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  1. Looking for clan

    Lf clan i will be play here archer/healer and need strong clan
  2. Listed Changes

    on this server in late game melee arestrongest classes glads, daggers etc
  3. Archers ( again) proof + solution

    ppl still playing here?

    This season is over, sad but fact. events on prime time 5v5 gg. Funny when ppl sayeverything is okay here and server is alive, newcomers join server and after first event leave, old players leaving because nothing to do here anymore. now emerald will call me cry baby and ban me on forum, but without wipe or new season really nothing to do here anymore so go ahead
  5. Top team winner by faction

    Wtf are you talking about? nobody talking about archers here... andyou cry all the time in game from start, about healers, about archers, about tanks, about mages, about everything it's just dumb and unfair.ppl got theyr 8/9 ranks andwhen i have left 100 elo for 6 rank ( what gives me dual certifications )and 600 elo for 7 rank now i need 100 event wins? for what? at least give me 50 event wins if i'am 5 rank why start from 0? 100 event wins = 3000 mins of play in way if you play all events and win it all... srsly? if it was from start and all be in same position it's okay , its better than elo but in this way its just unfair. ofc guys who have 8/9 rank dont cry
  6. Top team winner by faction

    and for 6 rank i need 75 and for 7 100 it's ridiculous i was 5 rank with 2900 ELO now i'm with 0 event wins and need 100 lol
  7. Archers nerfed

    how it nerfed?
  8. Planned Changes (Poll)

    This update is good but without wipe imho it gives nothing.. and this ELO change... i had 2900 elo and needed only 100 to 6 rank now i had 0 event wins and need 75? rly?