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  2. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    I won't even bother commenting on any suggestions that have been made so far here even if some of them are cool. I simplyhope Emerald implements everything you are asking for mates, for the sole reason of watching you quitting after 10 days again whenever the new season goes live. I'm dying to see what your excuses and your 'new' suggestions about the trillionth seasonwill be then. No matter the alterations made or the features added, unless you decide to actually play the server for good for once, you will never stop asking for new seasons.
  3. Expert skills on summoners

    Was already reported about the damage, you can read this post. About Expert Skills : only the one dedicated for servitors works, all others are for your character. About more buffs for servitors :won't be changed.
  4. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    you would remove this and add back potions cuz u want to play dagger and to buy all the cp's from the server,next step is to add all resists in ur scheme and go out with 10k cp pots and break our balls. so i disagree with that stupid suggestion. I would suggest to make 2 farm zones with diffrent rewards. 1) 1st farm zone should be the alrdy existance where u can stay for 1h or until u die once,with the same mobs,drops etc etc 2) 2nd farm zone could be only with self buffs (with retail time [ d/s 2 minutes etc etc] ) in that zone you could stay 1.3h and u could have only 1 chance to be ressed. The drops in that zone should be better than the previous zone cause you are farming in retail mode so you have to give them bigger motive to set up a good party. Also a rb inside that zone with also good drops could be a very interesting. Imagine at least 2 parties pvping in that zone. Also the skill with pots should be disable in that zone. I think this should be very interesting,also it could be a new feature to the new season. Also it wont drag many ppl from maps with that 2 limits (the time u should stay in and the times you are allowed to die) cheers
  5. Expert skills on summoners

    Thats cool, its considered normal to have 2k more patk and deal less damage even though, its pvp server, and gm should consider to remake this. Also 19 buff slots for summon is low too.
  6. Expert skills on summoners

    UPDATE* I also noticed, that my Merrow unicorn with 4,8k patk deals more damage than magnus unicorn with 6,7k patk. i consider it as a bug.
  7. Hi, does expert skills affect summoners pets? Like Pdef/mdef atk/matk atk speed/cspeed? Really need to know because now i need to decide which skills to take on experts. Also, what about additional buff slots for pets as well when learned buff books? Now i cant fit enough buffs even if i do not take any resists. Thanks in advance.
  8. Paladin

    For tanky setup just put defensive buffs.. and +CON/DEX dyes
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  10. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    No one can fill even one clan on a server of this kind, even now with a reduced number of people. Have you ever tried to make a clan composed entirely of randoms ? Do you think anyone can organize even 20 people from those who play on this server? On this server over 90% of people play alone or with few friends almost always without organization.In the rare case where there are 1-2 well-organized parties on the map and if all of them are from one side for the other side becomes impossible to play and people start left the map/server.Two of the main reasons why the seasons are short are precisely that for solo players often is impossible to play and that newbies can not grow and stay on the server. There are people who leave and there is no one to replace them.I am sure Emerald will agree with this. He has been trying for a long time to keep on the server those who started after the season has begun, but this is a very difficult task in contradiction with the game's essence. Without GM buffer I doubt the season even starts I have played long enough to know that the main reason for the collapse of one pt in low rate server is the lack of support (WC, BD, SWS). If you think there will be enough support for all players then you are crazy. If you think here will come clan with organization again you are crazy. If you think that you can organize the people who play here - again you are crazy.People who play here do not want to engage in anything, they just want to log, get full buff , port to the map and try to kill someone. If they can, they will log in again, if they can not, they will leave. I fully understand you want a clan game - this is the best part of l2, but be realistic this can not happen here. The community on this server does not allow it, and is against the essence of the server. Clan here is only for clan skills, one more chat, common chat with friends and in rare cases to organize party( many people here even don't read their chats, what is your plan for them ?). I think it's good for the server if the clans are bigger, there will be clan skills for all(and all skills should be for all members, now there are big drama for captains because of clan empower/ww etc), will be easier for everyone to rise clan level. Now there are small groups who have full clan skills, OE weapons and solo/newbie players without clan skills and low gear. I would reduce the max of weapon enchant to +10.As it is known armor enchant success is much lower than weapon and damage is big from archers/mages of which the server is primarily composed. I would also remove auto hp/mp/cp skill and back to potions.We all have two hands and how we use them is part of the game. Selling CP pots was one of the way for newbies to make money and as we know for newbies is very hard to make them. And at least I would reduce the power of heal. I have seen hundreds of people complaining from healers even mad suggestions to be removed. The conclusions I leave to you whether I am right.
  11. Ench rate

