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  1. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    Its hard to start: Its discouraging to start against end-game geared players (enchanting is too easy and once you're in the end game you just dump all your adenas into OEing stuff). You can even get meme'd with "jedi server" and stuff like that and de-values your server. The catch up mechanics aren't just there although introducing the lowered costs as people buy the top tier gear helps and it is the right direction but more has to be done. My suggestion was using the OE system from infinitel2, which you increased your % enchant rate by the amount of pvps you had done with that weapon. You can nerf this to be only available in B/A grade. About clans: You have nerfed parties and clans. I understand that having a stacked party unbalances events too much. On this matter I agree but: There is no incentive in playing WC, SWS, BD, summoners, PP, EE, SE. There's a lot of people out there that enjoy playing supports and can't. Whyis there an AIO buffer? Whats the point in building a clan? 99% of the content you can acquire without one. Putting effort into a clan isn't rewarding at all, its is very hard to coordinate randoms, manging parties suxdue to current nerfed clan sizes. Maybe you could consider in putting exclusive content so grouped people can fight for it? True. I don't know if you could code it to make it increase with the amount of events won instead. This could also work I barely played it, i can't stand the idea of not being able to play a support in IL, i think DDs and mages in this season are straight forward F1 spam. Well, you haven't promoted team play in years and you want to be succesful in the first attemp? Cause sieges barely mean anything in this server, only bragging rights. You're on the right direction adding little stuff each season, but i would go even further: In a retail server holding a castle meant: strategic position, access to clan skills (summoning whole clan to a ceratin location), manor system, dungeon, taxes, etc. having a castle should mean $$$$$$$$. another idea is that faction that loses the siege gets a debuff of some sort while winning faction gets some sort of buff. this way you can make randoms more eager to participate by joining the clans, and clans by coordinating with same faction clans to form allies. Also, mucho clan drama, which in this forum we all love.
  2. Emerald, you closed this topic with "pointless discussion". However, each season lasts less and less and each time there's more and more people asking for a wipe and a new season. Maybe there is an issue? What if we could address these problems instead of opening a new season each ~50-70 days? Events are pointless, people running in circles, not focusing in main objective, just FFA pvp. Hard to start, discouraging to fight against people with end gear (rb/+16items) Clans suck What if events more meaningful? such as the adenas are in the objectives instead of the pvp scores? Nerf end-game, fuck blessed enchants, if you want OE stuff risk it. Or make it increase with pvps as it was long time ago. Also pls more content for grouped people... 1 siege sucks tbh ty
  3. Golem's - Newbies

    At first i thought this would be a wall of text but...Daaaaaamn!!!!, you roasted him mate.
  4. Golem's - Newbies

    Are you really willing to go over this again? The last time some1 posted an IRL pic it was Nig, and we all know how awful it turned out to be. I still have PTSDs man
  5. Golem's - Newbies

    My acumenwarrior doesnt agree cya
  6. Golem's - Newbies

    Don't feel special:You were just another frag for my pvp count.
  7. Golem's - Newbies

    Our archers outran you, it was just a mater of time to take you down, you were never an issue. Theagro tank was just the icing on the cake. ps not the first season you avarage 30 deaths per event. Sad
  8. Golem's - Newbies

    Mad 'cause bad
  9. Tyrant archer

    my cancer spreads when agent talks
  10. Newcomer's question

    Indeed, also another issue is that Bgrade vs S grade sux, while dynasty vs vesper.... you can play around it much better
  11. Newcomer's question

    Also, gearing up in l2ovc during the first days is easy, 5 days to pick up an AM seems slow compared to other seasons. If you get to that break-point you're jsut a money machine and can gear up a full party within days. S-grade costs should go higher imo, or limit it at the beggining with some rank related stuff...
  12. Newcomer's question

    I can't play half of the classes here, how is that amazingly well designed? You can call it noob-friendly but not well designed when all debuffs last 1-2 seconds and buffs last 20hours. Why is it awkward? If i play a MMO is to play itwith people. By playing with people you have amore diversified server and you don't have to stick to the "mages=>archers/daggers" every season. For instance, i made an archer party work since day 1 during last H5 season.
  13. Newcomer's question

    Server would last longer if it was more team focused. Events are clown fiesta, people running in circles and killing people who can't buff properly: mages dominate early on with magnus+zerk and kill every nerdthat has a 78 buff with speed penalty. After a few events it becomes dull and boring. At some point we had 04.00 am sieges for EU people, fuck sake. If you're playing a support you're shafted. Why would you play SWS/BD/PP/WC or whatever? there's no reason to play any of them cause even rebuff mechanic is gimped, cancels last for 4 seconds and even so people cry about it. When you play BP you can even read people calling you a noob, 2v1 and whatever shit they can imagine. So, no clans, no supports, no team play, you're left with nukers, daggers and archers: that is 2-4 out of 9 slots in any retail constant party.Therefore you're left with: F1 spammers/grasshoppers that jump from server to server/retarded kids like luffy. Do you expect a season to last longer than 10 days with this kind of people? Me, personally, i would only play this server when either Rio, Tamas, etc would play.
  14. Newcomer's question

    Its the same group of people: You don't have the almighty Erb, but there's no sea monster (looking at you Tami) Theres some old folks around, such as Scare, Rio or me play occasionally on some seasons. For me, i dont play IL seasons. If you played rvb you won't have any issues despite the season being advanced already. Most of the server sucks.
  15. about ms

    blame Naya, he got the class nerfed to the ground.