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  2. Magic crt Rate

    I didnt played 3-4 season and didn't know that you nerfed mc rate. I just saw that. Why did you nerf so much magic crt rate ? it was perfect before 5-6 season. I have valakas + expert mc rate skill and still so low mc rate. Archers crt rate almost same making 3-3.2k in a row while im making normal 600-900 dmg 8-10x times,if he get vortex and surrender 1k or +. it's not good. %75 mc nerf %12 archer.. Pow doesnt work also tested it's almost same mc with magnus actually magnus is better. You should check this. Thanks Reduced magic critical rate by 75%.Reduced magic critical damage by 25%.* Reduced human/dark elf archer critical damage by 12%.* Reduced elf archer critical damage by 7%.
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  4. Buff destroyers

    And server lag isn't helping either. Not metionig the direct client doss attacks as of late. Geting killed trough UE on first swing doen't provide any counterplay either, not fair
  5. Buff destroyers

    I dont know what changed to titan because last time i played was 2-3 seasons ago ,so i cannot know exactly how are they now .But from what i remember they were a little underpower ,but still decent and only with top notch gear meaning valakas/hd is a must .Damage aint the problem ,its the pathfinding and attack delays that are annoying . But the biggest problem imo is that mages/daggers that use powi/magnus need same ammount of hits to die as those that use cov .In other words there is no penalty for this classes while they get faster and harder to be chased . IMO i would suggest something to Emerald to fix this but dunno if hes willing to listen : -just remove cap damage vs classes that use powi/magnus/ and let this cap limit on vs classes that use cov or pof . -either this or remove entirely this cap damage and rebalance their normal hits but allow their x5(x10 with blunts)crits be normal .
  6. Gold bar

    There was a guide by @Emeraldlong ago listing the custoom noblesse quest and those particular items that can be found in the world, duno where it went... Really ufair regarding newbies to the server, just saying...
  7. Buff destroyers

    Destroyer's are goodmode allreaddy from the get go. The real problemis maps with plains for ranged classes take up 70% of the map rotation (because people want to play safe and pick those maps themselves). The random rolling respawn point's allreaddy do the job of chopping up the zerg blob, so people get killed ouf of position as do mele slomehow get the chance to attack the rear of an enemy zerg. With CC limited to 2-5 seconds, anyone with a brain plays mages hawing cancel now. And warrior bane and cancels land all the time, because as mele you haw to tank damage for geting into close quarters. Dps is so high, you wont last to log no matter how big your HP pool is. Thus, IT IS(archers - mages) x healers. It farms the most and healer is at the safest distance from any harm. And you nerfed mele classes even more due how stong they are without healer support allreaddy.
  8. The matchmaking is getting way too uneven.

    Is challenging I like it.
  9. Daily Mission

    Adena, I have gotten up to 260a +=
  10. Gold bar

    Gold bar - event npc next to dyes npc, if you have gold bar in inventory will show a link top first lines. eggs - at games manager (npc that you join pve zone) same thing ... fruits - on trees npcs in main town
  11. Buff destroyers

    Well if u put healers tanks tyrants and warlords in that last sentence it would be more accurate.I don't think there is any other interlude PvP server with so many different classes running around.I saw 2 destros btw with decent score on fortress hitting the top 3.
  12. Buff destroyers

    Just saw a twitch stream of ovc new season and I was like hey, maybe they got their senses back and buffed destros, but the first thing I see on the website is - Denied suggestions - buff destro Before the nerf to destros, there were like ten destros on the whole server who could consistently get top spots without support. After nerf there were 3-5. After another nerf all destros just stopped playing a server where daggers or archers or summoners or gladis or virtually any class can one shot any other class, but destros aren't allowed to one shot because they cry, for gods sake just remove the freaking one hit max limit, whats the point of having it when a destro has to buff against either physical or magical damage with max 2 or 3 resists and as far as I remember even then I could afford only one vampirism buff which didn't allow me to regen a lot from hits. This was my favourite server until they nerfed my favourite class into oblivion. Bullshit as usual. Oh and topicstarter don't worry there will be destros in fort maps, its just they need more investment to actually be viable, why is that? because of nerfs, ty and bye bye, gonna check back next season to see whether people actually want to see classes except archers, mages, summoners and gladis.
  13. new UI problem

    I got myself a new Interface for Interlude classic and after a while my shortcuts stopped working on the bar... Idk why and when I press f1 nothing happens... when I click Alt + 2 my first bar switches to bar #2 but when I want to cast skill from it it's like doesn't exist... I get no message no nothing... Enter chat is on and when I press other keys it works.. for example when I press x menu pops up... but the bar with the skills is off...anyone can help me out? @EDIT nevermind FIXED
  14. Buff destroyers

    That true I was trying to do it on last seasons but it was kinda bored waiting 10min or more for 1frenzy.
  15. Buff destroyers

    this is why ur so bad and have to pick the most op class cause and you cant play anything else
  16. cancel

    omg this newb is such a crybaby
  17. honest discussion

    i like thiscommunity its fun lol

    peper just stop posting
  19. Crybabys

    ahh so it was you..figures
  20. Yesterday
  21. Gold bar

    admins ? what is gold bar for ? i can't find any NPC to exchange it. PePeR sharap i dont give u shit!
  22. Gold bar

    give it to me if u want
  23. cancel

  24. Gold bar

    what we do with gold bar? exchange in something ? and where if so ?

    Im not gonna even bother answering all these troll posts... either learn how to play or don't play it at all
  26. cancel

    Or increase casting time as it was intended in vanilla. Full buff godmode breaks all cooldowns and dps output scales lol
  27. Augment: Battle Roar

    If it's one augument. it's probbably all selfbuffsaquired trough augumentation. I would kill for more buff slots...
  28. Crybabys

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