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    So instead of going B>A>S it would be A>S>Dynasty? What items of dynasty?Weapons?Armor?Jewels? Isn't it just better to buff major arcana? What about oly? Would dynasty be available there? If mages get to wear a dynasty armor you would have to revert crit nerfs for archers... since they'll crit for 1-2k LUL Edit:Puke...kamael players. Cancer unskilled, unbalanced race. OFC all of you handless animals wants it. All we need is 20 berkers spamming rush impact. no ty. go next
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  4. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Purely personal opinion here, but please don't do that. Every set past S is lazier than S was in terms of design and variety. Dynasty and Icarus gear are the first two major offenders. The attribute stone system destroyed the already fragile and imperfect elemental balance this game had. Edit: I actually don't mind the Kamael race though
  5. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Go for Hellbound: Kamael race + Dynasty armor + icarus + Attribute system
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  7. [Interlude] Future Plans

    These changes look promising, and with dynasty added there is more gamplay and content in the game, eventho its tetrislude, with these changes it's worth checking out for sure.
  8. [Interlude] Future Plans

    @EmeraldWaiting for your response.
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    oh, and yes shit should explode when it fails.
  10. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I absolutely see your position, but you have said your self many times that you cannot satisfy everyone. There is no place for S in my system, it simply doesn'texist. I do not doubt at all that you receiveprobably hundreds of PM's about not having S grade when it isn't there, but I doubt it is much different than the PM's I send you when it is there. S grade ruins longevity, forces classes into sets that aren't appropriate for them, and completely negates individuality within a single class. One thing I never see amongst those of us who are engaged in the discussion here and who really put stake in the server is that they want S grade. C vs A is absolutely do-able, especially with modified enchant rates and limits. But if even you don't modify rates and limits, simple economic access should do the trick. C grade and B grade for free, A at cost. C armor enchants should be cheap enough that almost anyone could afford one per match played, A armor enchants should take a few matches to be able to afford. Leave epics available for exorbitant sums of money, like months worth of solid play. And yes, I absolutely will wear plated leather on my dagger against A graders. Watch me crush them.
  11. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Idon't remember about it being after 3 H5 seasons, but maybe i'm confused from all those different seasons that went on since i started playing in OVC in late 2015 i think. I've skipped the H5 and GC ones, and i amnot even sure how many IL seasons I've played here, 7,8 or 9, something like that. If i remember correctly in the middle of one of those long lasting IL seasons you introduced AA making the A/S sets unsealable by it, which skyrocketed the price of AA and most of the newcomers could not even unseal their items.The Strange Machine NPC was implemented while a season was running too if i remember correctly. Anyway, this is in the past now, now you try to consider and rethink new features before implementing them on a running season.
  12. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Thanks for the input everyone, as it seems the majority doesn't really approve the changes or got big doubts regarding them, so it will be discarded for now - we will apply other things we think that will improve the server instead. It was the firstIL season to run after 3 H5 seasons that were in a row - people simply missed Interlude and when it came, there was a huge excitement about it which led to big online and long lasting season, the changes that were done during/after the season made the season that came after it last just as long (nearly 4 months). And if you still think the gameplay was so good then why do people still quit in the first place? how long do you think the hype can be kept if no changes are made at all? 1 season? 2 at most...? Because then you might end up allowing endless amount of spoilers to join a certain team, while they do literaly nothing to help their team (because they cannot really kill anybody) - they can still be tankish and annoying evantually. Lets start from the fact that even C vs A isn't very likely option, that's exactly the reason why this season even A-grade was locked when server started. And where is S-grade in your story? do you have any idea how many PMs I got in every possible inbox from people that they want S-grade to be unlocked already? People want everything available, and its completely understandable because each person wants to progress in his pace and not be shutted down because some tiers are still locked.
