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  1. Remove Race/Class subclass restrictions.

    No, Just - If you have Archer (Hawkey) you can't take another one Archer like (Ghost Sentinel) . You canhave only one class.
  2. one more offer for next (Interlude) season

    I meanexample:(I want to be stronger to play inNormalmap couse i will get higher drop count of adena and spoil for kills, etc. Thats why i want to be stronger, andafter i farm inNormalmap, i will farm more adena, so i can cheap sell my B grade set for begginers.)
  3. one more offer for next (Interlude) season

    No, this is for Long range classes.
  4. it's about 3 running maps. My offer is example: Map name1(Easy) - for begginers *Maximum requirements to enter this map: Gear: B grade +8 Rebirths': 1 Drop Rate: 25% --increased adena, items drop for spoil/ kill Map name2(Normal) - for advanced members *Maximum requirements to enter this map: Gear: Agrade +12 Rebirths': 2 Drop Rate: 50% Map name3(Hard) - for hardcore members *Minimumrequirements to enter this map: Gear: A grade +4 Rebirths': 3 Level: 80 Drop Rate: 100% --- One more thing to create a x3 [Quest] items which canbe obtained from kills only. And unable to use or delete. With this you will able always to see your grand Goals/etc. and affcourse last hit in chat In the (Easy) maps if i last hit enemy i get (Begginer'sMark) In the (Normal) maps if i last hit enemy i get (Advanced Mark) In the (Hard) maps if i last hit enemy i get (Hardcore Mark) ---
  5. Healers quesstion

  6. For next (Interlude) season.

    My offers: 1. Reduce MP rocover power by 50%. 2. Seperate the recovery skillto: CP/ MP and another one HP.. Or create 3 skills with mp, hp, cp potions icons and just make it toggle. 3. Make "Summoners" stronger Outisde olympiad. 4. Make "Cubic's" much stronger than retail. (I have it ready for use for aCis pack, ican share anytime.) I reworked it by my own, thease my cubics aregreatlybalanced in server with buffs. 5. Create some "Premium Status" items/features with duration's.This would be very good for Donators who have $Cashbut don't have time. Increase all chararcter rates by etc, ~50%, drop, exp etc..
  7. crit error

    I have critical errors to. In any random map its okay, 1 error per 4-5 maps. But! in events - then i die, im always getting critical error . * Im already using fully clean lineage2 interlude files.
  8. crit error

    copy and paste files from "addons" folder to ovc "system" folder.
  9. Listed Changes

    Strong but not VS Long range . (thats what im talking about) . *im not about dagger
  10. Listed Changes

    Glad, tyrant, warlord. Fighters with mid range AOE damage, farm adena etc. You can be OP only in map with obstacles and Not in lategame. Ofc in lategame its not recommended to be glad,tyr or wl couse of: Most of players will use M.atk weapons and Bows, and they will be greatly enchanted.(example:DC set)
  11. Listed Changes

  12. Listed Changes

    I want to ask one question only about maps (spawn) Here is still about 4-8 spawn locations or only 2 spawns in maps. ? If 2 = Good only for long range classes. If more than 4 = More different classes around
  13. Clan List by Faction