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  2. Next Season?

    100% Loaded Already.
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  4. Next Season?

    everyday im checkin the website and wantto see grand opening date so hurry up we are so much waiting for the opening date
  5. Next Season?

    There is huge update coming soon. so stay tuned
  6. Next Season?

    Retard alert.
  7. Next Season?

    I don't think anyone said "F1 server", since there are classes that obviously you cant play even at basic levelby just spamming F1. The majority of players was playing nukers/archers tho. Does those classes have some useful skills other than "attack"/"main nuke"? Sure, but are those skills required to pick kills or even considered good with saidclasses?
  8. Next Season?

    IDK if anybody gunna' wake you up if you're not awaken 'till now ))). U might just need to sleep that's you're purpose xD.
  9. Next Season?

    no1 is crying, i said simple, i dont care about F1 plebs, i am here to check the news, but there is nothing so far
  10. Next Season?

    sry cant hear you from the ground, u got some arrows still in ur ass from h5
  11. Next Season?

    qq faillure.
  12. Next Season?

    Stop crying in forums and find another server to satisfy your needs- simple ?
  13. Next Season?

    I am not here cuz of u boringlude nabs, i am here to check on the server from time to time if we will have a real season or not. Seems like we arent there yet.
  14. Next Season?

    relax, you can leave forum too, if you dont like it
  15. Next Season?

    Another year without ovc, just great.....hf with boringlude F1 heroes
  16. Next Season?

    y interlude good, but i think thous guys who said its F1 server, they didin t play in OVC.
  17. Next Season?

    Interlude, good
  18. Next Season?

    Wake me up when IL ends...
  19. Next Season?

    Quite a slap to the face to those who don't play the F1classes (mages/archers) or who want to play support, but still, appreciate the update and respect your decision. Cant say for sure if ill play or not yet on IL, but im glad to hear that you plan to move to newest content in the fututre.
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  21. Next Season?

    I'm planning for a long time now to drop Interlude completely, and the only seasons which will run on OvC will be Salvation and Classic. Although there were many fixes and tweaks made (specially stuff from the previous GC season) - I still don't feel like these are ready for another run - and its going to take a while before they will. So, the next season is going to be Interlude again, more information will come soon.
  22. Next Season?

    Once i was also against progressing to older chronicles not because IL is the most stable and well known version of ovc, but bc the viable alternative was GC which was bugged as fuck and in the end it was just an extension of OBT phase Now I really make my vote for making something else that doesnt limit the development of new features for the server. Also IL is alteady overused. L2 players tend to think that anything besides IL is deepshit. It may be weird for some in the begenning specially because there are many skills and item paths to try. This increasedcomplexity is that IMO could make seasons last longer, if the progression from gameplay is made correct. If not, season would last even less. If the gap from IL vets x newbs close in X time (time where newbs have no chance To start against stacked pjs) gc gap closes even faster so emerald would have to tweak it
  23. Next Season?

    Who the fuck are you? Im a guy who wants to play this server in the future. secondly why did u quote only half of what i said. I dont want people opinions about next season, this whole post is a straight question to emerald about his plans. But as i see all the IL degenerates couldnt resist their need to tell us how great this chronicle is. Ertheia project failed cuz couldnt people from IL came and didnt stop ball busting people about the whole gameplaybeing totally different from IL where they are used to play.
  24. Next Season?

    first of all who the fck are you? secondly as the past has shown only interlude season can keep the interest of ppl for more than 3 weeks. H5 (which is a chronicle that i like) after 2nd week is boring. I wont talk about Ertheia project
  25. Next Season?

    Ok dude go suck Emeralds left nut somewhere else we got it u like IL. This in not a topic talking about whatever happened previous season. We want to know his future plans nothing more.
  26. Next Season?

    he work so much for balance,pvp and support class he do all the best .. no way to change for me idk who is playing with f1 becouse Emerald did a great job and every one skill work....
  27. Next Season?

    yeah cuz u like IL but not all of us. I opened this topic to get an answer from emerald but i guess he doesnt care much.
  28. Next Season?

    last Interlude season was great... so i vote again Interlude.
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