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    L2, especially IL is an open book for almost all of the players, thats why most of us chose to play here in the first place. There are plenty of other servers that are running onJumanji chronicles with "custom iteNs", but we chose this server, because it was as close to retail as an GVE server can be,providingthat drop of nostalgia from the past. If someone joins an Interlude server to play mage and get bored when he reaches DC and AM then it's his problem. It's true that as the season goes bythat mages lose some of their strength, but thats completely natural to the client, they are still capable enough to do 1v1, 1v2 and so on. The problems and complainscame from people that are playing them and expect them to be the same killer machines at later stages, as they were inthe start, when most of close range characters were still on C/B jewelry. It'sa server where you have 100% cancel rate, good % of landing slow and enough type of maps to suit a mage througheither open fields for kite or mixed ones with objects that you can use to position yourself, yet they always find some reason to moan about the mage class. They had cause when there were 10-15 archers with +16 DB and 2x augments on it through those Golems and the Strange Machine, but now that it's gone they can't complain about class imbalance. Btw, what was so wrong with those first IL seasons wheni started on (end 2015-2016) ? We had simplified seasons that last60-70 days, one even reached 97 days with 60-70 of them lively enough, and if there weren't some changes in the middle of them they could have lasted even longer. Now that you've cut out some of the problematic things from previous seasons, and worked on others to make them better, i personally don't see a problem if you start a close to retail-likeseason with tweaking some of the things with the suggestions that were written above by some of us. If someone plays on IL client and this server in particular, and get bored, because he"reached" endgame gear faster than others, just because he preferred to spend most of his day playing, then maybe he should switch to some low rate/classic or even a different game, where he will have more things to do than just getting A/S and doing PVP all the time.
  14. [Interlude] Future Plans

    First, sorry if someone already suggested things I'm going to say, but I think I read everything x) Progressive Gameplay,Dynasty Items About Dynasty, it's sad to see diversity leaves, but it can behealthy, and since you're opened forchanging A LOT ofstuff, yeah let's go for Dynasty =/ Don't see the harm to try it. But, i have the feeling that having +12 weapons max wouldn't bother the mages to keep enchanting their free dc set =). Suggestion: Enable custom skins for dynasty armor ? I don't really like it because we lose something else: we don't recognize gear on sight. BUT if you make special skins that are a little different from original gear. Alittle more shiny DC robefor example, or even darker, different color, dynasty color ?So people would recognize, even a newbie, something is not normal with this donatorrrrr!!!!Ofc it is more custom stuff to add, etc. But, something I learn in lineage 2. Style > Skill (lul excuse) (minor suggestion) (blame the weed). About progressive gameplay, I really dunno, it's like politics sometimes, it's funny to act like we know the right way, but honestly for this, I don't x) Like I know the goal: everyone is happy, itis hard but not too hard, you get a great satisfaction for accomplishements....I have it, we need anorgy! (don't worry, i'll get a little more serious). Addition of Coins instead of Recipes/Parts/Materials, Donation System, Spoilers, Aden Siege My first impression was "Oh man, another server with cOoiiNnnnssss" and then I relaxed I told to myself "He said it, he wants to simplify". So I check the Coin list..... There are so many I can play the numbers of each of my coin at the lottery (If you make me rich, Ideny what will follow). I didn't like the "old way" for what it did to the market. But it was easily understandable for everyone, since it's retail material. Maybe it's juste me, but I don't likethis Coin System. Especially when there are a lot. Suggestion:Decrease the number of Coins to 3. Please. Maybe you have a reason, marketwise, to have so much. But in the end I find it repulsive. * EventCoin * Event Coin - drops from doing event objectives and PvPs. * Raid Coin * Raid Coin - drops from map raids, epic bosses, Martankus and Dr. Chaos. * FarmCoin * Mission Coin - drops from accomplishing daily missions. * Farm Zone Coin - drops from mobs inside the farm zone. * Daily Event Coin - obtainable while participating in daily events. (daily events is pve right ?) * Ok I guess we can have this one too * Generic Coin - obtainable while participating in Aden Castle siege or Olympiad, can be exchanged to any other coin type. About Siege, I have question about spawn: different for no clan ? random ? spawn camp: strategic or unfair? spawn guards ? how will it work? It must be healthy, pvpwise, for everyone. I mean sure a newbiealone can get 1 shot if he gets too close to the sun, but he shouldn't be killed when he has not entered the spacerocket yet. About Spoilers, I think it is good they are out of the equation concerning the balance system. I'm not sad or happy they leave the battlefield. But I'm gonna ask a stupid question: if the problem was that they wereIN THE EQUATION, why not simply remove them from it, by maths? I know it is a stupid question, but they can be in event without harm ifthe balance system ignores them, no ? What Others Said that I Liked Max +12 weapons(Prevy), obviously. With harder/adjusted enchant rate. You can even make special events where you can win THE ONLY, THE UNIQUE +16 Arcana Mace, Dragon HunterAxe, etc. of the Server, Season, w/e. If it creates more drama and no leavers, I'm for it. If you do it with B/A/S-Grade but NOT with S-Dynasty, can be balanced. The problem with+12 Max Weap is, it brings the end of Mages too soon. Capped resistbuff players with +6/+7 S-Jewels would laugh at them.Maybe not with dynasty though...Since dynasty jewels>tateo, then Dynasty Mage Weap > Boss Jewels ? =D Btw, when you say "Dynasty Item", you mean ALL of them right ? Weap/Armor/Jewel ? New Tattoo ? (lul) No Prophecies at NPC Buffer (Prevy), if you mean we still CAN'T get them from other players ... Why not... I dunno. I would agree to see summoners buffs coming back at this point though, but that could be an interresting, but far less ... dynamic? gameplay. Except for running map, that could be good =p And some supports might just reappear because they can survive better than bishops due to prophecy selfbuff. I don't recall anything else that I liked I think. Except Shadow Step sry. Lesley, if you had to chose for the next season, what would you prefer: Hi5 Shadow Step (Reuse 75s) or Hi5 Hide (Reuse 180s), that's where we'll see if you're on the Skill side or the Style side. Anyway thanks Emerald for using the full capacity ofa forum, having this talk. Thanks for reading.
