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  1. MAP corresponding to the number of people

    Wsup all, iwant to suggest about this aswell: *Should be great tobuy some stuff for PC bang points like: materials, recipes,etc.. I'ts can be great for players who just staying online like trying to get ready for the late game you know.. (still can't bug with that cuz only 2 characters can be online right?) *Aswell, can be great modified Apella armor to S grade stats, it's will be most expensive itemlike as Armor Skin. (you using aCis, i can give all files perfectly madedfor that) ps- betterto create new item id's, not original ones.
  2. no skill, just kill?

    to make a better (solo) gameplay should be best way to increase maps radius.
  3. Training dummy

    oradd some html Button forthe training dummy- click buttonReduce myHP by: " %"
  4. Gameplay in maps

    make maps more wide, and add some monsters remove drop "materials box'es"from playersand add it to monsters
  5. Farm Zone

    3 % would be better. & Solina's would be better to, cuz they have no resists and have a medium power. So a //spawn22124 : Solina Brother(78) (Count of them in map example: ~100 //spawn22125 : Solina Lay Brother(78) (Count of them in map example: ~20) [x5 times lower count] Option: Just delete 50% of them which are spawned now, and other 50% left of them rename ID with this
  6. Farm Zone

  7. Farm Zone

    Recomend power like Monastery of Silence
  8. Farm Zone

    Make monsters stronger , but with higher drop rate. Or just add some Champion monsters
  9. Jewels Boss

    Mr deep sh!t furyx, this is just my offer. So
  10. Jewels Boss

    I will recomend +1 for it :Remove from the shop Epic Jewels, and just use Black Donation style.
  11. Old feature coming back

    Awesome!.. Here is 3 three ways to bestow your weapon some abilities at Strange Machine. 1. *Book of Giants : increses Skill Enchant Rate 2. *Life Stones : increses Skill Chance Rate 3. *Enchant Scroll : increses Enchant Rate
  12. I mean: Here will be 2 running maps, more portals, or anything like that? Cuz i remember last season after 4 fays of super lag, couse of to many players, wecan't professionally control character. Was to much traffic. So, can i heard something new about this one?
  13. Old feature coming back

    PS - i remember the Chaos Blacksmith, and him have one bad thing : If i want to check what is it, i put my main Weapon into machine, and then i see i have no resources = i have no weapon
  14. New expert skills effects

    delete this : Expert's Perception: +15 Critical Rate, x2 Magic Critical Rate
  15. Remove Race/Class subclass restrictions.

    No, Just - If you have Archer (Hawkey) you can't take another one Archer like (Ghost Sentinel) . You canhave only one class.