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  1. New season

    Gracia Final ftw.
  2. To balance out gap between players

    The server is already dead, what the fuck are you looking for now?
  3. To balance out gap between players

    You can also rename: order vs chaos to archers vs archers.
  4. New record

    nothing more to say.
  5. WTF!!!!!

    You can still reroll toarcher and continue donating
  6. Adena...

    I started playing 3 days ago and I'm talking about what I'm seeing now ...
  7. Archers

    The archers are fucking OP currently, totally agree, in events without healer I live permanently stunned and the damage is crazy ...
  8. Adena...

    I dont speak only about jewelry, I speak of all the prices in general, many of them have no sense at all, for example, it has the same value a PvP stone weapon than an armor, when you are going to need 1 stone to put PvP In the weapon and many of them for armor. Exactly like the price of the jewels, and I repeat here people dont look for a fucking server retail, maybe 1 or 2 retards, but no more .. I played this server in other chronicles and at 4 days there were many more people, there must be a reason..
  9. Adena...

    We are playing in a chroniclewhere the amount of CC is very excessive, the only way to avoid this is being able to have access to epic jewels, and in this server the price of these is absurd, well .. all prices in general are absurd, not Only the price of jewelry ... It looks like instead of a faction server we were playing a fucking retail server .. Personally I'm very tired of being almost permanently stunned, and thinking that the only way to avoid this is to have access to epic jewels that I would have to farm for months .. this makes me wonder if it's worth playing here again ... could be very good Server if some things were corrected ...
  10. about ability points

    Would it be possible that we could reset the ability points with adena (as in the retail chronicle) instead of spending 500millions of SP? I think it's excessive, I've been doing SP for 4 days and I still dont reach the 500millions.. or at least to lower the amount of SP, it's crazy ..