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  1. Planned Changes (Poll)

    So my first goal is to close the gap between newcomers and veterans, by not giving newbies any kind of custom boost, but rather by reducing the amount of stuff there is to achieve ingame, note that some of my planned changes will also make life easier for veterans, but i'll only do so if there are more people who'll agree to this, otherwise, it'll wait for a later stage or for an enitrely different season. Stuff that are planned to change (in between): * R-Grade gear will be completely removed, R95-Grade will be free instead. * R99-Grade gear prices will change to be like current R95-Grade prices. * Making upgrading of talismans etc a less game of chance by adding them to GM shop with a fixed upgrade prices. * Stage 8 crystals will be changed to stage 10. * Event wins will be required for ranks instead of ELO. * The very basic level of each talisman will be made free. * Dyes prices will be cut by half, weakerdyes will be added for free. Note, that if I do make the changes, in order to make up for these who did play and bought the items that became free/cheaper, i'll keep the extra Adena drop rewards for another week. I'll let the poll run for a few days to see people's opinions.
  2. Event coins

    You're not updated with last changes it seems, upgrades doesn't require materials anymore except for boss stuff. Besides that I don't understand the point of this suggestion topic at all.
  3. Archers ( again) proof + solution

    Archers critical rate was decreased by 15%.
  4. Planned Changes (Poll)

    Unsticking this topic. Some talismans and brooch were made free. Upgrading of talismans, brooch and agathions is now done through the Merchant.
  5. denied due to lack of info. Can't understand what skill are you talking about, which summon, which class...
  6. Elemental burst freeze effect

    If you don't know how it is supposed to workthen this is just a suggestion not a bug report. And if you say you tested it I don't understand why you didn't made a video so we can really see how bad it is.
  7. So the only report from this topic is freeze land rate? its 80%.
  8. Eviscerator (spallation)

    What's not working with it exactly?
  9. Sonic Star

    Will be checked.
  10. PK

    You're not with karma anymore because I cleared it, but next time if it happens try to note when / why it happens.
  11. Eviscerator

  12. PK

    And how did it happen?
  13. Double Weekend Event !

    Adena rates are now x1.5 until next weekend.
  14. Developer Update

    * Starting level is now 96. * XP rate has been increased. * Starting armor set will now be given with elements. * Level difference between attacker and target will now dramatically affect XP gained. * Art of Seduction added to NPC buffer.
  15. Art of Seduction

    Will be added to buffer next update for everyone.
  16. Start lvl 99

    This isn't beta so this isn't the time for such requests. Plus people were already able to test these stuff during beta.
  17. Disable Land Rates / Durations

    Duration is still needs to be checked and there's a bug report about it. As for rate, saha buff was already added since this topic was created, aswell as vote reward / death boost and god motivation were all given resistance to debuffs, so it should still be better.
  18. Doesn't work for me inside olympiad aswell, and since creator no longer responds, moved to denied due to lack of info.
  19. Not a bug, all buffs that are on NPC buffer (and their duplicates) are set to target self.
  20. Actually at that point it seems very much like he wasn't teleported to the opposite location of where he clicked but according to the heading he exactly had during the rotation, so it seems to work as it is here. I won't bother with such video where you barely can see anything, a proper test needs to be made if i'm going to make any change.
  21. Double weekend event

    It ended and i'll probably start it for a week this friday, announcement will come later.
  22. Archers

    How can you ask for such a thing where literally everyone around you says that archers are OP and asks for a nerf? And no, they were not nerfed if that's what you think.
  23. Attribute stones / crys

    Broken enchant rate? so give us the real rates and everything will be fine. Plus attributing was already made easier with the fact that now you get attribute exchange crystal as drop from PvP and you can trade it for any stone in merchant.
  24. Vote reward

    As you can see by your own poll, its a no.
  25. Too slow

    There were already chages made that speed up things by a whole lot and I already listed a few more to come, so why did you create this topic? Rhetoricalquestion.