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  2. We will speak inside game
  3. For the game of thrones fans out there

    It is indeed Very nice lol , but meh -.-' , me 1 , not a B1g fan of Hollywood ,I Live the fkin' Game Of Thrones Already xD. Why would i watch some1 elses game of thrones xD?I'm joking ofc ^^' .The story of Game Of Thrones netflix or whatever , isstolen and reinterpreted , sort of' o hi5 of lineage . Now we should bring up Lord Of The Anuses, "The Two Towers" aswell , so we can makesmthg out of' it xD., especially for ModJo, lately he's "homofobian" , "fuckin' asses around" lewl. I'll Torture Ya JoJo -.-' , till' your brain won't comprehend anylonger,,u'lld call me Evil , Unbelievable. , you'lld quit hangin' around the forum tryna' swampin'.
  4. Yesterday
  6. What are you listening right now?

    But when it comes down to music , have something that u didn't ever knew or will know if you listen to anything else but not music A b1t hard in 95 to get them , if you didn't know "The People From The Block" , i won't blame ya' ))). But now it's 2019 , buoys and girls, review music history as you still can ))).
  7. What are you listening right now?

    ??? You know how to listen music aswell ? ))). Oi Mojo , What's the Difference between 3 d1cks and your mom ? She Can't Take A Joke ))).
  8. Last week
  9. What are you listening right now?

    <iframe width="1189" height="669" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. Russki

    Следующая система, которая будет добавлена в игру, - это система вознаграждений на реальные деньги. В случайное время эта система будет предлагать реальные денежные вознаграждения игрокам, которые будут рядом, чтобы достигнуть определенной цели, например, быть рядом, чтобы получить 100 убийств в PvP. Игроки смогут претендовать на награду в долларах США или в игровой ФА, в зависимости от достижения. Список всех прошлых достижений и их победителей, всех текущих активных достижений и всех ваших завершенных достижений будет добавлен в Менеджер игр.
  11. New Interlude Season

    Players can now register new accounts for the upcoming season:
  12. For the game of thrones fans out there

    Very nice lol. Maybe got have an inspiration on L2?
  13. For the game of thrones fans out there

    After couple of improvements looking for 2 people to retest the mission, drop me a PM.
  14. Until the new season

    what ? i'm a friendly guy , if you step the bear traps with me i fok you up , retarded swamp english monkey that u are. Stay in your box and speak nicely , i made a joke with you. It is real that it was with you but that's because your own retarded being that prepares dogs and cats. Behave or get out of this community , don't get me mad cause i will make you go out of this world aswell , pizdietz pistol BLET. Now Shu, shu shu. You will never have how to fk me , but i'll make sure you'll love me honey. As a matter of fact , poor you , 's not your fault. 's your moms , cause she kept you.
  15. Until the new season

    You can suck my dick bastard,son of bitch i will fuck you till you love me honey
  16. Until the new season

    can i prepare your mom' meanwhile? ))))))))))))))). lo0l ((o)) \\//\\////\\//||E ||))
  17. Until the new season

    I make this cus i play here and i want help him becouse that, but you are braindead cocksucker who only wanna join bot/scam players dont know the reason why emerald keep you here last season you was on adrenaline wirh next target and sometimes bot healer. Gtfo mongolian grek and prepare your ass cus i will fuck you, honey
  18. Until the new season

    Lol mojo, get a life
  19. Until the new season

    Fell free to send me more videos to put on twitch is online from a week non stop 24/7 7days in a week
  20. Until the new season

    Is my twitch
  21. Until the new season stream 24/7 pvps
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