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  1. H5 Recruitment

  2. H5 Recruitment

    I'm just saying that the people who want to play as team should have a chance, which they actually don't. Thus they can't play. I have many friends that would play but its happens they cannot play most classes which they enjoy playing. To the rest of the post, you're either retarded ortrying to be funny. I feel sorry for you: You say you've not met a party that is good but your ass is still sore cause a paladin and his party was dominating event after event. I'm not going to drag this any furthercause the topic was focusing on how to help the server, but its pretty clear that even though a chronicle which is dominated by gladis in any other server, you guys are trying to put paladins as an OP class. Sad.
  3. [Vote] Flame Icon

    Party buffs are fine, if you think its going to unbalance that much... remove the speed in it reduce duration to 30s Anyway, guess this is another hate thread cause people are afraid i take over the server again. LOL Bad setup, and worse math, cause you can't stack that party cause of party points,
  4. H5 Recruitment

    Yea, lets play the server for two weeks and then it will slowly die. Like it has done in the last seasons. Maybe, just maybe, we could try something different than the solo bullshit? Oh and btw, the most succesful seasons where the ones w/o clan bullshit, clan content, and the ones that promoted team play (only <75 buffs in NPC)
  5. H5 Recruitment

  6. H5 Recruitment

    rip tanks if you do that at least nerf pvp damage so we have other choices besides gladis
  7. H5 Recruitment

    After reading so much bullshit i'd advise Builder to delete every class but the nobrainer classes : archer and mage, hell you can even just stick to sps and HE. Every other classis fucked in the ass, might aswell take pride in it.
  8. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    And you can't be more oblivious about your own server
  9. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    We never convinced you, you did whatever you felt like. Even when people would complain about population being low or asking for a new season, you'd just keep waiting and waiting. Your solution to this problem was wiping the server when you literally had 2-3 people playing on it. And you've had the same problems for the past few years. And you keep doing the same things: wipe and new IL season. Gameplay has been the same essentially the same since 2010 with Erb. Futhermore, i didn't know that this server existed till i read about it on reddit. Only a few days later i recognised the poster was stkj and then i connected a few dots and figured out that you were Builder. Whats the goal besides smacking a few noobs in the server? Gearing up? Getting a castle that people don't even register to? To anyone who tried to build something in this server, you have kept fucking them over and over. At some point you were so jealous you'd issue random bans/de-lvl clans/restrict clans/party restrictions and so on, just so your massive grass-hoping population could have fun for 2 weeks instead of 1. Have you considered that maybe its amanagement problem?
  10. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Its the same discussion again!! I'ma chip in WIPE SERVER
  11. Lag

    either get a good ISP (ping should drop to 100~) or find a server located in your area
  12. It fits wild animals like you. You're lucky Emerald isn't brave enough to ban you, but in any other circunstances you'd suffer consecuences.
  13. This attitude should be banned.

    This guy won't get banned, he's done worse things other seasons and Emerald would edit/delete any post as needed to cover him up. I even got banned for posting proof about this. I feel sorry that you have lost your items. On the bright side, you got toenjoy it while the server still was alive as it is already dying slowly. Either way, its your fault for trusting such a dishonorable guy.