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  1. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Just one thing that I don't understand... why not L2 Classic instead of Interlude?
  2. Voted yes for reasons already said here. I like the idea of reduce max enchant (it will reduce max gap between new player and full equiped players), but +10 for weapons sounds enough for me. About armors I suggest +10 to increase TTK. Safe enchant at +4 is a nice change, mainly for Duelist (I remembered when my Dual broken 3 times before goes to +4). I think max skill enchant should be reduced too (same reason of reduce weapon enchant). I'm not sure about the new value... maybe 15?
  3. War Cry and Duelist Spirit

    Increase War Cry and Duelist Spirit buff time effect. I don't think this will cause any problem as Duelist can keep this buffs 100% up time while buffed with Song of Renewal and Champion Song. This change will help Duelist players to don't need to rebuff every 1 minute in battle... Thanks
  4. Problems with macros

    I did it. Same result, still use normal attacks sometimes.
  5. Problems with macros

    Hi, I'm playing with Duelist and I'm having problems with macros. My character is using normal attacks before use skill inside macros. This occurs 25% of the time. Usually happen before Triple Sonic Slash and Sonic Storm (when in meele range). Example: Macro: 1. Sonic Buster 2. Sonic Storm 3. Sonic Buster My character is using normal attacks between action 1 and 2. Hit with normal attacks during the execution of a macro is really annoying. I don't know why this is happing. Thanks
  6. Getting something good from this season

    I think OvC maps contribute a lot for this unbalance between melee and range classes. Usually Mages and Archer play using hit-run strategy. Melees can't do that, they need to go closer and when they do that Melees became a easy target. This way they are focused and die, don't have time even to attack. We need more Maps that give ways to hide and get closer to target. Giran Town is a map that I like play with Melee classes. Usually caves and dungeon are balanced maps for TvT(Catacombs, Necropollis, Elven Ruins...).
  7. Dynamic ELO System When aplayer die it lose 10% of it current ELO. The ELO lost is distributed among killers. Examples: You have 4000 ELO and your target have 2000 ELO. If you kill it alone (100% of damage) your new ELO will be 4200(4000 + 2000 * 0.1 * 1) and the dead player ELO will be 1800(2000 - 2000 * 0.1); You have 4000 ELO and your target have 4000 ELO. You done 50% of damage done on your target. So your ELO will be 4200(4000 + 4000 * 0.1 * (50 / 100)). Adena Modifier New adena gained per kill will be: new_adena = normal_adena * target_ELO / your_ELO Note: 'normal_adena' reffer to the current system adena calculation result Examples: You have 4000 ELO and your target have 2000. You done 50% of damage done on your target. So your adena gained will be 3(10 * (50 / 100) * 2000 / 4000); You have 2000 ELO and your target have 4000. You done 10% of damage done on your target. So your adena gained will be 2(10 * (0.1) * 4000 / 2000). God Motivation Buff At first let's assume all players have God Motivation buff Lv 0. Player God Motivation buff is increased when: increased by 1 when your faction is losing the event; increased by 1 for each 10% of difference between the ELO sum of enemy faction and your faction. Examples: Your faction is losing the event. The sum of your faction players ELO is 50000. The sum of your enemy faction players ELO is 60000. So your God Motivation Buff level will be Lv 3(1 + 1 * 10 * (60000 - 50000) / 50000)
  8. Soul Crystal - Stage 5

  9. Soul Crystal - Stage 5

    I bought a R weapon and 'Soul Crystal - Stage 5' from Merhcant. How do I add Soul Crystal effect to my weapon? No options in Merchant > Upgrades > Weapons...
  10. Planned Changes (Poll)

    Liked all stuff so far. I missed here just something about Elemental Attack; what is the max Elemental Attack at moment? Max enchant be+10 is a very welcome change. At +10 we get armor bonus effects. I think weapons and armor can be capped at same max enchant. To my dream come true we just need now reduce max amount of buffs... Mages are reaching a large amount of MP. This cause unbalances with Arcana Barrier... it become really OP when Mage have a goodamountof MP. To compensate that,M. Crit. Rate and M. Crit. Dmg was nerf... destroying the classI like to play;Sayhas Seer .
  11. Dear Emerald

    The current adena system reward is exponencial. How much more adena you get, more strong you become and more adena you will get, creating a big gap between players and making thing hard for newbies. All things become even worse when we add in this equation clans, because clans partys have a lot more chance to succeed and kill a lot of ppl; newbies and solo players don't a have a chance (at least not experience players; I include myself here). I think we need a way to distribute better the adena. One option is reduce amout of adena to 5 or lower and add/increase prize for factions when event end. This prize increase when event have more players. The prize is distributed to players taking into consideration the player place when event end. So who contribute more to your faction reach victory get better rank when event end and gain a better reward. This can help newbies and solo players to farm, because adena reward will not come just for killing ppl(mainly in no TvT event). Other things that can be add: * Winner faction gain more reward then loser faction.
  12. Brooch - Jewels Level

    Thanks. Found it.
  13. Brooch - Jewels Level

    I don't found a way to increase Jewels Level. Please add a way to increase jewels level. This will help to increase survivility (decrease time to kill) in server. Example with Diamond Jewel:Diamond. Thanks.
  14. Elemental Spike Auto Attack

    The Elemental Spike Skill is working like official, but, If possible, remove Elemental Spike (Feoh Wizard Skill) auto attack. It is very annoying for PvP, specially when wewant to movecharacter to other location. To interrupt the skillwe are forced to cast other skill, losing some precious seconds in the fight. This mechanic is annoying even in L2 officialas you can see in this topic:Turn off spike auto attack. Thanks
  15. Seraph Shirt

    Seraph Shirt MP +4 (R95) is not giving MP.