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  2. Dreadnought skills.

    cursed pierce was implemented in gracia final
  3. Oly buffing enemy

    This hasn't been fixed yet..
  4. Tyrant archer

    And 1 more thing.Lets assume u speak true and u are honnest.But whats with the others from your clan who got banned.Also i saw some posts here about boting with andrenaline and ol bots.Also this players dennied and said that its a missunderstanding :).Such things was said by others here not by me.U guys beside being zerg u cant even play fair this game?I consider this players pathetic really if they cant play normal like most players do here,whats the point of all of this.
  5. Tyrant archer

    Another failer trying to flame,all come like packs of hyenas.But 1st guys learn game,mechanics but im afrait its useless if u guys didnt yet,its already too late its 2017 l2 is out for more than a decade. And when u noobs learn somel2 basic stuff after that u are all my invites so u can try flame me with something relevant. And 1 free lesson from me for ignorant people yes bow works with bison totem.Now u guys should be a bit smarter.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Tyrant archer

    So now it is a week? Yea call us kids. You are just drowning in your lies.
  8. Tyrant archer

    my cancer spreads when agent talks
  9. Unbalanced events nb 2

    So if you are with high elo = you are supposed to be zerged all the time? Btw check once again these pictures. Lower count and lower elo. Tbh, players lowering their elo for this reason.
  10. Unbalanced events nb 2

    Eleanora stop complaining , watch ur .elo . Elo is the reason the teams are unbalanced.
  11. Dreadnought skills.

    Weren't they added in other chronicle after interlude?
  12. Dreadnought skills.

    Hey! Im playing Warlord/Dreadnought class character. And what i have noticed is that Im missing two skills. 1st. Power Crush 2nd Cursed Pierce are they missing on purpose? Or Im missing something?
  13. infinity rod

    I knew about that since I saw a hero doing it a long time ago, but then I thought It was removed by Emerald (seems false, no track). Then I saw that this season, I told the hero "Hey it's not working anymore", they told me it does. So i reported to Emerald with other bugs, no answer so... SO yeah, maybe it's like retail. I hope it's not, and I hope we don't consider it L2 gameplay. Waking scrolls seems to be considered a good magic, but hey, mana burnis considered a debuff on l2j, that can be reflected by Physical/Magical Mirror. I'm still for putting a reuse on those waking scrolls.
  14. infinity rod

    You imagining about some forum user because you are butthurt or random malakas copying lame dagger like you by using IC set is relevant to the tittle ? You are the one who's embarrassing. We run yet we own randoms like you, how does that happens ? About the distance, for sure you have gone more with your fail strider, and thats when you did not mount fail it by pressing To Village . And yes, Juls is 1000000 times better than you, and you can clearly see that in the stats, or you gonna deny that too ?
  15. Last week
  16. infinity rod

    I'm trying to understand why you keep posting irrelevant stuff in every single topic that has been made on this forum. Do you ever even read the title? Should it be written in BG to get it? It's high time to stop posting before you embarass yourself more. The only thing any member of your clan can be better at than smn else is distance covered per map and restarts made.
  17. Tyrant archer

    You joined the bandwagon when other brainless zerg clan quitplay.This say alot about you.And this with siege lets leave it like this,you joined a leader who 2-3 seasons ago didnt even know what siege means and how it works and what he has to do,its a fact not stories. And again u came here to flame because i speak bulsh1t i am a retard.Once again prove me bison doesnt work with bow.Ifu counter me try prove me wrong.I tell u cant because is legit.U are just ignoring facts and you are blinded by the desire to flame me.I dont care about your backround but if u come with the expert attitude on me like u know game better than prove it.
  18. Tyrant archer

    once again, you prove to me youre braindead. its like speaking to a wall. we had 3 parties in command channel, 27 players. You guys had 4-6 parties. Or are you going to deny that as well? Agent, just stop speaking, any veteran player on this server knows youre a retard and speaks to you like you are. you play spoiler for 2 weeks on a faction server 10 hours a day, and second, you play this server 10+ hours a day even weeks after server is low population and then brag about how pro you are. Do you realize this is a faction server? most players play for fun. This just tells me you are literally a failure in real life. Go out and get some air, go meet some girls, life is not about l2ovc. But judging by what I know, you are prob ugly as fuk too so thats why you stay inside with low self esteem and try and fail to be the best at "l2 ovc" to boost the little to no self esteem you have. I played with slco previously and I Joined Empire when slco quit server. So when server wiped I joined empire agian to play with pony. So once again, try harder agent.
  19. infinity rod

    Thats not Juls lol. And what did you "taught" Juls when he's 100 times above your level ? Geeez, those factor wanna be random malakas are so funny, some mass recruited greek from his clan try tocopy him about some lame sh1t and suddenly he thinks he's the best and that he discovered everything. Pity for those noobs who try to copy a player like you ...
  20. Tyrant archer

    Every side recruits random meatshields, especially in crowded servers, and i'm not trying to defend them or that i'm saying Geno are the best or something like that. It's just funny that a lame guy who probably never played in a top side, a guy that plays a spoiler in a pvp server usesthe random card against people like them.
  21. Tyrant archer

    You talk about zerg,but u know what zerg means or u pretend stupid.Its not nr of clans vs nr of clans.Its number of players vs number of players.You telling me we were more players?I dont believe that.We killed your zerg clan 2-3 times,than u guys was 1 hour town recruiting more randoms and waiting for us to go afk and other leave because of boredom wich exactly happend.Are u going to denny this too.And i said i had 5 players i didnt evencare about siege at all,i was there to help whatever chaos clan will seal against the brainless server zerg clan thats all. And once again u speak about others to reflect u as good player.I told what u are,a zerg player,otherwise u wouldnt join the bandwagon every season like slco previous and empire this,the 2 zerg clans who recruited all brasilian randoms who could find.
  22. Tyrant archer

    @Eleanora@Sophiewut, why else wouldn’t I be able to login if I didn’t forget my account info? Lol. I was gonna ala week and I have many different username and pw for different things and I created a new combo at server wipe and forgot to write it down. Unlike you kids, l2ovc is a fun game for me, I don’t think about it. Hence why after a week I forgot a newly created combination. Agent what are you talking about equal number Zerg bla bla. All I remember is first siege you had a 4-5 clan Zerg and still lost siege. Why are you even still talking about Zerg, you’re making yourself look dumb.
  23. Tyrant archer

    @Agent Agent you are the only failure calling urself someone for being "free hero" pro player Btw butthurted so much about that siege?U know you need to hold castle for 2h not 10 mins?
  24. Tyrant archer

    Dont bother to explain them.They won because we was zerg :).Let them with this false memory so they can feel good.
  25. Tyrant archer

    Btw to this "ex geno player",come bring proofs retard that bison doesnt work with bow.I will wait till end of times and u wont be able to bring such proofs.
  26. Tyrant archer

    Ex geno player:).He may be american,and what,most this americans are sheepwithout a sheppard.And on l2ovc his sheppard that played here when he did was sws so he can have glow.Pathetic players and brainless zergers here.
  27. Tyrant archer

    Hey prevy welcome to my fan database.I read u wanted make titan,and i wish u did so i can have a challange.
  28. Tyrant archer

    And i bet u will never be a hero on a java server.Come on dude u are pathetic tyrant,pathetic dagger,pathetic ol,pathetic "insert class here".U are a player with no hope.Also another java random typical player from empire of randoms.U are the perfect description of theplayers they have.
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