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  1. Art of Seduction

    It would be a useless add on really it does nothing stats wise since both sides would have it basically mathingit out its same as without it so it's not the solution the solution is correction formulas classes and that broken stun system that should break while taking dmg but in the end we can only suggest
  2. Art of Seduction

    Unless he codes a checker high geared will get it too lol which would make it pointless
  3. Planned Changes (Poll)

    paypal bro
  4. Chaos Pomander

    dude tux calm the fuck down your spelling and sentence structure is fucking headache material... we as players are trying to help him, being 100% positive is not always the best way to do it sometimes players have to be realistic and straight forward with their words to get people to understand the issue and you seem to be one that will just deal with it instead of doing something about it regardless of what everybody else considering he said he spent months developing this server it shows easy that is not the case even more when you can yourself see the developers group chat when he is posting our issues asking if this is true or not, so we are not trying to bash him for his goal with this server but the server washorrible planned and executed the balance is broken its easy to tell he does not know how to tweak stuff with the files and in the end regardless how you feel unless your paying the server bill and his little subscription to L2jUnity for this files every monthhe will need ALL the players to WANT to stay here to pay the host otherwise its going to be another server that came and went and you can see yourself the server peaks around at MOST maybe 200 without dual boxes he himself said it in the chat so get your head out of your ass and get real if you want this to work or not