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    As i saw on server features parties from now on will be 4 people max and clans can have only 15 people. This is not so convenient because it means that the last party of the clan will be incomplete. My suggestion is to raise the maximum clan members to 16 so one clan can have proper parties and not be incomplete. Thanks in advance.
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    In less than 24 hours it starts ! I remind everyone it is recommended to download patch and register beforehand so if you run into any issues they can be solved asap. Good luck to all, and remember, stay home ! 🙂
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    @Emerald It's clear that the unsuccess of those last seasons which had lively periods for about 2-3 weeks should not be put solely on you, but it's clear that something ain't working and you obviously can see it by urself, right ? I know that no one can guarantee that his suggestions will lead to this or that and be the key to the success, but at least you can try. What's there to lose ? At worse it will be another 2-3 weeks lasting season. I think that from those years that passed you should have some clarity about some of the players of the community that proposed certain things and have contributed to the server so you can consult based on their thoughts. Some of us have played here back in the day(2016-2017) on seasons that lasted for 3+ months, one even was on for 97 days and had decent online count for about 75 days. Personally i skipped the past 4-5 seasons since i knew what the outcome will be, and i don't want put in 4-5 hours of my free time in something that i know will fail after 2 weeks. We all know that for a player to be competitive in OVC he needs to play more regularly the first week or two so he can enjoy the highest online count and progress equally and not be left behind from the pack. Trying to catch the rest after couple of weeks by playing 1-2 hours per day is not pleasant and easy to do. I know that MMORPG are time-wise demanding and you can't expect to exactly on par with those who play more than you, but those early OVC seasons that I've played were suitable for guys like me and others who can't or don't wan't to play 10h+ per day so they can be competitive. It was enough to play more regularly in the first days and gain the basic things and later enjoy the game by playing in your spare time for couple of hours like a normal grown up person should do. I think you should go back to the old server setup and transfer some of the good features that you've implemented in the last seasons. Current features like the present Rank system and Vote Reward are simply harming the server. I will briefly write couple of things that should be changed and were present on back of those successful seasons that if you can combine with some of the good current ones will lead to a high probability of better lasting season: A-grade has to be free after 2-3 weeks max so that newcomers can have better chances against higher geared ones. It's Interlude, for a person to be competitive with all classes all he needs is proper buff scheme and A-grade(daggers do fine in B-grade but that's another thing). Rank/Expert system: the old expert system were you obtained all the expert books from just leveling 80 lvl on main and sub classes was the best setup balance-wise. ELO System: it's clearly that something is not working, there is an 5k ELO cap now, but it's seems that it does not account properly and disturbs the balance count. Seems similar to back in the day were there wasn't ELO cap and me and Chaks had approximately around 120k ELO while most of top geared guys were on 20-30k and that led to online count on maps with 5 players versus 30 and similar situations. Balance and online count should be put solely on online numbers with contrast of approximately let's say 5 players per faction. Vote Reward should be removed or changed to give only extra adena or something other that does not interfere balance-wise like those extra stats it gives now. GOD Motivation buff should be removed. PVP/Farm reward system should be mainly by doing PVP and not objectives. Objectives like Domination zone/Escort and etc. should give some extra adena/stuff and not be the main reward source. Combined with the Old expert system that way those who play Warlords/Tanks will be mostly ones who play those classes for PVP purposes and not just to farm adena faster and rank up for the expert books. Those are some of the most important things that comes to my mind right now, if you are willing to act on the suggestions and you need help to introduce or alter them so they can be implemented correctly and successfully i'm sure with some of the guys that i wrote about above we can discuss the features more detailed!
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    Hey there and finaly out of tetrislude, Any old wolves gona play? I've seen Chevi arround time ago, mate are you here? 😄 Also can someone explain this sh*t: "When healing a target the healing points will be divided by the amount of attackers on that target. " Ther must be some misunderstanding here Does that mean that I heal like sps battle heal on bish if 3 ppl hit me,- or someone in the party? XD Sounds like bullcrap, I'd expect same from all aoe skills then 😄 If thats true guess it will be sad not to annoy ppl that cant even dps on bish and if so glad (unless got fixed) it is a way to go?
