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  1. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Thanks for the input everyone, as it seems the majority doesn't really approve the changes or got big doubts regarding them, so it will be discarded for now - we will apply other things we think that will improve the server instead. It was the firstIL season to run after 3 H5 seasons that were in a row - people simply missed Interlude and when it came, there was a huge excitement about it which led to big online and long lasting season, the changes that were done during/after the season made the season that came after it last just as long (nearly 4 months). And if you still think the gameplay was so good then why do people still quit in the first place? how long do you think the hype can be kept if no changes are made at all? 1 season? 2 at most...? Because then you might end up allowing endless amount of spoilers to join a certain team, while they do literaly nothing to help their team (because they cannot really kill anybody) - they can still be tankish and annoying evantually. Lets start from the fact that even C vs A isn't very likely option, that's exactly the reason why this season even A-grade was locked when server started. And where is S-grade in your story? do you have any idea how many PMs I got in every possible inbox from people that they want S-grade to be unlocked already? People want everything available, and its completely understandable because each person wants to progress in his pace and not be shutted down because some tiers are still locked.
  2. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Ofcourse its a problem, it cannot be as expensive as S-grade are, thus it isvery easy to get. And it forces me to make starting gear lower (C/B grade, doesn't matter) so mages won't be bored to death getting their top gear instantly - which creates gear gap - which forces me to add game progression mechanism to help newbies who join at a later stage of the server. Its all connected. That is a problem to who? I never stated it was a problem - I just said that after we're past C/B grade server stages, people won't touch these gears anymore, only A/S-grade gear remains to choose from - so the diversity youspeak about will anyway narrow down sooner or later. I gave archers/mages examples because these classes are played by more than 70% of the players, and they are the most obvious example (archers -> drac, mages -> dc, no other options at all). I think I just did? archers -> drac - or I did not get the question. Mages gets weaker the more the game is progressed, game shows clearly that most mages are being replaced evantually by daggers, duelists, archers and a few other classes. The addition of dynasty won't only make the game longer for these who play mages (since DC is no longer the top, you now have more to do) it will actually give them a playing chance even at later stages, finally they'll have some more defense and damage output thanks to it (don't forget that DC is LOW A, which is even worse). Will never work, people will simply not join such short periods of gameplay and it is definitly not my goal, and the beta period I had for Grand Crusade proves it. There were very few people playing on the beta period, barely 20 or so - when live launched 300+ people joined. What happend? the game wasn't tested good enough and there were some serious issues that killed it within a month - who loses? everyone, because I still think GC gameplay could be so cool for factions but the fact people aren't willing to take part in beta phases makes it never happen.
  3. [Interlude] Future Plans

