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  1. L2 Symphonies

    There's also cool one for Heroes
  2. no reason to bann

    Cut the crap. Wanna complain about something, do it properly with proofs. If its so obvious as you say, then it should be very easy to prove its happening. @Mojo TamiLu is unbanned. locked.
  3. L2 Symphonies

    For l2 music fans like myself fresh new
  4. Changelist

    Changelist #1 * Fixed wrong scores in siege maps. * Fixed bug in False God mission that prevented progression. * Fixed .animparty * Small fix to topzone global vote reward. * Humans VS Zombies map at School of Dark Arts will be played more often. * Fixed wrong siege date at Portal NPC, keep in mind siege takes place this weekend as planned. Added: * Fix: players shouldn't be able to use .gotolove under certain conditions. * Small fix to The White Walkers mission.
  5. no reason to bann

    No words needed.
  6. zombie map

    There is already a rotation between 2 maps for this event. i'll make the small one not to run when population is too big.

    If its so bad why its keep being voted for?
  8. CTF

    Won't be done, don't see a reason why I need to nerf classes that are particually good for such objectives.
  9. motivate the nubz

    big no, how would such a thing motivate newbies anyway... with such feature by the time newbies would join everyone would be epic geared. And naturally objective rewards cannot be better than PvP (maybe equal to is fine) - since then people start abusing certain classes for objectives only (e.g. tanks in domination). 0.1%
  10. Siege goddard

  11. Cubics - Event

    These npcs are monsters so obviously cubics would trigger on them. Do as these above suggested.
  12. Critical Error

    Use a clean client with our patch only, your client is probably corrupted.
  13. letha lstrike

    That's removed, as written in server info.
  14. TOI farm abuse