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    The most votes are for an opening on Friday, an announcement about the new season will come soon.
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    I see nothing in this topic that would actually make the server anymore fun & lasting longer, most of these suggestions are repeating themselves over and over and i've already made my reply in this matter a couple of times - even if some suggestions are good, I already see myself reverting them soon enough because people don't bother reading server features and will just come up complaining. Small example is you requesting that people will play around with B-grade longer, now lets imagine 1-2 weeks into the season where people did get A-S grade since yeah you cannot avoid it, what will happen to a newbie that now comes and have to play *longer* with B-grade? In general all these requests to make server "a lot harder" saying it will increase server lifetime are simply false statements, even now there are roughly 50% players quitting before getting anywhere near endgame gear, this statistic gets even worse on higher game versions such as H5, there are only a handful of players going for endgame gear, rest quit long before it. Another annoying comments I see here often is how this server last for 2 weeks, so NO, the server doesn't last for 2 weeks, its YOU who decide to quit after 2 weeks, you are complaining about a problem which you are a major part of, the server can last years if people would simply stick to it instead of quitting and waiting for new seasons all the time. The even more annoying part are the excuses, all these seasons the main excuse was me making changes mid-season, now the excuse is me not making any changes, are you serious? My last statements do not target the topic author, but these who made comments here and on other topics, they'll know who they are. And the statements @Chevignon made are indeed correct, people mostly make suggestions based on servers that used to work back in ~2010, think that these changes would "catch" nowadays aswell, do you have ANY idea how many servers I saw attempting to copy infinitel2 or other famous servers and failed within a few days/weeks of opening? that never even made it back anymore. Anyway bottom line (and speaking from experience obviously) all these small changes here and there won't be helping, i'm working on different game versions (classic & prelude of war) which should keep the community engaged with new stuff, this is going to take some time getting done thought.
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    #404SQUAD me and rhaegar confirmed, we will destroy haters
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    It will be in the future, for sure, not Grand Crusade though, an higher chronicle. And classic is possible aswell.
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    Hello, I have the following suggestion which is proven to work well regards to the Epic jewels. Remove Epics from the shop Make Epics only boss obtainable Epics should have expiration time of 1440 minutes. 1st boss to be a week after start and make respawn time much longer Make S grade much more expensive, so it's unique and it is really end game, a good price would start even from 500-600k and then mats and etc. Or make mats much harder to get. Make A grade a bit more expensive and make it worth buying. Add normal scroll Make Blessed scroll to start from 0% and to require kills to increase the chance of success, by doing this we will no longer strugle with the first day +16. Of course make it to maximum of 50% after +12 to have balance. By making this changes you will increase the B grade fights there will be big gap between the casual player and the hardcore player. Everybody will be able to actually make more kills, and know that even if they miss a day of playing, they would still have a chance of recovering and come back to the game. If you remove the Epics from shop it, with the current S grade prices the people will be able to buy it in the first day so I suggest a massive increase of price, so S grade is something unique, which requires a lot of effort and A grade to be also more expensive and actally worth buying. This will bring much more new players and it will prevent others from leaving as the biggest thing which makes the server unbalanced are the EPICS and the low cost of S grade. I can farm valakas in 1 day and the disbalance starts from there. If you make an archer and you get AQ in day one and baium in day two days thats it, or make a mage with valakas and AM , the high dmg is there and it is really hard for normal players to catch up right? Our goal as community is to increase the longevity of the server and make it great for all kind of different players, personally I am a hardcore player, I take a week off and I play 24/7. I want to see new players been able to kill me and to make my life harder... why not, thats what makes the challange interesting. To see everybody using B grade a week longer which defenately feel more balanced and stable, will also allow people to actually enjoy the game, also donating would not be so much of a problem as currently what makes A grade buying from shop so OP is that combained with epics makes much bigger difference in gameplay., so with reemoving the epics that will no longer be issue. If you make one server last longer, you will bring more value to the business and make more customers enjoying your product, I am not saying you are not doing well, just saying that as a part of the server community we can provide you with suggestions of what we think is the issue and it is your decision to take it or not. I just want the best for the server as I dont want to see this game dying, at least not yet! I want to see other people from the player base to add replies and vote for the idea and of course if something of what I said is not of your likings please share your opinion, lets support OvC with our best! I am always open for chats regards faction servers, I've been playing in all possible big faction servers trough the years and thats makes my experise more accurate.
