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  1. Assists/Kills count on score

    wow you're playing and you didn't even tell me.?? ibet you teamed up with luffy and u're so ashamed u didnt tell me slut
  2. Does Self buffs take slot?

    use powind to catch up and alsouse +4 dex dyes if feasible. Most mages are using magnus+zerk, squishy targets.
  3. Does Self buffs take slot?

    Also, add that classes that shit on tanks are underplayed or nerfed, thus increasing the problem. Anyway, tanks in IL suck, u're better playing sps kappa
  4. Does Self buffs take slot?

    It gets ignored cause: They are not a popular class among l2ovc community They scale quite well with gear and become troublesome, specially paired with a good party Paladins excell in small skirmishes, unbalancing in low times/late night Put all this together to the constant raging and crying Agent brings to forums about tanks. Its a hard class to balance and they don't put the time or effort to do it correctly, thus creating many inbalancing situations. Its easier to ignore the several flaws they have and keep it underplayed
  5. Does Self buffs take slot?

    this gotta be a joke???, thats what a tank is supposed to do. if i wanted another DPS i'd invite a dagger to my party. fucking unreal
  6. Coming up next...

    In any decent pvp group there were up to 5-7 players who played a support role out of 9. This community insists on neglecting thisgroup of players. However, they complain about server wipes, new seasons and so on. Vote me for your HGM & balance coordinator. Make l2ovc great again.

    holy shit my postgot deleted cause I named another NCsoft game @Emerald which isn't even available on PC. rolfmao
  8. Paladin

    roflmao still butthurt
  9. A happy new year

    Also the chronicle which has had most wipes, kappa
  10. Maybe there's been an issue that Emerald hasn't addressed in the past several seasons? For me personally i don't enjoy 10v10 running in circles. Noone stays to see you rise from a garbage can to dog shit, QQ nerd
  11. Agent001

    lol nailed it
  12. I've played many years either l2j, l2off and l2dc. I think i've enough experience to give feedback even if i haven't played as much for a season or two. I wish you take the correct decisions so the server stays alive more than the averagewe've had for the last couple of seasons. I think you have a wonderful project that can work so much better and you're getting free suggestions and feedback from me: every comment i did was to help the server howevermany times i've either recieved an unfair ban, closed topic or calling me out. Good luck.
  13. The amount of swearing and rage he hasspilled all over the place makes me believe he is around 15-16 years old. I don't think he has ever had this much attention and he's triggered cause of that.
  14. I doubt theres 250 S grade weps sold in one season. Heck if you get 100 S weps that would mean best season by far.
  15. For those who haven't catch up with this thread, any time you read agents post its; Thank me later for preventing you of suffering cerebral aneurysm
  16. Look, a balance issue!!! Just as i posted, epic boss jewelry IS an issue, then you bring up your bullshit, maybe you do really belong to the neolithic. Right now every season its mages domination into DDs with boss jewls (with few exceptions of c). You want another IL season that lasts 2 weeks with good population and starts rapidlydecreasing? Well if you don't you better start giving good ideas instead of acting like an ape. If you balance around a class around boss jewels you gimp the newbies. Maybe its a good idea that every1 has boss jewels and balancing will be easier that way,
  17. You weren't even top 1 pvp So who is telling lies?
  18. and what if we have shadow raid boss jewls again? Also, by the S grade comment are we having IL again?
  19. boss jewelry is the most unbalancing items in this game and it would make emerald's life easier when balancing. its common knowledge for good players.
  20. could we have a third option where we have no epics/tattoo for a season?
  21. Agent001

  22. Reading your posts with such bad grammar and awful formatting gives me an head aches. Maybe you should consider buying this brain you keep talking about. All in all, i think you have a very troublesome inferiority complex. Try next season. Gl I feel you buddy, but this issue has been going on for a long time. Even if this starts getting punished, then you have the other side of the problem. Where people just upload fraps of clannies not hitting each other, most of them pseudo-fake and cause unfair penalties to the clan.
  23. Flaming someone for playing tank when u play spoilerits dumb.And u know whats even dumbier?The fact u are not aware of this.But im not suprised because u are an arrogant clownand not so smart.U contradict yourself alot