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    feel free to read : im pretty sure you will find your if you didnt know it yet...
  4. 私の父はマフィア

    Thank you Yamada. Liked it! Was u that wrote?

    Someone didn't take his medicine today. Please give this guy his banana.

    Getting caught on a "dead" server hurts, doesn't it?



  10. Hidden stats

  11. How are you doing? I'm as usual There were various things I'm doing somehow ... Walk here as usual A city that never sleeps A road without escape Happy days I finally found I'll be a master someday. * A downpour evening, remembering the time of a kid Amusement park go-kart The first crepe I ate Wallet in wallet Leather jean and gold bracelet Father's phone rings Already open time The promise to play is not fulfilled. A symbol of reverse hunting found in a used book that I saw someday "1970" The footsteps of a man called the legend I slept in anticipation. "I didn't see anything when I was a kid Just follow the same path I wanted to let you know where you were There is no father anyway ... Enough to get kicked out of town Even if you become a bad person Listening to your voice Never before It is a wise father that knows his own child. The family you come from is n’t as important as the family you ’re going to have Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself. I know now. I'm not jealous of you. I want to know your past. You are very important to me. I'm not scared of anything I am always looking at you Five years from the last view, Nagoya City Hidden gun Tension runs, walks up, reunion night Sultry Young people who were brought by their father This is a big deal ... Different organizations licking brandy Side profile of father seeing for the first time at close range Even if the sake turns I always care about young people ... I bent my eyes ... The morning which tried to buckle The night I cried and gave life Ranpo (Edogawa Ranpo) read at the detention center When you cannot read kanji at all * What would you do if you were? I always thought. It is a wise father that knows his own child. The family you come from is n’t as important as the family you ’re going to have Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself. Now you know I was chasing you. I want to know your past. You are very important to me. I'm not scared of anything I am always looking at you I was surrounded by a sunny midwinter Defect of Kansai system The cause is unknown to the visitor, disturbing air Certainly it is aimed It has been heard from a long time ago. “How is your father?” I answered. "Isn't that a parent or anything?" That famous person has almost no memory with me. I watched it so much [God Speed You] What you taught me Nothing… I've always thought so. Silly Shigarami Back Society Irritation Interview scene ... Actually, he always watched over me Big back, solitary, masculinity Do not be afraid I'm not scared of anything You have to be strong. You look just like your father A small city from Nagoya, across the river Row of cherry trees seen from the pedestrian bridge Walking with an unfamiliar town bride The scene I saw last night is in my heart That laughing face and voice that erases everything that floats when you close your eyes Let's end the story with my father Sunset My watch hands that had stopped フィードバックを送信 履歴 保存済み コミュニティ
  12. 今君に逢いたい

    I still remember you I'm still crying about you No matter how many times and when They live in memories I want to meet you now Only love remains This is a sad song to send to the sky If you are somewhere to deliver Tears bleed into the cloudy sky Unfinished as if it were a Purple World No matter how many times you wake up The world without you will not change I know ... but I'm looking for Its voice smell Even joking conversations The words you gave me (I hear it every time I close my eyes) Now resonate with my heart (Even to the back of the chest) I can go back soon I want to touch Hey, tears won't die I still remember you I'm still crying about you No matter how many times and when They live in memories I want to meet you now Only love remains This is a sad song to send to the sky If you are somewhere to deliver Tears bleed into the cloudy sky Unfinished as if it were a Purple World I woke up in bed What I had met in my dreams On the contrary, the reality that is not used yet But every day that you play as usual Every day everything flows as usual It ’s a natural Sunday except you ’re not there I suddenly looked up at the sky and I'm sure you're watching somewhere What a sense still tightens the chest I thought I was together (Naturally to breathe) I thought it was natural (Someday suddenly) Don't go away Just say it's a lie and laugh I can only draw I still remember you I'm still crying about you No matter how many times and when They live in memories I want to meet you now Only love remains Red and red The sky that is dyed by the crying color At that time, words that are not anything All that is irreplaceable now will not forget A never-ending story I ’ll be Missing You I still remember you I'm still crying about you No matter how many times you go around Embrace the pain and live now I don't have you anymore Only love remains I ’ll be Missing You I want to cry and I want to cry I can't help doing this feeling yet You always notice important things after you lose them I thought that was just the lyrics of the popular songs Only small things are burned into my eyes It ’s still tight every time you look back But now I decided to walk forward The sky and the world without you are warm
  13. How to fix population drop

