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  1. Short-Movie Week 4-5

    Great video and pvp nontheless Must be real fun to play duelist
  2. Map Sizes

    For people who wonder what size each map is considered. Feel free to suggest size change for some maps, and explain why you think the size needs to be changed. Do not suggest to remove maps, that's not gonna happen, you can say which maps you think have problems (and state the problems ofcourse)and we might make improvements to them, just like we did to Ivory Crater, Cruma Marshland, Talking Island Territory and a few others. Small Maps: Town of Giran (CTF) Giran Castle (Siege) Valley Fort (Fort) Dragon Valley (BF) Narsell Fort (Fort) Tower of Insolance (BF) Town of Dion (BF) Tanor Fort (Fort) Dion Castle (Siege) Floran Village (TvT) Town of Gludio (TvT) Ruins of Despair (BF) Ruins of Agony (Escort) Dragonspine Fort (Fort) Town of Oren (TvT) Oren Castle (Siege) Fortress Escape (Escort) Ivory Fort (Fort) Elven Village (Domi) Hunters Village (TvT) Innadril Castle (Siege) Heine (CTF) Garden of Eva (Domi) Alligator Fort (Fort) Orc Village (Escort) Gludio Castle (Siege) Archaic Fort (Fort) Ketra Fort (Fort) Town of Goddard (TvT) Goddard Castle (Siege) Rune Castle (Siege) Swamp Fort (Fort) Rune Township (TvT) Oren Fort (Fort) Floran Fort (Fort) Silent Fort (Fort) Langk Fort (Fort) Devotion Fort (KOTH) Devils Fort (KOTH) Saints Fort (BF) Hunters Fort (CTF) Racers Fort (Domi) Abandoned Fort (Escort) Forsaken Fort (BF) Borderland Fort (TvT) Talking Island Village (KOTH) Gludin Village (BF) Fortress of Resistance (BF) Devils Isle (Domi) Devastated Castle (Domi) Dwarven Village (TvT) Pagans Temple (TvT) Dark Elven Village (TvT) Insolence: Top Floor (TvT) Gludin Arena (CTF) Mother Tree (Escort) Iris Lake (Escort) Shilen Temple (Escort) Execution Grounds (Escort) Corrupted Heart (Domi) Ivory Tower (Domi) Gludin Harbor (KOTH) Castle VS Castle (Hybrid) Medium Maps: Gorgon Garden (Escort) Death Pass (TvT) Cemetery (BF) Seal of Shilen (Domi) Elven Forest (TvT) Railroad Station (CTF) Pavel Ruins (TvT) Hot Spring (BF) Wall of Argos (Domi) Varka Outpost (CTF) Valley of Saints (Domi) Forest Escape (Escort) Beast Farm (BF) Blazing Swamp (KOTH) Primeval Plains (BF) Ancient Battleground (BF) Abandoned Camp (BF) Field of Whispers (BF) Bee Hive (BF) Cruma Tower (BF) Monastery of Silence (BF) Imperial Tomb (BF) Immortal Plateau (TvT) Windy Hill (Domi) Spider Nest (Domi) Stone Age (Domi) Train Station (Domi) Caron's Dungeon (Domi) Old Factory (Domi) Frozen Hideout (Domi) Frozen Labyrinth (Domi) Dragon Lair (TvT) Northened Shire (TvT) Fellmere Lake (TvT) Winter Veil (TvT) Dark Elven Border (TvT) Dark Arts School (CTF) Lords Valley (CTF) Hidden Waterfall (Fort) Elven Ruins (TvT) Talking Island Harbor (Domi) Mining Zone (TvT) Giran Harbor (TvT) Ivory Crater (KOTH) Obelisk of Victory (Domi) Cruma Marshland (Domi) Large Maps: Giants Cave (Domi) Primeval Isle (TvT)
  3. Enchantment system

