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  1. Where's Puffy aka LRking ?

    thank you, I appreciate it pleb
  2. Looking for healer duo

    cause supports were fucking broken?specially WCs, PPs and BDs with draco bow.
  3. Interlude

    I guess you can make GC work too if you add as many custom/nerfs things as needed.
  4. Where's Puffy aka LRking ?
  5. Where's Puffy aka LRking ?

    don't blame him, he gets smacked on the head every season
  6. HI5/Gracia

    Its been over a year and people still cry about my set up. You forgot i carried 80k elo and i did 0 dmg? It was a heavy support style that only worked cause i had a 2nd toon with a +16 bow. gf i win
  7. Interlude

    dank meme, i got banned last time for joking with that
  8. Gm did u give up From server?

    You're just shadowbanned, kappa
  9. HI5/Gracia

    Well i do understand it might be disrespectful to ask while there is still another chronicle going on, however we never had a clear reason why that chronicle was ditched out, I am open to discuss and give ideas on how to fix some fundamental problems related to the server, too.
  10. HI5/Gracia

    Why not? Could you give us some insight for this? Afaik H5 season was one of the most balanced, interesting and populated season