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  1. Hey, guys!

    Haven't played in this server for a while now. Because of university I completely forgot about this server. I make this topic only to ask if I can join the server or if it's too late because everyone has already maxed everything out.
  2. Next season

    I remember last year when you were locking and banning everyone who was asking when the new season comes. I think there is/was a rule as well. What changed? I was only gone for a year.
  3. Newsletter subscription to get informed about when the new season starts. Also - inthe future -for the people who are not checking their e-mails, I believe a Newsletter with the changes and updates would be a nice idea. Post in forum and Newsletter release.
  4. Right click

    Everyone actually.
  5. Empower chance lvl 10

    Now I only have to learn Russian!
  6. I was in that event at Heine's fortress and a Treasure Hunter came behind us hidden(silent move)so the guards don't see him. No problem with that. Pretty clever actually. I start hitting him from a long range for at least 4 seconds before he sawme. He dashes, and has that skill on which cancels the target. He kills me once next to our spawn. I respawn instantly and go again and try to kill him. He kills me again. (This target cancelling skill is annoying) I respawn again and go again to him and we PvP. He kills me yet again. 4th time. He kills me again. He killed me 4 times while I went with full hp, and he with what I had left him beforeI died. I dealt an average of 700 damage. Only 1 magic critical, even with Siren's dance,for 3.100 damage. I got him 3 times fear, a few times slow. Aura flash didn't help at all. He dealt 3196 damage with first skill. 4156 with second skill. 1794 with third skill. I never had the chance before to fight 1v1 with dagger in thisserver, but damn. I didn't know they are that overpowered. I really expected to kill him the 2nd time. Anyhow, he got 40 adena, I got nothing.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. one more offer for next (Interlude) season

    And please, more spawn points, so we can avoid spawn killing, and at the same timeplayers can be more scatteredand not form50-players groups.
  8. one more offer for next (Interlude) season

    Thanks for backing me up. I couldn't see why @Emeralddidn't find it a good idea. My idea was that after you buy A-Grade, you can no longer enter the B-Grade zone. With his idea, my initial suggestion became even better. I didn't think of it, and he isabsolutely right. Adding a "Max Enchant Weapon", "Max Rebirths" and other criterions will make it much much better and balanced. I would propose *Minimum Requirements to enter this map: Gear: S-Grade and the rest stays the same. Also, what do you mean by "Drop Rate" ? What do you mean here? Every time I last hit I get a certain mark or what? Because everytime I last hit, I get 1 pvp anyway, therefore I know how many last hits I gave(=players killed).
  9. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    I played sph. I guess that's my mistake for not being able to kill daggers, even though slow andfear applies 1-4 times in a single pvp. Vortex on the other hand, doesn't.
  10. PvP areas based on equipment?

    Just my two cents. I don't know you personally, nor in-game. I don't know your character's name and I never cried about anyone in-game. That's false and true at the same time. While we never PvPed against each other - as far as I know(I don't know your character's name) - I am positive that I would indeed fail to do shit against you. This is also false and true at the same time. Yes, indeed, I "failed so bad in game", because of my limited time...but I admit it; I failed. I didn't focus my attention on forum, because I failed, but because it's a nice community. I also pay attention on what's going on, because I want to play again on the next seasons. This server is the best GvE I ever played. Yeah...that was my attitude as well. I got banned 7 times in League of Legends. On permanent. To be honest, on games like LoL, CS:GO, DotA, I keep being toxic. They can ban me a hundred times, that won't change anything. But I flame when my teammates are being bad or don't co-operate with the team. Enemies who complain for killing them, or accuse me of hacking, are being ignored and eventually muted. So, it's not that we are offended, but sometimes it's better to give an honest opinion, than being toxic. I promised myself I would't reply in this thread again, but I wanted to get things straight. And for the last time, I don't know you, nor your in-game name. I don't have anything personal against you. Remember!You are the one who came in this thread and left a reply.
  11. PvP areas based on equipment?

