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  2. Suggestions for keeping people!

    It seems that half of the community here is farm oriented, and they want the server tohave a item gap between players,slow item progress and "a lot of things" to farm during the season, while the other part (including me) is here just for the PVP. And it's quite bizarre that instead of joining some classic or low rate server they joined a PVP Faction server and with every season that have passed by they want more and more farmable features which are changing the whole essence of a PVP Faction server. Instead of doing common PVP, they preferred to have some flags and camps on maps so they would get 15a from them, later they though that was not enough and they wanted those "map objectives" to provide Enchants/BOGS/LS and so on. And when you add those new rank requirements the whole concept of a PVP server and the past enjoyment that it delivered is long gone for those who joined hereof. Dunno if you remember or played then, but those first seasons of mine in 2015 were completely different PVP-wise from now. Thenyou just joined and jump straightly intoPVP, while from it you got all the basic things that you need to progress game-wise-80 lvl on main/subs for the expert/rebirth skills and the adena/enchants/stuff for higher gear.
  3. Suggestions for keeping people!

    well i think a really good idea about those +16 pvp farmers is making them something like the cursed weapon akamanah or zariche xdddd so anyone could kill them and make them a new feature in event the best we can do is this we already doing seeing what gone bad and try to avoid it for next time i must have told this already about having strong clans but i will say it once more clans have the power to control server's proggression on some parts having a strong clan with a good recruiting system will help making new players feel valuable also its the only thing that can close the gap between older and new players i try make suggestions based on unity direction so if someone things im wrong feel free to tell me spending 30 -40 min on a new player which is on your side (faction) once per week is more than enough to help him catch up servers routine and feel like he is in a side.. informing him about current balance enemys most playable classes and its counters on server because what admin can do on that ? advertise server ? ok he did. make information panels ? ok he did. this way wont be build a true ingame connection among players... this way everything will be automatized xdd thats what i see
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  5. Suggestions for keeping people!

    Are we playing here to farm or fight? Isn't it more exciting to defeat your enemies with your ability instead of being it because of your better gear? How can a server like this be rushed? Let's amaze ourselves as we play every time better than ever before. Do we want people to play with or we just want to play alone with a +16 Draconic Bow? All weapons render useless when there's no enemy. At least, that's what I think. Everything should be explained, and complaints are no exception, otherwise it will have no weight.
  6. Suggestions for keeping people!

    Partly thats what isuggested couple of seasons ago, that for example A-Grade should be free of any cost after around 2 weeks. And you are right that population will still decrease (the moaning guys who farmed A-S will bitch about someone else getting it cheaper/free), but more newcomers will stay that way. The main crux in that feature is how and when should the gear become completely free, so we can avoid the groans from those who prefer to grind all day for their gear. I think Emerald wrote somewhere that he will draw in game some notifications windows/info about the progressive gameplay so that guys can't complain that they were left surprised.
  7. Suggestions for keeping people!

    I quit just for the low people in.
  8. Suggestions for keeping people!

    Thank you, Yamada . If I'm right, each season starts with tons of players. It's been 50 days now since this season begun and players already left. Most people see launching a new season as the only solution possible having reached this state. I've seen that when all players leave there is no more farming, so new players arrive to an evironment where old players are too strong and where they will never get to obtain decent gear. There is no reason to stay this way, so as new players come, they will be leaving right away. My proposal: Make it all (or most of it) free for everyone as soon as the population starts going down. In my opinion, that would slow down population decrease and it may be able to retain new and old players making a snowball effect. Population may still decrease, but instead of going zero, maybe it would freeze in some base amount of population.
  9. Suggestions for keeping people!

    Claire! Your idea is wonderful!
  10. Last week
  11. Suggestions for keeping people!

    A solution may be the system preventing healers from getting into the event until there are enough players. Never delete healers, they're fun to play and gives strategy to the game.
  12. Unlock S-grade

    Hi again. Maybe we should have this by default. Even people who ""wasted"" money on A-grade won't leave when it's free, I hope, knowing that soon S-grade will be free. Also it seems like a good idea for the endgame at this stage.Anewbie can try a good amount of class and still has to catch up on enchants, skill enchants, epics and expert skills. But the question is, what do we get from Bosses instead of S-Grade Items ? Enchants ?
  13. Make Server Great Again

    xdd love is in the air ^^
  14. Make Server Great Again

    And who we have here? Mr westboi. It totally fits on you, Sherminator was too wannabe and trashtalker.
  15. Make Server Great Again

    Yamada who are you at the photo , the girl with the mini guitar on her hands? ahahahahhahahahhahahaha lol
  16. Make Server Great Again

    I will wait for you guys "I will" gl and cya next sezon.
  17. Suggestions for keeping people!

    I quitafter 2 weeks of playing in almost all endgame gearbecause half of the enemies ran with healers and another half were newbies. Fighting against those with healers was just waste of time - you can't kill them, they can't kill you. Massacring newbies was already boring and no more fun. Details are here:
  18. Suggestions for keeping people!

    I quitbecause of huge population drop
  19. Suggestions for keeping people!

    I'd want to listen from the people who quitted playing the reason why. Is it really that when they get full gear they get bored of PVP or what? Did the season fail or was it just the end of summer? I'm happy just PVP'ing.
  20. Suggestions for keeping people!

    i dont think all these you refered are the big problem me and some other people made a clan so we can play together atm we have 1-2-3 ppl online all day on the other hand order has not any clan so we are alone and we also cant do anything instead of farm instances i think its time for hard core make some clans and focus on that instead of focusing on +16 weapons which are in the end worthless against a +6 full clan also atm server has 10-20-30 or more people they just dont play at the same time so this is making things even worst having a clan with members wich share the same hours of gameplay would help a lot also recruiting is another basic l2 is not a solo game. dont forget that thats what i see
  21. The reason why people are decreasing is in balance I was convinced that the biggest cause was the enchant system. The enchant system should be returned to the old system Only the blessed scrolls! 0 on failure! Delete AA! Continue problem of weapons! Delete all materials and production drawings! All items deal in adena! fort.domi.ctf.kothescort . item(enchant etc)adena,+ exp also add to the item! Please also express your opinion if there is anything! Please do not keep silent for everyone! Let's raise OVC with the power of everyone!
  22. Make Server Great Again

    There are too few people to hunt! I wish for a new season as soon as possible!
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  24. Set according to the number of people!

    more like deathmatch i think
  25. When the number of connected people is less than 10 people Adena X3 drop X3 Like CTF FORT DOMI etc! + exp (fort domi ctf) !!! EPIC power down !!
  26. rank

    Even now it is pretty tough! ! Please only score if possible! Because few people, kill and spree are very strict! Please lower the difficulty level with it! It is a tough situation!
  27. Make Server Great Again

    Emerald hope wipe will be soon, i can help with adverstive once more time
  28. Make Server Great Again

    strongly agree! Should be started as soon as possible!
  29. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    Well, donators and nolifers will be in ahead in each of those scenariosWe have to think bigger, we need population that can last more than 2 weeks.
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