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  1. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    You already said your bad opnion once in the previous page on this very same topic. Then you said it again 3 comments ago. If I won't be there to tell people that enough is enough, this topic will be filled with opinions of people who really never even played any newer game version, just because of the "this is not lineage anymore" stigma, so stop acting like an angel, I've already been there, long enough, to know how people behave.
  2. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    I think you forgot I don't force anyone to play here, you clearly have never played any of the newer game versions. So if you don't even want to give it a chance, stop with the random comments, and start looking for a new server.
  3. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    That part, I used to say it myself once aswell, but I gave a chance to the higher game versions and I actually enjoyed them. I'm not going to be forever stuck managing an interlude server, infact, I think this season was our last interlude season (hard words to say, it was easier to say it on High Five ). The options we got on the table now are Helios and Classic. Which game version we use shouldn't really matter much to you when it comes to "this is not lineage anymore", we are using our own unique gameplay, our own features, whatever l2 does there with their new server features matters nothing to us, infact you should be happier for getting a more stable client because the interlude client starts to be unbearable stability wise. We'll use the new features l2 offers that are good for us,such as new bosses, new places for events, new gear and so on obviously. Anyway I said it sometime ago but I'll say it again, our next season is going to run Helios, and after that there'll be a Classic server, its all already planned and being worked on, but there's defenitly no ETA for a new season, there's still tons of work to do.
  4. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    That has nothing to do with bad desicions/changes, even with clear announcements telling the percent until the next stage becomes free people still gone mad about it, and like you said, that was the majority of the people, so that feature wasn't really solving anything.
  5. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    That feature was in the server the previous season and people gone mad because of items "all of a sudden" going free, so that's why it was removed from this season and gotten just cheaper. There's no miracle solutions for what to do in order to prevent such problems after people getting geared up, our situation is actually pretty good compared to most other pvp servers out there with imba donations and 700% enchant rate / endless limit.
  6. Server Shutdown

    The server will be shutdown at Wednesday 12:00 GMT +2. I want to thank all players who played on our server so far and really hope you enjoy your time here!
  7. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Thanks guys I appreciate it Soon i'll have some news regarding the server.
  8. Start New Season Please

    Even + one million won't help, if needed server will be shut down evantually. But anything related to new season / wiping will be team's decision only (if to reopen, when to reopen and under which game version). So that's my answer to the one trillion recent posts made in this matter recently which were deleted because I polietly ask to avoid doing so in the server rules (you don't control my free time to decide when I should reopen a server and such), any future ones will be deleted aswell and authors will be banned.
  9. Streaming Event

    The event has ended.
  10. Advertise Event

    The event has ended.
  11. Youtube Event

    The event has ended.
  12. Youtube Event

    Rewards 11/02/2017 Damon- 8videos made - 3,000 Adena. Hawky- 3videos made - 3,000 Adena.
  13. L2.exe not launching

    Yes, there was some temporary problem with a service, now its back to work. However I found a permanent solution so if it happens again, use the attached DLL. I will upload it later to our downloads section aswell. l2ovc.dll
  14. Youtube Event

    Rewards 04/02/2017 Damon- 6videos made - 3,000 Adena.
  15. bug event

    You ain't supposed to be able to deliver it if it wasn't obtained legally. The question is, how did you end up having it in inventory?