  15. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I both agree and disagree. I think this is a natural balance curve that works as it should. Mages do have an early lead on brunt damage AND farming. While they lose the ability to burst down a single target quickly, they remain one of the best classes for farming wealth in my opinion. My nukers always reach max level before other classes, and when I'm broke that'swhere I go to farm. Other classes definitelydo get to be showier, and have the better single target abilities, and have more satisfying gameplay. But the mages make that paper, all day.
  16. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Im scared. Sorry my mage friends but u already got +1 -1 enchant now dynasty... gimme my interlude shadow step.
  17. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I don't, I expect them to fight between C/B/A only. In L2PbP I would cap A grade at +6, B at +9 and C at +15 (rough math) the goal being that the difference between the possible raw Pdef/Mdef of gear is negligible when compared to its set bonuses. Your first point puts your primary focus for adding dynasty as a method of dealing with gear stagnancy for mages. But shifting gear up a tier and changing economic access to gear both have a high potential to impact the underlying issue. How are we going to know the difference? I definitely see how you are tying them together. I am simply trying to say that attacking a problem from both ends at the same timemakes it nearly impossible to measure the impact of any individual effort. All of your changes may indeed be necessary, but can they not be introduced over a series of phases to make sure that no over-balancing is created? It would suck to say that a change that was otherwise ideal was discarded because we only saw the damaging 10th item on the list, and threw the other 9 babies out with the patch-water. And what will happen to B-graders in this case? without giving them a way to progress, you simply get rid of them - read my response to @PoweredByPotabove. Also its really important that you understand that a part of my suggestion is removing the items becoming free part of progressive gameplay entirely, so there's no point of mentioning it as it simply wouldn't exist if these changes will be applied. This is exactly the point I'mtrying to make to you, as an example. @Biostormvoices the consensus opinion that modified pricing is a problem. Then he incorrectly aims to solve it by changing both pricing andgear tier access. You immediately identified this as a convolution of the solution and dismissed it, accurately. But the two different solutions are not wrong in separate context. They simply cannot be exacted together.
  18. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Ofcourse its a problem, it cannot be as expensive as S-grade are, thus it isvery easy to get. And it forces me to make starting gear lower (C/B grade, doesn't matter) so mages won't be bored to death getting their top gear instantly - which creates gear gap - which forces me to add game progression mechanism to help newbies who join at a later stage of the server. Its all connected. That is a problem to who? I never stated it was a problem - I just said that after we're past C/B grade server stages, people won't touch these gears anymore, only A/S-grade gear remains to choose from - so the diversity youspeak about will anyway narrow down sooner or later. I gave archers/mages examples because these classes are played by more than 70% of the players, and they are the most obvious example (archers -> drac, mages -> dc, no other options at all). I think I just did? archers -> drac - or I did not get the question. Mages gets weaker the more the game is progressed, game shows clearly that most mages are being replaced evantually by daggers, duelists, archers and a few other classes. The addition of dynasty won't only make the game longer for these who play mages (since DC is no longer the top, you now have more to do) it will actually give them a playing chance even at later stages, finally they'll have some more defense and damage output thanks to it (don't forget that DC is LOW A, which is even worse). Will never work, people will simply not join such short periods of gameplay and it is definitly not my goal, and the beta period I had for Grand Crusade proves it. There were very few people playing on the beta period, barely 20 or so - when live launched 300+ people joined. What happend? the game wasn't tested good enough and there were some serious issues that killed it within a month - who loses? everyone, because I still think GC gameplay could be so cool for factions but the fact people aren't willing to take part in beta phases makes it never happen.
