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  1. Doesn't sound like server side issue, server doesn't control when stuff appear / disappear depending on your camera angle or such stuff... And last patch had nothing that might cause such behavior.
  2. Lets stop making things up now shall we? This topic is full of imaginary changes that has never happened, and I got no reason to make changes without writing about them in changelists / server features topic, after all this is also a way for me to keep track of things. Don't see a point to keep this nonsense topic open.
  3. Emerald


    Changelist #1 * Fixed False God mission stucking at the start. * Added map raid statistics to Tablet of Information (records starts from now). * Boss events will start few hours after server starts (relevant to next seasons). * Added item score statistics to Tablet of Information, if proven to be better than ELO will be used instead. * Removed Warlord's damage boost. * Increased Dice prices, dices cannot be used out of town anymore, deleted all current dices on server. * Added a new balance system to boss events which makes sure players on each team are also balanced by class group. * Small improvement to Frozen Tundra mission to help people better understand what the mission is about. Added: * Updated streaming rules info, make sure you keep yourself informed.
  4. Emerald

    Balance on team

    In addition to changes I mentioned here: I will also add 2 new statistics to the Tablet of Information: * Map Raids statistics - how many times each team killed the raid that spawns at the last 5 minutes of a map. * Gear score statistics - a new balance method based on player's gear, it will be used only for statistics and if proven to be better than ELO, will be used instead of it.
  5. Emerald


    There won't be any change to gladis they are perfectly fine the way they currently are.
  6. Emerald

    Winner Takes All

    Another thing that we already had in the past and it ended up being deserted, please search older topics before you make posts... And I personally don't see why you need a special system for 1vs1's when you can just duel in town... I might be introducing the tournaments system again in the future, but that's not in my priorities.
  7. Emerald


    Prices will be increased after next update aswell as using dices will no longer be usable out of towns. All current dices on server will be deleted. Any idiot that will use automation for dices will be instantly banned WITHOUT a pm in advance, i've already WARNED in an announcement that any kind of automation is bannable, i'm not warning twice and you guys need to have just a little bit of common sense before doing stupid stuff, i'm really not asking for much.
  8. Emerald


    Will be done next update.
  9. Emerald

    Auction house

    It won't be approved anyway, search older topics about AH for why not, i've replied it probably like 10 times already. P.S. we already had AH before, it was removed and won't be introduced again.
  10. Emerald

    The False God

    Will be fixed next update.
  11. Emerald


    The problem with making more and more and more class specific balances is bigger queue times. Tankers/healers for example suffer from it, they can try to join 1 team and be refused due to too many tankers/healers on that team, then they try to join the other team and end up not being able to join it either since it has too many players in general - their only option would be to wait or switch class, now you want to add warlords to that list. Instead, i'm going to start by removing the 10% damage boost from warlords. In addition, i'm going to create a special balance system for boss events only, which includes balancing based on class groups (e.g. tankers/healers/gladis+tyrants/WLs/summoners/archers/mages etc must be equal on both teams) since there there's no queue issues, everyone will be ported to the event eventually once it starts.
  12. Emerald

    Balance on team

    Yes I do, can't do it? don't make a post. Because people are always overreacting, its not the first time I see people saying "omg we are 100 vs 200" when that wasn't even the situation, sometimes when the events were actually perfectly balanced, so yes, if you claim you see X, show a screenshot that actually shows X - is it really that hard? I mean you already CLAIM you see something, all you have to do is show it, otherwise you simply lie. Who said you aren't doing that right now with all these tablet of information screenshots? the recent 3 maps I observed were orders winning while balance was still in favor of chaos, so yes, you are clearly being selective on that part. And that is why you should do BOTH screens from tablet + from event, while doing the .info command before taking the screenshot so I can also see scores and time remaining. And when I say you I mean people who posted in this topic, not you in particular. Where do you see me asking for solutions? do you even know the difference between asking for proofs and asking for solutions? I can give solutions even without proofs eventually, it will just be some times slower than if you actually gave proofs. Tablet helps, but not when its being posted alone, I want to also see participating clans inside the events, how organized each team is, how many warlords there are (since someone mentioned this could be a cause) the time the screenshot was taken (SUPER important since 20% difference in numbers at late night/early morning times are different than prime times, from obvious reasons). Its fine, I don't care how tired you are from my behavior, you are not the one having to read every PM or post made by each and every person on server. The IL server reached a state where every post needs to be considered a dozen times, this is not like H5 which was new so I was super active and made many changes in a very short period of time, its simply not needed in IL. I do find it funny though, when I was active people said making changes during the season kills it, now when i'm less active people still say i'm still responsible for killing the server, yup, you guys are something special. I still don't get why if you can win TvT events you cannot win other events? the only reason I think of is your team ignoring the objectives, and for that you shouldn't be blaming the balance at all. Anyway as I can see you guys want me to be doing the observation, so be it, locked until I get the time for it.
  13. Emerald

    Enchant drop

    Doesn't really makes much sense, these stuff should be based on chance - you should always have chance to drop everything but higher enchants will be harder to get. This helps both economy and newbies who comes in a later stage to the server since lower grade enchants gets cheaper and they can sell any A/S grade enchants they find to other players.
  14. I can already see what this is going to be used for and my obvious answer is no - I'm sorry but I had enough. People will abuse every tiny opportunity when they get the chance to.
  15. Emerald

    Remove C

    Wearing C-grade doesn't drop ELO, or making you gain more adena from kills when using instead of B-grade if that's what you meant. There are people who legitimately using these items so it won't be removed, archers / olympiad stuff for example.