    yup.and than if you want again.U start again....But i don't advice you to do this at home ))). I'lld say u rather get classic till' u can.
  12. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    Its hard to start: Its discouraging to start against end-game geared players (enchanting is too easy and once you're in the end game you just dump all your adenas into OEing stuff). You can even get meme'd with "jedi server" and stuff like that and de-values your server. The catch up mechanics aren't just there although introducing the lowered costs as people buy the top tier gear helps and it is the right direction but more has to be done. My suggestion was using the OE system from infinitel2, which you increased your % enchant rate by the amount of pvps you had done with that weapon. You can nerf this to be only available in B/A grade. About clans: You have nerfed parties and clans. I understand that having a stacked party unbalances events too much. On this matter I agree but: There is no incentive in playing WC, SWS, BD, summoners, PP, EE, SE. There's a lot of people out there that enjoy playing supports and can't. Whyis there an AIO buffer? Whats the point in building a clan? 99% of the content you can acquire without one. Putting effort into a clan isn't rewarding at all, its is very hard to coordinate randoms, manging parties suxdue to current nerfed clan sizes. Maybe you could consider in putting exclusive content so grouped people can fight for it? True. I don't know if you could code it to make it increase with the amount of events won instead. This could also work I barely played it, i can't stand the idea of not being able to play a support in IL, i think DDs and mages in this season are straight forward F1 spam. Well, you haven't promoted team play in years and you want to be succesful in the first attemp? Cause sieges barely mean anything in this server, only bragging rights. You're on the right direction adding little stuff each season, but i would go even further: In a retail server holding a castle meant: strategic position, access to clan skills (summoning whole clan to a ceratin location), manor system, dungeon, taxes, etc. having a castle should mean $$$$$$$$. another idea is that faction that loses the siege gets a debuff of some sort while winning faction gets some sort of buff. this way you can make randoms more eager to participate by joining the clans, and clans by coordinating with same faction clans to form allies. Also, mucho clan drama, which in this forum we all love.
  13. Ol change class

    I dunno about the OL bots honestly but none of them was accepting party invite, they say they gain much more Xp alone sadly... And people prefer to have an extra OL out of party and 1 more DD inside. Soeveryone was happy. Maybe Jim was the only OL playing in party lol. So yeah make it in party only. I would add "just in events" and keep Siege as it is, but if that bot story is true, you can't really allow it.
  14. About Pets

