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  2. Dagger: Adventurer

    Also i would like to make an additional sugestion regarding mirage from th.I understand mirage was nerfed vs damage dealers that it needs more than 500? damage to triggers.This "feature" should be removed vs suports such as ol healers and tanks.So when a healer perform autoattack or mana burn he should take mirage and also when u hit autoattack if he has tezza/valakas mirage should triggers.Its a pain to stay in the back of healers and they take no mirage at all because they dont do more than 500 damage lol.Since damage is small relative to aw/pw this "feature" lift vs healers/suports is reasonable.
  3. Yesterday
  4. am i doing something wrong?

    Its because of this bug,when u reach target dagger stop run and walks instead he loose a momentum and also loose melee range meanwhile,than u need run again to catchim close and u do this over and over and each time u pray to stab him with weak kills since aw needs blinding and th critical blow 1st before backstab/lethal.With th 251 speed its a pain to catch and stab running archer in large maps or any char with 200+ speed in fact because of this bug. Emerald must try more to fix this bug.If he can tweak chars to run always and not stop when reach target.I think here is the spot where he needs tweak.
  5. am i doing something wrong?

    Most of them also use 3x speed rebirth
  6. am i doing something wrong?

    Most of times when you run behind from someone with dagger for some reason you cant catch him I has 273 speed and i could't catch mages lol
  7. am i doing something wrong?

    clan windwalk buff and or pow probably. also blinding bow speed icnrease could be a reason
  8. am i doing something wrong?

    i play plainswalker and everyone seems fasterthan me even the same class charactersso something must be wrong can anyone help? i have tattoo
  9. augments

    Last season i spend 20k on ls So no reason to put on shop
  10. augments

    People would still spend tons of money for buying them, but anyways more people dont like it this time im fine with that no hard feelings. Btw i asked Emerald at the start of the Server already in private and he said he wont add it, so all you guys can chill now ^.~
  11. augments

    Why people dont understand that is unfair to change it now.Meaning those who spended tons of adena for augmenting by themself are suckers?Its simple u want an augment?go try make yourself and not buying it from other players or trade for free from friends.When we had tradable augments it was a mistake gm saw it and did the right decision about them.
  12. Lineage 2 Order Vs Chaos - NIVIRO - Sapphire

    the server is always online...if that's what you mean
  13. L2OVC doesn`t work anymore

    maybe this one helps u
  14. augments

    If it would of sucked in the previous season i wouldnt even suggested it, but no one cried there and augments got bought and sold left and right. About Oly well yeah that prolly would happen if those people are in the same clan or friends but its the same with OE'd gear already what people share. I would be also fine with 1 click Option as maze suggested but i guess also its not possible to add something like that.
  15. Dagger: Adventurer

    So Emerald u know I have right with this one.WIth your ego let it go.Start by fixing the backstab land rate and from there its up to you how u decide the issue with lethal damage free extrabonus damagewich again advantage more aw/pw because they dont miss it. Isnt this stupid by your opinion that th wich has lower damage with backstab skill to miss backstab way more also?.Backstab was never intended to work like deadly/lethal as landing rate.Its good chance to land from back by default,u should trust more offen players with l2 experience than your java.
  16. augments

    Previous seasons u broke ur AM and wanted wipe, now u can't get ur desired augment and want some idiotic change. Just try harder with the augments, and with some luck u will get ur needed one, or if not, suk it up and stop bitching, u can't get everything in life.
  17. But his buffset is still a pain
  18. Windows 8.1 and l2.exe

    Well i finally manage to solve it somehow.What i did is i cope other engine.dll( and disconnect internet and connect again.Now i dunno wich one of this 2 solved my issue but it works now.Still is very strange that l2 stop working all of sudden from nowhere since it worked before and without antivirus.
  19. L2OVC doesn`t work anymore

    server works..i just logged in.
  20. Windows 8.1 and l2.exe

    It doesnt
  21. Windows 8.1 and l2.exe

    make sure you have Administrator rights on that comptuer,or click right and Run as administrator might work.
  22. Windows 8.1 and l2.exe

    If i reinstal lineage2 the window for l2 starts,but if i put l2ovc patch l2 window doesnt start.
  23. Windows 8.1 and l2.exe

    I have some issues starting l2.I use windows 8.1 and it worked until it didnt....I donw know where the problem is.Yesterday i had same issues as now but i uninstalled my antivirus and it worked until i turn off my pc before go sleep.Today when i wanted start l2 again doesnt want to start and my antivirus is still uninstalled.What should i do to fix this issue ?Any suggestions?
  24. augments

    why it will create an even bigger gap among veterans and newbies? for example a good augment could cost a price like an epic jewl...15-30k so the newbie should decide if he want a good augment or an epic first...and a veteran will always have better gear than the newbie...what do u mean exactly. I didnt suggest augments to be tradeable cuz this will makes it fcked up,just in shop
  25. can u tell me pls why my lineage doesn`t work anymore ...i double click the icon it apear that little circle of loading and after that nothing happent...and yesterday i was playing with no problem because of me or ur cause?


  26. Lineage 2 Order Vs Chaos - NIVIRO - Sapphire

    the server is working in this moment daimon ?
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