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  2. Ghost hunter skills

    Hex landratehas always sucked, and to be fair it should as it is quite an effective debuff that sticks for a decent amount of time. With no enchanted gear and no expert skills directly relevant my GH can make 4K stabs all day. I assume if hex worked better daggers would be a common complaint.
  3. Ghost hunter skills

    Anyone gonna answer about hex? the landrate is awfull +10 with empower buff and never lands on people with no debuff resistance buffs. Its the key spell that makes the difference on dark elfs compared to human and elves
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  5. rank

    The number of connected people has decreased to less than half of wipe's time! Please make RANK easier!
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  7. What about summoners ?

    You already answered
  8. What about summoners ?

    Emerald already answered ur post:
  9. What about summoners ?

    Any answer admin ?
  10. Stunshot broken when enchanted

    The change target is not a bug. Stun shot has a chance to make you lose your target, like bluff for example. But just after that, the archer that stuns you makes an auto-attack. When you have no target, the first guy to hit you becomes your target.
  11. Stunshot broken when enchanted

    I have noticed that happening too, I just sort of assumed it was a shortcut-spammingissue.
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  13. Stunshot broken when enchanted

    Stunshot is broken i noticed long time lands way to much with mental + stun resist + maj on . It not actually stun u ..its just change ur target on archer that stunned u.
  14. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    This sounds like the first ( i think ) faction likeserver ..Eckokinetics , back in 2006. Neutral zone was until u reach 76 , then u could chose ur faction and start farming from pve / pvp. Cityes and castles where protected by player lookingthat where acting like a party. Basic buffs -24 slots, for extra u needed active dancers..songers etc retail like duration. Forpvp u could raise ranks and ranks will give some points and u could tweak ur stats something like our rebirth system . Ench system retail. GM shop ...etc.- for S sanctity crystals from guards . Big picture ...there where more details,dontremember now all now.
  15. Stunshot broken when enchanted

    Tested in town with Vers and Rayuga. Vers is rank 7 or so with full drac and +12 stunshot, Rayuga was rank 1 with +0 stunshot. Vers landed 1 in 10, Rayuga 5 in 10. Ten shotsis not a great data pool, but its certainly enough to warrant suspicion.
  16. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    @LesleyI have always longed for an open-world faction server, in fact, I have a significant amount of the underlyingmechanics written out in one of my design books lying around here somewhere. However, we have to be fair here, and asking Emerald to redesign the server from the ground up could take a year or more, and even then it's an untested theory. Perhaps if some of us set some cash aside and created a fund to motivate him, this discussion might continue. Btw, @Scaretacticis really still around here somewhere? Does anyone have any opinions on my position to temporarily remove territory/siegesystem until the event system can be addressed in full? I just feel that adding layers on top of a struggling system only compounds problems. We can easily come back to this later and bring it back in a more inclusive way.
  17. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    I like the whole change-the-server idea but, it needs to move location from time to time ofc. I don't want to play on the same 2-3 zones for a whole season :< The Neutral zone must stay unique, so only ONE zone to pvp, but should move on the world map, with some numerous specific goals on each map. At what pace... It's not really that I wanted with my suggestion, just wanted moar ppl on Siege and add some content without too much coding. But if Emerald is willing to change the server routine completely, yes, it's a good start for an idea. Afaction server where you pvp non-stop without the need of ... events. Or maybe just less events, from time to time. It's like : "Give us a Map every hour/4hours/day? to play with, we do our own routine. Give us some Events sometimes". Can be good but it needs a lot of things not to be boring,in the end. Anyway I like this server, like a good cake, but it misses something to be a pudding (don't smoke kids).
  18. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    There was this faction project I played with some people from here in the beginning of the year that was based mostly on PVE and faction lore. @Scaretactic@Luffy It was amazing in some aspects, ofc the lack of PVP style make it end quick. There was Elven village, and the faction territory and D.Elf village and their territory. Also neutral zone. For a week of PVeing we couldnt really enter neutral zone so we couldnt see people from other faction to see their gear or LVL, or even know if there was any in our level. From that server i have the idea to make open map here. What if PVE zone was actually a fortress in the middle of some territory or neutral zone? What if bosses could spawn there? What if the castle clans fight for is the one in the middle of it? (and controlling it previously gives alot of advantages in taking it - this is where clanless people participate on siege cause in the end, the map is open) This also would be good in the start of season, splitting people would reduce lag etc
  19. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    Wonderful idea. Maybe a cool thing would be making open world. Instead of spawning everyone on schut and make events, put each faction different town and make territories the thing we fight for, instead of winning maps or being top kills In my opinion in the moment the server would be turn into open map with some kind of this "lore" which in my example is based on territory fights between factions most of problems like siege, Olympiad, boss system and progression could be reworked
  20. What about summoners ?

    I'm your father
  21. What about summoners ?

    sorry who are you ?
  22. What about summoners ?

    Summoners are good but not the best DD. It's just ... you can't ignore their summons anymore, you'll get killed by a pokemon, and an ugly one btw (beauty is not objective, blablabla...NOthey are all ugly OK?). The class is good and not overpowered. I call that: what is close to balance. And nothing new about summoner being good in 1v1. But let's talk about the poor summoner that nobody thinks about: Warsmith the Forgotten Wanna craft and sell ?The dwarf merchant made you his bitch! Wanna 1v1 a Mage ? Mage Bane him ? Heal your Golem ? .... No, bitch! Sorry pot talking, don't smoke kids.
  23. What about summoners ?

    here everyone who cried about the summoner just can't play
  24. What about summoners ?

    There's already 15 seconds cooldown + 1 second to summon a new pet + 5 seconds for the pet to run to the target = more than enough cooldown to ruin summoner's map score. Crit damageishigh but with very low probability. If summon isbuffed for crits, it's glass cannon - slow, no resists, no mental,low defence. There are tons of opportunities to counter it - run away, sleep, erase, cast 3-4 nukes and it's dead.
  25. What about summoners ?

    But in real, i dont give a fck for summoners, except the summoner who have my in macro only for hit like a crap. No more!.
  26. What about summoners ?

    It seems to me that this issue is really only prevalent at extremely low population times. With a big zerg on either side, a summons usually doesn'tlast long enough to kill anyone other than a weak target. You are absolutely right that at low pop this can be very easily abused, and in a particularly frustrating way too. However, any proposed changes to summoners based on their performance during off-times would almost certainly ruin them for everyday play when populations are normalized. Furthermore, the "hide and send the cat" strategy is really all they have. Why would a summoner run into the thick of a fight when they can't do anythingbut throw a debuff or two? It would be no different than saying Tanks need more defense because in a high population they can never close the distance before the die. If you give them that boost, at low population tanks, would be unstoppable. Understanding when a problem is based in a class, an event or the population dynamic is crucial to preventing flame wars like this post. Don't forget retail suffered these issues, and we were given that garbage High-Five update as a response. Treat the illness not a symptom.
  27. What about summoners ?

    Adm or gm ? what u think ?
  28. What about summoners ?

    whats next? nerf bladedancer?
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