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  2. Can't get past the Loading screen

    Yep, I got this issue too, Can you solve it, Emerald? Thanks
  3. Event reward with apigas / golden apigas

    Most ofGolden Apiga not working, says incorrect item count.
  4. Yesterday
  5. PvE Zone (Timer)

    It would be nice if we would have a timer where it shows how much time left untill you can join the PvE zone again,also a timer when you're inside of it maybe.
  6. You can't buy ancient adenas using golden apigas, it uses just normal apigas, test it out pls.
  7. Screenshots

  8. ban this trash

    Today i blocked him also annoying noob
  9. +1 golden apigas doesnt work
  10. Youtube Event

    Nice one.Hopefully this video should attract more players because server is underrated and needs be even more popular.
  11. I can exchange normal Apiga just fine, but exchanging the Golden Apiga for Ancient Adena for example does not seem to work. Keeps telling me "incorrect item count" even though i have enough Golden Apiga in my Inventory.
  12. HUN / Magyarok

    Én nem rég kezdtem el játszani a szerveren bARESZ -ign-el. : )
  13. Youtube Event

    3"07 59 hp flag hahaha gg nice video
  14. Youtube Event

    Here we go! My attempt at this competition! Good luck everyone! :))
  15. Estimated time in queue

    main/sub doesn't really matter while in event, does it? since there is no real disadvantage from playing on subclass compared to main. just try to be the first one to sign up, then you should also be the first one to get placed into the map. it's what i have to do on healer all the time
  16. Clan Limit slots

    work your asses and do your clans you'll have enough ppl , u got an ally if you don't have enough room u can make another clan there u go u have 60 people , even more. ))).
  17. What are your thoughts on this?

    try bringin' summ' love ))). next time . Whaaaaaaaaat's love got to do with ))).
  18. What are your thoughts on this?

    same i'lld do with you , i'll just throw you out on the window ))). and still what use for. xD.
  19. What are your thoughts on this?

    What a clown, tries to bring up a suggestion and puts random answers to his own poll... I'd just ban you for being stupid
  20. Estimated time in queue

    Since tanks healers seem to be the ones getting locked out the most. (Never had queue once till now when i joined on dagger.) How about a system that prioritizing those who are tank/healer main.
  21. 1dmg skills(Shield def)

    In this server archers has the same range as mages, lol..They can also magic critical 1/3 attack and u will miss or make 1dmg crt.. Niceu
  22. Mini vip event

    Maybe in VIP TvT event, you could make a bigger number of VIP players? Like there is runing around 50ppl and find 1 vip is not so easy, so it gets more like simple Team vs team event. Really i dont remember when i saw one or attacked it. Anyway maybe there is a posibillity when each team got 0-20players so they get1vip. each team has 20-30players then maybe 2vips? Or something like that.
  23. Giran harbor

    Yeah yoo can get adena and points being below the bridge in water in domination zone lines. And writes you got in domination zone.Wanted to make a screenshotbut something went wrong got black screen.
  24. Playing with two healers that are not in the same party and healing each other when needed. By playing this way you are winning the maps for your faction, doing most of the work, I think this is very unbalancing and seeing this is annoying. I personally think that healers should not be able to heal other healers. How does the map balancing system prevent this? We already have a 28 points rule for parties, but it doesn't fix this problem. Please consider making healers only being able to heal themselves and their party members. p.s In server features it says that" A healer cannot resurrect other healers in maps and mini events. " this is not true at all, healers revive other healers all the time And just right now when a map had 5 minutes left till ending and the score was 1000 to 50 in favor of Order, I could not join as Chaos, possibly because the players that were dominating the event as Order left the event.
  25. Estimated time in queue

    For Me1 , there's ... not a time when i don't wait for joining since the beginn. of time xD. so i kinda' got used to it. Wha' you should do though. is joining the event asap the registration is up.... remember the time. when there wasn't even a waiting list? u had to spam like a cu nt the atk and than click or frkin\' ........i. was using autoclick lo0l.
  26. Estimated time in queue

    ye... and that timer is not really tellin' the truth ))). But Like don't always wait like 10 minutes. If you patient you'll go in meanwhile.... the longest i think it took me 7-8 minutes. Still if you don't go even then on your side in , you'll certainly be able to change the sides....after a few minutes if it's not working str8 on.
  27. Announcement Spelling Bug

    Yeah you're right, so how about make it a bit shorter like this: "Your God blesses you to continue this battle." Please make sure that it's spelled "God" and not "god"
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