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    1. I never claimed that I quit because I "lost" or "got mad" or whatever, I quit for personal reasons/work reasons etc, I'm sure since most of you are over 18 years of age you can understand that 2. I am the only one who represents MW up until next season, therefore whatever any1 else says, it shouldn't be treated as "MW said this/Rhaegar said this", that applies to clan members 3. Therefore, not ONCE have I cried about zerg or imbalance or anything like that 4. I really don't know how many times I have to clarify that even if I had 2 clans, it never meant anything because the majority /70% of every1 playing in "MW" were people who were relatively new or didn't play on a constant basis every season, that's why I never considered it a clan, it was a community of people playing together, it was never 100% organized like you would expect a big clan to be on lowrate/midrates 5. "We are zerging every season" = ?? I don't get how that is even a valid point, what does it even mean to zerg in all seriousness in this faction server? Why would it matter if Chaos had 20 people in 1 clan, but Order had 5 people in 4 clans? Surely it would be better for Orders even in the worst case scenario, since they can enjoy a more organized play in their 5-man CP's and have the joy of killing more randoms on Chaos? 6. The ONLY regret I have and I'm a man enough to admit it was announcing that "MW = Chaos" before the start of the season; I was doing this because me & Lesley would always declare sides before the start to avoid both of our clans being on the same side, which ofc would result in us "zerging" as you folks love to call it. People think I did it for an ego purpose, it really wasn't the case - for the past 3-4 seasons it was literally just me & Lesley's clans going at it consistently; If I had known this season was going to have so many more people, of course I would have never declared what side i would go and therefore maybe there would have been a more even spread of the 10+/- clans that joined this season, instead of them all going on Order because they might have seen the post - so yeah, just wanted to clear that up, it wasn't an ego thing... I was trying to help the server, if you can see that : )
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    As I promised, we had a few more things and solutions to mention in the previous post, but this one is more about suggesting changes than asking for "reworks". 1) Allowing people to port with the whole Party to weaker side instead 1 person This is something we were thinking a lot since you made the feature that prevents clans from joining event when there`s no/low online why not allowing the whole party to join/help weaker side. It could also prevent people that are playing the "im your clanmate dont hit me" game which used to happen a lot on the server. This kind of balancing seems more fair than making 5 people wait till all of them get ported to the opposite faction because some of them are in that "ELO 5k" prison. Also organised parties helping the weaker side can be more game changing that having 2-3 members of it inside. Party Leader should always be able to port his whole party to weaker side. 2) ELO system in Faction Server ELO is another algorithm i`d like to discuss it seems to not be capped to 5000, we believe it`s just showing 5000, but the number is still growing in a good player hands and after this even if you play badly few maps and your ELO is getting lowered by let`s say -167. The System still shows that you are at 5000, because it was just one bad map in let`s say 35 good one`s. ELO works in MOBA-like games, but MMORPGs are gear based more than skill sometimes. Can we have the Gear System as balance factor for one season and see the results instead ELO? 3) Mini Events/Farm zone Mini Events are great way for people that are less experienced/new to make some income. The thing is that some of them are free-for-all like. Russian Roulettes/Zombies/Lucky Chest/Simon Says should always appear after playing main map. Bomb Squad is something that should change i would say, most of people don`t like this event and its not really so good for all to grab some adena. Maybe try some Dodgeball Event that would require not gear and be rewarding like Russian Roulette. The Lucky Chest could be made less luck-depended and more neutral, lets say that people are getting the Unlock Skill for this event and each chest is giving adena+ chance for drop? More Treasure Hunter way-like 😄 About Farm Zone this season had some people that were constantly making new characters and farming there their gear instead joining PvP maps or missions. Main feature should remain as PvP, newbies have buff/tools to make it work. Mission is 15 min of time each day to grab some extra XP and Adena. Cutting the farm zone by half or deleting it and boosting Mission Adena+XP reward is by my opinion a better way to solve this. So there wont be 15-20 people doing farm zones and dying to Veterans that went there after x2 XP/SP appeared, they will get discouraged eventually by things like this. If you decide to delete the Farm Zone then you should make another option for Mission for Solo Players, maybe something like Pailaka from High Five? 4) Armor/Jewel overenchanting compared to Weapon I was