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  1. olympia time

    Hi, Make it from 18:00 gmt +2 till 23:59would be better.
  2. this is qlex pro sps hero

    stop feeding ! /reported
  3. UNBAN

    We destroyed you and your clan and everyone who tried to compete us, in a fact of that you quit the server, bb! THAT'S THE TRUTH YOU QUIT CAUSE OF US ! FREE LESSONS IN OLYMPIAD, JUST PM IG. P.S. Next time try to scam some1 else with your dogs.
  4. UNBAN

  5. Suggestions for future.

    I'm sure you meant 5% instead of 20%
  6. Suggestions for future.

    Also block windwalk 100% success rate. True true true warrior/mass warrior bane and mage bane/mass mage bane land rate is 100% i can farm only using these 2 skills with necromancer, come on.. These two skills are landing also if you have all kind of resists about buff lifting attacks, cov, lionheard, arcane prot. also boss jewels, looking for solution and decreased rate.
  7. Rebirth Reset

    requires to be on main class and 1.000 adena (maybe the adena is problem)
  8. No epic boss events lately?

    Maybe its just a luck but i haven't seen epic boss event (except tezza and AQ ) since the start of the server.
  9. This is my desire, server to be harder and last longer P.S. Pm in private ill give you some hints to create better server
  10. Agree with Asmodin! For example : If you are OOM and you are auto attacking your enemy(/attack), if you gather some mana for toggle skill and try to activate it with the mouse or button from your own bar,it doesn't work, cannot be clicked/activated. That happens to me while in trying to use my War Cry/Soul Guard toggle skills, probably happend to another classes.
  11. I had the feeling that in olympiad the range of TP is unlimited. C5/Interlude Information ELEMENTAL SUMMONER/ELEMENTAL MASTER Skill Changes- Transfer pain: Fixed so that transfer pain will only work when servitor is near the summoner. The max range seems between 600-1200. Regards