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  1. olympia time

    I cannot cover hours for the whole world from obvious reasons. The olympiad is already running at the most suitable hours I found and its at weekend only, cannot go more than that.
  2. Advertise Event

    Rewards 14/01/2017 Xasiklis- 16 points - 3 BEWS.
  3. Youtube Event

    Rewards 14/01/2017 Damon- 2 videos made - 2,500 Adena.
  4. Streaming Event

    Rewards 14/01/2017 https://www.twitch.tv/mrrapolas- MrRapolas with 2 hoursstreaming: 1,500 Adena.
  5. l2 network server uptime graph

    It was probably a problem on l2network's side because I haven't changed anything and I see the graph is back to showing normal statistics.
  6. Recovery Password System don't works

    Try now should work.
  7. Recovery Password System don't works

    You're using hotmail?
  8. Pre-frenzy for events

    If it was removed it was OP, nothing to add here, I didn't remove something just because I felt like it. And btw, about having that ability before it was never meant to be there anyway, titans were never meant to be able to prefrenzy in town and then enter event with full stats and these buffs, that's why hitting NPCs in town were disabled in this server since stone age. Titans started abusing it only since I added training dummies in town.
  9. cant join at map after dc

    Did you DC and then logged another character? maybe your other one was still considered ingame. Anyway denied due to not enough info, not even char name mentioned so I really don't know what you wanted me to do with such report.
  10. problem

    It happens because sometimes when you crash your computer has still l2 proccess running, all you had to do is force close it and it would solve it.
  11. Advertise Event

    Rewards 07/01/2017 Xasiklis- 38 points - 2,500 Adena.
  12. Streaming Event

    Rewards 07/01/2017 https://www.twitch.tv/mrrapolas- MrRapolas with 5.5 hoursstreaming: 5 BEWS.
  13. buff other clases or nerf mages

    Bla bla just a regular rage post after ban, which serious people would ever want to play with someone like you...
  14. Season Lineage Legacy

    I have no plans of making such major changes to the gameplay. Plus it was already proven that people doesn't like complexity.
  15. In-Game Poll

    I have enough input from forums, I don't need anymore from ingame aswell, specially when I know its going to be much more junky when easly available for everyone, and like people here said before, most people just click buttons without even reading what they do (that's excactly why you might end up playing the less liked maps from time to time).