    *** If you're into this discussion, please take few moments to read my full response, and not only the parts that respond to you, in order to avoid duplications *** Not really a valid point when mages consider DC robe set as top... (that's the main reason why I want to try out adding dynasty). Such a system is mandatory in PvP servers, simply because you cannot expect people to fight C/B vs S, they'll quit before you know it, I would agree with you that l2 is about grinding and its natural that some people get advantage over others, but thats true ONLY for regular servers where players can actually farm stuff just by PvE, and not touch PvP until they are actually ready for it. If i'll manage to change features in a way that items will no longer need to become free by progressive gameplay, that's already a huge win for everyone - and this is exactly what my suggestions are all about. I agree, its good, but this diversity dies for most classes the moment A/S becomes the main gear anyway (all archers goes Drac, all mages goes DC etc)so I don't think i'll pass on adding dynasty just because of that... If I had the possibilty of doing them seperatly I would do, but in this case I think stuff should go together as a package, its either all or none. If you'll read my post carefully, you'll notice how each change affects the other changes, its not avoidable. Your suggestions touches the heart of the gameplay in our server, implementing such things would require lots of thought (and not simply throwing in a lets do town-castle type of maps suggestions) - the first problem that pops up in my mind right now about it is people (again) complaining about having to run too much to get to the pvp scene, and if you'll tell me "ok lets solve it by adding a teleporter" then I don't see anymore how this idea is different than a simple castle siege we already have. You remember that one from the GC season don't you? its long gone. And what will happen to B-graders in this case? without giving them a way to progress, you simply get rid of them - read my response to @PoweredByPotabove. Also its really important that you understand that a part of my suggestion is removing the items becoming free part of progressive gameplay entirely, so there's no point of mentioning it as it simply wouldn't exist if these changes will be applied. Not in favor of it, that might mean that during big population many of the people might not be able to get it, there has to be an additional way. Farm zone was changed alittle bit, read the changelist - you do not longer get removed after a single death. So if your account gets compromised the hacker can easily delete your character with all the work you put into it and disappear with no tracks?there is a reason why the deletion timer is there... and its there to stay, from more reasons than the one I just gave. Stuff like exprate can always be adjusted, nobody mentioned it since I guess people enjoy it - remember you have only 1 entry / day so you definitly cannot get all your levels in 1 go. About spoilers, well true, that can be one disadvantage BUT its either that or spoilers going into events, counting towards team balance while not really doing anything super effective which might result in team disbalance. On a second thought spoilers being in the farm zone won't really do any harm, people who likes to do that will provide the farm zone coins to people who likes to do PvP (in exchange of event coins for example) and vice-versa, that can actually be good for economy. On previous season I addeda config that if enabled, it pauses the progression - so any item bought wouldn't actually count which means I got full control of how fast/slow the progression is - still didn't solve anything. The probem is, that we also locked A/S-grade (since starting gear was C-grade and you couldn't allow such a big gap) this made the community divide into 2 - the part that wants faster game progression and A/S available like RIGHT NOW, and the other part who doesn't care and from their PoV, fight in C/B-grade for 2 weeks or even more - and I ended up having to satistify both. That's exactly why I want to get rid now of so many tiers, since it simply won't work out, A and S grade only should be enough, but only if S-grade contains Dynasty, since if it doesn't, mages stops at A. It goes both ways, it can be easy to get players when you first start, it will be very hard to keep them, since when people start leaving it causes a weird domino effect - and when that happens its really hard to get new players coming in because the lower the population gets, the more its splitted into different timezones and the more you think the server is dead, while on any regular (midrate) server, this would look like a completely normal thing and would work out perfectly. Dude in what season were you playing lol? that doesn't exist like...... since ages? the only recipes/parts/materials exists on the server right now are for S-grade, so they are always useful. Basically anything you said regarding gear already exists on the server +- Well coins comes to replace recipes/parts/materials, its not something in addition so I really don't see how it complicates things. Also its worth to mention that AA will be removed too, the reason we had AA until now is because of progressive gameplay, since I can give players AA directly as drops / rewards etc instead of checking everytime what's the current stage and give enchants according to it (because C-grade enchants becomes useless when B-grade becomes free for example) - this will no longer be needed with my changes since there will be only A/S grade gears to play around with, and nothing will ever become free. Warlords and Tanks were fixed and on last season there were really not many of them - it was simply a matter of proper configuration. Regarding dwarfs, I think what I mentioned here about spoilers change (no longer stealing adena, able to spoil in farm zone) would already deal with it. Again, many of the stuff you spoke of were already dealt with, for example now you gain 5 points for every pvp (which also gives you chance to get drops) even if the kill has nothing to do with the map's objective. For comparasion, in TvT maps you get 10 points for pvp. I can go back to old system where we had only blessed scrolls that goes back to +0, that should do it (although trust me I receive dozens of PMs from people begging to increase the rates becausse they fail all the time, so again, its something that goes both ways). There were really not many +16 weapons this seasons, not many at all - I might publish some statistics later on. Read my response here, the 2 last paragraphs:http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13807-make-server-great-again/#comment-38862 That explains it perfectly, and i'm not the only one who noticed it. Read my response to @Redmanabout progressive gameplay, same response. As far as I saw, there isn't much difference between low S and dynasty, so it should be better balanced than B to S - but yeah, would need to be tested and hope i'm right about it Thanks everyone for your responses, as far as I see, everyone has concerns about progressive gameplay, so I hope my answer will help on that one.
  4. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Maybe I had to be more clear, if I wanted boring -1/+1 stuff I would've made this a poll. Ifyou cannot properly express your thoughts, better don't make a reply at all, because this kind of replies tells me nothing.
  5. Season Ended

