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  1. 4 points
    Man. Glad you are back. Everyone else stopped playing and started looking for You. We were so worried, You didn't log for few days and it was just a holiday! But now that you are back, hopefully everyone will notice and log in again. See you in game! Gonna try my best to spot you among all those returning players!
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    There's nothing to discuss about interlude.
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    Changelist #5 * Tanks will now take 25% more damage and deal 33% more damage. * Added new map: Border Outpost (Siege). * Decreased mcrit damage by half. * Changed mcrit rate nerf from 30% to 50%. * Introduced back half-lethals to daggers. * Empowering Echo m.atk. bonus reduced from 25% to 15%. * Critical heal amount reduced from x3 to x2. * Reduced Chain Heal amount of targets from 2-4 to 2-3. * Teams in Multi TvT will be random when under certain population amount. * Fixed after a clan takes Aden Castle attackers will be teleported to Aden Town instead of main town. * Fixed players could cast Seal of Ruler below the artifact. * Fixed "cannot see target" sometimes when casting seal of ruler while on the ramp. * Fixed Keucereus Base CTF map flag locations. * Fixed players couldn't attack each other in Aden Siege event. * Made it a little bit harder for healers to get kills out of assists.
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    Remove drop from raid bosses!! Jewels, weapons, armors everything think about other reward!!!!!!! i dont wanna see sacredium and valakas again on the start!!!!! Its fucking overpowered And not fair
  5. 3 points
    Or even better suggestion: how about act like a normal human being and avoid getting banned in the first place?
  6. 2 points
    Duelist: Uber nerfed, aoe damage,single target, rush impact range , u name it, glad nerfed in every aspect Tyrant: Maybe the only one class which above other classes, has slightly more to its aoe damage and single target dmg compared to its counterpart gladi. Dwarf: only double digit iq players plays it Archers: Still untouched somehow but for solo players its TURBO bad, you need team around you to abuse archers strength Daggers: Dogshit, you cant do shit in mass pvps even if you hit 15k with backstab, wait 2 weeks if you really wanna play it. Berserker: Worst class probably, dont expect to next target/rush impact with 2k aoe damage and kill everyone, it does really low damage, far away from its glorious days of gracia final Soulhound:Again dont touch this class Btw kamaels need "Pride of kamael" buff enchanted to +30, since in our server making +30 skill nearly impossible for couple weeks for obvious reasons. Mages:Kinda balanced right now you can pick anyone,they got greatly nerfed also. Dominator: LOL , dead class go next Tanks: Same problems that dagger has, you need epics and low population to be relevant Titan: Again need low pop, and u die to reflect insta Warlord: Its meh, when u got epics later on, Summoner: No info, maybe itsgood when u enchant summon to max. BD/SWS : LOL Bishop: Easy to abuse it, with no gear for good adena here u go , gl Edit: i forgot pride of kamael was self buff
  7. 2 points
    A friend who quit gave me Elegia set+9,Archangel 300 wind,Ring of Beleth and also i had a second vorpal light set. I sold them all and i had like 1.5 million but the funny thing is that it wasn't enough to make me full gear 😄 As i said if you want to be full/top gear you need really high population otherwise you can't afford it. Even with donate you need spend more than 600-700 euro and still you won't be top.
  8. 2 points
    open interlude again. Problem solved
  9. 2 points
    Hi, so ive been playing for a few days, and i noticed that very often i receive double damage from 1 guy, ,,IsaacNetero" he is a hero doombringer. I dont really know if its a hero weap privilege or smth like that, but im receiving same amount of damage from 1 attack twice and like every time he uses that skill i receive double damage. Very often damage stands the same like 1724x2, then 1724x2 again after 2sec, then 1622x2 and smth like that. I will give some screenshots. Im not sure if its a bug but i have a clue it is so i think u should check this out. I ve been playing lineage2 for a long long time and havent seen such a thing to receive double damage from 1 skill and damage stays the same and it REPEATS again and again.
