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  1. Talisman tradeable within account

    Stuff that are not meant to be transferred to other characters will stay that way, stick to one character once you start playing (don't see the reason switching anyway). One of the reasons is to prevent people from transferring OP items from one char to another just to participate in certain events like Olympiad.
  2. r99 weapon sa's + bless

    You can put pvp upgrade on it not bless. Plus SA needs to be changed and prices will be lowered too.
  3. Dragon Weapons

    These weapons will stay, upgrading them will be made more expensive thought while making r99 weapon SA alot cheaper. Adena base rate on live will be 10 (atm its 100)
  4. Why not make beta all week ?

    No, mainly because players will lose interest testing / playing whole week with low player base.
  5. hard lvl cap

    Theres still much work to do on levels above 100 thats why. I wont change anything related to it because i can decide at any stage to change level system (starting level, max level, exp gained etc)
  6. shdow hide

    Locked until fixed.
  7. Exoskeletal Shield and some buffs

    Skills that has reuse delay bigger than duration are not kept after death, this is intended. List only the skills which has duration bigger than reuse delay and i'll change them.
  8. Yulls and other stun bug

    There's literaly nothing for me to check with such a report. And Impact Shot by itself has 90% land rate, so if you spam it, you will obviously end up getting stunned.
  9. Relearn skills 3rd class

    I preffer not.
  10. Counter Flip

    Invalid, description on client is wrong.
  11. Feohs/m critical damage

    Locked until checked.
  12. Decreasing HP Bug

    Locked until checked and fixed.
  13. Sayha's Seer

    So only 1 left to be fixed. Locked till done.
  14. Sustain Skill - Aeore Healer

    Locked till fixed.
  15. bug cuando mori

    Did this happen to anyone else? someone can translate it properly?