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  2. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    news about lel i had a shitload of test (econometrics 2, macro 3 and some goverment accounting) so it didnt progress alot last week. this week probably i'll finish putting it together...
  3. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    last movie i had 50gb + of content to use 2 days rendering
  4. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    It will take you a shitload of time to render such thing
  5. Last week
  6. H5 Recruitment

    Good decision, keep it up!
  7. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    tldr i'll try make this one look like a real movie even without alot of fraps to use
  8. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    i wish i had frapsed more than the 1st day, but thats gave me the good idea to make somehow a movie of everything that have been done by everyone.. youtube, twitch clips etc i had my research done you'll all be part of it after that will be my clip from pvps from 1st day as normal with some kewl music, also some contextualizing of politics but i dont rlly wanna hurry it so im still planning stuff and cutting parts, taking ideas etc. what i can say it will be worth the waiting! lel
  9. L2 on Mac?

    I dont remember the name of the program that you can install windows and switch to what windows or mac os when you want There is no problem if you install windows and keep mac os Tho i advise you to install win 10 cause you might have problems with drivers on win 7
  10. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    Ok i'm not in it, that's a good movie for sure. wtb rune boom boom.
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  12. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

  13. H5 Recruitment

    Good point to test it in advance with trusted people, who are willing to help with the intention to make it a better H5 season Best of luck, I look forward to playing it again.
  14. H5 Recruitment

    Like H5 too for this
  15. H5 Recruitment

    Making it alittle bit more clear about the requirements: * You got to have experience in High Five gameplay from playing l2off/retail servers. * You have to be someone I know, mainly active forum users (just playing the server isn't enough). * The gameplay will be similar to IL, the tests needs to be focused mainly on skills, items, balance, olympiad, siege and anything else that might come up. Testers will have the chance to get first look at the full features and suggest changes.
  16. H5 Recruitment

    waiting for hi5 server best wishes
  17. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    Guys here is the much expected list of stars participating in this coming movie, hope u like it! "We thank ovc for offering us a stable and fun server and we happily accept the appreciation people showed us on this server every day. To all the enemies; we came here to teach few things people still haven't learnt, pulled few aces off our sleeves and achieved the inevitable.Accepting defeat will never be a sign of weakness for those who fought." Famous Writer, 2016. Starring: Lesley Maze Prevy Cnig69 Kat Reese Rine Dedication Greeks Latinos and many others!! In Association with: MrRapolas xZergSide Sponsored by: L2 OvC Retirement Fund Lel, The Movie! Feat xZergSide lel
  18. H5 Recruitment

    gratz for decision best wishes from now on
  19. H5 Recruitment

    That's some good news. Even tho its non of my business but here's a suggestion. Make sure that the testers you pick know what they are talking about. *cough*People where cryingabout stuns while in DC robe *cough*
  20. H5 Recruitment

    server finished? today i dream with it
  21. H5 Recruitment

    H5 that's good news
  22. H5 Recruitment

    So, as many of you requested, and after 2 yearsof break from this game version, i'm about to start working on it again. That doesn't mean that next season will be H5 yet, it depends much on how development progress will go and how much cooperation I will get. Basically I need testers, that's all, feel free to send me your requests in a PM, I will accept only people who got some history on this server, and that I know I can get some good results with. People who will be accepted will get access to the test server, along with a private forum where we can make our discussions. I might keep this topic updated from time to time with game developmentprogress and screenshots.
  23. What if?

    What you suggest will improve strictly nothing, and I advise you to go search new servers fitting your style rather than trying to change an entirely different concept. But I like your self confidence.
  24. What if?

    Hey. I know we had issues in the past. I'm not tryin to force my vision, just simply telling an idea. I know this is OvC notInfinite l2, nor other server. I get it. Some time ago i have found a server (wasnt open yet) but i wasintrigued by the idea that the creator had. But never gt the chance to try it becuse from free it become member only (5 euro or somewhat, thereby no QQ about donators) I know we all love this from lvl 75, from Bgrd to Sgrind, and only from PvP. It is a really good idea, and accomplishable, IF and ONLY IF the srv has high population. I remember back in Infinite l2 is had consistensy if i recall correcly, opening about 60v60 later 30v30. Here, I didnt played much becuse I personnaly dontfinding it any resons to. Yes I am older now has a job, grown up life. Just to give a glimps of my point of view I ask you a question. Why the F*UCK would you want to play somewhere where you log in just to see everyone has a better gear than you, and you have ABSOLULY ZERO chance to catch up?I'm not speaking of progressive gamplay. I'm speaking of 30-40 days and wipe... and at 30th day srv population = 6 ppl... The idea what I have is untraditional. You will freak out for sure. But trust me you wont need to wipe every 30 days. Make the gamplay more like normal serverlike. Start from lvl 1. Use the whole world of L2, not just 1 city and like 20 locations for events. Use this 2 sided gameplay, the factions!!!!!!! Every city should be fighted for!!!!! Maybe 24/7 or maybe weekly battles. My propblem was alvays that I didnt had the time to play as much as others, and THRE WAS NO ALTERNATIVE to get gear. This way, you can kill mobs for adena... But make a system where like enchant is pvp only (farming) or like make it not this sh*t IL chronice, make it H5, and top tiper weaps/armors can be obtained only by pvp. but vesper can be crafted or smthlike. AND let this event system stay. My dream is where I dont need to suffer million deaths (no adena if i die) till I can afford a better gear, and then just die 700.000 time to get a more advaced gear. If I commit myself to go in and try to fight, its gonna be for a reason!!!!!!!! Im not some 10y/o with out a goal in his/her life. If I join a fight I want to have a good time fighting. That is not what I get here. If I have the oppourtunuty to farm my gear by normal way (even if its 5x longer than by pvp) then I would play. And I'm not alone with this, trust me. Then I will be able to show my skills in pvp... How can someone show what he has if he gets 1 shooted? Give this man his chance... So basically in short. Make a normal server, but with 2 sides. I know its a lot of work. I know it may easly fail. But the end result canot be worse than the Grand Crusade scenario. Also know it sounds like a complaint, but dont expect much change in the cmmunity here, if you wont. I'm not saying what you offer us is bad, if that would be the case no one would play. But people still playing here. Not a lot, and they all want change. If you ban me again, fine from me. I have gotused to geting baned on social media because I'm allways right, and truth hurts. And people dont like it.
  25. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    soon you'll know that
  26. Server Shutdown

    The Interlude server will be shut down today at 17:00 GMT +2. Thank you for playing on our server, we hope you enjoyed it.
  27. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    did u finally get wrhero this season?
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