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  1. H5 Recruitment

    Emerald dude.... Man u dont have problems with chronicles.... u have problem with ur server and BALANCE.... u can put every fakin chronicle but always u have problem with balance.... think about that.... look liitle at some other server or try to contact other gm to help u god damn.. .Salute
  2. Because server start +3 gmt time, my timezone is +2, is that hour earlier or hour after ??!!
  3. Planned Changes (Poll)

    Now after that update is more balanced and more interesting.... Man just delete that team event win plz..... First 3 char in event get top player points is ok,just stay like that but delete these team event.... its very much One question... Can u allow subclass and duall class certs free,but put some other reward for rank gain..Salute?
  4. Archers ( again) proof + solution

    Now with new update, mage 2 shoot me.. I am rank 3 with all itams i can get free,and sayha or other mages rank 1.... 3 shooted me... hit me 17 k dmg.. i hit with bullseye 12 k ???
  5. Someone Alive Here???

    Server Is really dead.....
  6. Event coins

    I have suggestion for u gm.... Why u dont put adena reward for assist 5 adena and for Kill 10 adena , and rb juwels only Can buy From event coin.... Example : top grade spirit stone 50 ovc coins,rb juwels : lindvior 500 ovc coins and others for 50 - 100 less coins.... Talisman infinity 50 ovc coins and every upgrade 50 ovc coins.... Armor,wapon,brooch juwerly,agution just for adena... Delete this materials for armor upgrade.... To be Everthing based on adena and ovc event coins..... Idk Make priority what for adena , what for event coins???? Salute.
  7. HI5/Gracia

    I know on one server all itams all farmable but easy.... Just difference between top pvp chars and little lower geared char Is ruler ring of authority/seeker and wapon agument (top grade spirit stone) that only Can be farmed from event( event coin )
  8. HI5/Gracia

    My opinion.... GC client and chars,skills Is like way it be,Everthing Is balanced just itams need to be farmable fast... Everyone with Good gear Is awsome server... Last day of beta with dw wapons and all full gear was awsome... Now need to be like that just without dw wapons.... Period... If gm want server with 500 +online need to Make itams almost free to everyone,just rb juwels and talismans need to farm,but that itams to farm for 5 days the most....
  9. Gm did u give up From server?

    Give some info,suggestion, anything? EDIT: Your thread got merged into this one since its the same topic. Sincerly Chevignon
  10. I think first mistake that gm dies Is beta open only for weekend... That destroy server.... U Can find bugs for 6 days... And for 6 days From open server dies.... How much time u spend for beta,that time will server live....
  11. U do some shit or no ? If u do do it faster !! Salute

    My personal opinion Is from positive nature.... I think that nothing and classes doesn't need to be nerfed,we downloaded client From official site so system Is Good.... so PROBLEM Is server system how fast itams u Can get it... At the beggining everyone Is same but ofc exist nolifers and donator ( sry if i AM wrong ) and how time Is going some off ppl get gear and that difference between geared ppl and beginers Is very big... How couple players Can change server.... My opinion Is, that rank system needed to Make the simple... Only kills and assist...subclass and dual class certs free,little more bigger adena drop and only itams that u need to work on Is rb juwels... Is the interesting that ali have similar itams like blyat -archers,fsd-daggers,urge-mages,k6y-healers pvp will be more awsome.... Start itams Is awsome now... GC client Is more complicated that i think is... GM more complicate with that Elo,death count,top player,top team... Rank system just need to tell others player how awsome u Are,not used for farming itams.... Make kills,assist rank system and bigger Gap... The goal for player to get itams Soon as possible and to have fun... One more thing... Only itams that separates strong char Abd stronger Is rb juwels(also agument for rb juwels From aria life stone that we Can get From rb points that means rb event need to be max often) and wapon agument( p.skill crt dmg +15% and PVP dmg +10%) thats all... Love u guys. Salute
  13. Top team winner by faction

    Idk what to say.... GC client i the most complicated client,too much itams, upgrades,skills Everthing.... @emerald just more complicated with that ranking system with that Elo and event wins.... Dude PLZ Make event and ranking system way more SIMPLE.... Just Kills,assist, death.... Delete that event wins,top player,top team wins.... Allow subclass and dual class certs normal.... Everthing else Is way more fine... And Make little more drop enchants.... I AM rank 4 i just get 3 EWR.... The SIMPLE u Make server ,server will be batter.... Salute
  14. Top team winner by faction

    I dont cry because of archer nerf, i cry because in chaos we dont have couple healers like k6y....
  15. Top team winner by faction

    @Emerald dude i need 25 wins by faction to get rank 4 ??!! Man i need 13 h to Make rank 4 even that my faction wins every time ( 25 Times in row ,that its impossible).... Man i will understand 10 or 15 but 15 Is too much not even 25.... PLZ think about that to change that.... Man why even we get subclass and dual class certs by rank reward....? U should Make some other itams,maybe some rb bottles or juwels or 99 wap or idk what... that certs need to be standard.... I know that this client Is liitle more complicated,but there Is more stuffs and itams to be balanced and figured up what Is priority.... My opinion ali itams to get very easily ( armor,wapon, talismans,accossiries,brooch,aguition) but rb juwel the hardest... Salute.