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  1. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    As I said, this discusion is pointless, players are not the ones to decide if / when a server will wipe - if you don't want to play it, then you should at least not take a part in killing it. I would just say one important thing: By the time I will announce that there's not going to be Interlude seasons anymore, people will realize how stupid they were when they quitted so early just so they could wait for another fresh start. Just like it was with High Five, and you should know that you will be sole responsible for that happening. The funniest part is you trying to tell me that newer game versions sucks and that they dont last more than a few weeks, but then you quit your most beloved game version after a few weeks, feels like a really bad joke. I find it encouraging that people themselves started to realize that its the community to blame, it wouldn't sound the same if that would come out from me.
  2. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    Pointless to discuss new season while current one still runs - especially when many people simply want a reopening of the current server without a single change. There are issues, still not a reason to wipebecausethere's going to be issues and stuff i'd like to change on every season, as it was on every season so far. You can search around in this forum I already mentioned a few stuff. About events its probably going to be the only way to get BOGs / LS / enchants etc on next season(one of the changes planned). About hard to start and clans suck, you'll have to elaborate more - and perheps also give a possible solution to the problem and not just the problem itself. Tell that to the 99% of people who break their weapons and instantly quit, one of the more important reasons seasons ends faster - players with no self control. And I don't see how increasing enchants with PvP would work, in my opinion it would make the gameplay much easier, kill economy, especially in interlude where there are already not many items around to play with, and finally, contrary with your suggestion of making event objectives more important than pvps. Another change that is planned for next season is to make enchants much more rare, but once you fail enchanting, enchant level will lower by 1 instead of reseting to 0. And that would be the point where I would ask if you even played the current season... The one only additional grouped content I added during Halloween was almost completely deserted after 2-3 days of hype. Even siege attracts only 2-3 clans while there are many more who play.
  3. New Season

    Pointless discussion.
  4. General suggestions

    Will be done next update. There's already a exp boost feature on low population. Don't see reason to change these. Won't do such things, I preffer to dedicate my time elsewhere - newbies already got the advantage of increased xp / lower prices - from there its up to them if they decide to stay or not. Plus i'm pretty sure participation will be almost non-existent, so its like giving away rewards for doing strictly nothing. S-grade drops starts only after A-grade becomes free, so you should've noticed such drops by now. More rewards? definitly not. And for next season its going to be reduced again by x4, since I also plan to make BEWS reduce enchant level by 1 instead of reseting it to 0 - its going to be something rare.
  5. MAP corresponding to the number of people

    Will be done next update.
  6. Ol change class

    Sounds nice until the moment people wouldn't read the NPC warnings (90% of population doesn't read apperantly) and will wonder where did their OL (or maestro) classes go. Won't do such thing for now, people who choose OL / Maestro need to be aware they cannot switch it.
  7. Hero weapon & wings of destiny.

    Will be fixed next update.
  8. Well, that's because under stun your character is considered out of control, therefore you cannot do these actions. Will need l2off info in order to make changes.
  9. Changelist

    Changelist #14 * Fixed event statistics for Raid in the Middle mini event after last change. * Added .gotolove voiced command. * Fixing again the usage of buffs on enemies inside olympiad. * If player couldn't join mini/boss event before it started due to balance, he will automatically join as opponent once the event starts. * At end of boss events if both teams are still alive they can continue to fight each other (just for the fun of it..) * Fix for Zombies event stucking from time to time. * Added new instance: Water Factory.
  10. Server RR

    Well, guess I know what caused it so a fix will be applied next update.
  11. Oly buffing enemy

    Check it again on next update.
  12. Log-in probs

    Just recover your password and try again.
  13. Thief Keys

    No it has no use in this server.
  14. Server RR

    Server restarted but I would need details as for why it stucked in the first place in order to get it fixed so it won't happen anymore. Were there players inside the event when it happent? did it announce that event ended?
  15. Golem's - Newbies

    Newbies can get progress much faster in many other ways rather than trying to kill S-graders for a 1% chance to get golem's heart, it was probably much more important for you, the veterans, to get this feature back. Now at least you'll have to fight over a boss that spawns every 6h in order to get 1 stone. P.S. Box of Luck also gives Golem's Stoneheart, so raid is definitly not the only way and if you saw newbies having that item, its probably from box and not by killing an S-grader.