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    Lesley where's your movie? i'm still waiting
  2. Summoners

    The point being is that this is a retail thing, a change to this is going to be considered a boost to these classes. And boosting these classes is really problematic, they are already beasts at the beginning of the server and lose power only towards endgame gear - there's no real way balancing that, and most worrying thing is the unicorn's AoE which is pretty much powerful. These classes already got 10% damage boost btw. I'm willing to look into it and maybe remove the 10% damage boost in exchange of removing the 3rd class summons 30% damage penalty, but I don't promise anything.
  3. [Event] Advertising Lottery!

    You can participate even without facebook.
  4. Dear users, You can already register accounts and download patch for the upcoming Interlude season and get ready for some real pvp fun! Register accounts here:http://l2ovc.com/register Download patch here:http://l2ovc.com/downloads New maps / events, new features and many gameplay improvements awaits!
  5. Site improvements

    Actually its good because we needed some information from old topics when we were on testings for the high five server. But what a non surprising useless comment from the most useless user on this forum
  6. Site improvements

    We merged the old forum we had between 2014 - 2016 to this forum (yes yes we like to keep a record of history ). That means an additional: * 345 users. * 1219 topics. * 6648 posts.
  7. We've added twitch videos to our homepage, maximum 3 videos can be displayed at a time. Only channels that has "ovc" or "order vs chaos" in their titles will be displayed. Live streams will get priority, and will be ordered by viewers amount. People who wish to have their channels added, can send me a PM or reply here with their channel URL. More to come!
  8. Site improvements

    Translations cannot be done without help from the community, as except for English I won't be able to do any other language myself. If someone will send me a fully russian system (only translated with no other modifications at all) then I might be able to add it, and this applies to any other language aswell not just russian.
  9. Site improvements

    We did twitch event from time to time in the past, but for now there are no plans for any twitch event. We will first work on adding live twitch videos on our homepage and if there will be enough of them, I don't see a reason why we won't make an event. For now you still got the advertising event ongoing, use it http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11610-event-advertising-lottery/
  10. Site improvements

    We've made a small update to the website look, we gave more importantance to our players videos, photos and improved abit the overall look of the site, hope you like it! At a later stage we will also add site translations to reach many more players, aswell as add live twitch videos to our homepage where you can get famous! http://l2ovc.com P.S. if you have any problems with the new design, please let us know so we can fix it asap!
  11. There's a big hype so far around the announcement of the new season on Facebook and we've just started advertising! Therefore, to make the hype even bigger, we decided to make a small lottery game. You can participate in 2 ways: First Go to https://maxcheaters.com/topic/222809-l2j-order-vs-chaos/ Make a good comment, include a small story from your past experience on our server. Reply here with the nickname. Second Go to https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC/photos/a.742795032401267.1073741826.250759301604845/2224188117595277 Share / make a good comment on the post. Reply here with your nickname. You can enter the event 2 times maximumto double your chance for winning (once from Facebook and once from MXC). 5 lucky winnerswill win 1,500 Adena each when the server will start (randomly choosen). Note: number of winners may increase depending on how many participants there's going to be. Good luck to all!
  12. Next season

    Can you be more clear about your concerns or its going to be useless hints going on forever? I'm sorry I don't think as you do, nobody in 2018 waits months in advance for a server, especially a pvp server where you got nothing to prepare for - even 3 weeks is too much. It has always been like this and we always got the amount of players we expected - if something needs to be focused on, its keeping players playing, rather than worrying about advertising months in advance which will give no gain at all - from experience.
  13. New Interlude Season

    So after alot of background work and seeing its been nearly 2 months since the last season ended, we have decided to bring back the Interlude season. Unfortunately for these who hoped for an High Five season this will have to wait - I still don't feel good about it and as long as this is the situation, it will not be launched - however I would like to thank the testers who took part in it and let you know that you'll keep the tester status in case of any future work. So without any further delay, the next Interlude season will start at 28/07/2018 17:00 GMT +2. Here are some key changes you need to keep in mind for the new season: * Gaining ranks have been made alot easier. * Reduced clan slots but made clans 4 times cheaper. * Changed starting gear to C-grade, S-grade will be locked in the beginning. * Major improvement to the enchanting system. * Added back Expert Books for leveling up. * New Hybrid Map: Moba Arena. * New Instance: Lair of the Snowman. * New Mini Events: Guardians, Buffless TvT, Battle Royale. Good luck to all !
  14. Next season

    Soon, my decision is probably going to break some hearts.
  15. H5 Recruitment

    Cut the nonsense regarding team play on pvp servers already, it becomes boring to read - I don't understand how people end up roaming this forum for yearstrying to turn this server into something different, if it can make a server so sucesful then there must be dozens of them out there, just go and pick one to play on. You've had dozens of seasons to prove that team play can indeed improve the server, yet it just made it worse, nobody ever came up with brilliant ideas to both keep teamplay AND make everybody happy, why? because it simply CANNOT be done on a server where all you do is PvP - its enough 1 oraginized party (not even talking about clans here) to break everything. Even when I made the change to clan slots nobody, not a single person, could give me a valid reason why it shouldn't be changed, instead of just crying their eyes out from a change that doesn't even affect them, last season itsimply ended up in1 clan recruiting whole server just so they can say "we dominated", it had nothing to do with friendship / true teamplay at all. All people did was abusing any teamplay factor exists to break any fun aspect of the game whenever it was possible, there will be teamplay aspect, but it will be kept to a very minimal manner - so players who trully play together will enjoy it, but players who will try to abuse it will not be able to.