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  1. PreVy


    Wait, are you complaining you cannot win a single raid w/o god motivation buff ?
  2. Hello, I would start with a question repeated over a thousand times, I would like to know with how many percentages is decreased the Focus Death | Focus Power Skills power, compared on original effect of the skills, Also I would like to know, Why I am dealing less damage with Deadly Blow compared to Backstab , since those two skills are having almost the same skill power(even Deadly Blow has more power ) Thank you in advance. P.S. If need a proof, I can prepare anytime
  3. Hello, Maybe once you reach the highest rank possible, to be able to change your title, as It was couple of years ago.
  4. This buff is OP and everyone knows it very well. Advise: use it until exist. Recommendation : Should NOT be applied to all kind of maps. Best Regards.
  5. Good Questions, I am looking for the answer of all of them too
  6. Its duration is decreased as every other debuff effect, thats weird
  7. such a bad behavior from a guy who licked my ass couple of seasons ago, I am disappointed by you..rat...
  8. and 1 more thing rats,I know you are OBSESSED OF US . I know you were very EXCITED, try to spell the nickname correct as you are saying it " IARVA IARVA IARVA" Its QRWA, not qWra" got it ?
  9. rat, go back in your cave. end of story.
  10. PreVy

    x10 adena

    Dear all, Congratz @Emerald Server is more competitive with this exchange of x10 adena drop or w/e it is called amount. To be honest, it feels like adena drop is somehow decreased, but this is for good.
  11. @Digicult @Kadaj Good luck guys! P.S. I am joining this season too
  12. PreVy

    New type of olympiad

    Dear all, Just to remind you that @Emerald is affected NEGATIVELY by the community and he is refusing any suggestions, ideas or tips or w/e you want. He doesn't want to change anything, that good players thinks is good. Told him couple of times, if he wants progress and better server < PM > P.S. I am not saying that I am positive for this change.