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  1. H5 Recruitment

    Cut the nonsense regarding team play on pvp servers already, it becomes boring to read - I don't understand how people end up roaming this forum for yearstrying to turn this server into something different, if it can make a server so sucesful then there must be dozens of them out there, just go and pick one to play on. You've had dozens of seasons to prove that team play can indeed improve the server, yet it just made it worse, nobody ever came up with brilliant ideas to both keep teamplay AND make everybody happy, why? because it simply CANNOT be done on a server where all you do is PvP - its enough 1 oraginized party (not even talking about clans here) to break everything. Even when I made the change to clan slots nobody, not a single person, could give me a valid reason why it shouldn't be changed, instead of just crying their eyes out from a change that doesn't even affect them, last season itsimply ended up in1 clan recruiting whole server just so they can say "we dominated", it had nothing to do with friendship / true teamplay at all. All people did was abusing any teamplay factor exists to break any fun aspect of the game whenever it was possible, there will be teamplay aspect, but it will be kept to a very minimal manner - so players who trully play together will enjoy it, but players who will try to abuse it will not be able to.
  2. Next season

    Don't worry I got mine coming up soon aswell
  3. Next season

    Because of your exams period?
  4. Next season

    No idea what its going to be yet.
  5. [Vote] Flame Icon

    Try now, had to clear it again
  6. [Vote] Flame Icon

    You cannot have 2 sk and a bpin a single party. Infact I'm going to do it so you won't be able to have more than a single tanker in general.
  7. [Vote] Flame Icon

    Added a new option to reduce the duration to 30 seconds. Votes have been cleared feel free to vote anew.
  8. [Vote] Flame Icon

    I know many aren't aware of why such a topic needs to be brought up, but since there are many different opinions about it, feel free to express your opinion here.
  9. H5 Recruitment

    Making it alittle bit more clear about the requirements: * You got to have experience in High Five gameplay from playing l2off/retail servers. * You have to be someone I know, mainly active forum users (just playing the server isn't enough). * The gameplay will be similar to IL, the tests needs to be focused mainly on skills, items, balance, olympiad, siege and anything else that might come up. Testers will have the chance to get first look at the full features and suggest changes.
  10. H5 Recruitment

    So, as many of you requested, and after 2 yearsof break from this game version, i'm about to start working on it again. That doesn't mean that next season will be H5 yet, it depends much on how development progress will go and how much cooperation I will get. Basically I need testers, that's all, feel free to send me your requests in a PM, I will accept only people who got some history on this server, and that I know I can get some good results with. People who will be accepted will get access to the test server, along with a private forum where we can make our discussions. I might keep this topic updated from time to time with game developmentprogress and screenshots.
  11. What if?

    What you suggest will improve strictly nothing, and I advise you to go search new servers fitting your style rather than trying to change an entirely different concept. But I like your self confidence.
  12. Server Shutdown

    The Interlude server will be shut down today at 17:00 GMT +2. Thank you for playing on our server, we hope you enjoyed it.
  13. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    @Star64You really couldn't say anymore bullshits in a single post, congrats.
  14. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    At this point you won't be able to convince me to do anything, since I simply know its today's community that is the problem, no matter what game version i'll pick and how much better the gameplay will be, it won't change much when it comes to players finding execuses to leave. Too many players are simply fast leavers, jumping from server to server with no real goal - they'll play new servers even if the gameplay there is shitter than the server they came from, why? because its new - that's today l2 community. Biggest example that can be made is interlude-online, started with 3k players, now only 2.5 weeks later, 1.6k players at peak times - their community almost cut by half, and that's excluding shops and such. You gave an example of a server that was successful back in 2010, I can name you many more that were successful back than, it doesn't mean they will be successful today, most likely not at all - its all about feeling nostalgic about an old server you've played, nothing more than that. When l2ovc was first created it followed the concept of ekokinetics, did it mean l2ovc was successful using that concept? no - people quickly got tired of "running around just to find a pvp, or finding their death" - that's where event based pvp servers were born - a concept that is used in nearly all pvp servers nowadays - and I can surely say that l2ovc got the most advanced events system nowadays.
  15. Crt Error

    Try: http://l2ovc.com/unblock If doesn't work then your client might got corrupted and you'll have to reinstall.