    Most of the time im trying to not kill newbies lol, they are needed for the server how you think that im focus them?? Wtf im aways target the high geared players, adena low, no drops, staying in domi/pony no drop figting for altar and sealing no drop, btw i am at vacation i will return in home after 2 weeks and i can send you some statistic of farm/drop to see sir @Emerald instagram @1zeff
  14. How to fix population drop

    Thats is good for me. And one more thing remove raid boss jws drop, server start after few hours are raid bosses and someonegets baium,valalas,aq wtf should be removed this drops. I got idea top dmg party will get some enchts,ls instead of rb jws
  15. Highest killing spree?

    @Eleanorayou are great 🤜🏽 187kills without die, you are maniac bro 😂
  16. How to fix population drop

    BTW just a thought .The addition of free +6 b grade sets and free OE B weapons should be considered right now,maybe would reinvirogate the current season also ,the gap betweennewbies and vets would be reduced considerably .Newbies would have much easier time to farm and catch up .
  17. How to fix population drop

    IMO as i stated in some other posts ,valakas,s grade and baium should be locked 1st 2 weeks .Dunno if would help with population dropping or not (maybe it would),but server for sure would be more interesting and more balanced like that .After 2 weeks S grade,valakas,baium can be unlocked while a grade becomes free .There is also the possibility to add +6 b grade sets and b grade+10 weapons after 2 weeks for free instead of free a grade .
  18. Thats the same as high five bonuses .Does this augments have same bonuses in interlude as in high five ?
  19. Heal empower/prayer augment question mark

    3126 Item Skill: Prayer10 +7% Healing HP 3138 Item Skill: Heal Empower10 +79 Healing HP Source pmfun
  20. How to fix population drop

    What's the issue with A being top set for mages ? It's IL anyway, not like there are 50 sets and combinations to chose, if they get bored playing in DC, they should have joined some higher chronicle in the first place. Also it won't a problem balance wise if mages start directly with DC. Anyway, it can be done in phases, for example 1-2 weeks on B-grade, then A-gradeis unlocked for freeand S-grade becomes obtainable, but requiring more stuff to craft. That way we could have at least a month playing timefree of any gear-wise balance issues, which is a lot better than the casual Avadon using newbie who is getting stomped in2 hits after 5 days of the opening. And for those who start directly on A-grade and still bitch on forum about gear-wise balance then really it's their problem, and there is nothing you can or should do for them. Also, as Lesley stated, anyphases about gear locking/unlocking should be written would and clearly on the server description so that there aren't any confusions. I think one of your previous mistakes is that you tried to please big part of those were constantly crying about something. Just because many people complain about something, it doesn't mean that they are right (Trump voters etc ...). I remember precisely that season, when most of those nolifers rushed to craft A-grade the first days, buying shafts and parts for large amount of adena just to witness how eventually it became completely free realizing they wasted 10k+ adena to craft it while others who waited couple of days got it for free. While then it was written by you, that the setup was driven by that "Progressive gameplay", many of those players did not exactly understand or realize how exactly the prices will drop. Therewas a general fault of the Progressive gameplay, because for us to start the next Grade phase someone eventually would need to craft those first A-grade items, and those who did would always be fucked, because they had to spent 15k+ for a set and weapon, while others who waited couple days could buy it for a lot less or eventually free and invest that adenaonepics instead. Think it should bepretty obviousfor you from those 3-4 years or so that some of us played or are still playingto distinguishthose who give their suggestions thoughtfully so you can apply changes if they are needed. Specifically those things which i wrote on my previous post would only be beneficial for the server, and there are many more to be suggested if you are willing to listen and act so we don't waste our time proposing them vainly. What is the worst thing that could happen if you apply them ? Even if some of the suggestions don't do so well as planned we can discuss and alter them. They won't make the seasons any shorter than they are now for sure.
  21. Hidden stats

    If its not possible ,than would be nice to have the formula for magic critical rate and skill crit rate so we can calculate ourself at least .

