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  1. Test mode

    Please don't suggest me anything regarding the test mode. This mode is for me to test stuff (and allow players who wanna help testing to log in aswell) not for you to play on, if you still decide to play, play it as-is.
  2. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    SoM is one-handed which allows you to wear shield in addition while Daimon Crystal isn't. Carnage Bow has slow attack speed while Shyeed Bow has very slow. There are differences, people will pick whatever they want - the point of the price reduction is to allow players to be able to upgrade quickly at any stage of the server, since now prices won't reduce anymore along the season. Read through the topic to get the general idea, the exact formula will not be shared becasue there are too many copycats who come to this forum trying to steal ideas.
  3. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Moved to accepted, check the changelist topic to see what was added.
  4. Changelist

    Changelist #5 * Removed Progressive Gameplay feature. * Increased the chance for full drops from grand bosses. * Reduced A-grade prices from 7k to 5k. * Significantly improved gear dependent reward system. * Removed spoilers act as thiefs feature - I don't want this system interfering with team balance anymore - there will be something else for them.
  5. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    And this is related to this subject in which way exactly? If there are bugs you should report it while the season runs as soon as you encounter it, after verifiying that it indeed still exists because as far as I remember I already fixed it. @Venthdon't bother with formulas, I might already have an implementation - i'm also not in favor of making someone count more just because he choice a specific class, it has to be a combination of something (like a dagger wearing AQ / Baium). Also healers modifiers will be the average modifiers of the party they play with, for example if healer wears B-grade andplays with an S-grader, he'll count as A-grader, and if he plays with a B-grader, he'll count as a B-grader.
  6. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Read BTW I must remind you people that a gear dependent system exists since ages now in L2OvC, players in S-grade still got about 80% less adena reward from killing newbies, the points you bring now are valid for the existing gear dependent system aswell but how come nobody complained about it so far? because it might be better than you think - this "people will switch to B-grade whenever they are about to make a kill" theory is kinda nonsense and not really doable during mass PvP. The suggestions I give here are just improvements to an existing system, extending it to use also enchants, class and ranks as parameters rather than just gear - and the penalty would still be about the same in most cases, its the boost that got a much wider range (up to 500%). I can extend it to also use level although I don't really think it would be nessasry, but yeah I can assume that by the time you reach 79, you should be considered A-grade at least.
  7. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    How many newbies? 2? 3? if a couple of newbies make 1 hand on the same target the server would've been in a perfect situation, it is usually the opposite situation where its the veteran who got a couple of friends with him aiming at newbies. Anyway I understand what you are trying to say, but like I said before, this situation can easily be tested to check how "bad" it would be, you can just drop me a PM when you wanna log in and we'll check.
  8. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    If he knows how to play and can manage to kill a fully geared mage then where's the problem? this rarely happens unless the mage takes zerk/magnus andshows his back to the dagger, since a newbie dagger won't even have bluff to use or focus death/power- this theory can easily be testedbtw, no need to throw in guesses here. That's where ranks steps into the formula, you have to remember this system is there only to help newbies, no more than that. If you're a rank 10 player and decide to continue playing in B-grade, that's your decision, my system will still mark you as an S-grader.
  9. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    There's no way to make it visible before the kill. People will slowly learn it thought, since it will be visible through system message, just like points / objective points bonus are. It would say something like: You earned 3.4 points (2.1 objective bonus), target's gear bonus: 304%. You earned 1.2 points (0.4 objective bonus), target's gear penalty: -48%. Could probably improve the messages alittle bit to make it clearer but that's the general idea. Enchants will be taken into consideration so yes, a B-grade +6 is wroth like A-grade +0, and A-grade +6 is worth like S-grade +0. Also classes will be taken into consideration, so a mage wearing Valakas necklace will count more than a fighter wearing valakas necklace, but an archer/dagger wearing AQ or Baium will worth more than a mage wearing any of these.
  10. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Now I cannot do anything about that can I ? I cannot force people to play with players they don't want. I can however make stuff more visible so people will start changing priorities, like adding a message that the target you killed was a newbie and therefore no reward was given (something like the points and objective bonus message i've added last season). The system could also expand to count more stuff than just adena, like XP/SP rewards and stats like killing a newbie wont counting toward pvp kill at all.
  11. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    How did you guys manage to over complicate this topic with theories and stuff not even relevant to the subject? I'm trying to think over a system that will not require any modification to item prices or adena rate through the season, something like Lesley started with gear dependent system which also takes into consideration epics, enchants, rank, level and class. Example for penalty: say you're a fully top tier guy killing a B-grader that just came into the server you will get 0% reward. Example for bonus: if a newbie that just came into server took part in killing a full tier S-grader (obviously he cannot kill him alone), he will get 500% bonus in reward, so if he was supposed to get3 adena for the kill, he would get 30. The percents will range from 0% to 500% depending on attacker and target stats as mentioned above. Any thoughts? possible flaws? the idea is to get rid of progressive gameplay feature evantually.
  12. New mission: Mines of Moria

    This is done, if people wish to try out the mission you can drop me a PM and i'll log in.
  13. [Vote] Enchant System Changes

    Moved to Accepted.
  14. Changelist

    Changelist #4 * Removed Enchant Advisor NPC. * Enchant rates will no longer be affected by gameplay progression (they'll remain retail-like). * Removed AA, enchants will now cost Adena and be rewarded for PvP / events etc directly. * Removed normal enchant scrolls, the only available scrolls will be blessed. * Blessed scrolls will now reduce enchant level to 0 upon failure (instead of the custom -1). * Blessed enchants at olympiad shop will have the cost of the normal enchants. * LS skill chance is set back to retail-like (60% instead of 12%), droprate is made harder. * Added new mission: Mines of Moria (Duo).
  15. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Big gear differences is normal for normal servers, not PvP servers, as I've already said before in a normal server you can progress gear-wise just by doing PvE and such, and get to the PvP only when it suits you, here you can't, or atleast that's what most people think when they first encounter a PvP server. Most people will say one thing but when the moment comes they'll do a completely different thing, and the amount of PMs I get mid-season asking when does the next season start - just because people afraid to join mid-seasons because they think they won't be able to close the gap with older players is a solid proof to it. Besides of the enchanting part, this system already exists in OvC, you get about 80% less adena if you kill a B-grader as an S-grader and about 80% more adena the other way around. I don't understand the rank part thought, if rank would've been taken into considerationit would be way too easy to just transfer all your S-grade stuff into a rank 1 player and farm easy adena with it - maybe a combination of both could work out but that would require more thought - especially if you want to add more factors like enchanting. You need to keep in mind that the system also needs to take into consideration the attackers, you wouldn't want to spread around 10 extra adena just because you wear a +10 item, but rather give that 10 adena bonus only to attackers who wear gear +0 (or 7 adena bonus for attackers who wear gear +3 etc), attackers who also wear +10 item gets no bonus at all, just the base reward. And the same thoughts needs to be done on ranks and gear itself, considering both bonus and penalty possibilities - the penalty part might be harder to do if we work with direct numbers and not percents - for example if I wear a +12 item and killing an enemy of same gear but +0 with a base adena reward of 10 where each enchant gives (or reduces) 1 adena, I will always end up getting 0 adena for the kills.