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  2. Voted yes for reasons already said here. I like the idea of reduce max enchant (it will reduce max gap between new player and full equiped players), but +10 for weapons sounds enough for me. About armors I suggest +10 to increase TTK. Safe enchant at +4 is a nice change, mainly for Duelist (I remembered when my Dual broken 3 times before goes to +4). I think max skill enchant should be reduced too (same reason of reduce weapon enchant). I'm not sure about the new value... maybe 15?
  3. Front Page Timer

    Its just cache probably, you could try to f5 on the countdown script. And then check homepage again.
  4. Game accounts unbanned

    Unbanned 6 accounts and 4 characters.
  5. Front Page Timer

    yeah looks like it might be chrome issue, tested now with edge and shows right
  6. Front Page Timer

    Works fine to me might be a browser issue on your side .
  7. Last week
  8. Front Page Timer

    Can you try to f5 on the page?
  9. Front Page Timer

    In case it wasnt notice yet, after completing 100 days it got reset, now showing 2 days
  10. Expert skill - Scavenge

    The bonuses from this skillapplies to everything.
  11. Expert skill - Scavenge

    Hello, Expert skill - Scavenge working only with spoil, or and other class ?
  12. I like your sugestions.I would go even further.Epics should be shadow items nontradable and nonenchantable.The only real epics that dont expire should be drops from epics.Also weapons and gear that go over +4 should be considered "personalized" and made nontradable. People will need choose what want more shadow epics or enchanted tts for m def.Tattos should be removed to compensate this.And also there is possibilty for people to buy real epics but will be for rich guys,or for lucky ones from raids. Strange machine should give just a small additive bonus like 10% percent max.Max enchant rate shouldnt be more than 75%.Minimum shouldnt be less than 60%.Enchanting skills should be let default or just a small additive bonus from strange machine like 10-20% max.95% for every +1 is silly. And about warcryer in theory sounds nice but for cov players can make ol too.And i hate to see ol zerg.I hope emerald learned his lesson about ols.I told this like 3 seasons ago what impact can have an ol zerg inside a big ally and people saw it.
  13. Boss jewels should be temporary, (expire after a short period of time but are somewhat easier to obtain, through more frequent raid events.) Tattoos should be removed. Max enchant should be +12 on weapons and +6 on armor and jewels, with +4 being safe on weapons. ( Enchanting should be much more difficultto balance this out ) Skill enchant rate should be way more difficult, and bogs should have less drop-rate. Self buffs should no longer count as buff slots, to encourage class diversity. Chant of Victory / Magnus should be removed from NPC buffer, to encourage people to play Warcryer's. I do think some of these changes would make the server much more enjoyable and playable after 3 months of the server being up, especially for newcomers.
  14. Well its something that was new and for 1st time.I really liked the ideea.But that npc needs some nerf imo.
  15. wow what that's fucked up, if it's as you said then it's retarded,why did Emerald implemented that ncp? +20 skills sounds stupid af.
  16. I hope server wont open soon.So players can appreciate more the server when they are into a season already.They need stick into a season rather than asking and making lobby for new seasons.Avadon wars is for weak players,but its a big ammount here in l2ovc and its a sad fact unfortunately.
  17. Haha u saw 3 db+16?U have no clue how many weapons+16 are out there.Most people that had such weapons quited already.There should be tons of such weapons in total.Its because of this new npc implementedfrom this season called weird machine that raise your chance to 85%.Nothing against this npc,quite contrary i like creativity and new ideas but it was made way too strong.Also players could have +30 skills because of this npc wich would boost particular classes more than other.U cantell an archer or titan wont getsuch benefits as a dagger/mage/glad/tyrant would get.Mages with 20+ surrenders 20+gloom and +20 nukes felt stronger than ever this season and this beside that OP cancel wich in first two weeks make any melee with starting gearunplayable. About population,yeah its the sad true.Many are server hoopers,jumping from server to server and make a domino effect.Other seeing some quit they quit too just to be in trend.Thats why i suggested some sort of restrictions with items to restrict some players getting too stacked because of others leaving their items.From here it came my ideea with nontradable items,its harsh suggestion and not normal i admit but is for the greater good. Also some people cannot adjust to more than just mage stage server and can play just avadon wars wich is their strange sence of fun,wich for me after so many seasons is the most boring.Seeing in time other classes become strong they preffer quit.From here it comes the myth with top pvp as top mage,wich its a busted ideea,but some idiots still refuse to think otherwise.
  18. At this point Emerald should know how long each season can last I don't know why are we still in a season which is 3 months old. From my experience of many seasons I've played here, most people leave by the end of the first month few people keep playing 2nd month and the 3rd is empty. I logged on yesterday I made my char and went to a map with 15 people at max? maybe 2 or 3 more, the enemy team had 3 db +16, I logged off. And it isn't Emerald's fault at all, I mean he can keep improving and adding more and more stuff but the server will inevitablydie at some point, that's a fact. All servers are the same, they provide fun for a short time and then they die, that's normal and it's even worse in factions because all you do is pvp. This season is already 3 months old as I have said and it doesn't have enough players to make it playable so @Emeraldany date for the next season yet?
  19. I rise upper than you ,its a fact.WIch makes u what?From all players that could talk about me,2 retards brother that are in need for looking free attention,found themself to speak about mebecause otherwise noone would notice them,This is what i call AttentionWhores,who are willing as far in lieing just to try put me in bad spot. Next time when u speak about anyone ,whatever question about him,1st ask your self that and compare the results.A nobody cannot speak about someone else better than him.
  20. Maybe there's been an issue that Emerald hasn't addressed in the past several seasons? For me personally i don't enjoy 10v10 running in circles. Noone stays to see you rise from a garbage can to dog shit, QQ nerd
  21. only I am here for .... a while already now and i was a cub amongst others when i joined this community. What makes you think they will stay dedicated to any server now if they never done it? . They'll always leave premature just as they came ))). This is an old story. Lineage is fun that's what we need to understand , not hatres , envy or conquest. Ofc we need to make it look like a conquest somehow to achieve "higher self" of the chars. But it , in it's nature should only make you feel hegemonic moods, as a game , even though it is more than a game , it's an Open World , one of the most spectacular game in the history and this 1 one of the most popular chronicle xD.
  22. Changelist

    Changelist #21 Domination / Escort / KOTH Maps: * Players will not get points for being inside zone if there are enemies in it. * Players will get points for killing enemies inside the zone. Battlefield Maps: * Players will get points for killing enemies who attack a flag. Fort Maps / Battlefield Mini Event: * Players will get points for killing enemies who cast the capture skill. Other: * Leveling a clan to level 1/2 will no longer be free. * Clan members amount will increase with clan level.
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