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  1. Event coins

    You're not updated with last changes it seems, upgrades doesn't require materials anymore except for boss stuff. Besides that I don't understand the point of this suggestion topic at all.
  2. Archers ( again) proof + solution

    Archers critical rate was decreased by 15%.
  3. Planned Changes (Poll)

    Unsticking this topic. Some talismans and brooch were made free. Upgrading of talismans, brooch and agathions is now done through the Merchant.
  4. denied due to lack of info. Can't understand what skill are you talking about, which summon, which class...
  5. Elemental burst freeze effect

    If you don't know how it is supposed to workthen this is just a suggestion not a bug report. And if you say you tested it I don't understand why you didn't made a video so we can really see how bad it is.
  6. So the only report from this topic is freeze land rate? its 80%.
  7. Eviscerator (spallation)

    What's not working with it exactly?
  8. Sonic Star

    Will be checked.
  9. PK

    You're not with karma anymore because I cleared it, but next time if it happens try to note when / why it happens.
  10. Eviscerator

  11. PK

    And how did it happen?
  12. Double Weekend Event !

    Adena rates are now x1.5 until next weekend.
  13. Developer Update

    * Starting level is now 96. * XP rate has been increased. * Starting armor set will now be given with elements. * Level difference between attacker and target will now dramatically affect XP gained. * Art of Seduction added to NPC buffer.
  14. Art of Seduction

    Will be added to buffer next update for everyone.
  15. Start lvl 99

    This isn't beta so this isn't the time for such requests. Plus people were already able to test these stuff during beta.