    Partially accepted, check the changelist.
  4. Changelist

    Changelist #14 * Reduced wedding price to 1k. * Changed the way some daily events work. * Removed strange machine and golem's stoneheart. * Reduced Ancient Adena price to 30 Adena. * Added normal enchant scrolls, failing a normal enchant will set enchant value to 0. * Added normal enchant scrolls also to olympiad shop. * Added Divine Inspiration book drops to grand bosses / farm zone boss / aden castle boss. * Added enchant drops to boxes / PvP / PvE / grand bosses / farm zone boss / aden castle boss. Note: you will get 700 adena for every golem stoneheart you had when logging in your character (until next update).
  5. Changelist

    Changelist #1 * Small fix to Korean TvT. * Small fix to global vote reward messages. * Reduced ranks requirements. * .msgoff / .msgon will now affect kill streak messages too. * Small fix to spoilers (sometimes spoiled 0 adena).
  6. If you got some good ideas for the map, feel free to suggest them and maybe you'll see them live on our server
  7. Next hybrid map: Moba Arena

    Good idea, so this is how this map is going to work: Its going to be a BF + Fort + TvT hybrid. Buffers Each side will have 5 buffers, players can choose one effect to get as follows: Buffer of Destruction: P.Atk. and M.Atk. Buffer of Twilight: Atk.Spd. and Cast Spd. Buffer of Wind: Speed Buffer of Endurance: P.Def. and M.Def. Buffer of Recovery: CP, HP and MP. And you will get the buff only after your team captures the altar at the middle of the map - after capturing, you will automatically get the buff you choosed, if you lose the altar, the buff will be automatically remvoed, it will not take a buff slot. Teleporters You can enter the small blue zone at your base, it will automatically teleport you to the battlefield, however be aware, that if enemies awaits on the other side, this option is useless. Scoring Faction who owns the altar will get 1 point + 1 point extra for each BF flag currently owned (like regular BF maps). The winners is the team with more objectives owned at the end of the event.
  8. /clanpenalty

    I believe the reason official didn't put time in there is because of timezone difference betwewen the server and the client. Many people will think penalty should already be over but in reality it still shouldn't. Just try to remember when you got the penalty, you got only 1 day penalities atm anyway since alliance was removed.
  9. I'm back

    Never understood what people are thinking when they post such questions on forum. Welcome back and all but I believe you're enough grown up to login in and decide for your self if you want to play here or not.
  10. Changelist

    Changelist #13 * EE/SE can now recharge other healers. * Reduced Horrific Puma HP. * Added monsters to Search the Beast, killing them will increase progress but killing boss will finish the instance. * Spawns in Russian Roulette will be closer to the chests. * Added new mini event: Battle Royale. * Changed icons to Capture Fort, Capture Base and Plant Bomb skills. * Added sounds to custom skills. Note: its recommended to download new patch in order to see the new mini event's skills and the other changes, it also contains new stuff for future features.
  11. Mini Event: Battle Royale

    It will be added next update. Zone visualization: Few perks: Air drop:
  12. Currently just a draft, stuff might change as development progress * The event will take place at Ruins of Despair. * Every short interval the zone will shrink, a radar will show you the location of the next safe zone. * Going out of event zone will result in player taking damage. * The safe zone will have white lines as border while the event zone will have blue lines (like in domation events). * Each player will be given 3 skills: Fire, Heal and Booster. * When using Fire, you will be able to aim somewhere on the ground to launch it, it will damage players in a certain radius. * You will be able to find various items during the event: ** Damage Perk: Increases Fire damage. ** Fire Rate Perk: Increases Fire cast and reduce reuse delay. ** Scope Perk: Increases Fire cast range. ** Radius Perk: Increases Fire radius. ** Defense Perk: Increases your defense. ** Potions: Each potion will enable 1 use to Heal skill to heal 25% HP. ** Boosters: Each booster will enable 1 use to the Booster skill to increase run speed. * After killing a player, he will drop all the items he had (event items, ofcourse :D) and you'll be able to pick them up. * Bonus: every time the map will shrink a Wyvern will fly over the map to make an airdrop, pick it to get extra perks / adena.
  13. Vote if you want to see such event. * You will be able to use self buffs only. * You will not be able to use any potions.
  14. Events Vote

