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  1. I cant log in ??

    I already said if you have connectivity issues you can send me a PM.
  2. Insane lag issue

    Check now. If anyone else got connectivity issues you can send me a PM.
  3. Insane lag issue

    The server is already fine since an hour ago stop spamming without checking. I'm just going to make a last restart soon to apply some last fixes and that's it.
  4. Insane lag issue

    Try to play now, should be fine. Will still work on improvements if anything happens though.
  5. Insane lag issue

    Should be back online now.
  6. Multi-TVT balance

    There is a balancer for this event when you try to choose a team. Teams would get unbalanced if people start to leave the event if nobody joins instead of them. If anything, this event should simply not run in low online.
  7. " UNBLOCK CHAR " no working

    Its working, the only reason it wouldn't work is if you type incorrect details.
  8. 500 IQ

    So you're basically taking away 2 features that offers competition in favor ofyet another 2 features where people just spend money or having to be lucky to get. Won't happen, and you can return and say "I told ya" as much as you wish just like the other 200 people that think they have the most brilliant ideas this world has ever seen, this still won'tmean you'reright. P.S. I just see you wrote you didn't even played this season, clearly you didn't get what the situation this season was all about at all, which i've already made changes that deal with it.
  9. Mail

    What do you mean by "bring it back". It was never removed. .notice
  10. This should be done a long time ago

    I already said multiple times you can use general discussion section for that. and I'm definitely not taking a side here, i've said what I had to say and that's it. The amount of people that came to complain about that zerg when server just started could be used to create another zerg double that size and return a worthy fight. Instead of organizing people decided to whine and quit, and ofcourse then come and say "there was no competition" or start talking about server situation... Its the players who create the competition, not me.
  11. facts

    Right, because your zerg kept it alive for sooooo long. Locked, keep the bullshit for yourself.
  12. facts

    Last seasons summoners were even stronger (they had up to 50% damage boost from gear compared to this season up to 40%). SEs weren't available in party a couple of seasons ago aswell and seasons did just fine, I tried to bring it into play and your decision of overusing them (can't blame you for that anyway) proves it was a mistake and they should've stayed out of the game. You cannot say there wasn't competiton when the moment I removed giran castle you instantly lost Aden to that very same clan you were zerging with. Its all execuses for quitting, you were never dominating the server and the moment you do have competiton you whine and quit. These are facts.
  13. why not broooo

    Too much whining with 0 insights (as usual), don't see the point of these discussions going further, locked.
  14. log in

    Should be up. Just some stupid DDoSers finding new tricks each day, nothing special.
  15. Logging ??

  16. Changelist

    Changelist #1 * Multi TvT mini event: players will now see the choose team window as soon as they teleport. * Added some fences to Multi TvT mini event. * Reduced Antharas/Valakas/Gigantic Chaos Golem HPs. * Fixed Tattoo of Power P.Def. bonus should be static, also increased it to +75. * Animations in missions will always show despite of player's configuration. * Fixed adena reward when defeated in the white walkers mission. * Added 2 more siege gatekeepers to Aden Castle. * Removed Giran Castle.
  17. Changelist

    Changelist #2 * Small improvement to gear dependent reward system. * Increased the reward for killing higher grade players. * Death Boost will be given more often to newbies. * SE can no longer cast good spells on other healers. * SE can no longer be in the same party with other healers. * Hidden Waterfall spawns are now closer to objective. * Added clan faction change service. * Added clan name change service. * Fixed issue with summons going through obstacles.
  18. Newbie Deduction

    And then people will start crying wondering what's the point to get geared if you do less damage, as if we weren't there already... Newbies get much bigger % of rewards from killing (and assisting) on higher geared players and there are plenty of events that doesn't include PvP, people should be able to manage if they play correctly. Anyway on next update i've done some improvements to gear dependent system and also made the Death Boost buff last longer on newbies.
  19. Clan balance for factions

    A service will be added next update, it won't be free but cheaper than the individual faction change.
  20. balance system

    After next update SEs won't be able to party with other healers, nor recharge or res them. That would be a start.
  21. Summoner's Pet radius

    This bug will be fixed next update, for now without my limitations, we'll see how it goes.
  22. Summoner's Pet radius

    Range + sight restrictions will be added to summoners next update for balance purposes (as it will force them to at least partially take active part in the fight, they'll have to peek to send their summon to attack and then they can go back to hide). It will also fix this issue. No more discussions will be made in this matter, if it will "kill" the class, so be it.
  23. You had 0 olympiad points...
  24. What message do you get when you try to claim it...?
  25. Where is the pride ?

    You guys becoming really tiresome to deal with. Working around the clock to make more and more classes playable, but whenever a new class does become playable people find a dozen and a half execuses why to have it removed. Was the same for tankers /titans / warlordsthen for gladis / tryants and now for SEs and summoners. You cry 24/7 about "archer vs mage" server and in the same breath request ANY other class to be nerfed down to the point it is no longer playable because you're simply too used to this "archer vs mage" thing. So i'm going to do these drastic changes so these classes will indeed no longer be playable, and any boost suggestion from this point onward will be denied on sight. Locked.