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  1. New expert skills effects

    I'll repeat myself one more time, being on the top scores means you farm above average/spent a lot of time online. Read your own posts, your complaints "mages lol", if you have fraps, watch them "omg they run!!!"You're an awful l2 player and judging your posts you gotta be really fkin clumsy irl
  2. New expert skills effects

    Just because its the start of the server it doesnt mean they are less important. Look at any sport, does the UCL won by teams at 50s, 60s, 70s mean nothing? yes, there's different progression, but that doesnt change that u are a non-factor for a whole month and you only start winning in an empty server. gz
  3. New expert skills effects

    having the first 2 +16s weps in the server meant how far ahead i was, you didn't even have dynastygrade and i was already wearing vesper+16
  4. New expert skills effects

  5. New expert skills effects

    ¿Qué? A post later 6 hours difference, ladies and gentlemen. Two different opinions. One same man. But nofucking brain.
  6. New expert skills effects

    Don't make a hasty decision, this guy is a massive cunt, but he is nowhere near to that terminal stupidity
  7. New expert skills effects

    i had over 50k pvps combined through all my characters, that made me top 1. In your logic, shouldn't i be the best?
  8. New expert skills effects

    If you avarege 30 kills 20 deaths every event, eventually, if you play 14h a day, you will be on the top list. Being on the top list means you can farm above the average, not that you are good. From what i recall, you got shit on H5 all the time, and judging by the comments of these 4-5 other people, it looks like you also got crushed during last season. Stop raging kid, its over. Try againnext season.
  9. New expert skills effects

    I don't understand, do you think i should run into a frenzy/zealot titan? Whats wrong in playing with other players in a MMORPG? Fool.
  10. Farm Zone

    You should only be able to be defender if you're aproved by the clan holding the castle
  11. Fun server

    $ related?
  12. New season

    Still mucho butthurt, amigo
  13. New season

  14. New season

    this is l2j I doubt you even have friends to talk to
  15. Mini Events

    other thoughts - What about adding daily quests like in HS? - Caothic game modes? No CDs, no mana consumption, super speed. If you're on a killling spree you get +20% recieved dmg -50% healing, If you're on a death spree, you get +50% dmg - Events where scenario is impactful; like some npc spawns and if you kill it you get random bonuses/debuffs/dmg/whatever. e.g: a keg spawns and a sorc nukes it => aoe explode dmg - Football minigame? - Casino minigame?
  16. Mini Events

    if its too hard to code; you can do it pvpish - enemies have melee wep -people need ot get from A to B but have no weps and die to 1 hit
  17. Mini Events

    - capture the flag - defend the castle:minions in waves come to attack it and you need to defend it before they kill it. You can add diferent kind of minions that choose different targets and have differente strengths.Add pvp? - stealth mini game: you gotta sneak to an end before you get caught - trivial pursuit with l2 questions
  18. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    try +4 dex with dc robe
  19. Healers quesstion

    style points tho
  20. Mystic Muse

    dps =/= spike dmg buffs? debuffs? target buffs? bullshit post, just like your color choice
  21. Suggestion (Maybe for new Season)

    Playing L2 solo feels wrong. L2ovc should strive to be team based server.
  22. Sad Fact

  23. Sad Fact

    i'm down if panos is playing too