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  2. hero weapon

    tell me how it differs from am passive wm ?
  3. hero weapon

    guys you can be sure, when emerald comes on he will take a look into it and fix it
  4. hero weapon

    You should abolish hero weapon!
  5. hero weapon Yeah yeah java not destroying server
  6. hero weapon

    i didnt destroy any server,server population is still very good...and its not my fault for being hero
  7. hero weapon

    So I was wrong for 0.61%, even tho I used word AROUND. What is your point?
  8. hero weapon

    Is that the solution? rly? Destroying the server? Do you even see how many ppl are in the events atm?Still, no matter what happens with this issue. I wish you good luck in oly next week. You will need it. I just hope that you won't quit right after as you've done in every season so far
  9. Today
  10. hero weapon

    the solution is...FIGHT FOR HERO
  11. hero weapon

    Do you realize you are talking bullsh1ts about infinity scepter and the "official" server critical rate. Maybe you have heard that somewhere and just repeating w/o any clue. Real rate is 96.39% You have no clue how the crit rate is being calculated.
  12. hero weapon

    You do realize infinity scepter (hero staff) gives 50% mc rate increase? It's not a bug, sps on official with +5 wit, valakas, wm, siren, pow, dc set and infinity scepter hadsomething around 97% mc rate.
  13. hero weapon

    You are a mastermind. Yes do that and soon we will be playing 5v5 events. It's already 20v20 from 70v70 last night. WAKE THE FUCK UP ALREADY. Any mage that has the freaking blunt deals 1/1 mc, WHAT A BIT OP? I could have taken it as well and abuse it like hell, but instead I reported it because I prefer fighting with many ppl than playing alone. The people who are abusing it atm should have done exactly the same thing and not use it at all till Emerald fixes the issue.Emerald you should definitely ban GreekFreak and that Javaking since they have literally fucked up the server to the ground.
  14. about magic critics

    you think it's balance rebirth x2 crit magic, and you get 3-4 critical magic in 1vs1 ...... every 10 hit 3-4 are critical, I do not see a balance in this
  15. hero weapon

    It's not bug, this is how mc rate is calculated atm. I agree it's a bit op and gonna make ppl quit the server. Imo nerfing infinity scepter would be unfair for those who already took it, so i suggest lowering perception skill multiplier to like 50%.
  16. about magic critics

    more flame kids
  17. hero weapon

    He was on 1h, but i guess there are more important stuff to do maybe another visual pet bug
  18. hero weapon

    Banhammer inc, hopefully. In just a few hours, the population has already dropped
  19. about magic critics

  20. hero weapon

    Yeah,javaking knew that bug since yesterday, he didn`t report it,players told him it`s bugged and he is completely fine using it still and laughing on chat.......Where`s justice??
  21. hero weapon

    rebirth x2 magic crit, is also abusive ... 10 hit 3-4 are critical
  22. hero weapon

    to you esmerald :C
  23. about magic critics

    Mages were good balanced before.They still get compensation like oe their weapon as fighter (almost),free p def from tatoo and no cat.ALso lets not forget for when server starts free supreme domination above rest classes.Also all fighters are nerfed,reasons for this its because of balance purpose.Mages were same so they shouldnt be boosted at all compared to previous seasons,it wasnt needed,only good players remained good mages endgame like for any other class. This expert skills purpose was to make classes more balanced(i supose),andto remove stackable rebirths.And indeed is so but there is an issue i told when season started this expert perception is out of context,should be deleted and mage reverted how they were before.
  24. about magic critics

    I can not say anything about mage mc but for these who think backstab 5 is too much ... I can say only that its too low compared with any other server. All the power of the daggers is from behind, not from 900 range and when mages/archers hit for 5k from away it is Ok.....
  25. hero weapon

    Yeah the m.critical rate with staff is INSANE I was wondering why all these hero mages took it and now i realize why because it has bugged m.critical rate and they landing all the time crits and don`t even bother reporting it.... cuz it`s normal rly...
  26. hero weapon

    ofc its not bugged but its too much for this srvr to be retail like
  27. about magic critics

    Cut the crap, we are talking here about almost 100% m crit rate Its OP no matter what u bullshit augument excuse u find
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