    I did it for mini events, a mini event won't appear for 3 routines after it was played. But I don't quite agree for maps, even if same type is choosen, each map has a completely different place, some maps are open while others are closed etc. There's already a delay of 12h until the same map can be voted for again, so evantually different maps will show up in the vote options.
  15. Changelist

    Changelist #12 * Reduced score, assists, kills, spree, raider and top player requirements. * Removed hero count and takedown requirements. * Increased playful and wins requirements. * Changed Frozen Labyrinth domination map zone and spawn locations. * Changed Gludin Harbor domination map to KOTH map. * Changed Giran Harbor domination map to TvT map. Added: * Changed Ivory Crater TvT map to KOTH map. * Changed Cruma Marshland BF map to domination map. * Removed Talking Island Territory BF map. * Added Obelisk of Victory domination map.
  16. Giran harbor

    As far as I know the problem comes from arrow keys, but these are required sometimes to get your from situations where you are stuck etc so I don't really want to disable them. I changed the map type to TvT so the focus won't be on the bridge anymroe.
  17. Emerald :/

    At least my changes make you laugh, you seemed so miserable until now, i'm glad you're ok. Cool editing skills btw, where were you when the youtube event was running? you could win for sure If my changes would really make no difference to youthen you wouldn't bother making such topics, but apperantly you do - and we both know its not the same when there's no more alliance communication, AoE would affect any other clans you would play with on siege ground, no more massive OL heals and double the costs in case you would really decide to open a second clan. So we all know who's the 'crying frog' over here
  18. Next season changes

    As soon as B-grade will become free (its not time based but rather how fast people will get B/A stuff).
  19. Changelist

    Changelist #11 * During low online, an even weaker raid bosses will spwan in maps. * Subclasses will now cost 500 Adena to create, first subclass will be free. * Added clan notice system, use .notice to enable. * Reduced abit the adena gain from doing objectives in some maps. * Improved the formula to gain adena from doing PvP. * Reduced AoE spoil chance to success and adena steal amount. * Added randomness factor to enchanted spoil (instead of a solid addition). * Players can now use /unstuck in events to teleport back to spawn location. * Reduced the amount of weapons/sets needed to be sold for S-grade to become cheap from 250 to 150. * Increased drop rates. Note: in next seasons starting gear will be C-grade and S-grade will be locked (including boss/tattoo shops).
  20. Soe/Escape/Port

    /unstuck will be usable on next update to get back to event's spawn location.
  21. Clan Extras

    15 members is 15 members, it doesn't matter how / where you'll position them.
  22. Dark Vortexe

    Only dark vortex itself absorbs hp.
  23. Vote Here: Clans

    So, I gave you 3 possible solutions to clans, choose one (I removed the polls from the other topics) Option 1:http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11386-vote-clans/ Option 2:http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11395-vote-clans-2/ Option 3:http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11414-vote-clans-3/
  24. Clan Message / Info

    Will be added next update.
  25. Changelist

    Changelist #10 * Changed spawn location of last boss in Rescue the Princess event so it won't be attackable from down below. * Fixed doors should be permanently open in Rescue the Princess event after killing King Tarik. * Increased number of slots in main clan from 8 to 9. * Reduced number of slots in royal guards/knights to 1, members who were there have been removed from the clan (no penalty). * Reduced clan reputation points required for skills / royals / leveling by 4 times (clans got CRP they spent back accordingly). * Reduced CRP reward/loss for winning/losing Aden Castle by half. * Alliance can only be created for the crest now (clans joined to an alliance are removed from it). * Updated Grand Master HTMLs accordingly. * Small improvement to temporary faction change feature. * Completely disabled mass resurrection skill in events (was already disabled in boss events, now in any teamed event). * Support classes cannot cast spells on other friendly support classes anymore (heal/recharge/res and such). * Removed warlord's Revival skill boost (can now be used at 5% HP as retail instead of 15%). * Added kills/deaths in statistics K:D page.