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  2. when start this server?

    me and a couple of friends are looking forward to this season Emerald,it's something different and interesting gonna join for sure just don't tease us a lot
  3. when start this server?

  4. when start this server?

    There's a rule not to ask for a wipe if an existing server is running, not a rule about asking when server opens. Anyway like you said, no ETA yet.
  5. when start this server?

    There's no eta yet. And you cant ask that, its a rule from this server.
  6. when start this server?

    when start this server?
  7. LOGUIN problem

    well tests r' online 1 step forward, seems to work on, closer to the Real *pew pew* time. Ima' kick your asses outta' yo Astral Form.
  8. LOGUIN problem

    oi lemme' in , lemme' hav'em ))). Bring the MDFukinRuckus ))). Pfff i downloaded last night the game aswell i was about to go on it :(( thought it's workin' xD. Dang and i deleted 50 gigs of movies foking idiot'.
  9. LOGUIN problem

    yeah.. the prediction is when everything will be ready
  10. Helios - Maps

    looking nice
  11. Earlier
  12. LOGUIN problem

    Have any predictions for the server to open?
  13. LOGUIN problem

    The server is not online for the public yet.
  14. LOGUIN problem

    Hi, i have a problem with loging the game. i all ready downloaded L2 helio and installed,then the L2 OvC patch and copyed the folder into the original one replacing it.and clic L2 exe. in system folder. when i enter my ip and pw and clic login a windows appered saying L2. exe hasstopped working. sorry for my english, if anyone could help me i really apreciate.
  15. Helios - Maps

    could anyone help me to install it? because i dont understand how to do it
  16. Helios - Maps

    GOOOOOOOOOD... this shit was annoying as F**k
  17. Helios - Maps

    That's pretty good change b0yz
  18. Helios - Maps

    yo entro a jugar si me ayudan este serve raro jaja
  19. Helios - Maps

    I think castle siege should have some guards.
  20. Helios - Rank System

    Its closed beta for now
  21. Helios - Rank System

    does "test online" mean open beta?
  22. Helios - Maps

    Good Job! I like the improved visualization. It will make things more clear and give a more responsive feeling. Are these all of the main game modes? I find there a little too much repetition in some modes mechanics. Mainly speaking about Siege, Fortress and Domination standing in the outlined area part. In my opinion, it would be nice to make some possibilities for some tactical decisions. For examplecastle Siege, should requiremore than just charging and conquering the middle of it. There could at least be life crystals (like in original) or other objectives, that if destroyed make castle more vulnerable. Domination could have mode-specific items, which would have de-buff/damage effect on used area (which would make harder to dominate for one faction). These are just my thoughts of the moment, but you get the idea. If you are open to suggestions, I could come up with full (complete, balanced and implementable) scenarios. So let me know Overall, I like the direction the server is going. Will be waiting for more updates, Cheers
  23. Helios - Maps

    Well I hope there will be long OBT like 10 days.
  24. Helios - Maps

    shit, this looks solid. I hope i can play before i leave for 3 months.
  25. Helios - Maps

