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  1. you are completely right, i apologize with everyone, i was thinking this was more than what it actually is..... sadly as simple as that, anyway, sorry if someone was affected by any of my previous comments, i will just leave, as far as i can understand i was one of the problems and it really wasnt my intention anytime, well, nothing else to add, i think this is the way it should be.... thanks for the fun, i will save those videos for myself for sure, as you all already mention, my videos for you are basicly garbage, so i can understand when im not welcome hoping to see you some day on my server, no hard feelings ok, just say hi the peace of shillien be on you all
  2. not go village, go to PVE server if you are looking for kill something in the most stupid way, and even there, i bet you whatever you want that you and your someone else friend will not be able to even kill a raidboss, as simple as that, if you cant kill a RB dont expect to kill other ppl, PCs are usually (but not always) smarter than NPCs, so how do you expect to have fun or to survive when if i spawn a Guillotine Fortress mob (95+) in front of you, you will die 100% not so hard 1+1 = 2
  3. agree and disagree, let me explain myself a little bit more i dont forget is not official, if you have play there, you should know it is imposible to compare, in any way to official, so, next, here we got 100 vs 100 on first weekend or i dont know for sure how many but you can see my videos and we was a lot of ppl, so, with that said, why you asked me to take someone else shoes when this someone else plays in the most egocentric and self interested way, are you saying me and everyone should play like this someone else?, so you think that couse of 1 or more noobs lone wolfs we all should play like that? why dont we do a server with just dds, no partys and no clans? no supports, no healers, no tanks, no buffers that way we all be dead sooner or later (same result), why dont you or this someone else dont take a different approach to this beautiful teamplay game, and change to any support class, as i did seeeeeveral years ago, m8, i was one of you, on my first year i was a dd, i was always wanted to kill, and i was good, really good, but..... as soon as me and my friends tried to fight a pt with supports, we understood that it doesnt matter if we are 7 and they are 4, they raped us just becouse of this simple fact as having a healer in party, and some of us tried to change to support, i was better than my friends so i sadly for my willing to kill, i had to be the main healer of my clan so, so in short, why i should adapt to the noob gameplay of this someone else who clearly is not looking for a common benefit or a higher well-being intead of you or this someone elses taking not just my shoes, but the shoes of the players who loved this server as it was?? lets continue, ofc i know me and my clan is still op with 5, becouse we was never more than 5 so that change didnt affect us, if we cant use 2 healers i change to iss and we still kick asses, my others clan m8s couldnt even create their chars here before this server died, we was 2ppl pt, 3ppl pt, 4ppl pt and 5ppl pt always, just a few times we joined with our ally that we was 7 ppl pt about nerf, come on guys, you are starting at lv95 with gear blessed r-grade (not best but not sh1t) if you have played on official you should know if not i will tell you, there, is not so easy to get blessed items, in fact while i was making my healer 99 i used to play with blessed twilight robe +7, becouse set bonus +7 was way much better than r95 +5, so dont expect to resist to an archer skill that is stupid with a blessed r-grade set +0 no elements, no jewels, no nothing man, why is so hard to understand that classes should be played the way it was meant to be, dont try to invent the warm water, it is about gear, not nerfing the class, everyone qq about stunts, but we didnt had any defense on any debuff more than some AP, no jewels, no gear bonus, no anything, but you are getting a high lvl stunt skill, so maybe a better way to nerf was to limit the skill lvl learned, more than editing the class, can you get the point? i understand that for the people who didnt play anything else than IL or HI5 this can be hard to understand, becouse you was playing that chronicles for so long, that you know it at it best, every little secret, every little advantaje, you had it, but as many ppl said, since GOD L2 changed a lot, at begening was 1 single class for everyone, no joking, 1 aeore healer, 1 sigel knight, 1 tyrr warrior, etc etc etc, a efw years later, diversity came back, so it is a HUGE change from IL/HI5 and you and all of these someone elses, should get used to it, even more if you are giving a try on something is clearly not iL neither HI5 strop trying to convert postGOD L2 to preGOD L2 stop usig the excuse of client or bugs, not even official is free of bugs, neither any server in the world, and client is official so there is no problem there neither, the problem is you and these famous someone elses, who didnt wanted to embrace the change, nothing else, sometimes the real answers are easier than you think
  4. @fbs they give up long time ago if you didnt realize it as soon as they lost their "ADMIN" status and became just "servant" of their server's players, they couldnt do anything good at all anymore mistake after mistake after mistake give no other result than fail, there is no formula in the world where a bunch of mistake will lead to a success, it is pretty obvious, but sadly, it seems that is a common feature on L2 GM's that they only listen to noobs and do what noobs want, ofc, they are more, so they are everywhere (inside server, forum, etc), they are the quantity of the playerbase, but meanwhile GM's still choosing for quantify over quality, this will continue being the result.... players have to get used to server, not the other way, i was one of the few donators this season had, i loved the idea since day 1 and i told emeral by pm, in fact i never had so much fun, so much pvp, with so many ppl EVER like what we all had on first weekend, and i used to play at NAIA and CHRONOS, one of the biggest NCWEST servers, but as everyone saq, server went down since day 1 because of noob ppl qqing about EVERYTHING, they wanted to play L2 the way they wanted, not the way game is, moding every single thing that makes this game so awesome, creating partys limtation, nerfing classes, that rank system was nice idea but bad implemented, a lot of things that they just change at noob's will if ppl wanted to play with il/hi5 rules, L2ovc should do a il/hi5 server for them so they will be happy, but the ppl who are used to play post awaken L2, like me and my friends (lot of them couldnt even create a char before server died) and a LOT of other ppl was having extreme fun and they break the entire server so anyone, and listen to me, ANYONE was happy about it and at the end, everyone, EVERYONE just quit.... so..... i think it is a VERY good feedback for anyone who pretend to be a GM, to stop taking care on ppl who are just looking for their own benefits intead of the global or the community benefit you just need to evaluate the results, as simple as that, gms did everything what noobs asked and even then, not even noobs wanted to play, so.... is not so hard to understand the point peace out and call me if you want me on new season, at least my haters wanted to see me again, but in the mean time i will be giving a better use to my time than loggin on a dead server to play 3v2 like this last saturday the last reply from emeral to my last suggestion, this saturday was this...
  5. tuxevil


    haaaaahaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa HAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA playing alone in server and feeling pro about it, haaahaaaahaaa, let him be 99 to wear his dark bow, hahaha, he is on r95 +0 waiting for 5% more to use the dark one but its ok, feel pro about you been geared and not him, yet, he is still 98
  6. tuxevil


    yes becouse im having a lot of fun anyway, i dont need to have gear to have fun, one thing is not related to the other, at least for me, maybe for mediocre players it is.... you tell me i remember telling you about being a "disabler' with your tyr and you scream about warrior is not a disabler, blah blah blah, and now i see full of dreadnought and tyrs, spamming debuffs everywhere.... hahaha because you guys are so so noobs, that you can only kill on "2 shots" when you are overgeared or wasnt you those who claim to "2 shot" me or saying that im a noob healer, while i have been playing on starter gear since day one, i dont understand your point, is incoherent be coherent, im showing you all that when we are all the same, you SUCK HARD, and you just prove my words saying there is nothing to show on ppl with starter gear, so stop trying to look PRO when you talk about killing me, just chill out, see in another way and keep playing your noob gameplay, I will continue laughing at people like you, who need desperately to play overgeared with the OP class of the moment just looking for getting more kills no matter if your team loose, i understand you, i have been playing with ppl like you everywhere, dont feel bad, sadly you are the quantity on lineage2 playerbase, but for sure, you are not the quality. i would love to play a server where everyone have access to same gear, so no gear dif, to see how good you move your fingers and how good you can play on a team, and see how many ppl can really play this game, anyway, good night peace out call me for new season, i think this one is over for me
  7. tuxevil is epic hero :: but im a noob healer playing without weapon, WTF
  8. tuxevil


    at all, in fact it has been very easy to unbunk you and you forced me to see my videos, i was waiting a couple years to review, but ty, anyway I think it's you who is doing the least effort, or is that all you have?
  9. clan pt having fun and pushing order faction...
  10. tuxevil


    i do, like everyone, or do you think there is at least 1 SANE person in the world, but i manage mines, unlike you, we dont need to handle your mental issues, keep them for yourself we all fought in same conditions everyday since day one, so stop trying to say someone else had some advantage over other ppl and now dont kk, bb
  11. tuxevil


    the more videos i see more times i see you trying to kill me but.... so it seems i wasnt that "2 shot noob healer" you tried to make them to believe watch at minute 0:25 and 2:07, you are literally hitting me on first time and next to me and 2nd time
  12. LatinEmpire at it biggest size 5, hehe
  13. tuxevil


    @detro found you trying to kill me with more than 2 shots, but you quit after idk, 10 shots? minute 0:34
  14. tuxevil


    it doesnt matters, only you care about it, you are the one climing himself top players so go and solve your mental issues and resume the talking later