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  2. How transfer rank Kamael?

    Change from 4300patack to 3800, it's not fixed/ it's delete class.
  3. I have rank (7) ARBALESTER fixed, judicator will be fixed. Different subclass non-available. Goodbye server? NPS doesn't give change equip.
  4. Olympiad Points

    The difference in points comes from a periodic task that adds bonus points to nobles, so it depends much on when a player became noble. Not really a bug, but ill remove it anyway since I don't see the point.
  5. Olympiad Points

    It's visual bug(/olympiadstat) or game mechanic that adding points every week that shouldnt working after olympiadends
  6. Olympiad Points

    Number of points players starts olympiad week is counteddifferent for some players. Everyone should start with 18 points? I assume. Screens with people with same olympiad score 0 wins, 2 defeats. Soronga has 22 points.
  7. Verolomnyy/aka/6666

    How is it called?? might as well everyone use it if not bannable same for DreadZ adrenaline and bunch of other cheats
  8. Verolomnyy/aka/6666
  9. Verolomnyy/aka/6666

    buy him some glasses
  10. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  11. Small fix

    Bottles will not be consumed anymore if you're already at max souls + reduced price to 2a.
  12. Re-locate "delete scheme buff button"

    Added confirmation.
  13. Changelist

    Changelist #11 * Added Devastated Castle CH siege, will take place every Monday at 20:00. * Only CH owners will enjoy territory bonuses, including territory skills. * Reduced bottle of souls price to 2a. * Bottle of souls will not be consumed if already at max souls. Note: server features topic updated with all changes until now.
  14. Sharp Edge on Summons

    Should buff Sharp Edge work on Mechanical Golem? Golem seems to have SWORD attack type yet with 4% base critical chance. Same for other summons. But this buff doesn't work now.
  15. Verolomnyy/aka/6666

    I dont see any3th party radar here emerlad by like for 8 server rules
  16. Verolomnyy/aka/6666

    who say that i have 3rd party? retard and i dont play anymore i joined i fcked everyone now rest waiting next season!
  17. Verolomnyy/aka/6666

    I don't know why you are not perma banned already for using 3rd party apps.... @Emerald?
  18. Verolomnyy/aka/6666

    haha is for some bots like gatos and more
  19. Verolomnyy/aka/6666

    First one is for some nolifers aggro bots anti aggro and some else second one is just some damage low titan plz

    Please change so that all BOSS can be subjugated with a small number of people! Please!
  21. I don't know how many times did I delete my scheme buff that accidentally click the delete scheme buff button. it is same location after click the buff button. If it's possible, could you relocatethe button somewhere around bottom or ask to player that really want to delete the buffs? that would be great to prevent accidentally erase those buffs. Thank you in advance.
  22. Changelist #10 * Removed "summons damage increases according to owner gear".@Emeraldstop listen this ppl summoner need buff not nerf Only PK play with weekest summon that have only one job cancel and die(mele dont touch him next time :D)
  23. Guys relax this beta season is almost over, just let Emerald to fix everything to make it fine and playableand we gonna have much more fun in next one. Just chill join ingame start to make properly reports about classes skills items and thats all
  24. Last week
  25. Changelist

    Changelist #10 * Added new daily event: Trick or Transmutation and a corresponding daily quest. * Removed "summons damage increases according to owner gear". * Reduced attribute damage bonus by another 5%. * Fixed only clan leaders can pick up Combat Flags during fort siege. * Moved Aaru Fort siege to be every Wednesday at 19:00 (final time).
  26. What the next class fix?)

    I found a new imbalance. Take the Gladiator.Take the Judicator with50% heal and buff. Full top gear, and kill all when low people in-game.
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