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  1. Front Page Timer

    Its just cache probably, you could try to f5 on the countdown script. http://l2ovc.com/js/jquery.countdown.js And then check homepage again.
  2. Game accounts unbanned

    Unbanned 6 accounts and 4 characters.
  3. Front Page Timer

    Can you try to f5 on the page?
  4. Expert skill - Scavenge

    The bonuses from this skillapplies to everything.
  5. Changelist

    Changelist #21 Domination / Escort / KOTH Maps: * Players will not get points for being inside zone if there are enemies in it. * Players will get points for killing enemies inside the zone. Battlefield Maps: * Players will get points for killing enemies who attack a flag. Fort Maps / Battlefield Mini Event: * Players will get points for killing enemies who cast the capture skill. Other: * Leveling a clan to level 1/2 will no longer be free. * Clan members amount will increase with clan level.
  6. Enchanting System

    None of the changes I did affect the server in a way like the new enchant system will do. And anyway there's nothing to test about it, it simply reduce enchant level by 1 upon failure instead of reseting to 0.
  7. Player leave server

    So leaving a clan is bad but creating a whole new character where you also lose any expert skills / augment / skill enchants you had is ok? I already told you what you can do, other than that I wish you good luck. P.S. one thing you should know, I don't care if you or anyone else leave server - so stop trying to make it a threat incase I won't listen, especially for such a stupid reason.
  8. Yeah, but I don't lose "many" money when I insist to keep the server online until the last of the players instead of simply wiping it, or when I work months upon months sometimes between seasons without a server running at all, right? disrespectful comment, shows what players wouldn't do to try and make their suggestion more valid. For now I will stick to the recent changes I made, which should already make progression abit harder aswell as give event objectives a much better meaning. Ontopic: feature added, for now with a max discount of 33% after 250 sets / weapons sold.
  9. CTF Giran

    I observed the last event and it seemed fine. The only bug was the score - and its fixed now.
  10. Changelist

    Changelist #20 * Players will now need to play at least 5 maps before able to play olympiad. * Increased the amount of S-grade weapons / armors sold for progressive gameplay from 200 to 250 (already 250 this season). * Epics / Tattoo are now included in progressive gameplay (they are already at their minimal price this season). * Fixed score bug in CTF maps. Added: * Added a limit to amount of Snowman that can spawn in Ice Queen Cabin. * Reduced amount of members in main clan from 10 to 8. * Reduced amount of members in a royal knight from 5 to 3.
  11. Player leave server

    As I said in anothertopic, you are welcome to suggest something better, until then yes, I expect you to adapt to server, and I know its mostly clan skills that you care about. I'm aware its not perfect, but you got a choice, and I won't change a bad feature to an even worst one (the previous situation where people in the same clan switched sides and avoided each other). At least now the people who play events can enjoy them. P.S. even on retail servers clan subpledges are being slowly removed, so clans will have less members and adapt to servers population.
  12. Player leave server

    So you preffer to leave server instead of simply leaving your clan or change faction permanently? makes sense.
  13. S-grade / epics won't be locked, people need to be able to make as much progress as they can without any limitations. But the main reason is that for mages A-grade armor is anyway considered top, so making such a change would be unfair for fighters. A few S-graders when server starts while it has big population proven that it makes almost no difference to game balance when it comes to mass pvp.
  14. Agent this is not another flame war topic. Star64 I got nothing against "free" suggestions / feedback, but do some homework before you write something - as I said, your recent comments prove you are unaware of anything new that has happent in thisserver. And yes I make so many changes that not playing a singleseason is enough not be able to give input - and playing on other l2off servers or whatever is completely irrelevant.
  15. Core / Orfen

    No, I give Sailren extra drops just because it doesn't drop any jewel. If you think other jewels are useless sell them at a minimal price to newbies and with that adena buy your golem's stoneheart.