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  1. Is that all?

    Now that you put it this way, I see that you are absolutely right. Never meant that, but I guess it's my fault if I made you all understand that. Anyway, we don't have to discuss it any further, I you are absolutely right. You might as well lock it, so people don't chime in any more.
  2. Is that all?

    Hey detro, what's up? Do you still play? I haven't see you online. To the point, I have played many many faction servers. OvC is the first one I played where we do constantly events and have to fight in 50v50. Usually there are areas with spawn spots where you teleport there, run around and look for people. But it's ok, I don't hate the server, nor any of you. It is just something personal I don't like and all of you guys are right. If I want a fair pvp 1v1 and so, I should go to another said.
  3. Is that all?

    I disagree. I will give you a few examples: You fight 1v1 with a dagger. The dagger, if he knows to play and has skills, he will try to run behind your back to give you backstab, while he does that skill which makes you lose target. You have to keep targeting him and try to follow his path so he doesn't come fro your back. Another example is when you do 2v1 with two mages and there is good terrain to be used as cover. First of all you have to at least silence 1 guy(assuming you are a necro)so you can fight the other in a "fair" 1v1 fight. You can send your pet to attack him(many people don't do that) and use the terrain to hide so one of the mages cannot target you. The above examples is what I meant by skills. But you are also right, L2 is nothing more than pressing 4-5 buttons; and it usually looks like playing piano..clicking random buttons of damaging skills.
  4. Is that all?

    I am married.
  5. Thanks for reminding me of resetting...I f** up by adding scavenge to my mage, think I would make more adena.
  6. And when changing subclass, does it transfer over or does it stay with main class?
  7. Is that all?

    This is not what I said. What I asked for is the chance to make a fair pvp against another player (ormore[less than 5]) using my skills(player skills, not character skills), debuffs, the terrain and my items. What's the point of having good equipment if I can't use it? What we do now is running in circles attacking random players trying to get last hit or something. People use bubbles constantly only to get assists, so no real skill lever there, and spoilers run around spoiling, doing absolutely nothing, except blocking people. But like Emerald said, this is not the kind of a server I described. And before you ask me why I still keep playing; I play only because one of my friends still plays. 2 of my friends already left because they find it boring and dull. Like I said above, no common goal, just running around attacking random people.
  8. Is that all?

    Yup. This server is about luck. Skill doesn't matter, items don't matter. Just run in circles,target enemies and attack. 24/7
  9. Is that all?

    L2 M.. was in 2008, and L2 G... was in 2005-2006 or something. I have no idea what they're doing now or if they exist. Exactly. Sorry for not making myself clear. I have a couple of suggestion, maybe they can spark some new ideas in you. If not, then I'm not going to write anything else. 1. Shorter TvT events (10 minutes +5 for boss) 2. Parallel TvT events with less people inside. Either instances, either different areas. This way you might achieve mass pvps with 50 vs 50 instead of 150 vs 150. By the way, thanks for getting back to me in such a short time. I know you're busy.
  10. Is that all?

    To be honest, I didn't expect 25 minutes of running around in circles chasing people and getting chased at the same time. I really don't see the fun in it. What is the tactic in the 25-minute events? Farm zone is also daily. And you can stay there only for 1 hour. But I like it there, because I can play 1 vs 1. What the "other things" would be? As stated above; the chance to do fair pvps(the event with the Dwarfs is the best one!). Every 25-minute event feels like a siege, but instead of having a common goal, we all run around. Not sure if you ever played x or y, but in those servers there were specific areas, such as Rune Castle, with multiple spawns around the area where you could go and pvp. There were many different spawn posts so there wasn't any choking or spawn killing. The areas were usually contained areas(such castles) so people wouldn't start running outside and scatteraround. Emerald, I'm not trying to disrespect you. I really value what you did with the server. it looks great. Everything is balanced! You did an amazing job, and I guess you did it alone. So props to you. What I wrote above is just my personal opinion. You built the server, you were around since forever. I trust you know better than I do..
  11. Is that all?

    First of all, the server looks great. Many people, much fun. The classes are extremely balanced and farming adena is great too. I like the area where you can kill monsters, but unfortunately it's only once a day. The first 10 events I played were enjoyable...but not it starts getting ...is that all? Event after event? 150 vs 150, running around in circles constantly? I believe this is doesn't have to do anymore with skill or power, but with luck. Having B-Grade or A-Grade, I will die fast anyway when 20 people are attacking me. We don't get a chance to fight against 1, 2 or even 3 people. I joined with a few of my friends, and I was so excited to get the squad together to play. Unfortunately, one of my friends left the server for the above mentioned reason. He was excited at first, I could hear him laughing constantly. I could really hear his surprise when he saw the horde for the first time. Anyway, this is not the point of this thread. If he wanted to leave, I can't keep him. I still like the server and will continue playing. I know last seasons there was a problem with spawn killing, but still, it could be resolved with smaller areas, more spawning posts and spawn protection until movement(Escape skill is not a movement). I don't see how Event after event is the solution. It's getting really boring. Is there something I am missing? /rant
  12. If you're younger than 25, then I've already worked more years than you have. I've worked from 4:00 (AM) to 12:00.I've worked from 7:00 (AM) to 16:00, and now I work from 6:30 (AM) to 15:00. Because it's an office job I could also go on 9:00 and I would still be able to leave my office at 17:30. Most jobs are from Monday to Friday during the above stated hours;either 7:30 to 16:00 or 9:00 to 17:30. Secondly, not sure where you are from or what job you do, but where I'm from we don't work on Saturdays. In one of my older jobs, we used to work on Saturdays, but that would be only from 7:30 to 12:00. That's 4 hours(excluding breaks), which is settled by the law.
  13. Yeah, but still, why so late? Why not 12:00 AM?
  14. Yeah..that's what we have been doing for the past couple months Sometimes we forget about it. We just don't want to miss it.