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  1. Yesterday
  2. zosiek

    Delegate CL

    Hey Emerald, I delegated CL of an altclan on monday evening and it said it is done every tuesdeay and well... whole tuesday just passed and it did not really work. sooo when can I leave clan finaly? 😄
  3. zosiek


    Did it get changed now? Because i've seen ppl entering when I was stuck for 20 minutes just yesterday. I ment all fifo no matter of class despite of its points/elo w/e entrance is based on
  4. ManBearPig


    You shut up and come back to server. We miss your super healing hands over here 😞
  5. Canou


    Emerald said he prefers the community to do it, there is still one UP by Poxbane, here's the link. https://discord.gg/DqCGYZ
  6. No. Changing too many parameters during a live server would create unbalance and chaos. Change one parameter: Reduced magic critical rate by 40%. -> Reduced magic critical rate by 30% AND monitor the change.
  7. It is already FIFO. And if switching faction doesn't work it says in system message what's the reason.
  8. anhel

    Human vs Zombies

    Somehow i made it run/jump through
  9. You were spawned there or you managed to go through the fence?
  10. Hi. Just clutched into bridge somehow.
  11. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that.
  12. * Reduced magic critical rate by 25%.* Reduced magic critical damage by 0%.* Reduced all AoE skills damage by 30%.* Reduced Empowering Echo M.Atk. bonus from 25% to 12,5%. reduced the user's magic MP consumption from 35% to 17,5% that would be fair
  13. We are 2 mages in this server who have to compete against all archers full crit rate without Focus SA. Please, let us do Some crits against archers...
  14. I've made some improvements on the server this moment that should fix some of the lag issues it had. However do note that from my observations many players do shout "lag" ingame when there's literaly no lag at all server side. So we'll see how it goes now.
  15. Should be fixed now + new protections were added to auto correct players who did fall below ground, aswell as improved the system that auto unstucks such events incase they do get stucked.
  16. I've already said some time ago that my only problem with custom interfaces is any kind of automation, which is illegal and bannable. Regarding this "wallhack", how bad is it already? it is simply a PvP server and as far as I saw the few people who use it use it in order to get faster to the PvP scene and if that's the case, seems completely fine to me - unless I miss anything.
  17. I doubt you will get an answer from Emerald, but interfaces were available for quite some time now and they do make the game better .... even if some have "illegal" stuff too. The only way is for Emerald to invest in a new launcher that verifies and replaces modified files when launching the game.... but does he wants to do that? I doubt it. So.... 1 less person on server to cry about something sounds good to me. Good luck though.
  18. How nice of you to share this with the community ... I just couldn't do it myself for some reason 🤗
  19. if that would be the case i would never cry and btw you never know it's a crit anyway, i sometimes hit with vortex normal hit 1000 dmg and the crit with prominence is 800 😄
  20. Incomprehensible Chronicle indeed . but we still here to make you comprehend , we never fear 😉 ^^" . @ Back @IG .Find Us.
  21. i'll..... keep my mouth shut. ))). I didn't do quite well with these interfaces subject last Time xD but i think we all should "fck the same mother" if still...we tryna smthg. 😉 xD.
  22. As a bishop you can use Mana Burn or Debuffs to get Apigas. I don't remember which one, but one of them will give you some for sure. Not saying it is a solution, but for now you can use this.
  23. Last week
  24. Hey Emerald ❤️ keep up the good work mate !
  25. People who were involved got unbanned, I'll work on a fix.
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