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  1. Server Rework

    I'd suggest you (and others who made suggestions here recently) to start searching forum before posting, because these kind of suggestions were answered a dozen times. The "old" gve was fun because it was something "new", people were excited everything they've seen, that doesn't mean it will be the same today, not at all, and we already were there to know. Biggest complaint was"why people need to run so much in a PvP server just to find a PvP or at worse case, just to die", do you really think people will have the patience nowadays to run all the way from a certain village to the nearest, lets say castle, just to die after maximum 2 PvPs and then run all the way back, repeating that again and again? And if i'll have to make spawn points closer to solve this, then it makes no difference at all from events based gameplay, your suggestion solves strictly nothing, it will only make situation worse. Was suggested a dozen times, I advice you to search. 2 problems with such a system: 1) It simply doesn't fit Interlude where there's already not much to do after you're all geared up. 2) It means any newcomer at a later stage of the server will have to face a dozen enemies with +16 stuff, since its pretty easy to make plenty of PvPs when the server is full of people in its first days. There are plans for this. 2 and 4 are simply no.
  2. RR server

  3. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    I already got some plans which might affect some of your suggestions. I do like the idea of shutting down normal events while Aden Siege runs, we will make it so all clans auto register on the siege (even new level 0 clans) in order to encourage more people to play together, people will be able to create a clan even after a siege already started and still try to take it. There will still need to be a reward for people who just want to go around PvPing without really caring about the castle, that's where my plans step in which I won't reveal here yet (you can get them in a PM if you wish). I won't add more ranks/items/skills as you suggest, this will just complex things up and if a feature needs explanation, then it is simply wrong, stuff need to be kept simple(a lesson learned from the Strange Machine feature...) Same thing goes for the territory suggestion you made, the current system is simple, you win a map you get it and if you win all maps you get the territory - what you suggest would look like a bug to anyone who doesn't bother reading the server features (and there's lots of them). Moved this topic to general discussion for now.
  4. Changelist

    Changelist #1 * Fixed double damage message when having Transfer Pain on. * Fixed sometimes castle circlets weren't removed if a clan lost the castle. * Small improvement to animation broadcasting (will improve some FPS during high online). * Removed Heal and Booster Battle Royale skills, instead, picking a booster will permanently increase speed and healing potions will auto use when HP is reduced during Battle Royale. * Changed abit the default Assassin scheme. * Reduced Score, Playful and Spree rank requirements, if you meet the requirements after the change just get 1 score to rank up. * Players will now lose 5 minutes every death inside farm zone instead of being kicked out of the zone instantly.
  5. Suggestion how to keep New/Old ppl longer

    Been already over it dozen times, system is pure luck, while you see plenty +16's there are also plenty of people who still have a hard time getting past +10 bothering me all day long in PMs to make enchants easier. -1 enchants are very hard to get anyway and most people use normal scrolls mostly, speaking in numbers there are only 13 S-grade weapons +16 on the server. There are only 5 players who reached rank 10, so I don't see the reason adding more ranks. I will reduce score, playful and spree requirements on next update. With big population a few epics on some people can never do any harm, its a team's organization that determines if a team will have many wins or not, where this season it favored Chaos side. The "random" fights allows everyone a chance to take epics, your suggestion would just make people even more upset without actually improving anything, since you still can't guarantee a certain side won't always win. Farm zone isn't supposed to be any more entertaining than PvP events, it is there just to help newbies get some good start farming easy xp/sp and adena, nothing more. Speaking of which, Iwill change it so people won't be kicked out of the zone after 1 death, but will rather lose some of their duration inside the zone after each death - so unlucky people that get killed instantly after entering won't lose their will to play. Partially accepted.
  6. Little Things

    Don't see the point of doing that, will just make event more complex while i'm trying to make events easier True about focus / hunter, not sure regarding paagrio fist, some extra CP can save you in certain situations. Added elemental and divine, daggers got enough skills to play with for renewal to be added later after divine insp is learned I guess. People should notice the potion icons when they start placing their skills in the skill bar, as they are auto registered there. I'm aware there are some people who brainlessly ask where are the potions before they even get to check things around, these are the very same people who will blindly close any popup window anyway so there's really nothing more I can do for them. Partially accepted.
  7. An adjustment to healer benching

    We don't use count based balancing to be able to do it as you suggest since it has its own flaws aswell, its not even ELO only anymore, there are more stuff taken into account such as current event's scores and which faction owns more territories.
  8. Circlet of Aden

    Will be fixed next update.
  9. Transfer Pain bug

    Will be fixed next update.
  10. Still not sure regarding the validity of these videos, you can see for yourself that there are differences between them, clearly not l2off and if l2off, then one of the very first versions of it. In one of them people get flagged when match starts/ends which seems like a bug on its own, also the buffing times are different and on the 2nd video you also get acumen while on the first you don't. Its a matter of a small change but I won't do it without being certain this is how its supposed to work.
  11. Critical Error

    You are not logged in our server and none of the things you mentioned exists here (there's no dynasty or whatever). Completely reinstall the game + patch if you want to play.
  12. Critical Error

    How is this even related with ovc?
  13. quiero una respuesta -.-

  14. q onda con el server y su gente nadie responde ?

  15. arreglame el campeon -.-