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  1. target

    some players make so easy target cause they using bot progams, that destroy game...
  2. lf rine

    was in pony clan
  3. lf rine

    lf rine spoiler in game pm pls old friend
  4. grand crusade

    it will be grand crusade server in future?
  5. when grand crusade?

    why not salvation? its the latest update of l2
  6. lineage 2 salvation

    the latest update... can make faction server with these update?
  7. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    take s armor for more p defence
  8. rebirth

    rebirth skill gold diger give adena when take kill by spoil?
  9. class and stats

    example dwarf sagitarius have 39 str - human sagitarious have 40 str
  10. FLAME

    some users in game useVERY VERY BAD name do something pls, i think i will stop game
  11. cant start l2

    no good english greek
  12. cant start l2

    nothing maybe need activate windows 10 but i can surf internet and watch videos
  13. cant start l2

    nothing at all . interlude-gameboarder not install patch use windows 10 enterprice
  14. cant start l2

    i click l2 from system but no start not event splash screen help pls