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  1. Weird bug

    Merged all topics regarding the new movement changes. For now i'll revert to old system until I finish the work.

    Certainly not a server-side issue, check your connection or client installation, try to redownload it from somewhere else perheps.
  3. Vote

    That's fixed.
  4. Vote

    Hopzone - works. Network - works. Brazil - works. top.ru - has a 3 minutes delay from the moment you voted, says so on their site in russian. The only issue seems to be with topzone, ill check it.
  5. Weird bug

    Do /loc and send the screenshot here.
  6. Weird bug

    No messages in chat? What happens if you relog and then try to open a shop without making a move?
  7. Weird bug

    Didn't expect you to say that something doesn't annoy you. These changes are made for the greater good, and for the time being it seems like the follow-attack issue is fixed.
  8. Weird bug

    Their place is fine. Its due to a change I made which will be fixed later, not a prioriity. Just interact with them from a distance.
  9. Ant Queen spawn bug

    Messed around with the movement abit, should be fixed now. Let me know if it happens again to any mob.
  10. Weird bug

    You noticed it after the last restart or before that?
  11. Can't login

    If nothing happens at all then you might have messed up the patch or you got temporary banned for doing too many incorrect login attempts, in the latter case try to login again in about 5 minutes.
  12. RR server

    Maybe instead of asking for a server restart whenever this happens someone can finally make a proper bug report with what exactly happening so I can get a hint about what might go wrong and fix it? People make bug reports on all kind of stupid stuff but real important matters like this? nope, never. So to begin with, did the event stuck during the event or when it was supposed to be ending? and did an ending announcement appear? (was there a winner?)
  13. Gear penality in B grade

    Because gear isn't really the only thing that is being taken into consideration.