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  1. Next Season?

    I'm planning for a long time now to drop Interlude completely, and the only seasons which will run on OvC will be Salvation and Classic. Although there were many fixes and tweaks made (specially stuff from the previous GC season) - I still don't feel like these are ready for another run - and its going to take a while before they will. So, the next season is going to be Interlude again, more information will come soon.
  2. deathmatch geodata

    That should be fixed.
  3. Changelist

    Changelist #23 * Fixed Lightning Strike enchant routes. * Olympiad rewards divided by 4 again. * Blessed enchants will now reduce enchant level by 1 instead of resetting to 0. * Added Ancient Adena which will be used as currency for enchant scrolls. * Players/Monsters/Events will now give Ancient Adena instead of Enchant Scrolls. * Reduced amount of ranks to 10, getting ranks will be harder but more rewarding. * Ranks required to open/close doors, ride strider, get noble and play games have been changed accordingly. * Expert Books will now be given by ranks instead of leveling (total 9 books). * Expert Skills will now have 3 levels instead of 1.
  4. Coming up next...

    Quite hard to answer that question, since there's no such thing as "same reward", every time you take a part in an objective you get score according to the part you've taken, then you get a random reward depending on that score, ofcourse, bigger score means bigger chance for better rewards.
  5. Hell Knight panther

    It was suggested before and indeed denied, a tanker is a tanker, not a summoner. Otherwise why would people play summoners while they can also tank, also do some damage and also have their pet up at most times. That rebirth skill is given to the summon, not the owner, so it cannot increase his casting speed. If you really want more casting then take Rebirth Haste, what can I say and always change to acu weapon + dc set via a macro whenever about to cast it.
  6. A happy new year

    How can I give you some light when I don't see the light myself Too busy in RL for another season now.
  7. Coming up next...

    The first big client mod ever to be added to L2 OvC is here! Completely equal map for both sides to enjoy. The map will be a part of a new set of Hybrid Mapsthat are going to be added to the game - these maps will combine multiple event objectives into a single map. For example in this one - domination zone in the center, BF flags outside of each castle andseal NPCs inside the castles. Players will spawn inside the castles and will be able to teleport anywhere on the map - depending on which areas they have captured! All NPCs will be available inside the castles - Merchant, Buffer etc - Castle Gatekeepers will teleport players from inside the castle to outside. If succesfull, more of such maps will folllow.
  8. A happy new year

  9. Next Season

    There's still no plans at all for a new season. When there will be news, it'll be announced, so stick around.
  10. Statistics

    So, besides of what you can already find here:http://l2ovc.com/statistics I decided to also post some additional statistics from ingame, due to players requests. Name Enchant Reached Amount Ring of Core +8 2 Ring of Queen Ant +16 2 Ring of Baium +11 2 Earring of Orfen +8 3 Earring of Zaken +16 1 Earring of Antharas +11 2 Necklace of Frintezza +16 2 Necklace of Valakas +12 1 B-Grade Armor +14 2 A-Grade Armor +16 8 S-Grade Armor +12 4 B-Grade Weapon +16 15 A-Grade Weapon +16 42 S-Grade Weapon +16 55 Skill +30 14
  11. Last Houer!!!

    No since it wil close in a few minutes anyway, and it would be too much price editing work for me anyway just so you probably enjoy a few minutes standing in town spamming enchants
  12. Server Shutdown

    Dear players, As promised, Iend a season only when it iscompletely out of population, and perheps its time. While there's still decent activity at evenings / nights / weekends, at any other time of the day the low activity doesn't allow players to enjoy the events as they should, aswell as it gives the wrong first impression on any new comer. I really hope you enjoyed this season, its length (116 days) and all the new features it introduced, and you can stay assured thatwe will always keep introducing new stuff at all times. So, the server will be coming down today, 20:00 GMT +2. Thanks for choosing L2 OvC ! Regards, Emerald.
  13. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    Sounds added. Note that you need to download a new patch.
  14. Changelist

    Changelist #22 * Added "First Blood" sound - The first kill made in a map. * Added "Humiliation" sound - When a player dies with killing spree. * Added "Killing Spree" sounds for each level of killing spree. * Added "Kill Streak" sounds for double kill, triple kill etc. * Changed NPC in fort maps to an NPC with less height. * Hidden Waterfall (Fort) will now be considered a medium map (instead of small). * Tablet of Information will no longer show statistics for FFA boss events (no point). Note: for the new sounds to work you need to download new patch.
  15. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    You think i'm going to record my voice? it will be too sexy for you to bear Its going to be existing voice lines, but i'm yet to decide which ones.