  19. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Ok, I'm going Socratic on your point here: Consider each of these separate arguments, not a successivepoint. 1) If A grade is top,is this still a problem? 2) If most players of a certain archetype choose a certain gear set, and that is a problem; how is forcing all players into narrower gear options a solution, and not just applying the problem to everyone? 3) Can you name any class Archetype which can safely call any S grade set "the best" choice? 4) Is your primary goal here to affect the decisions of magesand get them out of DC, or the give the entire rest of the player base an option in dealing with mages? Ok, all that aside I have an alternate suggestion, what about introducing temporarily shorter seasons, and then polling players on what they liked/didn't like. For instance, until we can get a greater consensus on what works and what doesn't we run two-week seasons, and then decide either a different mechanism or an improved iteration of the last? I won't lie work kept me away for a lot of this season, but I would have made more time if I knew that smaller iterations to major issues were coming more rapidly. And no @Emeraldthat isn't a stab at you or the amount of work you do. Maybe the way its presented though. #heretohelp
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    *** If you're into this discussion, please take few moments to read my full response, and not only the parts that respond to you, in order to avoid duplications *** Not really a valid point when mages consider DC robe set as top... (that's the main reason why I want to try out adding dynasty). Such a system is mandatory in PvP servers, simply because you cannot expect people to fight C/B vs S, they'll quit before you know it, I would agree with you that l2 is about grinding and its natural that some people get advantage over others, but thats true ONLY for regular servers where players can actually farm stuff just by PvE, and not touch PvP until they are actually ready for it. If i'll manage to change features in a way that items will no longer need to become free by progressive gameplay, that's already a huge win for everyone - and this is exactly what my suggestions are all about. I agree, its good, but this diversity dies for most classes the moment A/S becomes the main gear anyway (all archers goes Drac, all mages goes DC etc)so I don't think i'll pass on adding dynasty just because of that... If I had the possibilty of doing them seperatly I would do, but in this case I think stuff should go together as a package, its either all or none. If you'll read my post carefully, you'll notice how each change affects the other changes, its not avoidable. Your suggestions touches the heart of the gameplay in our server, implementing such things would require lots of thought (and not simply throwing in a lets do town-castle type of maps suggestions) - the first problem that pops up in my mind right now about it is people (again) complaining about having to run too much to get to the pvp scene, and if you'll tell me "ok lets solve it by adding a teleporter" then I don't see anymore how this idea is different than a simple castle siege we already have. You remember that one from the GC season don't you? its long gone. And what will happen to B-graders in this case? without giving them a way to progress, you simply get rid of them - read my response to @PoweredByPotabove. Also its really important that you understand that a part of my suggestion is removing the items becoming free part of progressive gameplay entirely, so there's no point of mentioning it as it simply wouldn't exist if these changes will be applied. Not in favor of it, that might mean that during big population many of the people might not be able to get it, there has to be an additional way. Farm zone was changed alittle bit, read the changelist - you do not longer get removed after a single death. So if your account gets compromised the hacker can easily delete your character with all the work you put into it and disappear with no tracks?there is a reason why the deletion timer is there... and its there to stay, from more reasons than the one I just gave. Stuff like exprate can always be adjusted, nobody mentioned it since I guess people enjoy it - remember you have only 1 entry / day so you definitly cannot get all your levels in 1 go. About spoilers, well true, that can be one disadvantage BUT its either that or spoilers going into events, counting towards team balance while not really doing anything super effective which might result in team disbalance. On a second thought spoilers being in the farm zone won't really do any harm, people who likes to do that will provide the farm zone coins to people who likes to do PvP (in exchange of event coins for example) and vice-versa, that can actually be good for economy. On previous season I addeda config that if enabled, it pauses the progression - so any item bought wouldn't actually count which means I got full control of how fast/slow the progression is - still didn't solve anything. The probem is, that we also locked A/S-grade (since starting gear was C-grade and you couldn't allow such a big gap) this made the community divide into 2 - the part that wants faster game progression and A/S available like RIGHT NOW, and the other part who doesn't care and from their PoV, fight in C/B-grade for 2 weeks or even more - and I ended up having to satistify both. That's exactly why I want to get rid now of so many tiers, since it simply won't work out, A