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  1. lethal!!

    No need to check, already fixed.
  2. Can not resolve hostname

    That simply means server is unreachable, you sure you applied the patch correctly? Send your l2.ini
  3. Frotress

    Will be fixed next update.
  4. Frotress

    In what map...? Did you get kicked DURING the cast?
  5. [H5] Baylor Instance Bug

  6. Attribute strange behavior

  7. Few questions

    You do realize none of these skills aggro effect works in PvP right? only PvE. Cubic cast chance is low and unlike aggression/hate aura,land rate isn't 100%. Before calling me to test anything, get your facts straight, at least.
  8. Few questions

    They're kept retail like. Added: yes no Don't know if you can call that spamming when their reuse delay is 6 sec and 40 sec, static reuse, on IL it was much better and there was no "spamming". So people won't bypass some event / clan restrictions by leaving / rejoining clans whenever they feel like it, mainly.
  9. Touch of Life

    will be changed next update.
  10. Attribute strange behavior

    denied for not enough info.
  11. High Five Grand Opening

    Dear players, After plenty of tests we are glad to announce that the grand opening of the High Five server will take place at 25 October16:00 GMT +3! We wish you all good luck in the wars to come P.S. the beta test server will continue running in the meantime.
  12. High Five public test server

    New maps will be added next update: Oren Territory: * Training Grounds (BF) Gracia Territory: * Kamael Village (Domination, TvT, CTF, Escort) * Isle of Prayer (Domination, TvT, BF) * Hidden Oasis (TvT) * Anomic Foundry (Domination, TvT) * Temple Remnants (TvT) * Hellbound Quarry (TvT, Escort) Fantasy Territory: * Fantasy Island (Domination, TvT, Escort)
  13. Store problem

    Will be fixed next update.
  14. [H5] Chaos Items

    Will be fixed next update.