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  1. Special Shop

    Yes agree but people dont get bored because they got a bit nerfed or cause they get agrooed or threeshoted. They may getfrustrated so much to drop server (in ome occasions)but not bored.
  2. Special Shop

    Yes they did got bored. If you start in B grade then A grade after that S + Dynasty all this took 43 days. Owner tryed to extent the season but ppl got bored before all expectations. In my opinion starting gear should have been S + Dynasty and then progress to get S80, S84, and special. The thing is how is possible to get ppl back. I suggest (i dont know if its possible or not) a farming zone for newbies that they can also pvp,between events. One more suggestion is to advertise server at social media and reward ppl with in game rewardsfor doing that. This possibly willbrink new people.
  3. log in server down?

    Was down for 10 minutes.
  4. log in server down?

    Is the log in server down?
  5. Human vs Zombie Event

    You should stay that way for ever!
  6. Naga blades

    I guess its normal, but as it isits impossible. Naga blades are extremly.
  7. Naga blades

    How is priceless? Actually is even more expensive.You need to gather everything that any other weapon needs plus parts and recipe. I haven't seen anyone selling naga blades.
  8. Naga blades

    A grade items only for dual weapons all the other parts are useless. Everyone that use dual weapon needs to gather S grade parts and A grade parts, is this fair?
  9. Naga blades

    Why buy S84 totem for A grade part? Since A grade items are free parts should be free also.
  10. Naga blades

    Hi all In order to craft S84 dual dagger you need naga blades. A grade parts (low grade totem) are no longer dropable so its extreamly rare to find them. The only way to get blades is to buy low grade totem from the shop. Yesterday i opened more than 100 and i got 0 blades. If its 1 out of 100 i will need 1500 low grade totem, 1500 * 75adena= 112500 adena, its insane. My suggestion is to makelow grade totems free! Thanks for your time.
  11. M attack vs M defence

    Since A grade weapons are free all mages, even new commers with 0 kills have very good M. attack, same stands with archers, on the other hand fighters have the same M def as all A grade jewels are rare. In my opinion this is totaly imbalanced.
  12. BestLA2Players Recruit

    Why you uploaded videos from other servers?
  13. After event was over i got you have been dissconnected from the server message window without been diconnected tho. Wierd..
  14. Make all weekeng beta

    Not bad idea!
  15. Midichlorians

    Im so bad with names, for sure i do remember Midichlorians tho, from Infinitel2. I was on Lollipops back then and before thatleader of Beyond The Mortals at Red VS Blue. Star64, ever played BnB?