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  1. [Vote] Enchant System Changes

    I think what he means is he is going back to how it used to be before.
  2. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I agree with you, I don't think it was the starting gear per se, but rather the progression happened too fast. People could donate for S and raid boss jewels in the first week becauseeverything was available in the store, including mats, so it was the matter of who can spend more money. Suggestion: Would it be possible if you could makesome of the mobs (not all)in the pve zone undead so healers can farm there too? Obviously, if they get attacked they can't fight back but at least if they manage to find an empty room will not be completely useless without a fighter next to them.

    I think the imbalance between factions causes a big problem to the server. Now, I am not talking about the balancing system, I understand there is so much you can do about that. When you have 3 of the top clans and biggest nolifersin the same faction, winning every event and epic, you are bound to have issues.However, that's down to the people to make the conscious decision to choose between actual competition and stat padding. It's obvious majority of players choose stat padding, lol.
  4. L2 OvCnomics

  5. About new season

    Wouldn't the reward be bigger population??
  6. Do you know, I think I agree with you. It was like that before (progression) and I don't know if its false memorybut I do remember the population sustaining high forlonger. The season that was done in summer (June) was okay, but I feel like on thisone, there were people with S-grade from day 1. They got bored eventually, because didn't really wait for majority of people to gear up but ,also a lot of newbies quit, as well, because they felt discouraged. However, I can't conclude which way is best because we've hadgoodand bad seasonsin both ways, Emerald is the only one who can decide on that.
  7. Thought it probably is the case but didn't want tomake any boldstatements.The quote above only shows what Mayhem is most concern of is very unlikely to happen.
  8. Emerald said"epics and tattoo prices will be reduced by 0.2% - that is 50% off after 250weapons and sets sold." (S grade)that's decent if you ask me and is not a dramatic change. That is of course his initial thought, it might be less than that, bare that in mind.With that being said, prices of the high-end jewels will not decrease to below 5k.
  9. I'm not entirely certain how Emerald would deal with the balance. At the minute, I'm taking into consideration the gap between vets and newbs. 99% of the time Agent thinks of himself only, if you look at his replies on other posts, or even his suggestions, it's only how to benefit him. I am starting to think, Agent really is terrified of having real competition, and anything that could help the newbs to catch up quicker, he would go against it. Yet, he's the one calling out "donators" for killing newbs in the first day of server.
  10. How will mages be empowered if archers,for example, have higher chance of getting a QA? Not to mention, QA is one of the cheapest jewels, whereas, Valakas and Baium are the most expensive.Furthermore, this will not happen over the first two-three weeks of the server, it obviously would be more beneficial for the later stages, likenow. Forgot to add earlier, tattoo, in my opinion, should remain the way it is, I don't see it as such a game changer to be treated as a boss jewel.
  11. Right now I think it would be a good idea if they are progressive. Wouldn't matter so much in the beginning but during later stages the youngsters will be able to catch up faster with the "veterans" and it wouldn't be so imbalanced.
  12. Non tradable items

    This is not a farm x15 server, it is a bloody PvP faction server! Reading all of your replies from other threads, I really think you are playing the wrong server. Currently you aretrying to alter it how you'd like it to be, totally against the actual mechanics of a faction server.
  13. Non tradable items

    "It's an extreme but very possible" but has that happened before or are you just hypothetically speaking as an attempt to strengthen your poor argument? You still haven't convinced me, or Emerald, to why this is such a bad thing. You do realise non-tradable items also means no trade system right, or did that skipped your little biased brain? If items are so cheap and newbies can progress easily then why does it matter if 1 person gets things for free, the rest will be able to catch up. There isn't that much to do with adena, especially on Interlude. If two people have same items, which is very possible, but one has less adena why does that matter? Whether someone is going to donate or get things from a friend is exactly the same thing, unless you are against donation too? "What's fun to play with someone else items and his work" jheez I don't know Agent maybe because they will be able to instantly start competing with veterans and possible kick your ass, that sounds like fun to me! Evidently you are the only one who takes pride in hoarding items and adena, we just like to pvp. What arguments I speak about? I don't know maybe the ones you have on literally every single thread on this forum.I love how you try to twist people's words, or is that because you just genuinly don't understand? Oh Agent, you sound so salty and you can't even see it!
  14. Non tradable items

    So you don't feel bad for playing a spoiler for the first 1 month for approximately 12 hours a day. I'll try to explain it in the simplest way possible so you can understand. Hypothetically speaking I have "ton of items" and I decide toleave, this automatically means -1 geared person for the server. If I however, gift my items to a newb or a friend who certainly has less than me, then it wouldn't matter if I leave because my items will balance things out. If I don't give my items to another person then you'll be left out playing with majority of people who have lower gear than you. Unless that's what you want, to feel superior and validated in the last 30 days of the server because in the first 30 other players were beating the angels out of you whilst you were noobing around with a spoiler. Gifting items means there will be an ongoing competition, but not gonna lie, you do appear as someone who hates competition and would rather kill newbies whilst having a +16 bow than fight against people who are of equal to you. But do you know what, at least your stats on the stats list will look marvelous and next time you argue with sosa or whoever, you'll have "an evidence" to validate your whole existence. Agent this is not a farm server, get over it.
  15. Non tradable items

    Yes indeed, you're just trying to improve things around you not around the server.