    LOL first time for everything.
  23. why all my accounts got ban ? what i did and it was illegal ? my ingame name is "Dianabol. im the clan leader of TheCrows. i want to know why i get this penalty and which one is the reason. tell me why happend all this shit or just finally answer me to the private message a admin or something here. otherwise till the end of the day i will get all my company and we gonna logg out from this serv. it will be very good to lost some of your most acive players. -Dianabol -Limparam -TrueBanditoo -TupacIsAlive -Valknut -ImmortalDead -Guerre -Shutupimbusy -AceVentura -Camelia -Quif -Yubashiri and a lot of our company.... u have till the end of the day to explain me whats going on with your bans otherwise good luck with your 10 online characters server .
  24. How to fix population drop

    Nothing new, at first I thought to simply deny / lock the topic but whatever, i'll repeat myself for the 1007th time to what I think deserves answering. If people think server is old because they see some S-graders on an easy pvp serverthey have some serious brain damage and I don't want them here in the first place. Your suggestion solves nothing and actually makes things worse, they'll all come here crying to me wondering why they take 5k damage or whatever from a B-grader while he is actually an S-grader. Right, having few people quit because they cannot play an SE in a PvP server(how many of them exists? 10? less?), or having every possible party out there abuse the shit out of support classes, making any solo player quit eventually because they ain't able to compete - the solo communitybuilds up about 70% of the server's population - most people would play certain classes the moment they are beneficial, and not because its their "mains", we've seen this over and over with almost every class, so that "mains" excuse will never be accepted. You do realize that can also go the other way around right? that most people vote open maps and a small map will be picked eventually. And if the server is built mostly on archers / mages, guess who benefits most from such a feature. That's right, and i'll deny it again, did you bring any proper counter to the reason I gave? no. People who come to play this server come here to relax, they won't waste time looking for a party every event, especially when you people cannot stay in a single server for longer than a few weeks until you jump to your next server, which would leave the server having only few parties who will actually have supports and all the rest can simply die. What a perfect world you must live in to think your stuff would actually work out... Do you know how many people left the server only because they saw all prices were increased by x10 and thought that gear progression was made slower? while in reality nothing changed (because all rates were increased by x10 as well, but nobody bothers to read)? don't want to even imagine the amount of cries when i'll really try to make the server harder. Plus think of the tradeoff, its either quick gear which makes it also quicker for any newcomer that comes at a later stage, or slow gear which makes it a nightmare for any newcomer that joins at a later stage - if people are too braindead to understand that when they join a PvP server, I cannot do (and don't want to do) anything to help them. Kill players who are +- same as your stats and you'll get proper rewards, kill newbies and you'll get nothing indeed. Server cannot start in A-grade due to it being the top set for mages, its as if you just join server and already reach top gear - in another chronicle, maybe. Many people cried when stuff became free "all of a sudden", instead of making stuff free I increase the drop rate/amount for newbies drastically, and from my observations this is more than enough. Read one of my comments above regarding making gear harder. According to your comment you seem to be more of a new player rather than a returning player, search forum before you post. I love when you say "never tried" while we actually had such a concept. I also love when you suggest open-world concept when 90% of the comments above are "omg I need to run more than 30 seconds to find a kill" or "omg open maps". Topic moved to General Discussion, you can continue discussing it among yourselves.
  25. How to fix population drop

