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  1. Hi

    how was this cut you peruvian dumbo? that was your whole answer to my post, and how the fuck "besides he's a good healer, that doesnt prove anything" makes any fucking sense you dont even have to answer, im done - even "talking" with tarzanule had more sense than this
  2. Hi

    okay now, nice screenshot of clan lvl 5, which means you lost quite a lot of adena on pointless upgrades which gave you literally nothing
  3. Hi

  4. Hi

    this new guy is actually K6Y ingame
  5. Hi

    @tuxevil l2ovc.com -> statistics -> top classes/top heroes -> aeore shillien saint
  6. Hi

    hope you'll be as eager to have feohs and other classes fixed
  7. LatinEmpire Clan

    no, definitely not
  8. LatinEmpire Clan

    why the fuck are you spamming @fgt with your shitty vid's if im not even there
  9. Hi

    well, talking to both of you is pointless, see you on next ovc GC if it comes
  10. Hi

    yeah, and tell me what was i supposed to report? HEY EMERALD LS IS BUGGED - HOW BUGGED YOU ASK? NO IDEA PEOPLE SAY IT'S BUGGED SO IT HAS TO BE; are you serious? already stated above that i had no idea it was 2 instances of debuff and i didnt report anything because others discovered it, couldnt care less about interluders crying about EVERYTHING while having no damn idea how things work in GC guess going double ranged DPS(one with aoe disable to protect the healer) + healer is exploiting server weakness now, sorry we made you suffer undeserved lmao, he made reds lose lots of events
  11. Hi

    some of them yes, like frantic healing in the beginning where did i say that? first moment i noticed LS has 2 instances of debuff i posted it in bugs section(true, my healer told me few times he has to cleanse it twice if someone from our party had it on him, but i didnt know what was causing that to happen), and about fairy - we weren't actually sure and we had no way to bring proofs from official servers to prove whether it works right or wrong(and what's the point in posting a bug if emerald denies it because of no proof?) there was nothing that gave us big advantage except a little knowledge we had from playing these updates already well that's true, healer shouldnt be tanking, but that's none of our fault AND this is also a problem of grand crusade Ability Points system implemented with a lvl cap at 99
  12. Hi

    Also, i dont really need to convince anyone about anything here, and you saying panic heal is almost never used in pvp on "retail" makes you look like some 85 pve scrub who quit just after awakening you character
  13. Hi

    bruh, bot healer? why there was only one healer on this server that could withstand as much dmg as my friend? exploited what? my healer has capped cast speed without frantic healing, and sigil thing wasnt any exploit, and if any only that he couldnt use retributer to kill people besides just healing you keep talking about donations like me or any of my 2 friends donated - let me clarify, we didnt, yet we farmed adena for 2 lindviors, besides that our epics combined were blessed baium(which i traded for octavis neck and bought a bottle from someone for 2k) and istina neck about suggestions - i already did lots of those, as well as bug reports, so dont go along this path, because most probably i did more work for the server to work properly than you
  14. Hi

    yea, but just eternal isnt that much of an upgrade, especially you couldnt even make a specific set type - that's why i didnt mention people who had clean eternal before lowering prices
  15. Hi

    really first set came from URGE, who donated quite a lot, and i believe it was the 5th day of the server second was probably mine(didnt see anyone else running around in pvp set), but: a) that was after lowering pvp set price from like 40k to 5k b) still had to borrow adena from a friend i played with also, there was no pvp weapon, the only r99 was Scaretactic's and that's also only because he had some additional adena from friends who already quit and gave him their stuff no idea why do you even talk about donations - only URGE had an impact because, as stated above, donated quite a lot, and he played events anyway so your point about "apiga" is invalid;