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  1. about magic critics

    Do you realize you are talking bullsh1ts about infinity scepter and the "official" server critical rate. Maybe you have heard that somewhere and just repeating w/o any clue. Real rate is 96.39% You have no clue how the crit rate is being calculated.
  2. is bug or??

    you are totally wrong. End of story.
  3. Lf clan

    Have you ever seen me playing tyrant ? I bet you didnt
  4. Info

    keep in mind that there is no blessing of queen also..
  5. New Server incoming?

    Looking for new geo-data in Interlude, tnx
  6. New season

    Hello, Everyone! Sorry for my shyness, but before you open a new server,whenever it is, @Emerald,please, take in consideration my private emails to you and @Rubyabout some changes in the game. I Think they will improve a lot the whole game-play so I am waiting for your feedback, public or private ! Regards!
  7. Reanimate server

    Make sense if the interlude server is different from the current one and there are better files ( geodata and critical errors )
  8. Death Match

  9. Melee Maps

  10. Melee Maps

    Would be nice if you can add also 2 more faction for some specific maps " Multi TVT Event" With Orange and Blue faction for example
  11. Melee Maps

    Remove: Ivory tower/Giants Cave(domination)/Beast Farm/Death Pass/Talking Island Territory (battlefield) Change the goals for Town maps ( CTF ) unlimited would be great. Change the zones for Giants cave for example TVT only in this area (
  12. Sad Fact

    I see my "signature" do not thanks me
  13. Regarding buff slots

    Okay, Educate me then: Does Celestial shield takes buff slot? Does Invincible (Augment) takes buff slot ? P.S. Cele doesnt take! Invincible does.! lf confirmation :0
  14. Sad Fact

    Jokes everywhere