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  1. God motivation 2

    Eleanora I really tried to make sense of your reply but Icouldn't, so I'll politely ignore you and I will attempt to have a conversation with Redman instead, hope you don't mind. Redman, you know when there are over 100 people playing it's not the case and that buff constantly comes and goes, it's very insignificant.Your reply, or rather this whole thread, possibly,applies for later stages,like right now, when the popularity is lower. Nonetheless, alot of features work best in the begining but not so much later on. Some people from other threads state that new players join on daily basis, if that really is the case, God's Motivation could be useful. Mind you, I am not excluding the possibility where it could, also,be detrimental. However, due to the nature of the server the chance ofsome features, inevitably,is50-50. Constantly creating threads fueled by emotions instead of rational thoughts is really not that beneficial, when you think about it. To sum, I think it is a good feature, especially in the beginning. P.S. I just re-read your reply. What you are implying is there can only be one type of event (TvT) and in the case of other events, peopleshould absolutely never attempt to "execute event orders". Very interesting!
  2. God motivation 2

    So the enemy team can catch up. It's in its bloody name-"motivation"! You do realise without this buff how unbalanced and one sided events will be. Aren't you the one who complains about balance the most? I'm wondering, do people ever sit down and think before they create a new thread or they post the first thing that comes to their mind?
  3. Golem's - Newbies

    Ya'll are sad af, bunch of insecure little boys acting tough. It baffles me how people try to validate their whole existence on l2. If you could only see how stupid you all are and how much you all have in common. Laughing stock!
  4. Planned Changes (Poll)

    All of you asking for refund must've forgotten the times when OvChad the "progression". Many people still donated and never complained, even though, they knew the items will be sold for free within a week. I like the changes, honestly, I'm not positive they will save the current season but it is something to consider for the future.
  5. Dear Emerald

    One day people might realise that every L2 update comes with its boosted class/classes, it always rotates. Yul powerful on GC, I think not! Feoh and Othel have the advantage over other classes at the minute, however, for full potential, both classes need a lot of gearing up. I don't think ISS is a useless class, they are not only there for the sonatas! Tanks after (not sure 103 or 102) can be unstabletoo. I don't know how Tyrr (gladiator) is here but on Retail after 95 can be a game changer too! I have a feeling a lot of your opinions are based on private GoD servers and not actually Retail but make it sound as if you are experts. Also, don't be so afraid of the Dragon Weapons, they look cool but are not the perfect, most powerfulweapon suitable for every class. As for the Adena, Emerald said it himself, if it's easy for you, it will be even easier for the others, the gap will always be there.