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  1. Maybe create your topics with proper titles and actual content and then it won't be locked after 2 minutes? the current topics you opened would lead nowhere but useless spam and wrong impressions on the upcoming season. You want new things, I said i'm working on them and I simply cannot give details yet, from there the discussion ended. And do your research before posting, answering cosmetics was one thing (H5 offers much more cosmetics + agathions compared to IL and it didn't make players stay any longer), custom weapons/armors were suggested in the past and was denied by the community, here, I did the search for you: P.S. merged the topics.
  2. Running a whole different version wasn't "refreshing" ? As if cosmetics would be the things that keeps players in a server... Anyway i'm not going into that kind of discussion, while the H5 seasons were running I got a dozen requests to run the Interlude server, so while I work on new stuff (as I said in the announcement) the Interlude server will run for these who like it.
  3. Hello everyone, First things first, I would like to announce that the H5 server has came to an end today, I wish to thank all these who played it and hope you enjoyed it - bringing back H5 was a new major change we did this past year and there are more new stuff currently under work so there are sure stuff to stay tuned for. 🙂 In the meantime, a new Interlude season is set to start in 2 weeks! I know many (too many) of you were waiting for it to come once again 😄 so get yourselves ready for the hottest Interlude season to come, which also brings some fixes and cool additions from previous H5 seasons (such as the ability of selling items to shop for Adena). So see you soon on the new season!
  4. Emerald

    shop gift

    Item prices in gift shop are relative to amount of items in stock. The price can be 500 if there's only 1 in stock or 150 if there are 3 in stock for example.
  5. Emerald


    Changelist #4 * Added Song of Wind Storm to buffer and default schemes. * Removed archer nerf from human/elf/dark elf archers. * Reduced nerf on trickers from 10% to 5%. * Increased tyrants/gladis damage nerf by an additional 5%. * Reduced mcrit rate nerf from 50% to 40%. * Reduced mcrit damage nerf from 25% to 20%. * Increased tanks defense nerf by an additional 5%.
  6. Emerald


    Changelist #3 * Made raids harder in Raid in the Middle mini event. * Supports will now be able to join instance events even if low online. * Fixed castle owners respawn time should depend on amount of life towers destroyed. * Removed residence teleport option for Fort defenders. * Added an extra fence in Humans VS Zombies event. * Fix augment cancel price from B-grade items.
  7. 75 posts topic, 0 value - and if you folks think i'll read through all this worthless spam you're mistaken. Feel free to start over on a new topic if you wish, and this time doing it properly by bringing actual images of the situation from ingame (classes/stats/items/buffs/etc...)
  8. Will be fixed next update.
  9. Will be fixed next update.
  10. Emerald


    Changelist #2 * Fixed residence owners couldn't ride a pet. * Fixed siege toplist showed asssits twice (once instead of kills). * Reduced Anakim power by 5% more. * Improved anti farm system. * Increased following buff durations: Majesty, Thrill Fight, Hawk Eye, Focus Chance/Death/Power, Rapid Fire, Rage, Dead Eye, Furious Soul. * Fixed visual bug with summons HP.
  11. Invalid report. Visual bug only, fixed.