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  2. Suggestions for New Season

    The problem with stated TOD is the probability that amount of players will log in for epics while the rest of the time there will be less players. Tanks will be more useful if the aggro skill isn't so nerfed with the longercd of the skill. Personally i would decrease the cd with 1-2 secs, cuz now as far as i remember it's nerfed to 5-6 secs.
  3. Suggestions for New Season

    IMO about Castle Sieges : Its time to improve it, as far as I remember there was only one castle to be used so here's my idea 2 order castles and 2 chaos castles Order clan can be "attacker" at chaos siege, cant crest. Chaos can be "attacker" at order siege, cant crest. Why clans would care for this? Make clan skills a little little better and very more expensive. A custom reward system for clan war (like giving more crp to compensate the price high and encourage pvp between clans), and a big big boost on sieges, like 50% more crp idk. Also make small "quests" which give different rewards like "kill 3 enemy healers" "kill 3 enemy archers" "kill ....." so siege gets less boring and people have different objectives
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  5. Suggestions for New Season

    This is a good idea.Make epic bosses have fixed time respawn and put timer at npc or in website or both.
  6. Suggestions for New Season

    Also, make epic bosses special, event it! Dont simply put a antharas a random time no one knows, make it be heard.
  7. Suggestions for New Season

    The problem was that you can make sub-class Overlord, which is not acceptable and not fair. That's why everyone was going for OL sub, because it was available. If there are restrictions "retail like" there wont be a problem.
  8. Suggestions for New Season

    I'd rather have an increment in the cd despite the casting speed/renewal effect 5-6s should be enough to stop the spam.
  9. sLcO ✿◕‿◕✿

    The server proved to be nice last time we played and the gms friendly and helpful. We will play again with a different roster. It feels good to be back.
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  11. Suggestions for New Season

    Sawing what happend last season I have one sugesttion myself and its about dominators: -make cp heal to work only in party(except for sieges where should work normal).This cp heal from dominators can be abused big time,i remember some clans used 3-4 ol same time wich is a big heal bonus for an entire clan.
  12. Suggestions for New Season

    Good suggestions, I agree with pretty much everything except for Barakiel. I'd also make some basic changes to some classes (outside of olympiad ofc)people don't play: Dorfs: increase dmg/speed Tanks: increase dmg/speed Healers: give them a nuke for Deathmatch
  13. Suggestions for New Season

    So with the upcoming season I'd like to point some suggestions that can make the server a lot more better and competitive. Maps: - Remove big maps such as PI and Blazing swamp, these are the ones I remember that are incredible annoying to play the map is just too wide even with enough population. - Remove or rework Eleven Village TvT, it is really fun to play it but it has serious fps problems and no I don't play in a potato. - Fix/rework sieges, the idea behind them is good but the fact you can lure the king and kill it outside the castle is pretty dumb also buff the king +hp and dmg. Economy/shop One of the best features I've seen was when you didn't put mats in shop and people had to actually farm them in pvp to make weapons/sets, I'd like to see this feature returning but only for S grade. - C/B free, A for adena, S locked first 3 days or until enough A items, Epics locked 3 first days. - S increment adena and mats. (so you actually have to work for it) Epic Bosses This is the theme that I'd like to talk about more in deep, as a competitive player the bosssystem in this server is boring and extremely unfair depending of what respawn you got. Make boss fights actually boss fights, like in retail(or every other random server tbh)you HAVE to win their respawn before you kill it,so my suggestions are: - Teleport people outside boss respawn e.g. AQ teleport us in the cave different sides( not in the AQ respawn ofc) Baium the same, make us fight in the last floor instead of running around circles in the respawn... Zaken outside the ship and so on.. System : -Teleport people outsideboss respawn TvT 15m max, either the team that has most kills wins or the team that killed in totally the other, getteleported to boss respawn ( you can't respawn in boss fights) This will make people to actually think before going out and fight and would fix some unfair respawns (hello AQ and Zaken) also clans would enjoy this a lot more because it will be more competitive. Noblesse/Hero/Oly - Make Barakiel the only way to achieve noblesse, same as epic bosses teleport teams in different sides and make them fight until one of them win(15m max) The team that winscan kill Barakiel which will drop an item and with that item you will get noblesse. - Increment the minimum players requirement for Oly from 4 (I think) to 8-10 so clans won't be able to feed that easily. - Improve Oly rewards e.g. -Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S): 300,000 Noblesse Gate Passes to Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S): 15,000 Noblesse Gate Passes -The rate of exchange is 1,000 Noblesse Gate Passes for 1 Olympiad point, so with 15 points you will be able to buy an blessed scroll. I don't know if you can add more items in exchange for oly points or maybe you can make a olympiad points section in shop, it would be pretty cool. I think that's all I probably left some things but I don't remember it well, I hope you can implement at least some of these suggestions.
  14. forgot this one: members
  15. @Ruby@Emeralddid you send an email to all registered forum users letting them know about the new season? I don't think I got any.
  16. New facebook posts in top groups: members members
  17. Main Town

    That's what we did in GC with the new Arcan Village town. Anyway, chaning main town isn't in our priorities, most of the world areas are already used for events (and I preffer them to be used for events rather than be wasted on a town).
  18. Clan wars

    In addition to what Chevi said I simply know such feature will not work out, there's never enough interest in these type of events. A massive clan vs clan siege every week (with raid and other bonuses for the winning clan) is sufficient.
  19. Th vs aw/pw and geodata

    I need correct my 2nd pointsince sentence may imply a sugesttion instead of a bug fix. --will lethal blow damage be fixed so it wont do more damage than backstab?
  20. Th vs aw/pw and geodata

    This post is a sugesttion/bug/discussion hybrid/ .Last interlude season was towards ending and this matters was unanswered and since gm considered the end of interlude.But since interlude came back this issues still matters: To recap: -will backstab chance rate from behind be raised to make it more like retail like? -will lethal blow damage be nerfed so it wont do more damage than backstab? -and 1 of most important things will be geodata upgraded ? The 1st two points mentioned are very important in balancing th vs aw/pw. THe 3rd is important if not offen vital for melees and can make difference between being killed or killing.
  21. Clan wars

    i know that ur looking for more clan content but the problem in those suggestions is, that all the casual players starting to rage about that, since the clans already have a big advantage (for example clan skills, siege(with raid), Olympiad). Not to mention about, that u find allot of no lifers in the well known clans that dominate every season. It would give them another bump u know.
  22. Main Town

    if u ask me, im sure that more than 50% of the players have this issue on this map, but actually they didnt showed up in my topic. It was more like 4 against 10 however, let the season comes up and we can give it another try
  23. Few question and some suggestions about IL

    Topic moved to Suggestions
  24. Clan wars

    no time left for grand updates.
  25. Interlude

    Interlude for sure
  26. Interlude

    needs alot of work to be perfect
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