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  1. Add a combat buff; you die a lot? you get +% enhanced dmg and +% dmg reduction, you kill a lot? you get a big X on your head, you carry a big bounty and you get dealt more dmg. As for healers, make a debuff that if you heal the same target over and over heal decreases over time as for events, where people run in circles and its clown fiesta, add mini events on it, like you spawn random chests with 1 scroll in it, a big fkin mob with tons of hp that per each hit drops adena, etc or simply add more RNG factors so people have more chances to win later on
  2. As a long time lurker, i can say the population issue has been an increasing issue for the last several seasons yet nothing is done. It is extremly hard for suggestion to get implemented. Don't waste your time giving suggestions for free, just play the server as long as you enjoy it or wait for a season you want to play in.
  3. Star64


    I think you're burned out, you're spilling your typical bullshit but in an unfashion manner. Get new people on your team for simple tasks/ new ideas, fuk sake
  4. problem in this server is that you're given out every damn buff on the game accesible via NPC. You'd have more chances 2DDvs1DD+healer if so, otherwise stick to mass pvp or 9v9. LOL so stupid
  5. best map ever was multi team oren CTF; you fought on 2 fronts, short respawn timers, every class had their chance, and there was no running in circles bullshit
  6. No need, just press next target command, server is so empty that you won't get a new target
  7. nice buffs, vr buff and your d/s are messed up v3ry pr0
  8. So mad that you're taking your argument to other topics too? Sad
  9. Mirage is anti fun mechanic though :<
  10. my teammate at the top of the score, what u saying buddy