wondering if the enchant rate for Armors/Jewels are keept retail-like also, because weapons are for sure. Making S grade weapon+10 is easy compared to making set S Grade+6, if the rates are really untouched. On H5 making armors/jewels +10 was not that hard as it is on Interlude due to the Agathion Scroll help and some luck. But could it be possible to make armors +7-8 more possible than it is right now? +8 should be the reachable number with 800 scrolls, not barely +6. The armors on Interlude aren`t also giving as much as S84 on H5 in the end game. 5) Class Balance/Cap I don`t see a problem in Archers as majority of the community does, the only time it can become kind of annoying is when one side is playing with 20 mages/healers and the opposite is with 20 Archers. All the Gladiators/Bishop/Warlords/Overlords are capped or they have their source of damage nerfed a bit, Mages have their m.critical nerfed, Archers just a bit critical damage nerf which i would say is still nothing compared to Mage one, but i dont want to touch Class damage/nerf section, I would suggest making some balance in the future to avoid one-sided Archer assist setups, because you have touched most of the classes, this one especially remains the "least" touched. I dont really have a golden solution for this one, i just wanted to remind about this one. Either balance per side or some cap seems fair to me without touching the core and purpose of the class which is just killing most squishy targets from distance. Having each side with 10vs10 archers is good and cool, but also not all people are fan of the Kite Class and since you touched the Mage`s the way you did, Mage Players are seeking for some kind of Justice on Forum/Shout chat each season. Just consider this argumentation and its consequences.
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    I've seen it somewhere... L2Infinite KEK
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    I don't get how will "group join" help you join faster? if you got members with high ELO you will still suffer from waiting times, doesn't matter if joining 1 by 1 or as group. Read this: http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15227-balance-correctness/ If you got ideas for new events make dedicated topic for them and post them in full details. Don't see a reason why to over-complicate such a simple event, in general i'm not in favvor of adding anymore custom event-specific skills, there's too much already and people are getting lost. I won't delete the farm zone, I actually saw many people enjoying it, when the season begun there wasn't a single empty spot inside that zone - people need to plan their entry time properly. The only change I might be doing there is reducing just a little bit the drops, because farm zone has already 1 big downside and its the fact you cannot progress with ranks in there. Rates on both servers are retail-like and will be kept that way.
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    The whole system should be reconsidered. Party rewards should be shared equally to healers, tanks and warlords. Otherwise it's almost impossible to balance properly. This season healer rewards are nerfed like tank rewards were nerfed previous seasons. I'm affraid the answer at the moment will be "want apiga on tank - use vanguard, want apiga on dominator - use drain, want apiga on bishop - use inquisitor".
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    Please disable map block on hellbound if we gave an events there.
  17. 1 point
    No nerf on tyrants No buff on mages No nerf on rune protection Instead, nerf duelists even harder L M F A O
  18. 1 point
    Is there any chance that you fixed the cancel with raging force skill from tyrants? In previous season they could cancel you multiple times with range attack only which is not normal.
  19. 1 point
    I like H5, it is a nice option. However is there a chance of an OvC based on grand crusade or fafurion for future projects? Maybe even classic? Thankss
  20. 1 point
    are u f king kidding me 5 was even to low first he make ee not allow with bish in same pt ... then se cant join bishop ....then overlord cant join bishop then u cant heal ppl not in party or heal other suppors.... now 4 ppl in party so all players should go 2tyrant +wl or 3 archers and bish (if u dont know why u are noob player in general )? so stupid logic maybe lets do 2 ppl maximum in same party and no supports at all u should rename server to l2 SOLO or L2 NERF
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    In 1 week it starts! and we are mostly curious who are going to be the lords of the castles this time? is your clan ready for it ?! Devastated Castle Siege: Monday 30th March at 20:00 GMT +2. Aaru Fort Siege: Wednesday 1st April at 19:00 GMT +2. Aden Castle Siege: Saturday 4th April at 17:00 GMT +2. A single clan can rule them all ! See you at the opening 🙂
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    1. Option to exchange elemental stones with a small fee (0.25*fullPrice): Water <-> Fire Dark <-> Unholy Earth <-> Wind 2. Option to downgrade elemental crystal to elemental stones with a loss ratio. Upgrade: 5 stones = 1 crystal Downgrade: 1 crystal = 3 stones
  23. 1 point
    In IL they are self buffs, in H5 they can be obtained from the NPC buffer.