  10. 2 points
    Pls somebody Tell this delusional Hitcha to stop Cry .... poor guy i feel petty , he played 24/7 10 days in a row to hit Normal dmg now , and think his 'somebody * delusional God Blessed you Hitcha = now you have time to Brush your Floopy Gums , Wash your chuby cheecks , and take some Sun light . +1 on the current Post . P.S - mage owners will QQ , oO
  11. 1 point
    Background Dear users, we wish to start our advertising event for the upcoming season once again! Everyone can participate, everyone has an equal chance of winning. Get boost in gear before everyone else, everyone must take part! Participating Make 3 topics on forums related to L2 (you can use this sample advertising topic). Make 5 good replies to advertising topics of our server (only 1 post per topic). Make 5 facebook posts in groups related to L2 (only groups which has at least 2,000 members, you can use this sample post). Rules You can't create a new thread if one already exists, reply to it instead.Replies to existing threads must contain some good comment about the server, no bumps allowed.You are not allowed to post in other private servers.Links will be checked at the end of the event and therefore dead links won't count, so make sure your links are valid/didn't get deleted.Do not reply anything else other than links in this topic... (no spam, no off-topic, etc), questions should be sent by PM to Emerald/Ruby. Places to Advertise You can check the old advertising topics for ideas where to make your posts instead of searching on your own.* http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3353-advertising-event-20/* http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3123-interlude-season-advertisement-event-epic-jewel/* http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2831-advertising-event-started/* http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3693-advertise-events/ Rewards We will run a software which will randomly choose 5 lucky winners. Each winner will get 20,000 Adena + 10,000 Festival Adena. One lucky winner among the chosen 5 will get a Ring of Baium! Event ends at: Friday 13th Dec, 12:00 GMT +2, good luck !
  12. 1 point
    You can check older advertising topics for ideas where to make posts, I added them to first post of this topic: Good luck.
  13. 1 point
    dont know why you think glad/tyrants are good at start. They wasnt even in the last season. Playing one of them is kinda a pain in the ass in the beginning. (says a player that played tyrant only from day 1 till the end) Just later on they start to shine.
  14. 1 point
    Dagger. It's okay Don't just jump into the crowd. Dwarf it's funny champion ))
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  16. 1 point
    Bishop with 4k+-1k mdef? good luck. Only when mana is over. If it ends Cant kill Jud... You forgot that admin cancel changed
  17. 1 point
    usually full drops go to the party with the highest damage (most PvP/PvE points or w/e) ... correct me if I'm wrong.... but that mostly means that drops are going to no-lifers 99% of the time .... and will boost them even further in front of the others. Last season a STS got TOP S84 mage weapon drop from epics on day 1 ... seems fair to you? because for sure is/was not for the rest of the server ... Also those so said ~500 people are only in the first 1-2 days of the server...
  18. 1 point
    Hi, thx 🙂 Just last question summoners magic critical rate and magic damage still as mages - 50/25%. Just care about formulas on all classes for take best choice before server start 😄
  19. 1 point
    I suggest to make a sacrifice altar npc for useless mats, key items etc and in turn a low chance to get boost scrolls or any other neutral item. If sacrifice fails, 0 benefit. Chance should be increased by mats inserted. 1 sacrifice by day.
  20. 1 point
    Btw , how could we sort out this junk Bulk thing that happens all The Time , on any chronicle as a matter of fact , we cant just sell them and get ,at least, even 1 adena for all the junk hereby not needed ? Im asking for a friend 🤣🤣🤣
  21. 1 point
    progressive gameplay, S84+ locked until some criteria achieved. S84 and boss jewels will start to drop after that.
  22. 1 point
    I actually think getting gear should be even harder. This game is all about grinding, doesn't matter what kind of server you play. In my opinion people should start with standard S grade and craft every other item, dynasty, vesper etc. Low parts should drop from mini bosses and s84 from epics. And not many. You can't but parts or recs in shop. This would make market more alive and people would have to decide what to craft. Right now it's dynasty OE + ele and you farm for top84. Fun indeed. Making it impossible to do that within 2 weeks would force people to get midgrades. No epic jewels drop for first month - every participant of winning side should get like 'Epic token' (untradeable), which lowers the price for epics jewels at store by let's say 2k. Example: you won 10 epics you coud buy AQ for 130k and 10 tokens from shop. Custop gear drop - no drop of grade above the top gear of the server. Make a formula, like if there is not at least 10 weapons/10 armor sets of the grade, it won't drop from epic. How to handle nolifers? Just like adena scrolls - custom self buff with 24h reuse. First hour off gameplay you earn 150% income, 2nd 125%, 3rd 100% and with buff worn out you get 75%. One account per player. This would make people come and play at least 3h daily. No adena penalty for killing lower gear, but reward for killing higher. Add 10% by voting. Top weapons and epics dropping first day (since all bosses alive) is the worse thing here. I really hope next season one side and possibly one clan will get first AQ+Baium+Thorn Bow first day. Looking forward to it!
