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  1. korean pvp bug

    Well its fixed, thanks.
  2. disbanding parties when going into mini event

    You were right for some reason it was not included, will include it on next update.
  3. Overlords have no chance of getting epic jewels

    Sorry I cannot be fair towards everybody, i'm not going to add each and every class to the toplist just to make it fair but then your whole team suffers. If you cannot get enough points to meet even the minimum requirements, change class for these events.
  4. Changelist

    Changelist #8 Fixed mcrit rate formula. Reduced mcrit rate bonus from Expert Perception to x1.5 and increased regular crit rate to +30. Attempt to fix Korean TvT stucking. Fixed some visual bugs on summons.
  5. korean pvp bug

    Will attempt a fix for it this update, if it will still happen, try to give more details / photos from who was hitting through the wall.
  6. about magic critics

    Will be fixed this update.
  7. disbanding parties when going into mini event

    Mention where.
  8. Hello, could you please help me on teamviewer, I Just redownloaded game after about 7 months, did everything correctly I'm assuming, but I hit l2, and it crits me everytime. please help

  9. Missing buff.

    Any chance it happens after a relog? (only with 25 buff slots)
  10. Hi, i cant log in, i have been banned!? my player is HbT, i just use cp reload for not away mod, and get 25 adena in votes reward...

    1. hbtsilva


      can u help me!?

  11. I just banned 4 accounts. Just report them and stop creating useless drama about every tiny thing that happens ingame.
  12. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    Found the bug, you were guessing it half right Erase was a part of it, but not what actually caused it.
  13. Apologise

  14. obtaining noble ring/necklace after staff

    6h +-2h random.
  15. obtaining noble ring/necklace after staff

    Order of getting the quest items doesn't matter. Base chance for Ring/Necklace is 0.1%, and it changes depending on many factors, for exampleif you are S-grade and you kill B-grade, you will not have the chance to get the necklace. And you just need to participate in the kill, not actually kill (just like any other drop works).