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  1. Locked, pointless to continue discussing it. Anakim transformation will be nerfed and ill make it configurable so i can make further adjustments without having to restart the server.
  2. Yet another "balance" request topic asking to empower the 2nd most used class on the server. You folks completely lost it.
  3. And why this topic without a single screenshot......?
  4. Its the new overwatch mini event, transformations only pvp. Some transformations would require some balancing obviously to make it have some diversity
  5. Emerald


    I hope you do realize you just complained on the 2nd most used class in the server... That's all there is to say.
  6. I remind everyone that the first Devastated Castle clan hall siege will take place this Monday ! In order to have your clans auto registered to the siege, you must make it at least level 5 before the event begins. You can check the rewards for owning each residence at the Portal NPC. Good luck !
  7. Did you tried to do as Chevignon suggested? enable manual respawn from .menu and use it only when all party died if you wish to spawn together.
  8. banned from stream rewards for 48h
  9. give more details, dc or crit error? and when do you get dc exactly...
  10. Reminder to all clans: this event will take place a week after server side! Also remember that we added 2 new clan siege activities: Clan Hall and Fortress. The first clan hall siege will take place this Monday and the first fortress siege will take place this Wednesday.
  11. Congratulations and thanks to these who participated, after creating your character send me a forum PM with your char name to get your rewards.
  12. Merged all posts, all participants are eligible for rwards: Okan, Rhaegar and Joel, good luck ! Topic locked until Ring of Baium winner is announced.