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  1. Newcomer's question

    Indeed, also another issue is that Bgrade vs S grade sux, while dynasty vs vesper.... you can play around it much better
  2. Newcomer's question

    Also, gearing up in l2ovc during the first days is easy, 5 days to pick up an AM seems slow compared to other seasons. If you get to that break-point you're jsut a money machine and can gear up a full party within days. S-grade costs should go higher imo, or limit it at the beggining with some rank related stuff...
  3. Newcomer's question

    I can't play half of the classes here, how is that amazingly well designed? You can call it noob-friendly but not well designed when all debuffs last 1-2 seconds and buffs last 20hours. Why is it awkward? If i play a MMO is to play itwith people. By playing with people you have amore diversified server and you don't have to stick to the "mages=>archers/daggers" every season. For instance, i made an archer party work since day 1 during last H5 season.
  4. Newcomer's question

    Server would last longer if it was more team focused. Events are clown fiesta, people running in circles and killing people who can't buff properly: mages dominate early on with magnus+zerk and kill every nerdthat has a 78 buff with speed penalty. After a few events it becomes dull and boring. At some point we had 04.00 am sieges for EU people, fuck sake. If you're playing a support you're shafted. Why would you play SWS/BD/PP/WC or whatever? there's no reason to play any of them cause even rebuff mechanic is gimped, cancels last for 4 seconds and even so people cry about it. When you play BP you can even read people calling you a noob, 2v1 and whatever shit they can imagine. So, no clans, no supports, no team play, you're left with nukers, daggers and archers: that is 2-4 out of 9 slots in any retail constant party.Therefore you're left with: F1 spammers/grasshoppers that jump from server to server/retarded kids like luffy. Do you expect a season to last longer than 10 days with this kind of people? Me, personally, i would only play this server when either Rio, Tamas, etc would play.
  5. Newcomer's question

    Its the same group of people: You don't have the almighty Erb, but there's no sea monster (looking at you Tami) Theres some old folks around, such as Scare, Rio or me play occasionally on some seasons. For me, i dont play IL seasons. If you played rvb you won't have any issues despite the season being advanced already. Most of the server sucks.
  6. about ms

    blame Naya, he got the class nerfed to the ground.
  7. New expert skills effects

    I'll repeat myself one more time, being on the top scores means you farm above average/spent a lot of time online. Read your own posts, your complaints "mages lol", if you have fraps, watch them "omg they run!!!"You're an awful l2 player and judging your posts you gotta be really fkin clumsy irl
  8. New expert skills effects

    Just because its the start of the server it doesnt mean they are less important. Look at any sport, does the UCL won by teams at 50s, 60s, 70s mean nothing? yes, there's different progression, but that doesnt change that u are a non-factor for a whole month and you only start winning in an empty server. gz
  9. New expert skills effects

    having the first 2 +16s weps in the server meant how far ahead i was, you didn't even have dynastygrade and i was already wearing vesper+16
  10. New expert skills effects

  11. New expert skills effects

    ¿Qué? A post later 6 hours difference, ladies and gentlemen. Two different opinions. One same man. But nofucking brain.
  12. New expert skills effects

    Don't make a hasty decision, this guy is a massive cunt, but he is nowhere near to that terminal stupidity
  13. New expert skills effects

    i had over 50k pvps combined through all my characters, that made me top 1. In your logic, shouldn't i be the best?
  14. New expert skills effects

    If you avarege 30 kills 20 deaths every event, eventually, if you play 14h a day, you will be on the top list. Being on the top list means you can farm above the average, not that you are good. From what i recall, you got shit on H5 all the time, and judging by the comments of these 4-5 other people, it looks like you also got crushed during last season. Stop raging kid, its over. Try againnext season.
  15. New expert skills effects

    I don't understand, do you think i should run into a frenzy/zealot titan? Whats wrong in playing with other players in a MMORPG? Fool.