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  2. about dagger classes

    i didn't said i will start with dagger, just asking about nerf. i saw now on mxc post about server blow damage is reduced from 2x to 1.6x. in previous seasons only with baium or aq ringwas pretty op, could land easly 5-6k from behind.
  3. about dagger classes

    Early daggers are hard even if you have 78 lvl because of huge player mass. You simple wont be able to get to enemy without dying unless it is close range map. It is good idea to start with mage and later switch to dagger. Dagger needs 78 lvl skills + right buffs and rb jewel thenmid to late game you will be beast.
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  5. clan de romani ?

    Stiu ca in fiecare sezon au jucat si playeri romani. Intentioneaza cineva sa faca un clan de romani sezonul asta ? eventul sa fim toti in aceeasi factiune, sa stim de la inceput.
  6. about dagger classes

    Hello guys, i didn't play on last 2 seasons of Interlude and i wanna know how was dagger on previous season ? All daggers, but especially Ghost hunter. I remember he was pretty op after level 78 after taking focus skills. Thanks in advance.
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  8. [Event] Advertising Lottery! ALOI
  9. [Event] Advertising Lottery!

    Maxcheaters comment //nick kiduu93 Facebook comment //Name Laur Laurentiu
  10. [Event] Advertising Lottery!

    it was easy right? come on guys i want to see more participation , please invest 5mins of your time as we invested many of ours to prepare your server thanks in advance, Ruby.
  11. Next season

    See you allguys
  12. Next season

    Yea he made mine 2 , detro mate , u forgot i have no brain? You can't touch this .... :))) if it's about brain it'll go thru' thin air' ))). it's Echoooo Up Here. I'm Insane In The Membrane, InSane in the brain. ))).
  13. Next season

    rofl made my day FOKIN HATERS RIGHT IN D BRAIN
  14. Last week
  15. Next season

    u gotta mate , u gotta . You're too smart fo' me. But u gonna' certainly go below that if u try to go so low fo' me. Don't do it , Will Ya\? ))).
  16. Next season

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we gotta get lower iq from seeing your posts Fokin' haters right in the brain
  17. Next season

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOu Interlude is back ))). i gotta' start up my daily voting again ))). Fokin' haters right in the nose . ))).
  18. enhmerwtika

    topic moved to international section. Speak english in general Forum please.
  19. enhmerwtika

    to server tha einai opws palia unplayable?den anaferomai sta donate klain aplws thumamai tote den mporousame na paiksoume giati ekanes scroll up na pas thn kamera wide kai me ena click erxotan kai kolouse panw ston paikth sou,eixa rwthsei tous pantes kai den uphrxe lush opote to paratisa afou espasa to mouse kai den mporousa na paiksw gia 3 meres,epishs to "S" den douleue gia na kaneis backstep opote meta apo 2 map pathaina agkulwsh,tha ta ftiaksoume h tha plhrwnoume sundromh stous rwssous gia na mpoume me diko mas interface?euxaristw.
  20. [Event] Advertising Lottery! nickname Fungry LÄ«vmanis
  21. There's a big hype so far around the announcement of the new season on Facebook and we've just started advertising! Therefore, to make the hype even bigger, we decided to make a small lottery game. You can participate in 2 ways: First Go to Make a good comment, include a small story from your past experience on our server. Reply here with the nickname. Second Go to Share / make a good comment on the post. Reply here with your nickname. You can enter the event 2 times maximumto double your chance for winning (once from Facebook and once from MXC). 5 lucky winnerswill win 1,500 Adena each when the server will start (randomly choosen). Note: number of winners may increase depending on how many participants there's going to be. Good luck to all!
  22. Next season

    Yeah, I really thought he would reschedule because of me. " #SARSACM "
  23. Next season

    Agreed, lot of us will go on vacation at the end of july and starting of august. Make the Opening earlier
  24. Next season

    I'm looking forward to it!
  25. Next season

    That sounds logical, @Emeraldthis man wont be able to play l2ovc with us! We have to reschedule everything #sarsacm
  26. Next season

    Pleaaaase I wont be able to play after the 28/07 :C
  27. Next season

    if someone loves you or like you...this is a matter of luck.. but if someone hate you and dislike you..well,this is a matter of the fact that this guy got a personality! So...thanks for hating me random-midget
  28. Next season

    Well, I guess you dont know what love means. Only thing I feel for you is disrespect.
  29. lf jes

    jes pm me
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