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    I totally agree with both of you, i was just hoping that both Emerald and the rest top players would see why the server will slowly die if this goes on. Because i read more than 10 shouts in only 1 day from rank 1-4 (yes even rank 4) playerswho were frustrated and left the server for this. It's a shame when the whole concept is so good.
  2. Newbiefriendly

    Hello everyone, before i talk about what i want i just want to point out that i'm only posting this to see if anyone else feels the same and i do not mean to offend anyone . So, during the first 10 hours of the server, those who played , saw that they would get around 100a per map, maybe more, maybe less depending on the class. But that was the average. After logging in with same character after 3 days, as a newbie , i tried to check what they all "cry" about. And OMG if they were right. A newbie right now can make max 20-30a IF they arelucky and get only mediocre drops if theyget any because the difference in power is huge, around 5 players from each faction and another 3-4 healers healing them (because these ppl usually end up being in the same pt so that they make more money which seems legit obviously and i m not crying about it ) . HOWEVER. its a fact that a newbie right now only to get dyes needs more than 3-4 days of continuously playing .....which is ridiculous. There are never going to be people who will join and stay in the server with no chance to become at least ALMOST equally strong with the rest strong players, not to mention that dying 24/7 is so frustrating.... The reason why i say all this is because some of those strong players say "we all did it its not so hard " or "we all got through it why cant you" . Truth is no you did not.... The reason why some ppl got strong so fast (besides donating of course which is obviously a server function...) is because when all of us started we were all the same rank and got same adena. While also same drops e.t.c. Making 2k adena in the first day in about 5-6 hours was no hard task. Now you would need 5-6 days as a newbie to do so. I just wanna see what other people think, and if there are any ideas about what could be done about it. Thanks. P.S. Have fun and stop raging! This server is for the fun not for people to spam "cancer" and "death" all the time, it's getting tiring reading all these childish bs in the chat...