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  1. Client bug?

    You ain't supposed to run l2 through that file, do as Chevignon said.
  2. augments

    It was tradable past season and it was used only to scam other people because client doesn't show augument on trade window. Making it buyable is not even an option.
  3. XP problem

    There are no XP scrolls in interlude and you already get XP bonus from the fact that you have no rebirths and due to gear dependence system.
  4. Youtube Event

    Rewards 21/01/2017 Damon- 3 videos made - 2,500 Adena.
  5. Windows 8.1 and l2.exe

    Our server has protection included in client so obviously other servers will work, that still doesn't mean there's a problem with server/host as dozen of other people are able to log in and we haven't changed anything in our patch/server files at all, and I never faced such issue. Now it depends on what exactly happens, if you try to log in and nothing happens then you might've been blocked from too many failed login attempts and you should allow at least 10 minutes before trying to log in again. If you have gameguard issue then it means you haven't applied (or applied incorrectly) the 20mb patch from our website, so apply it again, the minimum requirements are that l2ovc.dll, l2.exe and l2.ini from our server must be in your system folder, you can try any other file from other servers if you wish, check also any anti virus / firewall that might block something with the connection (although that shouldn't happen). If you click on l2.exe see a loading icon but nothing happens then its indeed an OS related problem, you'll see l2.exe is running in task manager but doing strictly nothing, now again I don't know what exactly you did (maybe some microsoft update?) that screwed it up, because i've tested the current system with all OS and everything works fine, atm i'm with windows 10 able to log in.
  6. Hi Emerald,

    as you can read in the  discussion some of us are not able to join in l2. is there a solution?

  7. Windows 8.1 and l2.exe

    The 200 mb patch is not enough to play on this server, the 20mb patch is mandatory. Its written black on white on that downloads page:http://l2ovc.com/downloads
  8. can u give me the host emerald pls ....to see if this problem will be resolved

  9. can u tell me pls why my lineage doesn`t work anymore ...i double click the icon it apear that little circle of loading and after that nothing happent...and yesterday i was playing with no problem ...is because of me or ur cause?


  10. olympia time

    I cannot cover hours for the whole world from obvious reasons. The olympiad is already running at the most suitable hours I found and its at weekend only, cannot go more than that.
  11. Advertise Event

    Rewards 14/01/2017 Xasiklis- 16 points - 3 BEWS.
  12. Youtube Event

    Rewards 14/01/2017 Damon- 2 videos made - 2,500 Adena.
  13. Streaming Event

    Rewards 14/01/2017 https://www.twitch.tv/mrrapolas- MrRapolas with 2 hoursstreaming: 1,500 Adena.
  14. l2 network server uptime graph

    It was probably a problem on l2network's side because I haven't changed anything and I see the graph is back to showing normal statistics.
  15. Recovery Password System don't works

    Try now should work.