and S grade only should be enough, but only if S-grade contains Dynasty, since if it doesn't, mages stops at A. It goes both ways, it can be easy to get players when you first start, it will be very hard to keep them, since when people start leaving it causes a weird domino effect - and when that happens its really hard to get new players coming in because the lower the population gets, the more its splitted into different timezones and the more you think the server is dead, while on any regular (midrate) server, this would look like a completely normal thing and would work out perfectly. Dude in what season were you playing lol? that doesn't exist like...... since ages? the only recipes/parts/materials exists on the server right now are for S-grade, so they are always useful. Basically anything you said regarding gear already exists on the server +- Well coins comes to replace recipes/parts/materials, its not something in addition so I really don't see how it complicates things. Also its worth to mention that AA will be removed too, the reason we had AA until now is because of progressive gameplay, since I can give players AA directly as drops / rewards etc instead of checking everytime what's the current stage and give enchants according to it (because C-grade enchants becomes useless when B-grade becomes free for example) - this will no longer be needed with my changes since there will be only A/S grade gears to play around with, and nothing will ever become free. Warlords and Tanks were fixed and on last season there were really not many of them - it was simply a matter of proper configuration. Regarding dwarfs, I think what I mentioned here about spoilers change (no longer stealing adena, able to spoil in farm zone) would already deal with it. Again, many of the stuff you spoke of were already dealt with, for example now you gain 5 points for every pvp (which also gives you chance to get drops) even if the kill has nothing to do with the map's objective. For comparasion, in TvT maps you get 10 points for pvp. I can go back to old system where we had only blessed scrolls that goes back to +0, that should do it (although trust me I receive dozens of PMs from people begging to increase the rates becausse they fail all the time, so again, its something that goes both ways). There were really not many +16 weapons this seasons, not many at all - I might publish some statistics later on. Read my response here, the 2 last paragraphs: That explains it perfectly, and i'm not the only one who noticed it. Read my response to @Redmanabout progressive gameplay, same response. As far as I saw, there isn't much difference between low S and dynasty, so it should be better balanced than B to S - but yeah, would need to be tested and hope i'm right about it Thanks everyone for your responses, as far as I see, everyone has concerns about progressive gameplay, so I hope my answer will help on that one.
  21. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Soul-crushinglyhard enchants rates and wealth gathering is a great mechanism to slow progression and its quite common in MMO's. @ManBearPigmentioned this game called Lineage I think some of you have heard of that used to try it (T.I. Ferry because GK is too expensive anyone?). I advocate for the C/B/A tiers becauseof the amount available, but I think two tiers works just as well. Like @Lesleysaid, people, get bored without a goal. But we don't need to fabricate new goals if everyone was already happy with the existing ones. No one has said in this whole debate "No man, I want S/Dynasty because they are the best for everyone and they look so cool". The desire for different tiers of gear is always based on the farm it takes to get from zero to hero. In fact, I have a sneaky suspicion you could use only one gear tier, and make everyone level 80 at the start. Make enchant scrolls and BOG's drop ONLY from event badassery (multi-kills, sprees, every 100th, etc,), and then make the enchant rates horrible. Do not destroy gear when it fails, nor lose an enchant, just make it fucking terrible. Allow scrolls to be sold amongst players, but not via the shop. IM NOT SAYING DO THIS, only that it could work based on MY PERSONAL ASSESMENT of the actual intent behind everyone'srequest. It's sort of like, at the end of the day we all want food, water, shelter, and the happiness of our loved ones. At the end of the day, I just want a shiny weapon and to kill a few people. I think we all do. Fighting over how we get there, or getting lost in semantical arguments about micro details is useless when there are macro issues to be solved.
  22. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I really agree with this diversity thing, its pretty important. Despite what u say, in my opinion adding dynasty is needed, or at least is worth the test. Im no huge fan of custom sets, but as server grows its very boring to be full S and stuff and have nothing else to do besides enchant stuff. So having a set will make people have objectives for longer. OR S could be just super-duper hard to make at the point people will make overenchanted B's and A's before even gathering the mats for S. As Isaid before, there would be no need to add another "step" (Dyn Set) if u just make progression of existing stuff slower. The introduction of a custom set have to be very careful planned, since alot of people dont like it and if made wrong can even deepen our problems (hi Golem Stoneheart!). Really Ihave my best wishes that this January rebuild will work out, we were needinglong agofor this to happen.