  24. 1 point
    You will have a NPC buffer in town with most of the existing buffs. But you wont have buffs like Blessing of queen or the seraphin buffs. They are self buffs only
  25. 1 point
    FA isn't obtainable only by donation since a very long time now. Especially in H5 where you got 3 siege events every week, which easily means x3 the FA you can obtain.
  26. 1 point
    I tend to avoid adding lower grade gears to prevent unnecessary confusion for players, if you can achieve the same effect getting vorpal that's what you'll have to go for. oly staffs exists.
  27. 1 point
    Hello, For new season pls ! Delete exchange donate for adena plz 2 days opening pro donate full jewels boss and s84 gg so plz litsen and delete this
  28. 1 point
    If nothing is written, that means no changes.
  29. 1 point
    For that you have Interlude.
  30. 1 point
    Get prepared for a Tyrant server again guys.. 🙂
  31. 1 point
    1) You had Interlude running until Yesterday, people instead of playing it decide to sit down staring at their PC monitors refreshing this forum every hour being so sure an Interlude season announcement is going to come any minute, maybe what i'm doing is good after all, it will make people stop quitting so easily when they'll understand i'm going further and further away from Interlude, there will come a time when Interlude will be belong to history. 2) What's the point of asking a community of Interlude players which chronicle they prefer? isn't it obvious? i'll be doomed to run IL for eternity if I did that, H5 is still relatively new and therefore its community is new aswell, it will slowly be built overtime, there are many people out there looking for such a server just ain't aware of us yet, some don't even bother checking us anymore since they are so sure its only IL.
  32. 1 point
    Decision is final, the Interlude season has only just ended and i'm not interested in doing twice the same version in a row.
  33. 1 point
    Dear players, Due to the situation nowadays (we hope you are all doing well) and following a huge amount of player requests we would like to announce the opening of a new season! The chronicle will be High Five and the opening date is set to Friday 27th 18:00 GMT +2 which seems to be the best time following the community opinions. You can already register accounts for the new season here: http://l2ovc.com/register And download patch here: http://l2ovc.com/downloads We hope you'll enjoy this great season, here are some key changes from previous H5 season to keep in mind: * Added Song of Wind Storm to buffer and default schemes. * Removed archer nerf from human/elf/dark elf archers. * Reduced nerf on trickers from 10% to 5%. * Increased tyrants/gladis damage nerf by an additional 5%. * Reduced mcrit rate nerf from 50% to 40%. * Reduced mcrit damage nerf from 25% to 20%. * Increased tanks defense nerf by an additional 5%. Also, here are the key changes from the previous IL season that will also be applied to the H5 season: * Added a new balance system to boss events which makes sure players on each team are also balanced by class group. * Added "Balance Correctness" feature - which will ensure that the correct balance method (gear/elo/population) is used for each event. * Gear modifier boost/penalty will now change depending on game progress. * Any non-damage skills will now be considered as 15% damage points on target. * When healing a target the healing points will be divided by the amount of attackers on that target. * Grand bosses will have a small delay to start after server starts, better grand bosses will have bigger delay. * Reduced the prices of items when selling to gifts shop. * Reduced offensive stats bonuses from God Motivation by 3%. * Reduced resistance bonus from stream reward buff from 10 to 5. * Players will now lose Death Boost buff levels faster from getting score/assists. * Reduced a bit adena/drops from Farm Zone. See you soon! 🙂
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    coronavirus has blocked everything, so it's high time to start a new season This time, make it last
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    Haha or not going 😄
  37. 1 point
    Sooooo... rhaegar u talked big, couldn't back it up in game and now your ego is gone? That's so boring. Keep playing victim or whatever u are doing. Can we get Puffy back as enemy#1, alteast he wasn't as boring as this kid.
