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  2. Multi-TVT balance

    Spawn points need to be reworked. You get the winning wave pushing the losing sides back to their spawn at the start of the event and then spawnkilling them repeatedly since they sit on top of their spawn. Also, I don't know if this is intentional but BP is able to heal OL inside the event. Likewise, OL can cast ritual of life on BP even though both these actions are restricted on the maps.
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  4. Multi-TVT balance

    If is "balancer" it dosnt work for delta(blue). Why? Beacous once was 15 delta vs 3-4 max on other teamsso ppl leave and delta(blue) look on each other whole event
  5. Multi-TVT balance

    There is a balancer for this event when you try to choose a team. Teams would get unbalanced if people start to leave the event if nobody joins instead of them. If anything, this event should simply not run in low online.
  6. " UNBLOCK CHAR " no working

    Its working, the only reason it wouldn't work is if you type incorrect details.
  7. " UNBLOCK CHAR " no working

    Today I lent the password of my Abyss doll to a friend and forgot to tell him the pin he tried several times and blocked the doll I am trying to use the UNBLOCK CHAR are not working anyone can help me in this matter?
  8. Clan Reputation

    Thank you! Was an visual bug--'
  9. Yesterday
  10. Multi-TVT balance

    I've seen people Escape thus leaving team empty, and spawn killing is a thing to adress in that map
  11. Multi-TVT balance

    ^ this guy knows whats up
  12. Last week
  13. snipe

    dunno if is my fps or client issue, but i can calculate it sometimes though. i suppose its my fps problem cause my pc sux ^^.
  14. Clan Reputation

    correct me if im wrong but in interlude when you learn a clan skill the points do not update , you have to have a restart
  15. snipe

    daggers + titans here got 300-350 range for their auto attacks , talking by experience im here since forever
  16. snipe

    i have also noticed that since long time ago. daggers used to hit me from 100+ range. but i have very bad fps
  17. Clan Reputation

    Visual bug only dont forget u need the egg too
  18. Multi-TVT balance

    thel question is why isn't it random?
  19. Allow selfbuff in countdown

    Also enable/disable toogles. Im registeringin grand boss event , queque started...then i start enabling toogles..buffing up, i was ported w/o finishing to enable all, mana wasnt enabled. Until event started i was out off mana ..and unbuffed . All this could be avoided if we where alowed to buff up / prepare for battle in countdown .
  20. Multi-TVT balance

    Or make it as player count so you have to click each function if possible make transparent number of player on each faction
  21. Multi-TVT balance

    Make Multi-TVT auto-balance cause everyone can join in one side. For example just now we were like 10 in Blue team and the rest had 2-3 max
  22. Small update

    Read this topic then make newbie char and you will see how strong newbies are after changes Y and like i sayed its kinda op. I allready seen some players in s grade rank 1. Why? You have better defence/cast-attack speed/hp/also better adena income. Down side it's you cant have so big damage from rebrith crit rate if you are low ranked or other extra things. You will never by so strong if you are in half way to end game char.
  23. Small update

    already trend about this check Accepted
  24. Clan Reputation

    Can't be a visual bug. I buy again to test and still 0.
  25. Clan Reputation

    just a visual bug you can still buy.. make sure u have the right eggs
  26. Clan Reputation

    Our clan have this rep points but we cant learn moreclan skills because show 0. Can someone help us?
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