    Ok. The basic idea is that there are 3 areas, based on your equipment. Areas for B-Grade, A-Grade, S-Grade. These areasare broken down to 6-8 respawns. For example, Giran could be the first area for all people who wear B-Grade. The respawns could be inside the Church, outside of Magic & Weapon & Armor shop, in Warehouse, in Mage Guild, etc etc. The current events are not affected. They will still be mixed, even though the same rules could apply; or maybe for some new events. Another criterion could be how old the account is. But this is easier to exploit, by creating new characters and transferring you gear. Both rules could perhaps apply at the same time. That way, older players with much money, wont be able to enchant their armors/jewels/weapons/skills and compete against new players. After you fought with people with the same equipment as you, you "level up" and move to the next area, facing harder opponents. @Emerald
  12. PvP areas instead of 30-Minute Events? A handful of years ago, I played on a GvE server. On that server there were fixedpvp areas/locations, such as Rune Castle. Gatekeeper had like 8-10 zones where you could teleport. There was constantly pvp, nomatter what zone you chose. There was spawn killing of course, but we would just teleport on other zones and go kill them. My suggestion: 1) Chose a few towns, castles, areas, whatever you want, where we can teleport and pvp. 2) Reroll them every 1 week. Every week there are different pvp areas. 3) Keep the mini-events. Simon Says, Russian Roulette, Boss in the middle, Capture the flag, etc etc 4) Remove 30-minute events Why I am suggesting this: 1) Even though I like the 30-minute events, I hate that I have to run 1/3 of the event and search for enemies, only to find a whole flock of them and die instantly. 2) I -personally -don't like the whole flock vs flock, because a) there is not any 1v1 fight, b) PvPs are being ksed(one can't do otherwise), c) and the only way to take adena, is from assists; except when you get lucky and last hit. Results: People will be scatted, therefore they will bemore "equally" distributed on the whole PvP area/location, and there'll be more 1v1 PvPs, and more chances for people to make some money. People will enjoy PvPing more, I believe. People can still join the rest mini-events.
  13. Healers quesstion

    The only problem now is to get lucky as fuck to pick the boss jewels.
  14. Mystic Muse

    It turns out,thatin this servermages are pretty strong at the beginning, only to be the weakest later. +6 (boss) jewels, tattoo, clan skills, and resists are enough to flatten a mage. I don't know what an SPS with +6 Major arcana, Tattoo, clan skills, and +4 CON +4 INT +4 WIT, with resists, butwithout berserker spiritcan do, but hopefully, a few people will chime in.
  15. crit error

    That's sarcasm my friend. That's how the internet works. No need to get offended. I speak 3 languages(fluently) if that's enough for you.
  16. PvP areas based on equipment?

    I don't see any constructive criticism. These are your last replies. Underlined your insults, your negativity, and your aggression. You are pathetic. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Key-words. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @EmeraldCan you lock the topic, please? There's noa reason to leave it open any more. Read the suggestion, if you don't like it, put it "Denied". End of story. The more such threads stay open, the more people are going to flame each other.
  17. PvP areas based on equipment?

    Too much hate, mate. You don't even know me, yet you keep trying to insult me. I don't see what's in for you. I know I have failed the game, but I don't see why this is your problem. I'm not bad, and I certainlyam not a good player;but I like playing the game.I've been playing for the past 13 years. Unfortunately, because of my limited free time, I didn't get to devote asmany hours as I would like on this server, and I was left behind. Sure, I could donate, but that would be one more reason for people like you to flame. So, instead of coming here with your horseshit, and trying to insult people while you keep boasting about how good you are, maybe youcould try and give some constructive criticism. Just for a change.
  18. Archers?

    (I don't know you, nor your character, but people who self-claim they are good, are the ones who're bad. Same goes with drivers.)
  19. PvP areas based on equipment?

  20. PvP areas based on equipment?

    I could say a thousand things to you, but I'm not going to fall down on your level. Keep being toxic.
  21. Suggestion (Maybe for new Season)

    Well, itkinda is. You can see the clans and rofl-spawnkilling-parties.
  22. Or sooner? Every season is always GvE?
  23. Archers?

    Too bad you can't do anything about it. Keep believing that you are better than the rest in here.