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  1. one more offer for next (Interlude) season

    I won't split the community into seperate areas for this reason, simply because player base at some times won't allow it (imagine splitting community at night-times). That's why I said I can do more events running at the same time based on population, and not on items. That will even matter less if i'll decide to make A-grade go free again at some stage, which is probably going to this direction.
  2. For next (Interlude) season.

    Don't understand what's the point of this one. Noted to myself for next season - or next client side update at least. There's already a topic about this. Won't be done.
  3. Zaken battle area

    These are one of the stuff that should probably be imported from GC to IL. In GC the 2 teams spawns inside Zaken lair itself and PvP there for Zaken, rather than on the ship.
  4. Suggestion (Maybe for new Season)

    I've written a note to myself about this, it will probably happen on next seasons that there will be more than 1 map running, based on population. But it will still be event-based, i.e. every 30 minutes maps will change.
  5. About cancels

    And you said that because? I never said you weren't fair nor you didn't report server issues, you still try to put wrong words in my mouth. As i've said before dozen of times, the fact i'm a GM doesn't mean I need to be nice to everyone, especially people who talk like you just did. I proved you wrong, and you stilltry to throw all the gun-power you got againts me, basing completely nothing, do you even read what I say or you just read the first sentence and respond directly without thinking? because that's really how it looks like. And now that conversation is really over.
  6. Drunk Idea!!!!

    Then it won't be interesting anymore.
  7. Modify Battlefield Flags

    As far as I recall I disabled lethal and half lethals on flags, you sure its daggers that kills them fast? what else can cuase them to die fast?
  8. Mass Resurrection Suggestion.

    That's not the reason it was disabled, it was disabled because it is simply too OP - and therefore won't be re-enabled either.
  9. toogle antiheal

    Nope, this isn't a critical bug, its not a bug at all to begin with. And yes I just quoted exactly your lies and I could do so for many of your other posts. You can keep telling that i'm wrong or that I'm a hater, I really don't care about false statements, you can't even base your words on anything. But you know what, you are right, I'm stupid for letting people like you play and post on my forums over and over and not just banning you right away as soon as you appear, since your mind is so locked already about me being a hater, why do I even bother with people like you? and why do you bother with me? if according to you you will get zero attention anyway?just get out and search for something else. And now its locked until bothered with.
  10. toogle antiheal

    If there's something in the world Ican't ignore are lies. I have no idea why you think I hate you, if you broke any rules in the pastyou can be sure I don't remember it and I won't ever bother remembering any past case of any user either. We made it crystal clear before season started that this season is here just so we will have time to work on newer game version, as long as a suggestion or bug report isn't critical, it won't be answered (that doesn't mean it won't be implemenated in future seasons). This suggestion is one of them, especially when it includes adding a new skill, which means also editing client side. Now regarding your lies (and its not your first time trying to provoke me like that just to get answered) here is a proof to enlighthen you that it was implemenated in the past, on the H5 season: It wasn't moved to IL because the reason it was on H5 was because of chain heal, and not because of the reasons you state here. I'd strongly advise you to cut the drama, the fact I don't answer your posts doesn't mean I don't read them, and you sure spread around alot of poison.
  11. Donation

    Talk with the Donations Manager ingame.
  12. AFK KICK

    You can do any small action like even chatting if i remember correctly to reset the anti afk timer, it is 30 seconds and it'll stay like this. Say thanks you even got chance to wait because on GC I made it that if you don't get resurrected until the next time to respawn you get automatically revived at a spawn point, and this is what I plan also for future IL seasons, inspired by games like Overwatch. This will also allow me to re-enable mass resurrection.
  13. Adding more spawns doesn't mean you'll spawn less people in a certain point.... A random point is choosen for each faction every 15 seconds and during resurrection everyone spawns at the choosen point, you'll still spawn as a group of 20 in your example...