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  1. korean pvp bug

    Well its fixed, thanks.
  2. disbanding parties when going into mini event

    You were right for some reason it was not included, will include it on next update.
  3. Overlords have no chance of getting epic jewels

    Sorry I cannot be fair towards everybody, i'm not going to add each and every class to the toplist just to make it fair but then your whole team suffers. If you cannot get enough points to meet even the minimum requirements, change class for these events.
  4. Changelist

    Changelist #8 Fixed mcrit rate formula. Reduced mcrit rate bonus from Expert Perception to x1.5 and increased regular crit rate to +30. Attempt to fix Korean TvT stucking. Fixed some visual bugs on summons.
  5. Changelist

    Changelist #1 Fixed a bug that sometimes players color didn't match their faction. Fixed a bug that sometimes not all mini events were available to vote. Simon Says: when the event ends all players still inside will be rewarded, and not only 1 random player. Players can no longer use items while paralyzed (avoid opening boxes for nothing). Added the ability to party anyone in farm zone regardless of faction. Healers will no longer auto join mini events where healers aren't allowed. Boss event will not start after a single team event or a remove buffs event. Due to the above boss event chance to start was increased. Reduced abit the world events items drop rate. Added Topzone global vote reward. Bishops / Tankers will get a kill point every 10 assists instead of 5. The following items are free again: * Waking Scroll * Scroll of Resurrection * Summoning Crystal * Battle Symbol * Magic Symbol * Phoenix Blood * Einhasad's Holy Water
  6. korean pvp bug

    Will attempt a fix for it this update, if it will still happen, try to give more details / photos from who was hitting through the wall.
  7. about magic critics

    Will be fixed this update.
  8. disbanding parties when going into mini event

    Mention where.
  9. Missing buff.

    Any chance it happens after a relog? (only with 25 buff slots)
  10. I just banned 4 accounts. Just report them and stop creating useless drama about every tiny thing that happens ingame.
  11. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    Found the bug, you were guessing it half right Erase was a part of it, but not what actually caused it.
  12. Expert's Dexterity: +4 Accuracy, +2 Evasion. Expert's Haste: +3% Attack Speed, +3% Cast Speed. Expert's Stamina: +5% Max HP, +5% Max MP. Expert's Endurance: +7% Max CP. Expert's Wind Walk: +3 Speed. Expert's Perception: +15 Critical Rate, x2 Magic Critical Rate. Expert's Power: +3% Physical Power, +5% Magical Power. Expert's Gold Digger: +50% Adena Income. Expert's Shield: +5% Physical Defense. Expert's Magic Barrier: +5% Magical Defense. Expert's Divine Inspiration: +1 Buff Slot. Expert's Summon Empower: +15% P.Def./M.Atk./M.Def./Atk.Spd./Cast Spd., +20% Max HP, +50% P.Atk., +5 Speed, +6 Accuracy, +4 Evasion, +30 Critical Rate, +30Resistance.
  13. Apologise

  14. obtaining noble ring/necklace after staff

    6h +-2h random.
  15. obtaining noble ring/necklace after staff

    Order of getting the quest items doesn't matter. Base chance for Ring/Necklace is 0.1%, and it changes depending on many factors, for exampleif you are S-grade and you kill B-grade, you will not have the chance to get the necklace. And you just need to participate in the kill, not actually kill (just like any other drop works).
  16. Change main class

    For example: Main level 80 Saggitarius Sub level 76 Archmage After class change it'll be: Main level 80 Archmage Sub level 76 Saggitarius
  17. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    Check if there's any improvement after this update.
  18. Official Giveaway

    Thank you again for the stream
  19. zaken area

    Will be moved back to the ship like previous season on next update.
  20. zaken night

    Will be done next update.
  21. disbanding parties when going into mini event

    Will be done next update.
  22. Missing buff.

    Not a valid bug report. Its possible you also overbuffed yourself, note that self buffs take slots, including active augments.
  23. Changelist

    Changelist #7 * Fixed sometimes Event Manager showed top 5 current records instead of top 10. * Fixed sometimes players settings from .menu weren't saved. * Fixed players didn't get exp/sp sometimes. * Added XP/SP bonus status on Donation Manager for people to know if they got the bonus. * Fixed boss in Search the Beast event wasn't attacking after it respawned. * Made pigs in Zaken's Curse event stronger so more players get the chance to hit them, increased more the spawn rate. * Renamed Ivory Tower (TvT) to Ivory Crater, added new Ivory Tower (Domination) map. * Increased PvP exp rate again. * Increased PvE exp/sp rates. * Improved the drops formula in PvE, now party members will also be able to get drops as long as they are near. * Players will not be able to use skills while waiting for their turn to fight in Korean TvT. * Players can now party while in town regardless of faction. * Players will not get noble quest items anymore if they are already noble. Added: * Party will not be disbanded when entering Lucky Chests, Russian Roulette or Simon Says mini events. * Zaken will not have night regenaration anymore. * Zaken boss event will now take place on the ship outside the boss zone.
  24. You can be disappointed as much as you want - that won't change the facts that the skill exists and its used unless you somehow prove otherwise. P.S. you know magnus has many other stats than only the p.atk and m.atk you complain about, pretty much all his other stats are better than Merrow's ones, so yes, there is still a reason to use it.
  25. Titans-redesign

    Why would you get a response? do you really think this is how a suggestion is made? where are your photos to base all what you say? how are you so sure your enemies uses the buffs you mentioned? do you really think i'm supposed to remove magnus from buffer just because you came and asked for it? mages who use magnus sacrifice so much other stats. Did you tried to get Archery skill which increases your range to help you kite? did you know that you can actually see each and every skill cast range in the game instead of coming and asking that here? And the list of quesitons just goes on and on, again, if you want me to take you seriously, then act seriously, otherwise yeah, you are pretty much talking to yourself. Now as I mentioned this topic isn't for this discussion, locked.