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  1. Reanimate server

    Make sense if the interlude server is different from the current one and there are better files ( geodata and critical errors )
  2. Death Match

  3. Melee Maps

  4. Melee Maps

    Would be nice if you can add also 2 more faction for some specific maps " Multi TVT Event" With Orange and Blue faction for example
  5. Melee Maps

    Remove: Ivory tower/Giants Cave(domination)/Beast Farm/Death Pass/Talking Island Territory (battlefield) Change the goals for Town maps ( CTF ) unlimited would be great. Change the zones for Giants cave for example TVT only in this area (
  6. Sad Fact

    I see my "signature" do not thanks me
  7. Regarding buff slots

    Okay, Educate me then: Does Celestial shield takes buff slot? Does Invincible (Augment) takes buff slot ? P.S. Cele doesnt take! Invincible does.! lf confirmation :0
  8. Sad Fact

    Jokes everywhere
  9. Interlude Patch/Client

    Will be there a new patch/updated or smth for interlude ?
  10. Hello, I would like to ask about the patch is it going to be the same like that one in the "Downloads" section or there is going to be another new patch for Interlude ?
  11. Main Healer Lf duo or Active Clan

    Looks similar to me, you are always welcomed inmy party
  12. Suggestions for New Season

    The problem was that you can make sub-class Overlord, which is not acceptable and not fair. That's why everyone was going for OL sub, because it was available. If there are restrictions "retail like" there wont be a problem.
  13. Chronicles of desire

    Exactly, because its working decent ! Otherwise yeah, same opinion like Obi:
  14. Looking for healer duo

    do not doubt