target -> attack buggin like hell in this server and you can see those trashes from miles away...
  3. scammer

    what about the stolen items? I know i know i ask for way too much ;DD
  4. scammer

    So all day long he is scamming items from players. Name xaroula. Its not a big community do something for this trash.
  5. ideas.

    Summon pets while on not combat status. add .buff command or something. im so bored or losing buff on 25buff slots. with no selfbuff use or anything else. add number of players on each faction on .info reduce the 100% chance of mirage success on adv?
  6. Launcher issues

    Same problem here. Havent touch a single thing on l2 files, still exe doesnt run at all this morning. The problem exist on second laptop aswell.
  7. Missing buff.

    After couple tries its the first buff going full retard mode and disappearing. Either critical errors/cancel/avatar from bps. I'll try to check avatar.
  8. Missing buff.

    no clue to be honest. If i notice anything more specific ill repost
  9. Missing buff.

    So im into instance farming. And boom Bless the body just faded away! Checked message to see if it was about time or whatever and nothing was written there. like it just gone for no reason while i was draining creeps. I repeat this time was the btb. Its totally random. Its just me who got this issue with the 25 buff slots?
  10. Missing buff.

    Not a single chance for overbuff. Didnt used self buffs neither any agument. It happens in random buffs. I will try to check if by any chance it happens with last or first one. Mainly after deathmatch vs lots on cancel but i cant confirm it 100%. All the times it was buff. Random one. I know resists get removed for a while if someone surrender you but thats not the case since i dont use any!
  11. After random time on 25 buff slots 1 random buff disapear. Maybe after a critical error/cancel or whatever. Somehow a buff is missing. Havent notice yet the reason. If you can check it would be awesome.
  12. random stuff

    its my 2nd season. Thats not the point and maybe he is right for asking about pet rewards but summoning while fighting and insta transfer pain is freaking awesome... About the rest of answers which are a alot. Macros are great idea and allready applied but couple days ago the command changes were saved. thats why i was wondering. As a sph most of the case were against solo people totally into range (less than 700) with damage from 1000 to 1500-2000. And most of the times if no adena as reward only 1 adena. On the other side on mini event if you solo someone no matter what class gear etc you get 9-10 adena 100% (i repeat gold diger skill). Mainly i play solo so healers were not included. At the end about the big issue with target/stack this thing was a problem last season aswell. I've notice that if you spam the F key (attack-skill or whatever) your char gonna stack 100%. The only solution ive found to work sometimes is just click F once and after a while repeat. But still...
  13. random stuff

    1st rewards on pets. like during a fight necro summoning... pet ez life (you shouldnt summon before you go to "out of combat" status?) 2st how is possible on a kill while you do 8k dmg and someone else takes the kill you simple get like 60k xp and nothing else? 3rd solo kills and you get 1 adena with gold digger rebirth??? at least how this thing works? 4th any way to save the commands like .radaroff etc? after exit/critical/restart i need to rewrite them. 5th as mentioned before. lvl 79 and on solo kills you make like 0.01-0.02% again hows those stuff works? 6th if i delete my sub ill still got my rebirt skills even if all other classes are 76? 7th i know ive seen it somewhere around the forum but is there any chance you ll do something for this attack/animation stuck thing? its really annoying. I had no clue where exact to post it. Cuz its something between questions and suggestions. thnx in advance.
  14. crit error

    This one is old cuz of high cpu clocks. game cant recognize them and crushes. Mainly with amd cpus. Try to run the game on 1-2 cores and check how it goes. You wont have a problem since 2 cores are more than enough with this game.
  15. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    dc +6 set. was on sps back then. poop is the one,katwe the 2nd, gas and some other random daggers. Qa,baium for sure but still, why destro can remove 40% and dagger can go through it? (besides magnus,berz, full def buff on). I repeat dworf on 49 con (+con - str), resist shock an had couple times with 3/3 bluffs 3/4. So yeah whatever. Im bullshiting you. So what? Isnt that a lethal? imagine a tank getting lethal, i mean features saying lethals off. not me. My point after all is that daggers shouldnt be vaible in open maps but still you can see a tons of them. Tower maps and stuff like that is another story. Close range, full of corners you can see like 30% daggers every now and then and thats normal. For the other post: yeah ive been in off platform even on retail back to c6. I know how bluff,blinding blow works and the chances for the 1st one so its pointless to convience me otherwise i've allready told you. Still dont get why we got customs dmg/crt/m.crt and stuff like that but still dagger goes ham. Anyway its pointless for this server, aint gonna change and i dont even care if it gonna change. The sad part is that daggers still QQing for low dmg and low blow rates... Enjoy the pvps close range or full range.