  38. 1 point
    What happened to MW is that by the way they were acting/talking after they were getting castle/heroes or w/e else they would win, they created themself this situation of so many clan going against them, so it doesn't surprise me at all and i knew it would happen soon or later. It was easy to see it, since like 3-4 season everytime there was siege most of ppl on server (chaos and order) would just team up to not let MW get the castle. This is how it work in this game, when you talk alot, you have to be ready and accept what will be coming next.
  39. 1 point
    All these last comments just prove how much u wanted to go one side just because of Rhaegar going chaos. I'm not in MW, never played in a single pt of them if not just because i know Rhaegar and i join him sometimes. Always played solo in the last 3 season of this egofiesta XD I'm actually stating facts, you are calling them MW but no one of the former clan members was there this season, it was mostly a friendly randoms reunion
  40. 1 point
    lovehate Chaos was winning 1st week! Who can know that Rhaegar quits because he's not the best~.
  41. 1 point
    Everyone crying about the server dying so fast yet u all went 1 side to fight Rhaegar's clan (which was full of randoms this season) because of your stupid ego. if a lineage 2 server dies fast is because of players, zerg=no fun=no point to play=no people online u simply should've fixed that chaos-order unbalance after 1 week max, it's your duty to make things competitive, u can't expect a party to be competitive when there are limits like 5 people pt max or 1 gladi x party bullshit.
  42. 1 point
    Old rank system with expert skill just from leveling was perfect. Ppl have to make new subs it forced diversity of classes on every map. It was easy to understand what is your goal of progressione with your char. Now its look like this you play for 14 days for around 6-8h and you are not sure that you will miss score or something else to reach last rank. Other downside of current system it force ppl to play all time pvp class (score class like tank?)to by most efficient after some time ppl get bored. Old rank system was better from one simple reason you just have to play and you dont have to look on your score to progress. It didnt force ppl to by competitive. You just have to enjoy pvp and lvl up.
  43. 1 point
    Totally agree with all things except Vote Reward since this feature works well for both newcomers/veterans I dont think it requires bigger rework, it provides only defensive stats. A-Grade free stuff ended badly in the past BUT you should remember that its not just Playerbase fault from my point of view. There was no annoucement at all, it was just too sudden decision. If you would add some timer after people are logging in like: "A-grades will become free in x days" - Community reaction would be different, same for the market in base and all the people that joined later and farmed A graded 1-2 days before it happened. +1 also to coming back to the past. Exactly, there has to be a reason as @Redman said that the 1-2 years ago seasons were so successfull and were lasting longer.
  44. 1 point
    Good morning, Like i posted in the forum i played some faction servers around and i think the best way is to make it simple, just think about the past of the server was better then present: 1. Jewels - Boss ( whats the use of raid boss event if you can buy them from the merchant shop ? ) make a decent rate for all raid bosses drop and players will enjoy raid boss. Start from level 60 in C grade Gear ( make C grade gear free ) players can earn xp/sp adena from pvp / farm zone. Future the stronger enemy is ( depending on his level / gear ) the better you can earn adena. 2. Misc - Ancient Books and Red Primeval Crystal ( Ancient books you can receive anyway from Rank up and Red Primeval Crystal you have change from lucky chest ) 3. Recipes - all ( You can get recipes from Recipe Chests ) 4. Parts - all ( You can get parts from Parts Box Chest ) 5. Materials - all ( You can get materials from Material Box Chest ) 7. Soul Crystals - all ( You have chance to get from Lucky Chest Box ) Remove the gift section ... In this way also the market square will be more popular Buying/Selling.