    Considering Strider, a lot of people already said what i'm gonna say, but just reminding and adding new stuff : STRIDERS------------------------------- New Rules of acquiring When you get the castle, you can get a hatchling that you need to xp to Lvl 55. When Lvl 55 you can exchange it for a Strider. New Hatchlings Rules You can summon it only in PvE Zone and Sunday Aden Siege. If you allow themit event, theyshouldn't be targetable then, only in event. Transfer Pain doesn't work with it. No attack or skill command. Only gets speed buffs. You need to feed it. Can buy from merchant or get it from PvE Zone (feed it with mechs ^^). Doesn't lose XP uppon death. You have to resurrect it wih a scroll or a skill. Steals 5% of your XP (dunno exactly but must not be so quick to lvl up, considering it's Lvl 1 to 55). New Strider Rules You can summon and ride it only in PvE Zone,Siege Event and Sunday AdenSiege. Make the wall skill working (it is not at the moment). When you get hit by a Magical or Physical critical hit, you unmount the Strider. NEW PETS ------------------------------- Now I want to know if it's possible to add new skills to the other existing pets, such as Baby Buffalo, Baby Cougar and Baby Koukkabura If that's possible then I would like to suggest this : How to acquire them When you are Noble, you can get a Baby Pet of your chosing that you need to xp to Lvl 55. Starting at Lvl 25, it gets a skill that increasesuntil Lvl 55. When Lvl 55, it gets a Buff. Pet Rules Same as Hatchlings. Never in normal Events, just the Siege Events and Sunday Aden Siege. It will buff you if you don't have it, it takes a slot so you can get overbuff. Baby Buffalo Heals CP for 250every 8seconds at Lvl 25. ... Heals CP for 550every 8seconds at Lvl 55. Rebuff Haste when lost every 16seconds at Lvl 55. Baby Cougar Heals HP for 125 every 8seconds at Lvl 25. ... Heals HP for 300 every 8seconds at Lvl 55. Rebuff Wind Walk when lost every 16 seconds at Lvl 55. Baby Koukkabura Recharges MP for 60 every 8seconds at Lvl 25. ... Recharges MP for 90 every 8seconds at Lvl 55. Rebuff Acumenwhen lost every 16 seconds at Lvl 55. Tanks for reading.
  15. Ench rate

    Thx. Now, i see my 84%, and 7 BEWA gone. Enhant with golem, only for one time ?
  16. Just inspired byClassic new bonus set (, could be cool to have that in Interlude. You get new bonus when you armor is FULL+7, +8, +9 and +10, depending on your armor type (heavy, light, robe). All bonus stack together. If you have a +10 set, you have bonus from 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Here are my suggestions : Heavy : 7 = Shield Block Rate and Power +20% 8 = Vampiric Rage 3%, P./M. Atk. +3% 9 = Stun / ParalysisResistance +10% 10 =P. Def. +3%, Bow and Dagger Resistance +10% Light : 7 = Evasion and Accuracy +1 8 = Speed +1, Critical rate +20, Blow land rate from behind +15% 9 = Sleep / Root Resistance +10% 10 = M. Def. +3%, Magic Attack Resistance +10% Robe : 7 =MP Consumption for skills -2%, Interrupt Cast Resistance +15% 8 = Healing efficiency +50, Magical critical power +5% 9 = Mental attack / Stun Resistance +5% 10 = Debuff Resistance +5%, Chance to get crit damage (normal shots) decreased by10% I think it can be easily explained at the Enchant Advisor. All bonus can be change ofc, I often exagerate on the details. Tanks for reading
  17. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    certainly not like on a random server it won't be.
  18. Paladin

    Heh... yea...that's a DA maybe.
  19. Ench rate

    yes grade to grade .
  20. Ench rate

    well after u do it once , u need to sacrifice again another douzin of them to get it the 2nd time . -.-'
  21. Unbalanced events nb 2

    u can't really u gotta soe actually , restart maybe i think and than try again maybe the Odds' r' for ya xD.
  22. Advertisement Event

    And I expressed my opinion about your suggestion which is obviously incomplete
  23. Ench rate

    To not creat new thread. If i incert 2 BEWS, but i want to enchant SOM, with BEWA. So my encent rate, its not increse with SOM (A gr), only with S grade weapon ?
  24. Advertisement Event

    @Mayhemthis is suggestion section if you dont post suggestions dont reply me
  25. Advertisement Event

    * Don't forget to put Yuri Boyka's face as the server's logoas well and add ''THIS IS YOUR CHANCETO BECOME ORDEROR CHAOS MOST COMPLETE FIGHTER''! * Grand opening of the already live server. That will definitely be something unique. Anyhow, as I said again with proper advertisement, the ongoing season will have many people again. It's been 65 days ~ and it still has 20vs20 till early noon and then 35vs35 or a bunch moretill early morning. If it manages to get just 50 or more people so the events can be 50vs50, it will be great
  26. Paladin

    @ImmunE i think he can help you
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