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  1. Updates

    I do not take things personal, but be at my position and read your whole post again and tell me what am I supposed to do with all that information? You saw the requirement/reward for rank 1 only, and you already came here to post a block of text saying how bad it is, while all your statements about it are totally wrong, then you start talking about rewards on other features which are bad but never define what you want instead. About olympiad, I think since season 1 besides of people coming and saying "olympiad is not rewarding", nobody have ever bothered showing how "bad" it is, now that you state its 1 bews for 3 hero count, I suppose it could be increased, open a suggestion about it and i'll check it out. Open a suggestion also about aden castle passive skills so I won't forget about it.
  2. Updates

    Wow wow hold there... all that negativity, have you even checked the new system? Who decided that faction server is based only about player kills? what makes you think that I made it so assists matter more? Assists are easier to get, that's why ranks starts with assists, it gets harder as you climb up the ranks and will also include kills, score, played events, wins and so on, everything matters, not just player kills as you mention it. Rewards are discouraging? you do aware that so far you got nothing for getting new ranks right? there are 100 ranks, what rewards do you want to get exactly from each rank? 500 adena? so nobody would ever need to buy/sell anything? the rewards were made like that so newbies will get starter stuff from the starter ranks, and on higher ranks it will start rewarding also lvl 3/4 books, enchants, bogs, Adena etc. Achievements manager was removed because the other achievements had no point. The removed achievements were Elo, Skill Enchant, Level, Noble, Olympiad Points and Vote. Why would I reward players for any of these? its your goal to do all of the above even without me rewarding for it, and if you need an explanation, go on and I will explain why. As I continue to read this topic I still try to figure out what kinds of rewards will ever make you happy. Olympiad stays retail like, with the only change that 1/4 period => 1/4 rewards. Why would you take Aden Castle on any other server? on most server it gives strictly nothing besides of the circlets. But yeah, the lack of disrespect you just showed when you said "I doubt it even works", I regreated I even started to answer this post, and by saying that you obviously just trying to make it look like Aden Castle gives nothing, you had nothing to say about XP/SP bonus so you said "you doubt it works", fuck it - why I even bother.
  3. Changelist

    20/08/17 * Reduced amount of titles from 132 to 100. * Titles now have additional requirements besides of just kills. * Gaining ranks is now rewarding, it replaces the previous achievements system.
  4. Changelist

    16/08/17 * Reduced wait time for Antharas/Valakas/Frintezza to spawn after enemy team is cleared out from 1 minute to 10 seconds. * From now on if a faction event isn't completed in time, the faction that done more progress will win. * Removed the chance to spawn mobs in Faction Wisdom event before giving a chance to players to answer a question first. * A-grade progression: made the progress slower however A-grade will evantually become free - for this season A-grade will already set to be free. * When A-grade becomes free, the chance to drop A-grade enchants from players/mobs increases. * Gifts/donate shops will update dynamically according to progressive gameplay. * Grand bosses will drop S-grade items when A-grade becomes free. * Changed weekend event rewards due to A-grade becoming free. * Keymats requirements will now also reduce according to progressive gameplay. * Weekend Events have been changed to World Events and are now running through whole week, events will switch every Friday/Monday. Added: * S-grade progression: made the progress slower however S-grade will evantually become 2k + 20% materials (instead of 4k + 40% materials). * The radar in battlefield maps will now always point to the nearest enemy flag, rather than one random flag. * Added level 1 buff book to Box of Luck, also changed abit the rates to get certain items. * Reduced enchant prices. Added: * Golem will no longer drop enchants, instead, all bosses (map/grand/golem) will drop 1-2 boxes of luck. * Removed high LS from the game, top LS will be dropped instead.
  5. Mini Events

    So i'm looking forward to implement some new mini events, mainly non-PvP ones but PvP ones could do aswell. If you got some ideas or saw some cool events somewhere that we don't have please write them here in details, if they will be good they will be implemenated. Thanks. Current list of events: PvP: Battlefield, Death Match, Korean TvT, Last Man Standing, Humans VS Mutants, Raid in the Middle, VIP TvT. (7) Non-PvP: Bomb Fight, Hunting Grounds, Lucky Chests, Russian Roulette, Simon Says, Humans VS Zombies. (6)
  6. Mini Events

