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  1. Tyrant archer

    We all saw what happend at the 1st siege this season - ASSLICKER. So STFU, you are a joke.
  2. LAL pvp video

    BRAVO! Killing same ppl rank 3 is not so cool, but still gj
  3. suggestion

    Agree! Maybe lock the S grade till 2nd week of the server and make it buy-able with some more resources for examplegold drakes or another value which can be obtained in the events JUST BY THEWINNING TEAM Same with the Epic jewels. MAX enchants for A grade +16 for S +12 or so. Regards,
  4. olympia

    Hello, folks, Olympiad is working fine, everybody has a chance to get the hero.Yamada, where have you been hero with warlord by your own skills in non class based games? I bet nowhere.(if else you were the only one ) Feed exists since ever, the population ofppl who plays olympiad is low in this serverand they know each other, you know that some of them can feed the others and this is how olympiad works worldwide, if you don't want to play non class based, you wont play a single match cuz you couldn't find another 3 or 4 ppl same class like urs registered in class-based.
  5. Okay, during the siege the situation was different. We had the castle and inside the throne room I tried to restore the CP of an ally member. Maybe that's something related to the clans who are actually in our ally but they are NOT or eitherregistered for the siege and do not stay as defenders.. dunno. Thanks anyway, I will check it once again during the siege. Regards,
  6. Hello, Sorry I didn't give details. It happend atAden Castle, during Siege. Regards,
  7. unban

    Stfu RAT. DOGstalking...
  8. Hello, Can I ask you how "The Honor of Pa'agrio" and "The Heart of Pa'agrio" are working here ? Because Icannot restore CP/HP of ally member, It's just not working for ally here, is it normal ? Regards,
  9. about magic critics

    Get serious,PLEASE!
  10. Launcher issues

  11. about magic critics

    Do you realize you are talking bullsh1ts about infinity scepter and the "official" server critical rate. Maybe you have heard that somewhere and just repeating w/o any clue. Real rate is 96.39% You have no clue how the crit rate is being calculated.
  12. is bug or??

    you are totally wrong. End of story.
  13. Lf clan

    Have you ever seen me playing tyrant ? I bet you didnt
  14. Info

    keep in mind that there is no blessing of queen also..
  15. New Server incoming?

    Looking for new geo-data in Interlude, tnx