    Heyo guys, I'd love to give a little feedback from the perspective of a player joining later into the season. I recently started playing OVC a few days ago, some of you might recognise me by the name of 'Garbage' or 'AbsoluteGarbabe', I joined well into this season while the server is obviously pretty far along it's progression path, Iwould like to sharemy experience from the perspective of a new player. First of all, I didn't find gearing too hard. Within maybe 20 hours of gameplay I had obtained full A grade +3/4, a +16 B grade weapon and had found people to play with reguarly - and yes while there were some issues facingcertain players which were a lot stronger than me due to gear gap,I do not think this is a systemic problem, rather just part of joining into a more progressed community. It's normal for people well geared to do significantamounts of damage. I played a summoner, a bishop, overlord, spellhowler and spellsinger and while I had reletive success on all of them, I generally found them to also be fairly balanced. The one class that 'stood out' for me as perhaps being over tuned was archer, however I would like to clarity that not only do I believe this to beeasily solvable, but I think this is more a problem of map selection and range ideal situations over the class itself being too strong. Now I've summerised my basic experience, I'd like to share my ideas for potential 'problem areas' and 'balance issues' that I believe can help extend the life of the server and bring diversity. Now at this point, I think we can all agree that a major issue seen by many is the ratio of archers to class X on the server, X being almost anything else. This is largely in part due to A) the map pool, B) ease of play and C) their power when grouped. I'd like to address each of these issues separately, starting with; A) I think this can easily be addressed by promoting not only a different selection of maps, but encouraging smart map design. You'll notice a lot of the time people are pushing through a singular 'choke' point and this will promote people generally shooting through it at maximum range to eliminate targets before being able to pass through. In many games such as FPS & Mobas, you'll notice almost all maps have flank routes that encouage people to take high ground and re-position rather than shooting through point X and essentially hoping you get them before they get you. This will not only discourage the 'stand and shoot' meta, but also promote classes which are able to move around and fight in close range, thus further eliminating the need for that range superiority. B) Archers in this example, are generally very easy to play. Perhaps this could be changed by simply reducing their 'flat damage' by X amount, lets say 50% (sounds extreme I know) and then increasing the damage of their skills by 50%. (Please note these are just example numbers) - Or perhaps adding some sort of combo system where archers crit damage will be lowered by a flat 30%, however when using Hamstring on a target and it successfully lands, the target recives an increased 40% or even 50% flat damage or 5 seconds, giving archers a burst window. This means good archers are still able to do range damage from afar, but to set up a combo maybe they'll need to hamstring first and then use their skills rather than just F1 F1 F1. I believe this would promote more skilled gameplay and encourage players to use their cooldowns smartly, rather than just hit a buttonand hope for crits. (please note all numbers given in this example are simply example numbers and I have not put an extended amount of thought into what would be appropriate, i am simply giving examples as a proof of concept) C) This point I think would be one of the most critical and actually potentially the most game changing of them all. One of the reasons archers are so strong, as well as mages in this meta.. is the fact they're able to group up and assist eachother to enable huge focused fire at a single target. While this does have a place in L2 and I believe team play should be encouraged, it's also detrimental to many players who do not wish to play this way. I've noticed bishops and healers are not allowed to group up more than two per group, what if this was also applied to archers? Once again this would prevent two or more archers getting into a group and consistently dealing a large amount of almost unavoidable instant damage while assisting eachother. C.1) Furthering this point, I would like to offer a potential change which as stated above I believe has the power to change the entire system dynamic. I've mentioned archers not being able to group together, but what if we didn't just say"No you can't do that" but actively encouraged people to make diverse groups by giving a group buff depending on what classes you have in the group? This is a pre-exisiting game mechanic that has existed in the GoD client and has proven to work. Please see examplesbelow. Every class has an 'aura' that is constantly on, each giving a different 'aura' to the group at all times, here are some examples of auras Gives Gladiator Aura that increases P. Critical Rate by 5% to a party member. Gives Summoner Aura that decreases physical and magic skill MP consumption by 3% to a party member. Gives Tank Aura that increases P. Atk. by 3% to a party member. Gives Archer Aura that increases MP Recovery Bonus by 20% to a party member. Gives Mage Aura that increases Casting Spd. by 3% to a party member Now when a player joins a party, the auras will become stronger depending on the classes that join, so for example an archerjoins the group with a gladiatortheir respective auras are increased, so rather than giving 5% crit rate and 20% MP recovery, they now get 5% crit rate, 20%MP recovery and a diversity bonus of an additional 3% P.Atk & 5% M.Atk. This would continue to increase ONLY when seperate classes join the group, so if a third seperate member joined (mage) they would then get their class auras which are 5% Crit rate, 20% MP Recovery and 3% Cast speed, however now as they have 3 different types in the group they would get bonus of 5% Patk, 7% M.Atk and 1% Physical & Magical Defence. And so on and so fourth, every class would provide not only a unique buff to the party but would encourage and almost force class diversity as you would be shooting yourself in the foot by not having a real mixture of classes. I believe this change along with the proposed smart map designs and the promotion of thoughtful gameplay by reducing flat damage and putting into skills as discussed above would solve a lot of these range issues we're having. Anyway, wall of text over (for now). I also have ideas on how to release content/gear in a way that would prolong server lifespan and encourage players to continue playing, too. If you would like to hear my thoughts, please let me know! Thank you for reading
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