    Hello folks, The current season will come to an end today, however I will keep the server online for a while more as I might be doing some updates directly onto it. Thanks for playong once more on L2 Order VS Chaos !
  6. Please read our plans carefully and feel free to share your thoughts, concerns and possible improvements for any ofthe ideas below Progressive Gameplay,Dynasty Items We made the recent changes to progressive gameplay in hope it will make the game last longer (the addition of C-grade items and locking of A/S-grade), apperantly, it doesn't, the main reason seems to be because people don't like their stuff becoming free at any point (something that is mandatory with such setup, since we cannot allow C vs S) - even when starting gear was B-grade there was a problem at some point because players cannot really face B vs S either. Now the problem with Interlude is that mages consider DC set as their top gear and that's where it ends for them, so we had a problem setting A-grade stuff directly as starting gear. Thereforewe think of setting A-grade gear as starting gear as we planned AND also adding Dynasty items, which as far as weknow, are needed by everyone - ofcourse since S-grade will be the only buyable tier, its prices will be higher accordingly. If everything will go well (balance wise between the gears) - then we will no longer have the need to make items becoming free at any point due to progressive gameplay (the price reduction will still be there to support any newcomer, but at a much slower rate). Addition of Coins instead of Recipes/Parts/Materials, Donation System, Spoilers, Aden Siege We plan of removing Recipes/Parts/Materials and add a few coins instead, each coin will drop from a different activity ingame and will not be buyable in shop for adena (but will be tradeable with players), some possibilities are: * Event Coin - drops from doing event objectives and PvPs. * Raid Coin - drops from map raids, epic bosses, Martankus and Dr. Chaos. * Mission Coin - drops from accomplishing daily missions. * Farm Zone Coin - drops from mobs inside the farm zone. * Daily Event Coin - obtainable while participating in daily events. * Generic Coin - obtainable while participating in Aden Castle siege or Olympiad, can be exchanged to any other coin type. These coins will be used to buy gear, prices are still unknown but the rate will be something like x1 for low S-grade, x3 for Dynasty and x9 for Boss Jewels. Such a change will ofcourse affect the donation system, since there won't be any way to donate for such coins (and therefore, there wont be donators for gear aswell when server starts),donating will grantpremium status for some time depending on payment amount that will increase coins reward from every activity, and the daily offers from the Donation Manager will be removed. There might be more features that would affect coins drop rate/amount, few possibilities areExpert Scavengeskill, vote reward / streamers buff, territory control, Aden Castle and others. Also, spoilers will no longer be able to steal adena from other players, the main reason is due to balance, spoilers count towards team balance although they don't really contribute to their teams, and when a certain team has more spoilers than the other, it gets a serious balance disadvantage. Instead of stealing from other players, spoilers will now be able to spoil mobs in the farm zone to get additional Farm Zone coins. Finally, we would like to make Aden sieges much more interesting, therefore normal events will shut down during Aden sieges and all clans on the server will automatically register to it (even level 0 clans), people will be able to open clans during the siege and still try to co-operate with others to take it (people can still play clanless if they wish). The reward for participating in the siege will be Generic Coins for doing PvPs, the reason why we give Generic Coins that can be traded to other coins and not some type of a new coin, is because not everyone is able to be online during the siege due to timezone differences (same goes for Olympiad). A new teleporter might be added to Aden Town with a few teleport options around the Castle.

    Suggestions has nothing to do with being loyal towards a certain server, aswell as I do not think you (or anyone) trying to harm the server with your suggestions. But I already said I won't go backwards, these features had flaws and there are reasons why they were changed. About epics (and gear in general) my plan is to add a few types ofcoins instead of recipes/parts/materials, each coin type will drop from a different activity (could be maps/raids/siege/missions/farm zone etc) and you wil be able to use these coins to buy your gear, that means you won't be able to buy anything without actually taking part in various activities, not even donators. About last H5 seasons, there were also many flaws that are to be repaired, you were able to 2 hit ppl because of gear/elements gap, something that I can avoid if newbies will have starting gear with elements already attached aswell as the gear gap will only be 1 grade difference (starting gear S80 while top is S84, but very expensive) - that's something I cannot do with Interlude for example because mages consider A-grade set as their top gear already, which sucks. Yop, that's reason number 4 which I forgot to state, the balance in numbers/elo between the factions was perfect, but its the way the teams was distribution that got screwed up completely - something that I cannot do anything about because there's no way to know which players are going to play in a group and which are going to play solo before they choose their faction. Way too many oraginized groups/clans went to Chaos side this season, and its enough 1-2 oraginized groups that knows to properly assist each other to bring the balance upside down - it is something that happens, and it is yet another reason why the old setup will never work out - you will need to bring me some miracle solution to this problem before I will even think of increasing back the clan slots or doing any sort of thing in favor of grouped players.
  8. Changelist

    Changelist #3 * From now on players can register their live twitch channels ingame to get a passive skill reward (like Vote Reward). * Removed territory skills for Aden Castle owners, instead, owners will get better bonuses from owning territories. * Removed g.medals and golden apigas (regular medals and apigas will drop instead). * During low online, BF and DM mini events will take place at DV small arena. * Changed Hunting Grounds mini event, from now on after 10 hits the enemy player will die (instead of changing faction), event will take place in DV.

