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  2. Site improvements

    Is good to hire/add some twitch guy to stream at least opening and put stream link directly on site
  3. Yesterday
  4. lf jes

    I Jin ))). FuJin ))).
  5. lf jes

    luffy in my hero <3
  6. [Event] Advertising Lottery!

    i don't even have a facebook anymore ))). I Stopped technology in 2008 ))). You can always vote for our server daily, at least , it won't hurt. ^^' if you really consider u belong here.
  7. Next season

    :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) *laughy* u won't get rid'o'this guy he wanna be your brother from the same madar' ))).
  8. Site improvements

    Lavaly , Nais 1 , we needed that. Back in the game BABY. VVell Velcom.
  9. lf jes

  10. lf jes

    Jess say u rat 🐀 and leave game
  11. Site improvements

    We did twitch event from time to time in the past, but for now there are no plans for any twitch event. We will first work on adding live twitch videos on our homepage and if there will be enough of them, I don't see a reason why we won't make an event. For now you still got the advertising event ongoing, use it
  12. Next season

    copying me sucker?
  13. Site improvements

    I like it, will be any incentive to stream? I mean I may be able to stream this a few days but I'm pretty sure more people will stream this season if there was actually an goal or a reward, there's none gve streams in L2 and most of the streams are from RUS which is boring since I don't understand nothing. This way you will get more players or at least they watch the server running they may like it and join, it will probably be a really low number but still I guess it's worth trying.
  14. Site improvements

    We've made a small update to the website look, we gave more importantance to our players videos, photos and improved abit the overall look of the site, hope you like it! At a later stage we will also add site translations to reach many more players, aswell as add live twitch videos to our homepage where you can get famous! P.S. if you have any problems with the new design, please let us know so we can fix it asap!
  15. clan de romani ?

    oricum in chaos mergeam din prima
  16. Next season

    I am talking about onething and you are talking about something else. If you want challenge go duelist solo and have decent score. If you want to farm like a bot with healer in spawn it is up to you.
  17. Next season

    LUL... this season will start with everyone playing WL's
  18. Last week
  19. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    I guess it's never ...
  20. about dagger classes

    i played in 2016 too last time dagger, i had a lot of pictures but i lost them :(. i will give it a try this season too i hope gh is still powerful like in the old days
  21. clan de romani ?

    Hai toti romanii la Chaos
  22. L2 on Mac?

    Search wineskin. You can use it to "wrap" .exe windows programs . Basically a program that opens windows clients inside of it,itsvery easy
  23. about dagger classes

    Hola GH was good idk if he change anything but as i remember backstapdoesnt work as retailno bluff also. PS: I've played on 2016 as dagger haven't any info about last previous season. Picture date : 25/12/2016
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