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  1. Pls check skill:counter critical(GH 79lvl skill)

    define "don't work", show screenshots while being attacked with the buff on or I deny it.
  2. Hero Weapon

    Will change it anyway so it will be deleted without the need for a relog.
  3. Chance Buff Augment

    It doesn't last 4 hours, otherwise where's the chance factor here? Still, it lasts 60 seconds with 5% chance to proc, which should be good enough to have it up most of the time so I don't see a reason to make it not take a buff slot.
  4. Can't log in from my home pc

    Sent him a PM couple of hours ago, if he needs more help he can do it with me via a PM.
  5. [Event] Dance with the Dragons

    Congratulations to Order team who won today's Antharas. However since players always complain and can never enjoy the things given to them, tomorrow's Valakas event has been cancelled aswell as any future event I planned.
  6. This weekend we will run 2 Raid in the Middle events: * Saturday 17:00 GMT +3 - Antharas * Sunday 16:00 GMT +3 - Valakas ** Times might not be accurate as it depends on event routine times aswell, so be online around that time! Chance for everyone to win an Antharas Earring or Valakas Necklace, and ofcourse, some full S-grade items - see you there!
  7. Increase Subclasses

    Why would you want more subclasses? I keep it limited to 3 so people will choose carefully what to play with, and not change to anything they like whenever they like based on situation.
  8. Clan Shop

    Coming next update, clan leaders who own Aden Castle will be able to buy items with clan's CRP for cheaper prices than in regular shop. I want to see the upcoming sieges HOT
  9. Changelist

    Changelist #1 * Bosses in maps will spawn according to players gear (in addition to player amount). * Fixed a bug with creating a subpledge taking more CRP than it should (clans that got affected were refunded). * Fixed bug: http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12856-honor-heart-of-paagrio/ * Added .animauto, this will be default for all players and will decide automatically if to display animations depending on situation.
  10. Changelist

    Changelist #5 * Added multi-type map system, see below for newly added maps. * Added clan shop to Aden Castle owners. * Small fix sometimes players were losing a buff when rebuffing. * Zombies will now get 8 Adena for every enemy they transform. * Reduced Horrific Puma p.atk. Added new maps: * Blazing Swamp (Domi) * Blazing Swamp (TvT) * Cemetery (Domi) * Cemetery (Escort) * Cemetery (TvT) * Cruma Tower (CTF) * Dark Elven Village (CTF) * Death Pass (Escort) * Dragon Lair (Escort) * Elven Village (TvT) * Execution Grounds (BF) * Execution Grounds (Domi) * Execution Grounds (TvT) * Floran Village (BF) * Floran Village (Domi) * Forbidden Gateway (TvT) * Giran Harbor (Domination) * Gludin Village (CTF) * Gludin Village (TvT) * Heine (BF) * Hot Springs (Domi) * Hot Springs (TvT) * Hunters Village (CTF) * Imperial Tomb (Domi) * Imperial Tomb (TvT) * Iris Lake (Fort) * Iris Lake (TvT) * Ivory Crater (TvT) * Orc Village (BF) * Pavel Ruins (Fort) * Ruins of Agony (BF) * Ruins of Despair (TvT) * Rune Castle (TvT) * Spider Nest (TvT) * Talking Island Village (BF) * Talking Island Village (Domi) * Talking Island Village (TvT) * Town of Dion (CTF) * Town of Dion (TvT) * Town of Giran (Domi) * Town of Giran (TvT) * Town of Gludio (BF) * Train Station (TvT) * Wall of Argos (TvT)
  11. Clan Shop

    Everything is 34% cheaper than regular shop, will be usable in oly, and no it is counted as A-grade. Regular.
  12. Clan Shop

    There will be.
  13. Clan Shop

    Anything to be unsure about?
  14. min 5 Dual Box

    You have no reason to have a second account on this server. If you need to create a new char you can do it on the same account and then transfer items to it from freight.
  15. Jaro's Video

    Another great video by Jaro who shows how its done from Mystic Muse point of view!
  16. Event Registration

    You are right, my word doesn't means much, that's exactly why I made an NPC that can show you all the info / statistics you need. But since you seem incapable of finding it, here's a short guide: I hope that's enough arrows, if not let me know, i'll add more.
  17. Smaller maps for PVP?

    Will be ready soon, the new system will allow multiple types for each map, so many of the old maps will be added back (probably 50+ maps).
  18. NPC mobs

    You do realize youare compaing mages with a warsmith right? There's no point comparing the best farming class in the game with any other non-farming class, that is warsmith and daggers mainly. Any class that can AoE will be good at these events, this includes melee classes like Gladi / Tryants and maybe even Archers due to Burst Shot. The stats I use for mobs atm are real stats taken from other monsters that exist in the game, as someone said, if I increase M.def. (and i'll have to increase it alot to satisify your farming abilities with a warsmith...) it might make some events harder to complete (speaking of Castle Invasion, that's already hard enough) - if i'll decrease p.def. then you will still have these AoEing classes I mentioned above to compete with and that wouldn't change anything for mages KSing anyway.
  19. Event Registration

    Never happen, not even close to being double. Plus not only amount of people are taken into consideration. Plus I don't get how you can complain about chaos side when they are leading in all event statistics so far.
  20. DE/ELF classes locked by race

    I had more reasons to remove it, one of them was that client doesnt support certain animations properly when used under certain classes/races.
  21. Smaller maps for PVP?

  22. Team balance

    No screenshots, no actual people amount / how big score difference is, not mentioned event types (which is useful to know if you lost just because you ignored the objective or really something else was going on). There can be hundreds of reasons why a certain team can lose and people will always blame balance. So if you want me to take you alittle bit more seriously, be more serious yourself with these kind of reprots.
  23. vicious stance

    Not a suggestion. Also the skill works, but it barely adds any damage to normal hits/skills, is is also affected by target's pdef which in this case training dummy has 1.7k This skill is mainly useful on dagger blow skills since C5.
  24. I didn't say anywhere that you get less rewards by wearing C/B. You get equal as if you are wearing A.
  25. People cannot "trick" the system like that anymore. If the server was in C-grade stage then yes fighting C VS A would give you 50% more adena. But since A-grade are free, calculations start from A-grade only, so even if you wear C-grade, its your choose, it does no effect on adena gain, you will only get 25% more adena from killing an S-grader.