  23. 1 point
    Everything its circle You see it also ?:D PS. Emerlad never answer on wipe question but before christmas probably he will annouce new one or just after
  24. 1 point
    Fail archer. Berserk + dance of berserk + no divine protection + no dance of aligments + no reflect + no song of vengeance. Holy attribute on armor 360? No. Belt on PvP defence? No. Go delete L2 and stop posting bullshit. Other archers are critting 3k.
  25. 1 point
    Can u give more details if this was a visual bug or not, if this affects other toggles or not Cause today I was watching a stream guy with 4 vicious stance, 3 focus skill mastery. TY
  26. 1 point
    There's something wrong with tanks stacking their passives. For Shillien Templar: - patience - pain of shillien Respective stills for other tank classes. Possibly it's just a visual bug.
  27. 1 point
    First, instead of complaining about something and mentioning emerald in a topic for nothing, just make a post with you character information (where attributes are) + buffs / debuffs etc (as much information as you can) and make a topic about it. He can't and is tired of listening to QQ'er all day posting only "omg omg omg x did that Y did that". He is more receptive to ... screens/proofs etc. This is the way he's working. no sh1t sherlock .... I knew before you said that you have ~200 holy attribute defense.... PK can have 300 from weapon + 20 from holy weapon + 20 from Dance of Light + 10 from Divine Blade Toggle = that's around 350 Holy attack vs 236 holy defense. so yes this is a big difference and it's only what I can think of right now ...
  28. 1 point
    Soultaker end game geares , vorpal noble +8 almost full atte. Sacredium +10 +1 INT and top jws and example tank hit me for 6k, i hit him for 700-800 dmg magic crit like 1400 and you guys speak about balance etc 2ppl we was trying to take the tank down and we cannot. Ppl says that H5 most balanced version , but for me i cant see the balance. Its becouse of changes and nerfs dunno. But i hope @Emerald will find solution about balances becouse right nowif even is and wipe there will be the same shit. I will not beg to back in interlude but as you remembered guys interlude season was full for like a month. Was fun for me really, first experience in H5 but we need stable and balance server to keep playing for long time
  29. 1 point
    woot basically upsets people I know is the following: they wanna play things that other players don't but those classes are way stronger, for example sorc, hk, etc. I played ms this season and its dmg is low I mean really low, for example multiple shot did like 400 dmg cuz (aoe skills were nerfed.) at least that's what I heard... the reality being that without the nerf it prolly was like 550-650, the question for the staff is: why would u nerf that skill? cuz GS was doing to much dmg? you gutted all the archer classes cuz of GS just like in interlude, GS is the alpha archer that is causing all the other archers to underperform and that's one of the problems, SPH is broken now in h5 and u nerfed that aura blast or whatever the fuck is that aoe called and u affected all the other classes yet sph still is the alpha cuz all the other classes got nerfed along with him. There are a tone of examples: gk was trash in interlude cuz gladi was "broken", titan was trash cuz people didn't have the brain to simply keep distance or focus him, I don't even know what to call these changes, instead of continuously nerfing the common skills focus on nerfing the "race" skills, like nerf the aura blast only for sph, cuz that's where the stupid dmg was,not the aura blast for sps/sorc, if gladi is broken nerf the gladi not the force skill dmg and destroy the gk ,obody wants to admit this is one of the main problems, been wasting time on this server since erb was managing the old infinite, but these last like 5 yrs or god knows how many have been since infinite went down have been going in the wrong direction in the state of balancing
  30. 1 point
    let's say 2 max depends on online at the beginning and the speed at which players reach "end game". Then there are only those who have absolutely nothing to do and those who cry for something. I see that now people complain from one tank that reaches "end game" but they do not realize that there is really no one to kill him and he knows this fact. In pvp 3 vs 4 is impossible for an archer with 2 berserks and pow to kill PK who has top S84 and 2 icons even if he is afk but in 20-30 vs 20-30 is different. The people who play here do not know the chronicle well and complain about everything. One female soulhound can make crazy every tank and he doesn't even have to kill him - jump around, stay away and press only Soul Of Pain Previous season in which there were many more tanks I played exactly SLH, and I had a lot of fun with how these tanks suffer mainly at the oly. The tanks of this chronicle can be quite annoying but the presence of female soulhounds is even more annoying to them. All you need is one SLH in second account with mage weapon ( I like the nickname WTSTarget )
  31. 1 point
    It already exists. Done.