  23. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Fighting for a farm spot is probably the most Lineage thing that has ever happened to Lineage in the history of Lineage. I don't know if I'm making myself Lineage clear.
  24. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Progressive System /Scaling I tend to agree with most people that it is ultimately unnecessary, but not for the same reasons. I really don't think veterans whinging is a factor, nor do I think it holds any benefit for new players. What it does do is distort the games natural progression curve. This grind is something every L2 player is intimately familiar with, and in fact, I would say a big portion of us actually seek it. I personally enjoy the grind of taking down a top player more than I do being that top player. We work so hard to come up with solutions to affect balance and longevity in the game, but then we shorten it for some and remove significant portions of valuable assets with the measure of a metric. I say scrap the price scaling system, and any other system tied to it that works in a similar manner. At the end of the day it all ties back to my "Don't change too much at once" theory. While this would be a change, an outright removal would help simplify things overall.
  25. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Gear I really despise dynasty gear, everyone looks the same, and everyone wears the same thing. Thereal beauty of C/B/A grade gear sets is the diversity. Take a Gladiator as the example. If you want to be fast, slightly tanky and have lowish DPS you can wear Blue Wolf. If you want to have crazy fast attack speed to spam skills, wear Tallum. If you want to be tanky as shit, get Nightmare. If you need stun resist and some debuff help, get Majestic. If you want to be an all out paper cannon get Plated Leather. These gear sets are also beautifully designed, and let's be honest it does suck a little to look at EVERYONE in either dynasty or one of the 4 pitiful S grade sets. These three tiers of gear allow almost limitless combinations of dyes/buffs/armor sets to make most classes as diverse as possible from player to player. Being "The Best" is great, but a lot of people like to just do things their own way. I really hate being forced into wearing S grade or dynasty over lower tier sets simply because I won't be competitive otherwise. Economy First, I want to say that sweeping changes are a great disservice to the amount of work you do. I would advise instead to pick one of these two problems and iterate on them until you've reached the best possible solution. Its virtually impossible to tell if the gear changes were the help/hurt, or the economy changes if you do both at the same time. You lose the ability to measure specific impact, and that can lead to abandoning changes that actuallymay have worked given the proper environment. That being said, if you must change the economy too, then here goes my best advice. Either embrace the player based economy or remove, but stop trying to satisfy both. This game has a brilliant crafting system and an aged-but-still-kicking economy approach. You also allow offline shops which are really a game changer when space is limited. There are two primary paths here and either weakens the other. 1) Just use NPC's Don't make shit tradable/craftable. Award coins/mats/money for various accomplishments and they are all the property of the player, tradeable within an account (freight). Participationearns money, multi-kills earns enchant coins, kill sprees earn SA crystal coins as an example. 2) Power to the Players! Alternatively, Use the materials/recipessystem you have now, and simply remove the ability to purchase gear via the NPCs. Perhaps add an NPC that preforms crafts at the same rates a dwarf would. This would greatly draw out the time it takes for people to reach late gear, and put extreme value behind rare objects, fueling the player economy further. Again, my overall position is picking one thing to tweak and keep tweaking it till you think you'vegot it right. Don't get too deep making changes in lots of different systems for the risk of losing track of the changes the effect on the population.
  26. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I still think the main objective of the server should be sieges. You shot down all my suggestions last time, so here we go again (with some changes) : Main objective : Capture the Fort/town/castle. Example : Goddard territory. Each faction gets spawned in random locations in Goddard territory. Objective is to capture all 3 sites : Castle, Fort and Town. When players die they get teleported to their captured territory.(if a faction hasn't capped a site they get teleported back to the place they started)And don't paint a green/red square for people to stand in. Place a statue to cast the capture spell like you had in one of your fort events. Factions should get points according to how many sites they captured. When a faction caps all 3 sites the event is over. ( add a time limit of 1 hour or something.. ). Leave Aden Siege for clan activities like you have now. As for the things you mentioned above 1. Progressive Gameplay : Just remove it. It may help new players but it hurts the old players. Why would you by an item costing 1000 + adena when it will get free in a week or 2 ? Start with B grade free and set up fixed prices for A,S and when people get full S unlock Dynasty. Remove boss jewels from the shop. Leave that to the RNG when you do raid events. 2. The coin thing is a good idea BUT disable pvp in the pve area. There are alot of assholes that kill people on sight and ruin your farming. And for the love of god make deletion of characters instant. There are some people like myself that can't decide with what to play and make 300340 characters.
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