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  2. So it is kinda selfish suggestionbut anyone who is also colorblinded might benefit. If anyone is on the forum, we can have your input on that. There are mainly 3 different colorblind "filters", so it mighteven not annoy them. So it's Green vs Red, don't worry I won't suggest to change that =p But it is not the best to start with x). For example I like to watch StarCraftII matches, if inthe Corner Map, it is Red vs Green, I can't see shit from that Map, just a big stain. That's why they only do Red vs Blue now, no problem man =D.Here it's ok. The green hereis so lighter than the red thatyou can still see the difference. That's not the real problem. It is more during the VIP TvT. If I remember correctly, sorry if i'm wrong, but I stop trying to remember when playing x) The VIP from Green Team is Purplish : not a problem when playing Red. The VIP from Red Team is Yellow : a problem when playing Green. For me... he is a green guy, just lighter if I use my eyes to their 125% potential. So I just say "Hi !" to a VIP enemy =< If you could use Blue, I would love it. It should not be a problem with Purple if it is a real basic blue. Thanks for considering.
  3. Oren Town - Capture the Flag

    Just because it's not very clear. You can teleport from one spawn to the other, talking to a NPC located ateach spawn. You can only teleport when out of combat. When you die, you don't choose where you spawnthough (let the system handle it, to avoid too much crowded spawns, people can teleport where they want anyway after that).
  4. news

    are we going to play or what lads?i mean come on we are staying tuned yeah but some "life signs" would be appreciated,any approximate info?
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    just stay tuned
  7. news

    I don't know it either, google was my... bitch =D Anyway let's wait for Emerald to give some news, as usual =d
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    walla radim = allahu akbar , i don't know this noob on that link , im the original westboy !
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    Nope Westboy, walla radim.
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  12. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Very good idea.
  13. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    There's no way to make it visible before the kill. Lesley is absolutely right! Actually, if computation power is enough, server can show each player reward of all other players in their names, like YourBiggestEnemy [10] The number can be interpreted as how much adena you can get for solo killing this particular player. This also opens some interesting reward mechanics and potential quest system, where reward is not fixed, but can be flexible depending on situation, like reward immediately changes when player gets a flag. As for healers, I think, there can be additional reward for killing a player if he has a healer in the party.
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    hahahaha tencentuple kill , i did that :))))))))))))))))
  16. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Yes, the adena difference between items in the Merchant store should be regarding mainly the weapon section. Phoenix jewelry should be cheaper than MJ too, if they weren't already previous seasons(not sure if i remember correctly about that). We all know what'sthe situationwith low A-grade armor sets status-wise,like DC/Tallum, who are one of the most used ones, so there shouldn't be any differencesbetween armor sets. I don't see any downsides for the server with this change, only positives, like those that were written above.
  17. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    I agree 100% with that. Since it would be the right prices at the merchant, people will want to buy them from player. It should only concerns weapons ofc, armor prices should not be touched for the opposite reason: regarding balance instead of regarding the true price value. lul. DC Robe and Tallum heavy, mage/duelist server ! Oh wait... Peace i'm out =þ
  18. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    You are right about the advantages of SOM/FDS, but as Immune said, there are 3 tiers of weapons, and almost no one bought the low/mid tiers, with theexceptions of couple SS/SOM. If the prices for top A-grade are going to be set at 5k, i personally don't see a problem if those forlow A and mid A were set to 3/4k respectively. That way we will have more game diversity weapon-wise, players can buy according to their needs, for example someone would prefer to save 1-2k and take Spiritual Eye/Dasparion, Meteor/Elysian, Tallum/DLE and so on. Another thing is that if you get full item drop of a low/mid tier weapon you could sell it to someone else, because there will be a market for it.Previously those items were almost unsellable andwent straight to the trash 99% of the time. With different prices for the different weapon tiers there will be better supply & demand market-wise, which will lead tomore options for the players, and overall greater money flow and game variety.
  19. Test mode

    Please don't suggest me anything regarding the test mode. This mode is for me to test stuff (and allow players who wanna help testing to log in aswell) not for you to play on, if you still decide to play, play it as-is.
  20. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    SoM is one-handed which allows you to wear shield in addition while Daimon Crystal isn't. Carnage Bow has slow attack speed while Shyeed Bow has very slow. There are differences, people will pick whatever they want - the point of the price reduction is to allow players to be able to upgrade quickly at any stage of the server, since now prices won't reduce anymore along the season. Read through the topic to get the general idea, the exact formula will not be shared becasue there are too many copycats who come to this forum trying to steal ideas.
  21. Test mode

    If the server is in test mode, we suggest that you free all items free until the next season. I would like to ask you to make all ghosts withequipment of A grade.
  22. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    +1Daimon Crystal its not equal for Sword of Miracle same as Carnage bow and Shyeed bow Changelist #5 Significantly improved gear dependent reward system. We can get any specific changes info like example how it will work?
  23. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Changelist #5 .... *Reduced A-grade prices from 7k to 5k. .... A-grade weapons have 3 tires low - mid - interlude , u could set different prices for them .

    At the EPIC BOSS event, please abolish the Faction freely. By making it free, it will be possible to kill all.
  25. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Moved to accepted, check the changelist topic to see what was added.
  26. Changelist

    Changelist #5 * Removed Progressive Gameplay feature. * Increased the chance for full drops from grand bosses. * Reduced A-grade prices from 7k to 5k. * Significantly improved gear dependent reward system. * Removed spoilers act as thiefs feature - I don't want this system interfering with team balance anymore - there will be something else for them.
  27. news

    Yeah I did the same just to try =D Crystals S for free, I was so happy =D Failed AM+4, although I got the message that it was back to 0.... If you want to make Tencentuple Kill, it is the time, bots everywhere.
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