  32. 1 point
    Number 1: Same attacked speed for all classes on human vs zombies event Number 2: Allow drop - adena scrolls to be stored in warehouse in order to use them in events that we choose to
  33. 1 point
    Of course he was hitting a tank with deflect arrow and expecting to hit him for 4 digit units as archer...
  34. 1 point
    I'll look for sources if you need but it is normal. I have a doubt since summons have the same critical rate as blunt weapon, but from my expérience, sharp edge is the only one to give stats to summons
  35. 1 point
    Thnx guys im glad i made my 2nd class nerfed as expected . yamada is a down syndrome japanese its understandable but emerald as an owner of a h5 you should read skills descriptions or go to interlude again check what 2 icons + blunt do and this guy is using 2 zerks lol what do you expect
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    I might think attribute defense might not work properly... Gluttony is using holy attribute.... And with the current tank boost + 3xAI..... Makes that huge damage.... Without those skills he is 0....also he is perma stunning people..... Which sucks..... So you have low holy attributes anyways.... Jackie is using earth on his weapon and I'm sure he farmed so good on broken STS..... To have full epic jwls and everything needed already..... That's your second low attribute defense..... And for topqq.... If he is on titan on frenzy.... Again normal.... Use double reflect buffs on you.... You will still take good damage... But they will suicide by attacking you I don't want to be mean or anything @Emerald.... But boosting Eva's Templar damage would have been enough.... There was no need to boost the offensive tanks which have AI.... Sos.... Or seed of revenge.... For that.... An offensive tank with full epics and good buffs + game play sense can be a real killing machine without the 30% dmg boost...they have root to get close to target and stun to perma hold the target and kill it.... Oh hi Gluttony that's for you..... You can outrun most characters in game and perma stun them.... Good for you Cuz you could farm with broken STS class and now abuse another broken one... Loved your comments Btw in the other thread.
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    Hey there. I would like to ask when it gonna be interlude season again and i would like to discuss with other player and emerald some "fixes". First of all i think that server must become more long-term and in order to achieve that server must be harder (higher prices and even lower xp rate) I want the old ovc back (rebirth system) and not rank ups and take rebirth skills cause some classes got really buffed if u know what skills to learn. Use the old rebirth system (3 passives only) and in comparison with lower xp rates that would be brilliant i guess. Since its general discussion i would like to see the opinions of other old or new players of ovc in order to go at suggestion section and make a aio topic for this stuff. Thanks.!
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    Dude ask about sh or dagger and play archer
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    Changelist #8 * Players can now make clan level 11 by owning any residence, not just a castle. * Clans owning a fort can learn squad skills. * Fixed elements on Drac/MA sets. * Fixed augmentation skills weren't properly removed from accessories when removing augmentation. * Nerfed attribute bonus by an additional 5%. * Reduced tankers damage bonus from 33% to 30%. * Fixed visual bug with players re-appearing after getting teleported away from Orfen. * Fixed visual bug that occurred due to cubics sometimes. * Healers cannot participate in PvP events during low online. * Increased adena rate during low online from PvP.
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    I meant the surrender + 30 Wind weakness is only for enemy weapons Surrender stays at -20 wind for the enemy wind resist. With the hurricane u might be right but ingame it does not show.