    There were many 3-4 months seasons without any of the features you mentioned aswell that still had plenty of people in them - I don't see how killing the game for 90% of the solo population on the server going to make it any better, we already were there and there are reasons why these things do not longer exist. I can point a few reasons why recent seasons lasted less than usual: 1) The fact its been the 5th Interlude season in a row, that has never happened before and people get tired of it, completely understandable. 2) While I still try to make changes or addfeatures to make things more interesting, we have reached a point where there can be literaly nothing new under the sun (in Interlude at least) to make the people get really excited about - the only thing that can help at this point is a chronicle change and going back to Interlude after quite some time. 3) Showing a timer on the website withhow many days passed since season started was my mistake and will be removed, most people avoid joining servers who are even just a few days old because they think they cannot compete with older players, while ingame the picture can be completely different - this can make a huge difference between people who decide to try the game out and find out its playable, and these who decide to pass before even trying. There are other ways I could still try to make certain features more interesting, like the idea @Canousuggested of shutting down regular events whileAden siege is running, allowing players to create clans, recruit people and join on the fly even if they are clan level 0 - ofcourse that would require more changes like adding some good rewards during the siege for everyone - but this might give a huge encouragement for players to create clans. I also have my own ideas which I might publish aswell at some point, but the main idea is to avoidgoing back in time to older features, there are reasons why they were changed in the first place, if they were so good they wouldn't have been remvoed / changed.
  10. Little Things #2

    The potions skills are simply toggles with passive regen effects, they cannot have animations, and i'm not in favor of it anyway. Not a suggestion, open a proper bug report about it after verifiying that it doesn't already work like that and providing a source from an off video or so. Definitly not a "little thing" This would require alot of work and storing every tiny bit of information you'd do ingame for something that I don't even think would make people enjoy the game anymore or increase its online - most of the achievements you suggested here are pure luck, it doesn't require players to do something out of the ordinary, if players are able to do these stuff, they'll do it, with or without an achievement. I'd rather invest my time in implementing more events / missions (already got a few in my pocket).
  11. Changelist

    Changelist #2 * Fixed Mission Manager was showing top 10 instead of top 12 (important because of groups of 4). * Fixed players shouldn't be able to attack squashes with magic without darbuka equipped. * Players will now auto revive if enemy team was eliminated during Raid in the Middle mini event. * Fixed bug where team won Raid in the Middle mini event even if they didn't successfully killed the raid boss. * Items that already become free will no longer be added to the gifts shop. * Going back to old setup of starting gear B-grade and everything is unlocked since start and nothing will become free at any point. * Shop prices are set to their lowest for the rest of the season. * Game progression will now affect all shop prices, rather than only gear shops.
  12. Server Rework

    I'd suggest you (and others who made suggestions here recently) to start searching forum before posting, because these kind of suggestions were answered a dozen times. The "old" gve was fun because it was something "new", people were excited everything they've seen, that doesn't mean it will be the same today, not at all, and we already were there to know. Biggest complaint was"why people need to run so much in a PvP server just to find a PvP or at worse case, just to die", do you really think people will have the patience nowadays to run all the way from a certain village to the nearest, lets say castle, just to die after maximum 2 PvPs and then run all the way back, repeating that again and again? And if i'll have to make spawn points closer to solve this, then it makes no difference at all from events based gameplay, your suggestion solves strictly nothing, it will only make situation worse. Was suggested a dozen times, I advice you to search. 2 problems with such a system: 1) It simply doesn't fit Interlude where there's already not much to do after you're all geared up. 2) It means any newcomer at a later stage of the server will have to face a dozen enemies with +16 stuff, since its pretty easy to make plenty of PvPs when the server is full of people in its first days. There are plans for this. 2 and 4 are simply no.
  13. RR server

  14. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    I already got some plans which might affect some of your suggestions. I do like the idea of shutting down normal events while Aden Siege runs, we will make it so all clans auto register on the siege (even new level 0 clans) in order to encourage more people to play together, people will be able to create a clan even after a siege already started and still try to take it. There will still need to be a reward for people who just want to go around PvPing without really caring about the castle, that's where my plans step in which I won't reveal here yet (you can get them in a PM if you wish). I won't add more ranks/items/skills as you suggest, this will just complex things up and if a feature needs explanation, then it is simply wrong, stuff need to be kept simple(a lesson learned from the Strange Machine feature...) Same thing goes for the territory suggestion you made, the current system is simple, you win a map you get it and if you win all maps you get the territory - what you suggest would look like a bug to anyone who doesn't bother reading the server features (and there's lots of them). Moved this topic to general discussion for now.
  15. Changelist

    Changelist #1 * Fixed double damage message when having Transfer Pain on. * Fixed sometimes castle circlets weren't removed if a clan lost the castle. * Small improvement to animation broadcasting (will improve some FPS during high online). * Removed Heal and Booster Battle Royale skills, instead, picking a booster will permanently increase speed and healing potions will auto use when HP is reduced during Battle Royale. * Changed abit the default Assassin scheme. * Reduced Score, Playful and Spree rank requirements, if you meet the requirements after the change just get 1 score to rank up. * Players will now lose 5 minutes every death inside farm zone instead of being kicked out of the zone instantly.