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  2. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Make p2w Helios to sustain bugless classic and im all in. Being serious, dont think i'd play helios, played epeisodion and indeed was nice chronicle except exp/items/adena drop were retarded. was quite best chronicle since god itself cos of class diversification that made it little more complex but still super easy for any handless ppl w/obrain but a huge pocket moneyto buy soul jewels chests. Classic looks tempting, you should go straight forit.
  3. Finally +16 S weapon!

    GG HAWK!!
  4. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    You already said your bad opnion once in the previous page on this very same topic. Then you said it again 3 comments ago. If I won't be there to tell people that enough is enough, this topic will be filled with opinions of people who really never even played any newer game version, just because of the "this is not lineage anymore" stigma, so stop acting like an angel, I've already been there, long enough, to know how people behave.
  5. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    I just said my opinion,its forbidden? I appreciate what you guys doing for us to be a better place to play but if you come with this kindcomments it's bad in the eyes of the community,its like saying "gtfo if you don't like it" . I personally never said that don't give it a chance. PeaceāœŒ
  6. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    I think you forgot I don't force anyone to play here, you clearly have never played any of the newer game versions. So if you don't even want to give it a chance, stop with the random comments, and start looking for a new server.
  7. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    For me,Helios is a Cartoon Network Chronicle
  8. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Yeah, i dont even know what Helios is. Why fix what is not broke, this season clearly had massive success as interlude..
  9. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    My personal opinion is that the current Interlude client you're using is very close to being perfect. I wouldn't mind trying out Classic but I have zero interest in Helios/H5/GF. Even Hellbound would be better with some limits on elements, but, once again, it's just my personal opinion and it's worth what it's worth
  10. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Hi, I wanna thank you Emerald and all team, ofc to all community too (bad or good guys ) for this season, after 7 years of pause it was pretty nice to play again to a very good server but, Helios? Really? As Abc said, Gracia Final is much balanced than H5,in my opinion the most balanced client of all chronicles. Obviosly its the team choice but I think Helios will fail hardest. Regards,
  11. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Hellbound was a nice chapter also.If we exclude OP element system without much resist its quite balanced chapter.Kamalols arent as op as in GF also. Anyway whatever chapter will be,if its latter thanHi5 will be a fail ,because that isnt l2 animore.So any chapter before that will be good.
  12. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Why you are not thinking about Gracia Final ? better balanced clientthan High five. it would be perfect GF. As I remember last h5 season was unbalanced that's why im saying.
  13. Finally +16 S weapon!

    Pretty sure in a x10 or mid rate interlude server this could be achieved faster than 3 months.But hey this is because mass bad luck wich exist only in l2ovc.We either have 50 +16 s weapons in 1 season or almost none in another one.Its extreme server and we have same rates retail like if we read features. Now after 3 months its just symbolical,who gives a fuk....
  14. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    trust xasiklis about interlude client he was running lot of servers cheating money from pooor brs
  15. Dagger: Adventurer

    kinda, with just exception stab ss bonus is c5 and until gf haste is still way to go for any dagger
  16. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Hey , i start playing again Lineage 2 since 2009 for your server. A friend of my played on H5 and suggested me to join as we did. This Interlude Season was your best, i saw h5 did hold that long as the previus interludes. My suggestion is to improve with new events and gamestyleand fix your server from bugsmuch more. So a wipe on Interlude will be just fine i guess. Helios and Classic are new chronicles means less players,i don't know if pvp servers exist on this chronicle, plus you arleady got a huge community on IL. Good luck
  17. Last week
  18. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Yeah, this is my first server after infinitel2, I quit L2 for a long time. I am just back for nostalgias sake. I heard people were using my name for other servers /shrugs. But mainly, I just play the first week of each wipe and quit once i've had my fun, L2 is just too time consuming.
  19. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Good to see you are still around! Never saw you again since the old infinite l2 days Good to know. I think Helios can be really funny, If you manage to find balance with so many small things that exist nowadays Good luck!
  20. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    That part, I used to say it myself once aswell, but I gave a chance to the higher game versions and I actually enjoyed them. I'm not going to be forever stuck managing an interlude server, infact, I think this season was our last interlude season (hard words to say, it was easier to say it on High Five ). The options we got on the table now are Helios and Classic. Which game version we use shouldn't really matter much to you when it comes to "this is not lineage anymore", we are using our own unique gameplay, our own features, whatever l2 does there with their new server features matters nothing to us, infact you should be happier for getting a more stable client because the interlude client starts to be unbearable stability wise. We'll use the new features l2 offers that are good for us,such as new bosses, new places for events, new gear and so on obviously. Anyway I said it sometime ago but I'll say it again, our next season is going to run Helios, and after that there'll be a Classic server, its all already planned and being worked on, but there's defenitly no ETA for a new season, there's still tons of work to do.
  21. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    To me,Interlude is the best client,also c4,you wanna play on the latest client?where lineage is no longer lineage?
  22. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    I agree, only thing i cant accept is we still trapped in tetrislude
  23. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Yup, I agree. I used to play L2 religiously, but now I am working a full time job and living the adult life. This server allows me to still enjoy L2, but on a casual level.
  24. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    We often tend to forget, including myself, that Emerald and the rest who help him out, provide us with this gaming experience for free and consume their own free time for the rest of us. ( I doubt you make any /or big/ profits out of donations, but only to cover your running costs and time spent). The L2 Community as a whole has changed so much in the past 10 years. We've become much more demanding, while in the same time the game's golden times have long passed and there is much less to offer in terms of server quality. There are less enthusiasts like Emerald to provide a high quality server to play with nothing in return (whether it is customized or close to/retail like)...What I am trying to say, L2 community nowadays is too spoiled. So, just a thank you for your efforts, and in that context, I wish the OvC community more patience and understanding ...
  25. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    I wanna say: Thank you to emerald and the whole community too. All together managed to get the best OVC Season so far. Offering ur help/skills and experience for future improovements is something that makes parts of community very worthful for the Gm Team. However, im pretty sure, the time will come and all of us have to stay together to prepare a new, great and successfully season So, stay tuned and prepared for future Announcements
  26. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    As prevy said if you want we can help you about upgrade/changes etc for new server.
  27. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Thats my main point, just because the majority wants something that doesn't mean it's for the good.
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