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  1. Coming up next...

    Tankers get pounded by mages on IL, no Reflect magic, nor antimagic Armor and nor Deflect Magic.
  2. Coming up next...

    Rly? i hope not.... Interlude is PureCancer Archer vs Mage Clown Fiesta....
  3. Coming up next...

    How about the Chronic? Will it be Gracia Final this time?
  4. Successful Server

    Grand Crusade is another Archer vs Mage Clown Fiesta with some random daggers, pretty much how the Interludeis. H5 is Billions of times more balanced than Meme Chronics such as Interlude or GC
  5. According to this Big D BishopNiyah. No Life Farmed Daggers with farmed bishops on it's back at non-prime time Can get top 1 on event, therefore Dagger is OP. And that's not a Mage Server.
  6. Successful Server

    Under 1K is not even close to insane pal And interlude isjust a Archer vs Mage F1 F2 War
  7. Nah Dude TH and other Daggers are Boosted Mage are the ones that gotta get stronger
  8. Mage server.

    Holy fvck it's almost as if we are playing different servers! could you please Print that leaderboard or fraps those guys you talking about on prime time? Causeall dagger i see Gets meltedbefore killing it's target or after going for the second! No Shadow Step and No Hide and still gap close and kill more than 2 targets in a row, Please Show me Dagger's Paradise!
  9. Mage server.

    You meant Big D No Life Donators that gets Fast Late Game. That's straight foward bullshit any Low IQ tard can figure out that Mages End game escale is way better than fighters in IL, and I Don't need to talk about how insane Mages Bubble is on IL right boi?
  10. Mage server.

    What do you mean? H5 OVC's never had the "Mage Problem".
  11. Mage server.

    Yep even archers are not standing a chance,B Archers +9STR Critical are dealing around 1200-1600 (Without Blessing of Queen) And even with +5Dex are dealing like 1 crit every 4-5 Hitson Bmages and B mages non-crit spells are dealing 1500+ on archers, No Doubt Mages are the most farmed and with most pvp's on server. Seriously man interlude doesn't even have Shield magic Reflect for tanks its the perfect mage paradise chronic.
  12. Mage server.

    The Server is a Mage Clown Fiesta atm anyone saying "Hur Dur Fighters are OP" "Gladi and Khav Aoe skill" Is completely delusional . As Glad testing the server,The Skills are not getting their reuse Delay cutted By the macro so long range aoe Have 3 sec Delay and and de close range about 1,5 Both Deal around 500 Damage on B grade mages and you gotta be 500 range to use it so u basically is a piñata for Archer and Mages in order to try attacking them And B Mages Deal 1200-1500 non-critsFrom 900 range 2 Times Faster casting and 6 times less reuse than Sonic Storm. Any melee getting closer to the Mage Enemie Fiesta is melted by around 600 range without any possibility. This is A Chronic withour Kamaels and withour Daggers Shadow Step, Basically Mages Paradise.
  13. Plz Balance

    The chronic itself is already unbalanced Tyrrs Deal like 5K max damage with everything on, in a skill crit, Sigel Hell knight the most damage Tankdeal like 3K Top damage on skill crit and TANK LESS than Tyrr It's a Meme Chronic and the server is filled in bugs. Just play archer or dagger or Feoh and believe you have a skillful big D
  14. Next Target

    Next Target isn't Working, never take enemies target, Next Target is working for enemies servitors target.
  15. bugs

    CC never changed since it was introduced into L2 until now on the new chronics, when the trigget activates it Doubles Crit DMG Melee standard attacks and Skills