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  1. Old hardcore player looking for friends/ clan to play here after a long time. We be playing as casual player due to work effort
  2. If you are working full time and have like 3 hours per day this is the only way to play and not be with full b when everyone will be full s
  3. As title says . Looking for someone to play server and farm together for one account . My login time will be 3-4 hours per day max
  4. when you are trying to create an account it says failed to enter captcha no reason. any clue?
  5. Hey guys. Anyone got that rec???
  6. @Emerald we need an answer. I guess if you announce s weaps together with a armor will be free in 1week we will craft them . If they will be free tomorrow or so its no worth..Thats my opinion btw..
  7. Like for next 1 week keep server like that.. Nothing more.. Not a grades armor not s grade weaps etc.. Nothing just like this.. But Gm must confirm that !!
  8. I think s grade weaps must be opened when 70% of server got s.. But we need gm to answer to this so we know what to do...
  9. Looking for clan active with ts3 more info pm me !