  41. 1 point
    It's Naia, fusion of official EU servers. The following of Teon if you prefer.
  42. 1 point
    I may have gotten slight stroke from reading that. But if you are implying that Tyrants have higher mdef and pdef than tanks, you are slightly delusional.
  43. 1 point
    I don't understand why do you keep creating topic on a subject that was already denied about 3 times... You don't even mention what is the point of your suggestion
  44. 1 point
    My suggest is to completely remove buff eye of paagrio like counter critical is being removed. Critical rate on archers is terrible. At this point archers are the most useless class
  45. 1 point
    On facts : 85 % of server is Mage SH , creating a super boring enviroment Tank with 4k mdef receives 6k , 5k dmg , die in 2 hits from SH (on the other side i Fight one SPS he was Hero -- 500 average dmg ,,,) so why ppl should Play other Mages ? or other classes ? I will not add photos , anyway the topic will be closed . Just saying this , cause we entered 9 ppl on this server to enjoy - 8 left , is like u play Starcraft - Spellhowlers Zerg 1 friend joined yesterday - quited in 2 hours = Trickster with pranah received 16k dmg not from Necro , Sorc or SPS that would be imposible . surprize from SH . top 10 in every event =11 are SPH . i Aplaude who plays melle on this server . probably more ppl leave or don t join the server then the 5 - 10 No lifers who spam forum of do not Nerf SH . Think about it . only facts here no complaint . enjoy .
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    About casting speed limit Playing a bit with sph and with sps i figure out that Enlightenment/pvp (bonus castingspeed) is much better for sph than it is for nercos/Sorcer/Sps on this server. Simple because my sps has already 19xx casting speed. Casting Enlightenment only brings it to 1999 Casting speed. 1999 is the limit. While playing on sph. i get 1999 casting speed from 15xx useing Enlightenment. Which is unfair. On retail this was not a problem because u don't run around all the time with all buffs on your Char. Considering that sph are already the best mage in this chronical. I find it „unwise/unbalanced“. Also the pvp bonus(counter castingspeed) on mage weapons realy have a low effect for some mages but for Sph its good. Mages are not overpowerd only sph is a bit. Suggestion: Put the limit higher. We also had no limit in interlude About crit. rate limit. Also it seems to me that archer/melees crite rate is rather low. Because of „Eye of paagrio“ 30% crit reduction. If u remove the limit here aswell archer will get around 500-550?~ and would crit a bit more. And a higher weapons would actually be better. And Moonlight Sentinel would be less gimp compared to Ghost Sentinel. Suggestion 1: Remove the crite rate limit Suggestion 2: Lower Eye of paagrio by 5% down to 25% About sph 25% more m.attack dont mean that this class deal 25% more dmg! Lowering the overall dmg from sph by 10% was over the top. That was about as those 25% m.attack. Its not the class thats overpowerd but one skill empowering Echo 25% more m.attack. If u rly want to balance u can just lower this skill to 12,5 to 20% m.attack bonus . Thats a fair change/balance. Suggestion: Lower emp echo to 12,5% - 20% coming from 25%. I would love to see more of other mages! and Moonlight Sentinels. I am wondering if those suggestions even work with your gameclient. Overall this season is far more balanced as it was in interlude. If u check the k/d ratio of people. In interlude there were tons of people with 8/1, 7/1, 6/1 and 5/1 kills/deaths ratio. In this season the best people are around 3/1 to 2/1 k/d ratio. (n0rfuK dont count only 300 kills). Its a enjoyable season. Alita playing a sph but i also play it in interlude!
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    Emerald be like: No ban is un-accounted for
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    He is clueless , believe me , you have this tank walking arroun iting 4k 5k and DMG dealers like trickster , archer , soul hound , doombringer hiting 1k 's GM u do not have huge popuation anymore on the server - remove all nerfs from all classess , is fuking booooring to hit 1k as archer with top gear BOW +16 aq baium valakas . WAKE UP . ban me if u want . dager and tanks hiting 6ks . archer hiting 1k s . get fuck out of my computer , deleted uninstal l2