    Events will have some changes, thought donations are most likely to stay as they are, in day 1 when there's many players around a few donators here and there does almost no changes to how competitive / balanced events are, it's not like we got enchanted skills / items or full clan stuff on offer like on other servers. Its obvious people like simple stuff, that's why they always go for simple PvP events all the time, that's why Interlude is most popular too, because its simple, that doesn't mean the others cannot be fun - I can always increase the amount of rounds you cannot vote for the same event over and over, or reduce the amount of events you are able to vote for in order to make more diversity, so yes, new events are sure welcome, if there will be any cool ideas soon That's like faction events, it started only with Kill the God one, then few others were added and tweaked over time, now I think everything is pretty much enjoyable - adding a few more faction events too could do wonders.
  7. Mini Events

    The server was born in inspiration of ekokinetics - the very first season had the exact same gameplay, talking island from 65 - 70 and then entire world from 70 and upwards, same gameplay etc. But it didn't work out from many reasons, same reasons ekokinetics itself died evantually, it would always get to the point where people cannot find pvp - having an open world pvp for a faction server isn't really benefitical, at start people who reached 70 couldn't find pvp in the main continent, and at the end in addition to that newbies wont find PvP in Talking Island. The changes I do atm are not meant to make gameplay easier, A-grade can now become free and S-grade even cheaper but the progress itself has been made twice slower, also about rebirths now its removed yes but exping is x4 slower, so you end up having the same result, just without the ability to bypass the exp penality by making all subclasses level 80 before rebirthing. There's still alot to do, soon I update the new ranks system which will also be rewarding, and later will also probably rework the maps and add territories with rewards. I honesty don't think anybody reached endgame here, it doesn't end with gear but with actually owning Aden Castle as a clan, getting heroes, enchanting skills and items and so on. The gameplay itself, yup, its repeating, but tell me one server where it isn't ? it always ends up where you are fully geared and then all you do is PvP, that's what L2 is about. That's why I want new event ideas, I start with mini events but will move on to other event types aswell. P.S. Star, that's not the type of events i'm looking for, that's a solo instance and yeah it doesn't seem to be worth the effort of implemenation, thanks for the idea anyway.
  8. Mini Events

    CTF already exist as a map and "defend the castle" already exists as a City under Attack faction event, trivia one is similar to Simon Says or Wisdom Test faction event, not about l2 questions but still similar. You'll have to explain that stealth thing better, although it still sounds much like a part of CTF event, where you need to sneak back to base with the flag after taking it.
  9. Rebirth exp penalty

    No more penalty after last update, aswell as some changes which in my opinion make it easier.
  10. Changelist

    19/08/17 * Increased the amount of routines the same mini event cannot be voted for from 2 to 3. * Removed rebirth system, rebirth skills can now be learned at grand master. * From now on you get rebirth books when reaching levels 78/79/80. * Removed max level service from god NPCs, instead people will be able to get XP/SP boost by donating. * Since there's no more need for rebirthing, exping is now made slower. * Players will automatically get noble when reaching level 80. * Removed rebirth and noble achievements. * Removed the rebirth exp penality. Added: * Players cannot set custom titles anymore when reaching max title. * Updated Grand Master NPC html text to explain how to get divine inspiration / rebirth skills. * Reduced starting ELO to 2k and max ELO to 5k, ELO will now be more accurate. * Added assists to the game, PvP points will now show assists, PK will show kills. * Updated scoreboard at end of maps to show more details. * Now the top 3 players in a map will get a point toward Wisdom achievement, instead of top 1.
  11. Reanimate server

