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    Maybe it was 30 I'm not sure
  2. Hello I would like to report another bug regarding cat's pet ( Feline King ) Fear, casted by Spell Singer, lasts around 15 seconds on summoner and right after that the summoner loses its previous target- example: I have send my pet to attack my opponent in the olympiad game during the fight, my opponent casted fear on my pet and it landed, after that the pet lost its target and I had to resend it to attack. But still 15 seconds fear? Is it okay ? Thank you in advance!
  3. Summoner's pet attack Olympiad.

    You can take a look into those two videos and also you can check the casting of the POF and COV cat buffs. Currently its casting like I am engraving something
  4. Hello folks, I would like to report a bug or at least to be checked main attack of summoners pre-oly start. This is the scenario I want to share about olympiad fight. Before the fight start, I couldn't send my pet to attack(to be close to my opponent), which means that my pet should stay close to me till the fightbegin. Please take a look into this one. Regards, PreVy

    I am one of them
  6. [Event] Advertising Lottery! Nickname : prevy
  7. Short-Movie Week 4-5

    BRAVO, Destru
  8. XveiL's Side

    As I said many times...... IDIOT
  9. oly

  10. Vote Here: Clans

    4. None of them.
  11. Progression too easy

    Hello This guy @TheRevis right @Emerald I just would like to share my point of view. 1.Disable COV/VOP/POF/POWater/POWind ppl will start playing EE/SE/WC/Prophet. 2.Enable Warlock/Elemental Summoner cat/pony buffs for everyone in the party ppl will start playing Warlock/Elemental Summoner (Phantom Summoners aswell ) 3.Lock S grade for first two weeks of the server - example ? 4.Definitely better enchanting system for example; S weapon/armorscapacity+12 with a decent rate of course! 5.Add unique currency for S Weapon/Armor/Jewels and Boss jewels for example gold drake that can be taken by winning events. Best wishes @Ruby

    Absolutely agree ! Its a publicand everyone knows its an obvious scam! Even screenshot of the trade, lel..... @EmeraldPlease,dude....
  13. Nice Try

    Couldn't resist
  14. Suggestion for Healers

    Let's play w/o healers at all