  45. 1 point
    When they lose ppl quit, like @TheStingersaid this season the only big clan on chaos side pretty much died after 1 week, so after that many problem started on the server since the balance of side was really bad. As i remember it was asked in the past (i think from @maze / @Lesley ) to have a "free" clan side change (clan/players) so 1 or more (depend there members amount) clan could change side to "repair" the balance. @Emerald i know there is a way to pay for it(i dont remember the price but i dont think its expensive), so i know its possible to do it without your "help", but i think if an offer like this would come from you(like making forum post asking if a clan would be up to change side) it would "help" the server and have alot of impact for the current season. Thats just my opinion so dont take it bad 😛 Another idea we had and we decided to not post it with @Silence cause its asking some "kind" of basic server rework i would say is that your character doesnt have any faction anymore(you login and you just pick your class from npc), he is just "neutral", the faction pick would only be for/inside event(TP in town would have 2 button "join as order or chaos") and when the event is over the char go back to "neutral" side. I think that kind of system would prevent and a solve every single problem of "side" balance with too many big clan/organized party on 1 side, ofc except if they all decide to always pick the same side, but then i would be stupid move from them. It would also have no impact at all on the side balance if like this season 1 big clan quit since with the "neutral" system it wouldnt make order or chaos weaker/stronger. Dunno what @Emeraldwould think about it, in the end the Order vs Chaos would still be +/- the same, 2 side fighting to win the event.
  46. 1 point
    Just a thought Emerald.There were some seasons that lasted like 2-3 months .It was some time ago ,dunno exactly how many seasons ago or even what year .Maybe u can check the configuration of your server when it was the most populated .Because since than many things changed .For example melees didnt have such a hard time because of the new maps .This new domination maps and escorts in wich the pvp is concentrated in 1 point between spawns didnt exist as well .Its just silly for the melees they are spectators watching range pvp .Forts its kinda similar but there are walls ,people can go pvp inside and outside .But outdoor maps like escort and domination are terrible and unbalanced as hell .Anyway this is just some example,there should be others as well . Maybe go back to that point and try a new direction to improve the server?Also try to improve geodata ,again its terrible .It can be fixed ,u just need better files .Maybe ask for suport and L2ovc community will go donate ,dont think will be a problem . Or maybe go for a l2 classic .That might be fun too dunno .But i think server in this configuration that is right now ,it wont get better .
  47. 1 point
    I see often people coming up with ideas and features from successfully servers from the golden age of L2. The flaw (in my opinion) is, that they fully ignore the change in the l2 community themself. If i go back 8 or 10 years ago and taking a look at my life i was without girlfriend/wife, kids, social and job engagements that take peoples lifetime today. So what i wanna say is, that most stuff which was working 10 years ago doesnt work today anymore because of peoples individually life change/life style.
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    No they don't. That's literally the damage output you reach after you get aq/baium and you enchant your blows and it's mostly against low defense mages. Unless you are talking about attacking 500 p.def plated leather archers, then sure, but the argument is kinda baseless. I read all of your post and you exaggerate most of the numbers you mention to make your idea more appealing. Mages are going to eat archers alive dude. You think some 450 attack speed archer( again, you mention big numbers so im assuming you talk about what everyone plays, gs on dead eye) on maje/shyeed bow, w/o aq baium will stand a chance against a nuker on dc/daimon staff? Sure mages won't crit as hard but they dont have to. Competent players without access to valakas will just switch back to magnus and destroy archers. Why you think nobody plays archers early season when everyone is equally geared?Because archers are trash without items. You also say yourself that archers would have to rely on A/S grade bow but you also suggest increasing the prices by a lot on your opening post. You already put them on a shitty spot by your own suggestion. Your idea is nice but it would require a complete rework on damage values, to make some classes even playable w/o epics,and I don't see that happening. The reality of it is that mages and early season tyrants/gladies would just take over for the whole season and everyone would just whine for nerfs again.
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    Changelist #3 * Gear modifier boost/penalty will now change depending on game progress. * Reduced max boost multiplier from 7 to 5. * Bosses will not drop S-grade items anymore on first days of server. * Any non-damage skills will now be considered as 15% damage points on target. * When healing a target the healing points will be divided by the amount of attackers on that target. * Grand bosses will have a small delay to start after server starts, better grand bosses will have bigger delay. * Reduced the prices of items when selling to gifts shop. * Reduced offensive stats bonuses from God Motivation by 3%. * Reduced Adena bonus from Expert Scavenge by 3%. * Reduced resistance bonus from stream reward buff from 10 to 5. * Changed a bit spawns in Aden Town (Escort) map. Added: * Players will now lose Death Boost buff levels faster from getting score/assists. Added: * Reduced a bit adena/drops from Farm Zone. * Small improvements to Lucky Chests.