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  1. Emerald

    L2 TopZone

    Interesting, will check that with topzone.
  2. And will still exist until 2040 "Kappa". As long as its only visual AND there are still no reproduction steps on how to do it this is not in my priority AT ALL (if i'm not wrong I've also told that to you the last time you reported it).
  3. Emerald


    What's the point of this drama post...? this could be reported in 1 sentence. Locked until i'll change a bit the spawn points for that map, if you see problems with specific maps simply report these stating what the problem is.
  4. Emerald


    Stopped reading after these 3 words. Don't see the need why to compare apples with oranges? humans got more surviveability than GHs. I'm not making any changes for Oly, we intend to keep it as retail as possible. Again comparing apples with oranges, an OL can also heal party members and himself in comparison to WL, after a recent update WL is also limited to 1 per party. invalid. Don't see the point investing into that at all. And regarding party, you're basically suggesting to make organized parties even stronger than what they already are which is a big no. In H5 i'm going the opposite direction and got to the decision to reduce party size to 4.
  5. Emerald


    buffs are retail like and will stay that way.
  6. Emerald


    Don't speak about tyrants as if the class isn't good, there were plenty of players playing it this season which managed perfectly fine, that's a fact. Regarding Destroyers, don't ask me to boost it, i'm not into boosting any class in general anymore, since whenever I boost something I find myself nerfing it a few seasons after due to too many QQs. I already said it before and I'll say it again, community cries about mages vs archers server but whenever I bring something new into play the community complains about it and requires to nerf it, i'm not going into that bullshit anymore. Destroyers are really good atm in certain maps (fortresses mostly), i've had the opportunity to observe it and see them getting a good amount of kills from such events IF played correctly.
  7. Next update will introduce a new balance feature called "balance correctness". In short what this will do is pick the balance method (between the 3 existing balance methods we got, and maybe more in the future) that is the most accurate to the specific event running. For example if in Korean TvT the best balance method is Count, it will be used, if for boss events the best balance method is Gear, it will be used. The system decides what the best balance method is depending on historical data accuracy. For example if ELO was used for boss event and order side lost, the system will reduce ELO's balance score for that event and increase it for any other method that says Order should've had more players. The tablet of information will show which balance method was used for each event.
  8. Emerald


    Changelist #2 * Small improvement to Korean TvT / Raid in the Middle mini events team balancing. * Players cannot have more than 1 warlord in party anymore. * Fixed twitch api errors causing players not to be able to log in. Added: * Added "Balance Correctness" feature. * Improved balance in Multi TvT mini event.
  9. Seems to be due to twitch rewards API. Should be working now.
  10. Doesn't sound like server side issue, server doesn't control when stuff appear / disappear depending on your camera angle or such stuff... And last patch had nothing that might cause such behavior.
  11. Lets stop making things up now shall we? This topic is full of imaginary changes that has never happened, and I got no reason to make changes without writing about them in changelists / server features topic, after all this is also a way for me to keep track of things. Don't see a point to keep this nonsense topic open.
  12. Emerald


    Changelist #1 * Fixed False God mission stucking at the start. * Added map raid statistics to Tablet of Information (records starts from now). * Boss events will start few hours after server starts (relevant to next seasons). * Added item score statistics to Tablet of Information, if proven to be better than ELO will be used instead. * Removed Warlord's damage boost. * Increased Dice prices, dices cannot be used out of town anymore, deleted all current dices on server. * Added a new balance system to boss events which makes sure players on each team are also balanced by class group. * Small improvement to Frozen Tundra mission to help people better understand what the mission is about. Added: * Updated streaming rules info, make sure you keep yourself informed.
  13. Emerald

    Balance on team

    In addition to changes I mentioned here: I will also add 2 new statistics to the Tablet of Information: * Map Raids statistics - how many times each team killed the raid that spawns at the last 5 minutes of a map. * Gear score statistics - a new balance method based on player's gear, it will be used only for statistics and if proven to be better than ELO, will be used instead of it.
  14. Emerald


    There won't be any change to gladis they are perfectly fine the way they currently are.
  15. Emerald

    Winner Takes All

    Another thing that we already had in the past and it ended up being deserted, please search older topics before you make posts... And I personally don't see why you need a special system for 1vs1's when you can just duel in town... I might be introducing the tournaments system again in the future, but that's not in my priorities.