    Maps have been given a full makeover, from registration proccess to ending toplist, i'm going to mention only the major changes, hopefully not to forget anything. Registration No more temporary faction change, players will be added to a queue and as soon as possible, they'll be teleported to the event. Registered players will see estimated waiting time and time elapsed since they registered. Territories Added new territory system, every territory have a couple of maps belong to it, when a certain faction owns all maps in a certain territory, they get a special bonus. Players can see territory status from the Informer NPC in town, maps colored in blue are owned by Order, maps colored in red are owned by Chaos, white are not owned by anyone. An aura in the center of the town will represent which faction has more territories (blue = Order, red = Chaos, none = Equal), blue in this example: Toplist The toplist at the end of the map was changed, it will now show top 10 players from both factions, and will show much more details than just score / kills / deaths as the following image (data is randomly generated, therefore it might make no sense). General Rewards:only winner side will get rewarded from now on instead of both sides, in addition to being able to capture and get rewarded from territories, winners will also get a random item (such as BOG, enchants, LS) plus a chance for a recipe / keyparts / materials. Spawning: now area based (not a single point), therefore when players spawn they will have a much wider spawn area (no more spawning ontop of each other, aswell as avoids spawn killing). Onscreen messages:these messages no longer block mouse clicks,scores and time are now shown onscreen top centerorder score shows in blue, while chaos score shows in red. .info:info voiced command was removed, instead, after joining events players will have a small icon of 2 swords in the bottom right corner of the screen, clicking it brings up a window with players current scores. Battlefield Maps There can be more than 1 spawn area now, each spawn area is surrounded by spawnguards, depending on map size. When the event starts, all flags are neutral (instead of initialy belonging to a certain faction), capturing mechanism is same as before. When a flag dies 10 points are shared among the top 10 attackers. Capture the Flag Maps In order to steal a flag, players need to be near the flag (instead of talking to it) for a few seconds, there's a mark on the floor that shows the area. Every time a player takes damage or leave the flag areawhile trying to steal a flag, the timer resets, so you need to kill any nearby enemies before attempting to steal the flag. When taking the flag, you will have 2 minutes to bring it back to your base, as soon as you'll enter your flagpole's area, you will score for your team. You can gain 5 points by just stealing the flag, returning an enemy flag and bringing back a flag to your base. Domination Maps The domination zone is now marked by a colored border and an NPC, the NPC and border color changes according to zone current owners (yellow = neutral, blue = order, red = chaos). The zone will be captured faster the more players are inside it, however, the capturing process will be paused if enemies also enter the zone, and will continue only after all enemies are killed. If during the capturing process all players leave the zone, the capturing percents starts to drop, players get 1 personal score per 2 seconds of being inside the zone. After the zone is capturing, the faction's score will start to raise by 1 per 2 seconds, however personal score will no longer raise unless the zone is under attack. Fortress Maps Fortress maps no longer require using a skill on an NPC in order to capture the fort, it has the same mechanism as domination maps,with the only difference that after a certain faction reaches 50 points, the zone resets back to neutral and sides are switched, both factions will be teleported back to bases outside of the fortress. This will allow a chance for the enemy faction to capture the fortress, even after the fortress was already captured by a certain faction. Siege Maps Siege maps no logner has guards / king, instead, the same mechanism as domination maps is used, with the only difference that every 150 points a certain side makes, the sides are switched, this will allow attackers a chance to score as defenders even if they weren't able to capture the castle while being attackers. This also means that the winners are no longer the faction who owns the castle when the map ends, but rather the faction who managed to get the most score (in order words, the faction who owned the castle for the longer period of time). Finally, spawns are also changed, there's no more mass GK, instead, there are spawn points spread inside and outside the castle protected b spawnguards for both attackers and defenders, spawn points will rotate every certain period of time. While a castle owned by Order or Chaos, the castle gets an aura representing Light and Dark. Escort the PayloadMaps The NPC is no longer attackable, however if there's at least 1 enemy near the NPC, it will stop moving. The NPC will move faster the more players near it, and will score for the faction 1 point every 1 meter (each player near the NPC will gain 1 score per 2 seconds). If the NPC reaches the destination or 8 minutes have passed, the sides are switched. Spawn points will change according to the progress the NPC makes, always the closest spawn point to the NPC will be choosen. The NPC route will be marked on the floor, depending on the escorter's faction (blue/red). Team VS Team Maps Spawn points are now spawn areas (allowing a wider space for spawning to avoid spawn killing). Besides of that, not much changed, enjoy the same old good TvT map type Only 1 change regarding the raid boss - it now spawns in the center of the map instead of spawning on one of the spawn points.
  26. Helios - Rank System

    No ETA yet. Its cool saying you think something, but what good does it bring is the 1m $ quesiton, saying you want it just because it was like that in some other server is plain useless. Some more ranks will probably be added. And hopefully, tommorow i'll get to publish some info / pictures from main events, you're going to see so much changes, so prepare yourselves
  27. Helios - Rank System

    U forgot Dacian ))). , fokin' idiots xD.
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