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  2. Items

    Just curious.. what is good items to rush first? Too many items in this chronicle...
  3. 2nd/3rd class skills

    are you fucking retarded? im NOT against that, just correcting your silly mistakes dumbo
  4. Any videos?

    With upcoming release. Did anyone record anything from Beta? Just curious to see how it is in a event or open world.
  5. Yesterday
  6. 2nd/3rd class skills

    he only missed it by a couple years, but close enough
  7. regarding server features

    and you had that answer hours ago stop asking silly questions
  8. 2nd/3rd class skills

    yeah ok we got it topL2 knowledge. And im saying again why wouldnt be able to choose.
  9. 2nd/3rd class skills

    you cant enchant 2/3rd prof skills since helios or even an update before, so even if you keep old skills you dont keep the enchant
  10. 2nd/3rd class skills

    and actually its worth keeping enchanted duelist spirit but thats your own opinion. The thing is that doesnt harm the balance of the server but it gives your more options.
  11. 2nd/3rd class skills

    well, not sure what Emerald reasons are but i do respect it on a side note, just think of all those interlude warriors calling you a hacker because you've got a skill and they dont, and there's no other way than making new char to get it
  12. 2nd/3rd class skills

    i said an example it thats not my point. The thing is why would you be limited how u want to build your character?
  13. 2nd/3rd class skills

    actually it's not worth to leave duelist spirit
  14. regarding server features

    see? that's the only answer i needed, without all this "obvious" bullcrap
  15. 2nd/3rd class skills

    why would you do that? Thats like force some classes to be weaker than others (tyrr duelist w/o duelist spirit)
  16. regarding server features

    It will stay 7 seconds also for live. It was already fixed on beta. No.
  17. 2nd/3rd class skills

    auto learned.
  18. 2nd/3rd class skills

    I didnt find a direct answer to this in the forum so @Emeraldthe awakening skills will be auto-learned or we will be able to choose which we want to keep or change?
  19. regarding server features

    okay, how do you block a person on forums?
  20. 2nd/3rd class skills

    At this stage all features made so far are final.
  21. regarding server features

    So for you modyfing cancel other than retail like isnt class pvp change?And u call me dumb.Like i said you are just another useless troll and there are plenty on this forums. This morons didnt play 1 season here but they can reply to me about balance and stuff and how yul/mages are ok since day 1 beta.Its ok this effects doesnt affect me at all this will be seen in live.
  22. regarding server features

    i do understand that and to me it's also obvious IT SHOULDNT and probably WONT work in oly, the problem is, it's unclear and that's the only reason im asking about that - to clarify
  23. regarding server features

    meh you still cant understand its will obviously wont work inside oly
  24. regarding server features

    you're so dumb it's beyond imagination if you could point out, where's the "no effect in olympiad" in this one i would be grateful i asked about this because i actually did read the features
  25. regarding server features

    ofc the question you mdae is retarded it is possible to play oly with buffs returning from cancel? mby you are the one playing br servers also you dont need emerald to answer that question its pretty obvious
  26. regarding server features

    U could at least read features instead puting retarded questions. Class Balance(No effect in olympiad) <----Your answer
  27. regarding server features

    this isnt the opinion, this is the question - i do understand basics of english are a mystery to you, but in that case, once again, you should go back to jungle and i dont really care how it looked in previous interlude or high five seasons, im here now and i just want to have some info on matters that are pretty important and might not be clear also, the question was adressed @Emerald, no idea why all of you interlude warriors come here and fuck up the thread that was meant to clarify things(and it worked until tarzan appeared)
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