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  2. swears

    young boy ))). I broke more stuff in this game "Lineage2" than your mom did hoppings ))). what use of you we had that u broke idk what , when u not even around ))). You're the best at whatever u want, certainly not in here ,didn't notice ya as a threat around to claim yourself like that ^^". I don't see you around anymore btw , and lots of y'all ))). If you're the best u never quit innit ? or how is it supposed to be? Foking idiots.
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  4. swears

    his bar and buffs are somewhat ok if he's actually unbeatable..he needs mp to kick ass for a longer period in fact he could even drop shield buffs for revenge and freezing skin for maximum dps and who needs elements when you're, again, unbeatable.. you guys are missing the point here
  5. Server Maintenance

    Its done, but im not so happy with the results so there might be another in the following days. If you feel anything "strange" feel (performance) free to send me a PM about it.
  6. swears

  7. swears

    OMG you're stupid.... it won't! WILL NOT! because this is not the server where mm has a crit..... if you don't understand, there's no point in explaining! Surrender to Water Ice Vortex Hydro Blast Hydro Blast Hydro Blast Hydro Blast Hydro Blast Hydro Blast Hydro Blast Hydro Blast until the day I die if allows Cancellation distance just so and not OTHERWISE!!!!!!!!!!!11111 PSunderstand, you began to forget who's the best at pvp on the server! IM BEST mm AND BEST IN PVP!!!!! to personally wipe twice am +14 sharpened! now on 11 broken( and importantly, that "zIM" banned with tattoo baime aq full dc +6 and am +5 and almost roller+- 5K! the reasons have not been explained... just stupid and the forum banned)) but can't break me! I'm the best and have proven this once again! as in sharpening so and in pvp of a PS2all sorts of nonamer to learn L2 will of the father.... OMG!
  8. Server Maintenance

    In the following minutes i'll start a server maintenance. Should take anywhere between 30mins to 2hours.
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  10. Daily Quests

    The portal NPC is so overcrowded

    tell me where i am wrong what i make did i hurt you ?? reason for bann? @Emerald

    if this shits happen maybe i should be inform becouse i didnt make anything

    really? but i didnt make anything against the rules seem interested to understand for what i got bann then

    Congratz, you are banned. I got the same problem 2 weeks ago, pmed Emerald and I got answer that I amperma ban for streaming black screen My bad tho, didnt read rules of streaming. 1 week ban would be enough for me to understand problem tho, butdont wait for mercy because you wont recieve it. See you next season

    What's going? noone response What is this joke i have problem i cant login in my account and you dont care about that?? WTF Man im starting to get mad


    i cant login with my acc, i try another acc everything ok Emerald ??
  18. emerald i cant log in with my acc from 10hours 

    1. Mojo


      Emerald where you ?? 


    Login off? cus before 3-4 hours i get disconect and after that i cant log in ??
  20. Changelist

    Changelist #7 Introducing new daily quests system.
  21. Daily Quests

  22. New type of olympiad

    Really bed idea with currrent player base in first weeks or now. I see howere solution why not add maps from h5 or l2 classic olyit will change gameplay dramaticaly for some classes (more skills play/less gear depended fight/more classes with difrent tatic if you role good map)
  23. Daily Quests

    Emerald, great idea, i love it!
  24. Daily Quests

    New list of quests, I reduced the requirements. Note that I removed First Blood and top damage in boss event quests. Also merged the top map/mini event quests into a single quest and merged double/triple/quadruple quests under a single Kill Streak quest. PvP Kills (50) Assists (100) Event Points (500) Top 10 Event Score (1) Top 10 Event Kills (1) Event Time (90min) Kill Streak (4) Kill Spree (5) Daily Items (depends on daily event) Mission Objectives (depends on mission) Map Boss Kills (2) Faction Monster Hunt (50) Golem Hunt (100) Elo Points (400) Rewards would be 1 Daily Quest Coin per quest you complete, these coins will not be tradeable. Stuff you could buy with these coins: * XP/SP Scroll: 7 coins * Adena Scroll: 9 coins * Drop Rate Scroll: 9 coins * Noble Quest Item: 14 coins * Clan Egg: 1 coin * Blood Mark: 3 coins * Alliance Manifesto: 7 coins * Seal of Aspiration: 14 coins * Face/Hair/Dye Potion: 3 coins
  25. Login Issues

  26. Login Issues

    Works after server restart.
  27. Login Issues

    Same. Ingame i was unable to put a shop, so I wanted to relog, then that, same thing, cannot log after pin code. I can log other accounts.
  28. Login Issues

    I find myself unable to get past the pincode prompt. I input the code, but the game remains stuck in the character selection screen.
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