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  1. Is there a chance for another delay or this is the final date of start 07-10?

  2. New Interlude Season

    Update: next season is delayed to 07/10
  3. Statistics page

    Statistics page works anew if you want to see some statistics from previous season (before I wipe the database ). Also added top score / assists / deaths. http://l2ovc.com/statistics
  4. New Interlude Season

    Dear players, Next Interlude season will start 30/09 ! Expect many changes to the gameplay this time, every feature was rewritten from scratch, many improvements were made and many new features were added. Feature list will be updated later on.
  5. Lost event rank after RR

    Fixed. Also now world events will have 2 types of toplists: 1 that will reset after every event and one that will have forever records.
  6. Fortress and CTF

    - Forts will no longer switch side when the fort is captured, instead, after capturing the faction's score will increase overtime. - Regarding CTF/BF, i'll see what can be done. - in siege there will be no mass GK anymore, defenders will spawn inside the castle directly.
  7. Zaken battle area

    Moved Zaken inside his lair rather than on the ship.
  8. New expert skills effects

    Its a replacement to rebirth. No, now you choose 4 different skills.
  9. Hey can i ask you if the server is online for playing??

  10. Olbots

    Are you sure you actually played the last season?

    Nope, that's how retail is. P.S. summoners will be able to use summon friend aswell on next season to summon their party members to them, another tiny gift for summoners...
  12. Warsmith

    There's nothing in my mind that I can add to not make Warsmiths too OP or preffered over spoilers. Spoilers do really have spoil, Warsmiths got their summons in addition, you can also learn Summon Rebirth Empower to give it a huge boost so...
  13. leveling

    Farm zone will be added on new season.
  14. Newsletter Subscription

    We post important announcements on our Facebook page, so you can just go there and make sure you mark "follow the page" and "show first on news feed".

    Expert summon empower skill is now abit stronger, also you get now the bonuses in 1 level instead of 3 levels like before, so with the new system as a summoner you can learn 3 more expert skills unlike before.