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  2. Reanimate server

    Just do something about it or people won't even bother coming back...
  3. rb bug

    Event in RB is bug can't hunt RB fromCurse by the level difference
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  6. Changelist

    16/08/17 * Reduced wait time for Antharas/Valakas/Frintezza to spawn after enemy team is cleared out from 1 minute to 10 seconds. * From now on if a faction event isn't completed in time, the faction that done more progress will win. * Removed the chance to spawn mobs in Faction Wisdom event before giving a chance to players to answer a question first. * A-grade progression: made the progress slower however A-grade will evantually become free - for this season A-grade will already set to be free. * When A-grade becomes free, the chance to drop A-grade enchants from players/mobs increases. * Gifts/donate shops will update dynamically according to progressive gameplay. * Grand bosses will drop S-grade items when A-grade becomes free. * Changed weekend event rewards due to A-grade becoming free. * Keymats requirements will now also reduce according to progressive gameplay. * Weekend Events have been changed to World Events and are now running through whole week, events will switch every Friday/Monday. Added: * S-grade progression: made the progress slower however S-grade will evantually become 2k + 20% materials (instead of 4k + 40% materials). * The radar in battlefield maps will now always point to the nearest enemy flag, rather than one random flag. * Added level 1 buff book to Box of Luck, also changed abit the rates to get certain items. * Reduced enchant prices. Added: * Golem will no longer drop enchants, instead, all bosses (map/grand/golem) will drop 1-2 boxes of luck. * Removed high LS from the game, top LS will be dropped instead.
  7. Reanimate server

    Make sense if the interlude server is different from the current one and there are better files ( geodata and critical errors )
  8. Bluff/switch

    Well i want to mention that almost even augment actives have more chance thanbluff/switch... Only vs newbies has bluff like 15%? or maybe less... If it's not like that, teach me how to increase lend rate. Thanks for your atention guest ^^
  9. Reanimate server

    I already quit until next season, but what i suggest and that will be with no doubt very successful is that you open Interlude on december, many people will be free for a long time on the ending year holidays and i assure it will be full full of players. There's no better date for a fresh season, meanwhile you can open a gc or h5 until december and then open an interlude again.
  10. Reanimate server

    IL is popular on OvCbecause its gone through so many reworkssinceit first launched, if you think thatthe first few seasons ofIL weregood, you're wrong. That's why i'm not going to consider GC a failure just because of one season, it reached ~200 unique players on its first run, the problem was that there were too many critical bugs that took a long time to fix, bugs that weren't revealed during a 20-30 players beta. As for IL one of the reasons for drop in population is summer, many peoplereplied to my mass advertising messages saying they cannot be playing (alot) during summer - I'm aware of the fact that there's alot to be improved though, especially regarding progressive gameplay - however I cannot jump from one game version to another, I already stated when this season begun that i'm going to work only on GC, many of the suggestions/bug reports that are open here are already fixed on GC, but they cannot be imported to IL before everything is 100% finished as features are dependent on each other, and i'm not going to do the same work twice. As soon as I'll finish with GC I will probably import a few things to IL so you can see a few changes even this season. As for H5, well, we'll consider it.
  11. Reanimate server

    This for example. Who cares about GC?? Is this server GC??? Is that what we're donating for?
  12. Reanimate server

    With respect to Emerald, most of the people I know (myself include) stopped playing because it was obvious he would NEVER make any change/update to the current interlude client. This is just something he turned on and keeps checking if it's still on while he works on what makes him happy. That's fine, it's just that it goes a bit against what was announced.. " DEAR PLAYERS, WE'VE HEARD YOU LOUD AND CLEAR, WE HAVE " So you heard us loud and clear and then stopped listening? Your message needs to be consistent. Even the dumbest mouse realizes the cheese is in a trap after getting hit a couple of times
  13. Reanimate server

    I was just trolling Anyway, my opinion is that we have the same exact server as last year and my question is why admins didnt tried to improve a thing. I mean, ok, u guys fixed reportsand bugs n shit but thats normal. Im talking about new stuff, whatever it would be.Not less important, noone of the main issues have been fixed, saying this about geodata and dagger skills. Also agree with @Scaretacticthat GC was a huge step out of the way. It could have been different, but didnt. Even if you correct everything and make it less crap we wont have a playable player base for more than 1 week. So yeah, gracia final or H5 would be the best options imo. I dont really know if the problem we trying to fight (which is: making server last longer) is focused at the chronicle, it can be, but not completely. What im saying is something is not fully right in the base of OvC server. For me threeare the main problems, one in short term which is making the grand opening boom last longer *why ppl leave so quick?* , and two other ones in the long run about the gap created and how hard it is for new people to join/adapt after ~25 days of server and, in the other side, the lack of things for high-end players to do in the long run - they just get fucking bored break all their items and leave. (retards can say: Oh! Thats good! One less superhero char in the game!. No tards, these people are the ones who make the pvp interesting) So yeah, thats my 2 cents. People are every season getting more and more bored of 30 days of active server, and at the point every year less veterans return, server is lasting less. We had 100 day interlude last year, with maybe ~50 to 60 days of active pvp. See now...
  14. Reanimate server

