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  1. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    try +4 dex with dc robe
  2. Healers quesstion

    style points tho
  3. Mystic Muse

    dps =/= spike dmg buffs? debuffs? target buffs? bullshit post, just like your color choice
  4. Suggestion (Maybe for new Season)

    Playing L2 solo feels wrong. L2ovc should strive to be team based server.
  5. Sad Fact

  6. Sad Fact

    i'm down if panos is playing too
  7. Question

    Normally, no
  8. Chikita is botting

    I've lurked on this server for very long and even if i did not agree 100% of the times with how you handled/managed situations/server, i always regarded you as a good person. Closing a thread, deleting posts and giving no PR response makes me think you're siding with Luffy. Something that is unacceptable in this situation. Test your patience? Ban me and show your true colors...Or do the correct thing.
  9. Chikita is botting

    I doubt he is getting banned anytime soon, he can tella guy to suicide and he will get away with it,'causeemerald will back him upand deleted the whole thread. I also suggest to post any kind of proof you have, otherwise this is bs thread.
  10. zerk and magnus, deal with it
  11. Baium

    c'mon builder ban a few of thosefaggots. start with radiohead, besides being a retard he's also a scammer.
  12. Baium

    Shining bow never made it to the live servers, even if it was in the client. There's several things that are added to the client but never make it live, fyi.
  13. Baium

    Oh man, Builder looked cool for a few moments. Then he pussied out. By the way, baium doesn't heal up

    Hire me