    You know what's even more pathetic? you, for managing to break the rules everytime - get banned for it and then come to forum to post a wall of text trying to blame it on me. So lets start off with the fact that I didn't say server is perfectly balanced, but it surely is pretty good balanced, and without input i'm not going to make any change, besides of a few topics before the season even started (based on people guesses, I don't count that as input) - there were 0 topics about balance. But I find it funny that you, who bothered so much making a bug report about daggers that would lead to a major boost in their skill landrates and possibily damage, now complaining about daggers being too OP, that's exactly the reason why I don't rush to fix this bug, because its completely stupid to fix something and then purposely nerf it afterwards, just to say "I fixed it, horray" - and yet, there's 0 topics that would talk about balancing daggers. I'm too proud to admit the server needs improvements? lol, I could've sworn that just a few posts above this one I admitted that it needs improvements. Oh wait, there it is. You're right about one thing btw, using the "banhammer" is so easy and fun when it comes to people like you, but here you are, still roaming the forums, how does that even happen...
  12. Reanimate server

    IL is popular on OvCbecause its gone through so many reworkssinceit first launched, if you think thatthe first few seasons ofIL weregood, you're wrong. That's why i'm not going to consider GC a failure just because of one season, it reached ~200 unique players on its first run, the problem was that there were too many critical bugs that took a long time to fix, bugs that weren't revealed during a 20-30 players beta. As for IL one of the reasons for drop in population is summer, many peoplereplied to my mass advertising messages saying they cannot be playing (alot) during summer - I'm aware of the fact that there's alot to be improved though, especially regarding progressive gameplay - however I cannot jump from one game version to another, I already stated when this season begun that i'm going to work only on GC, many of the suggestions/bug reports that are open here are already fixed on GC, but they cannot be imported to IL before everything is 100% finished as features are dependent on each other, and i'm not going to do the same work twice. As soon as I'll finish with GC I will probably import a few things to IL so you can see a few changes even this season. As for H5, well, we'll consider it.
  13. Remove Race/Class subclass restrictions.

    It was like this previous season and I decided to revert it for this one, and for now it'll stay like this. And that, was actually a serious problem.
  14. Votemanager error hopezone

    Its fixed.
  15. Votemanager error hopezone

    Looks like a problem on hopzone side, until this is checked you can still vote only in the 2 other sites and still get the reward without hopzone.
  16. Empower chance lvl 10

    And I love how users complain all the time about everything, even when you get a full detail response to your question (that was asked here about 100 times in the past btw and you could already get your answer by just searching)here you are complaining.
  17. Server froze

  18. one more offer for next (Interlude) season

    I won't split the community into seperate areas for this reason, simply because player base at some times won't allow it (imagine splitting community at night-times). That's why I said I can do more events running at the same time based on population, and not on items. That will even matter less if i'll decide to make A-grade go free again at some stage, which is probably going to this direction.
  19. For next (Interlude) season.

    Don't understand what's the point of this one. Noted to myself for next season - or next client side update at least. There's already a topic about this. Won't be done.
  20. Zaken battle area

    These are one of the stuff that should probably be imported from GC to IL. In GC the 2 teams spawns inside Zaken lair itself and PvP there for Zaken, rather than on the ship.
  21. Suggestion (Maybe for new Season)

    I've written a note to myself about this, it will probably happen on next seasons that there will be more than 1 map running, based on population. But it will still be event-based, i.e. every 30 minutes maps will change.
  22. About cancels

    And you said that because? I never said you weren't fair nor you didn't report server issues, you still try to put wrong words in my mouth. As i've said before dozen of times, the fact i'm a GM doesn't mean I need to be nice to everyone, especially people who talk like you just did. I proved you wrong, and you stilltry to throw all the gun-power you got againts me, basing completely nothing, do you even read what I say or you just read the first sentence and respond directly without thinking? because that's really how it looks like. And now that conversation is really over.
  23. Drunk Idea!!!!

    Then it won't be interesting anymore.
  24. Modify Battlefield Flags

    As far as I recall I disabled lethal and half lethals on flags, you sure its daggers that kills them fast? what else can cuase them to die fast?
  25. Mass Resurrection Suggestion.

    That's not the reason it was disabled, it was disabled because it is simply too OP - and therefore won't be re-enabled either.