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  3. Official launch is the Beta Phase.. Emerald never had a beta test server before.. so he wont have it now..
  4. Okan


    a short-term test server would be good. Isn’t it?
  5. Hi on interlude we can have overlord in party with healer or no ? because here over no have chain and u cant count it as healer .... also how augmentation skills gona work like last interlude then shield adds 27 p def ? m pover 150 m atk and only usefull skill was refresh ? or u change it back like it was 3-4 sez ago only leaving nerf on DM so arcehrs cant hit 5k ? @Emerald plz reply because on whese 2 Q depends we come or no :)
  6. Last week
  7. Sry brah ... you cant buff anything else than speed on your pet in interlude
  8. Ofc not i'm not luffy i don't have any reasons to lie im not gonna play necro this season i'm just saying the facts.
  9. Self explanatory title, those that want to join us, come chaos and message me privately Others, I expect to see you on Green All jokes aside, Competition is healthy GLHF
  10. bro it's 99% luffy undercover looking for "balance"
  11. At last il season i used to buff full my pet.
  12. It is valid for Interlude, h5 and IL dont share the same balance changes.
  13. @Emerald at this topic for example u say Necromancer pet can only buffed with speed buffs fix it please,
  14. The server features topic is always updated with latest infos.
  15. Hi all i apologize in advance if the topic i start is already answered but I couldn't find informations. Is there a post that we can see the details of the new server ? Like balance between chars drop rates weapons etc...?
  16. Hello there one more time, since next season is IL i would like to make some suggestions. 1) Launch epic bosses 1-2 weeks after server opening not just 3-4 days. 2) Decrease party limit to 4 cause as we saw 5 people can make strong enough party and not killed at all. 3)You can make unavailable S grade for 10 days, by this way even newbies can farm better and hardcore players collect enough materials to enchant or etc. 4)Remove domi/ee/se limit with bishop in party and make bigger cooldowns or even lower power of skills That's all for now and i would like to say that any other members can answer so Emerald see all suggestions in one topic to avoid spamming.
  17. Why keep bumping an old topic...?
  18. Brazillian Stock market Santa Claus also gave me a good gift which in turn became pc gear lets see if I can get that +1 fps I was needing
  19. I found more casual game 🙂
  20. Mojo

    i'll be back

    forum master, i go to party but tomorrow afternoon we can speak with you.. i didnt hear you from 2months maybe 😄 so be in discord chanel pleasee
  21. Mojo


    INTERLUDE SEASON , WE ARE HERE!! With my bro @Lesley
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