    I just hope Emerald is listening to his player base and realize majority of his players do not want grand crusade. After trying it last season, I know myself and many others will never play that sh1t again. If he really is putting in days and weeks into it, I don't understand why he cannot do that towards a H5 or a gracia final servers where those for sure would bring in hordes of players.
  15. Reanimate server

    I think that taking care about newbies is priorit, i see everyday new people that come but like Mayhem said noone wants to fight b vs full ++ S. Change events a little bit-make some more reward to raid in the middle ( like enchants/parts/useful stuff )- right now this event sux. Lower the prices for gear,make it easier for new,for old players it doesnt matter as most of ppl right now have everything. Maybe put some new events? Remove this usless like humans vs zombie etc
  16. Reanimate server

    Emerald takes care of negative shops daily, just send him a message on the forum, but make sure to be accurate. On the other hand, he hasn't realised yet that not only the enchant rates should be progressive but the whole playstyle. Noone will donate for 1250 adena after 40 days, noone will want to play with B vs S +6/10 etc. But I guess he already knows all of this stuff and for somewhat extremely weird reason he doesn't make the simplest basic changes but still, it's up to him to decide. The only chronicle that will keep working and can become successful is Interlude. Anything else, as it has already been proved, won't last more than 10 days. Also, it's normal the price of BEWS to increase since most members have gear and care only about OE atm. So,400a is quite legit actually. This helps newbies to farm up gear faster as well. Therefore, that's pretty cool.
  17. Reanimate server

    also hero chat is dominated by greek... this is the end?
  18. Reanimate server

    when ews price go way too up like now at 400 a players start to leave this is the ultimate law of ovcnomics yes!
  19. Hello old friends/new people/Emerald/Ruby

    ur welcome my friend
  20. Remove Race/Class subclass restrictions.

    It was like this previous season and I decided to revert it for this one, and for now it'll stay like this. And that, was actually a serious problem.
  21. Reanimate server

    I know i said i stop to post on this forums because of conflicts with Emerald but i will ignore it to say some suggestions.I dont know if at this point matters or not but Emerald u could give a last try maybe to reanimate this server.1st of all there are shops that when u log give a bad impression towards server and u need clear them out.So here it is my sugestion is to make a grade free entirely and put b grade +6 in shops.Also u could lower the price of enchants for a grade in shop.This server life can be stretched only by newcomers. Ruby/Emerald you should think what are the reasons why alot of players give up so early eachseason and try combat this for the future if u want more succes more popularity more donations. I can give some of my reasons myself: -geodata yes is terribe was never fixed and really after so long time and seasons we still have this horrible geodata? -domino effect.After 2/3 weeks some clans leave(server hoopers) and make so called domino effect.They leave items and pretty stacked players who didnt farm show up.Maybe other players consider this unfair.I dont know if this can be fixed but maybe make epics untradable,dunno just an ideea.Once u have an epics its yours forever. -Overenchant.Many leave after fail their weapons.Also dunno if this can be done something about it so i leave it like this.Just an observation by me is that its not fair some classes need oe their s weapons9/10 or more while a dagger can do more damage with just +0,just saying...... So this suggestions are for this seasons We all saw interlude is most succes server.Only few trolls says interlude is f1,tetrislude but when seasons starts the online speaks for itself rest is just useless talk.If l2ovc administration want get evolve into even more popular server than this they really need a more stable clients.Interlude remains number one for popularity so a platform with better files and less buggs and perfect geodata would improve every aspect in l2ovc succes for future. Hi5 was 2nd in popularity and this chapter should be reconsidered also because its great.And about grand crusade i think even a perfect one wont attract players because many consider this fail chapter.
  22. Hello old friends/new people/Emerald/Ruby

    Just a tease, can't wait;Empire VS all. (Lul WATERPISTOL fake WR Hero) Sosa runnin' daily basis (<3 u bro) See you soon. Ulysse
  23. Hello old friends/new people/Emerald/Ruby

    Hey guys, Hope you havin' fun, can't play this season but hopefully I can be around after this summer to stab ur ass! To all my boyz. Ps: Cheers Chevi Ulysse
  24. Remove Race/Class subclass restrictions.

    yeah, why exactly is that? does it matter in any way to the way pvp works in this server? it's just a pointless restriction.
  25. I wanna increase buff slots :D

    by box of luck ( i have no idea what is a % chance) or buyfrom players it should be extra cheap right now
  26. hello im newbie i have one question I want to increase buff slots Grand master said You need Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Modern Language Version) !! but i dont have it How to get Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Modern Language Version)?
  27. Hello old friends/new people/Emerald/Ruby

    See ya then
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