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    I agree with the oly thing that its true that it is not quite as rewarding as an oly should be. Other things working well for all and newbies especially, gj Eme. About the castle, I personally think that a passive skill or some extra reward like adena or smth from time to time to the owners would make the castle worth much more, back in the old school lineage the lords of the castle were making a lot of adena. Remember there`s only ONE castle to get in the server so why not make it worth fighting for even more.
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    I do not take things personal, but be at my position and read your whole post again and tell me what am I supposed to do with all that information? You saw the requirement/reward for rank 1 only, and you already came here to post a block of text saying how bad it is, while all your statements about it are totally wrong, then you start talking about rewards on other features which are bad but never define what you want instead. About olympiad, I think since season 1 besides of people coming and saying "olympiad is not rewarding", nobody have ever bothered showing how "bad" it is, now that you state its 1 bews for 3 hero count, I suppose it could be increased, open a suggestion about it and i'll check it out. Open a suggestion also about aden castle passive skills so I won't forget about it.
  5. Updates

    How exactly can I be negative when I start with ''all the updates are great''... I mean, even if smth shows negativity, don't you understand that I'm typing here in the first place because I like the server? If I didn't, I wouldn't even bother. Don't take things so personally, it's mainly a discussion if you want to have one. * You are right about the rank - achievement manager thing. * Regarding Olympiad: The Olympiad rewards are exactly like this atm : 1 Bews after 3 hero counts / Heroic Miracle for 7 seconds / Bers - Valor for 2 minutes / Hero wpn - circlet - glow. How exactly is this normal and rewarding? The skills are fine but rly 1 bews after 3 hero counts? 1? If you are willing, explain to me why is it so. * Aden Castle: 'Which I doubt it even works' was meant to be 'I've checked it with Castle and without' and I saw no difference at all and that's why I typed that because I'm not sure it works, however, I'm not sure it doesn't as well. How am I showing lack of disrespect by posting my opinion? You very well know that I'm only positive towards the server. Regarding the Castle, it's quite useful at the beginning for crp/xp/sp boost, but later on it becomes useless and that's why everybody is afking while the siege is on-going. Maybe you misunderstood what I wanted to say. As the server develops, the rewards should be progressive. For example crp/xp/sp boost could be removed after 20-30 days or so that the server is live and be replaced e.g. by a passive skill for the clan (WIT +1 / INT +1 / CON +1 / STR +1 / DEX +1 ) that owns it or smth else that benefits the castle owners (like h5 wards). Also, it's not about what makes me happy. What actually makes me happy is for the server to have a stable active community. I really don't care about anything else or any updates other than seeing more people online. Anyhow, I really didn't mean to be negative.
  6. Updates

    Wow wow hold there... all that negativity, have you even checked the new system? Who decided that faction server is based only about player kills? what makes you think that I made it so assists matter more? Assists are easier to get, that's why ranks starts with assists, it gets harder as you climb up the ranks and will also include kills, score, played events, wins and so on, everything matters, not just player kills as you mention it. Rewards are discouraging? you do aware that so far you got nothing for getting new ranks right? there are 100 ranks, what rewards do you want to get exactly from each rank? 500 adena? so nobody would ever need to buy/sell anything? the rewards were made like that so newbies will get starter stuff from the starter ranks, and on higher ranks it will start rewarding also lvl 3/4 books, enchants, bogs, Adena etc. Achievements manager was removed because the other achievements had no point. The removed achievements were Elo, Skill Enchant, Level, Noble, Olympiad Points and Vote. Why would I reward players for any of these? its your goal to do all of the above even without me rewarding for it, and if you need an explanation, go on and I will explain why. As I continue to read this topic I still try to figure out what kinds of rewards will ever make you happy. Olympiad stays retail like, with the only change that 1/4 period => 1/4 rewards. Why would you take Aden Castle on any other server? on most server it gives strictly nothing besides of the circlets. But yeah, the lack of disrespect you just showed when you said "I doubt it even works", I regreated I even started to answer this post, and by saying that you obviously just trying to make it look like Aden Castle gives nothing, you had nothing to say about XP/SP bonus so you said "you doubt it works", fuck it - why I even bother.
  7. Updates

    * All the updates that have recently been made are great, to me at least, however, that last one with PvP / PK seems a bit awkward. The whole faction server is based on Player Kills, so how exactly will anybody be motivated to play if assists matter more than actual pvps? What's the moto now? Kill nothing to get rewarded? A combination of both in a rewarding system would be great, but still PKs should always be more important than assists (80-20%). Also, these rewards on Rank Manager are so discouraging... Get Rookie title to get an Ancient Insp Book? .. Noone would care for that, not even in the very first day.. Just give straight up Adenas to people and let em enjoy it. * Achievement's Manager should still exist with other various stuff that would re-complete the previous list of 13 categories. You also have to implement better rewards there as well. * Olympiad: On the previous season, I had to camp Friday/Saturday/Sunday 4h per day... and the reward was what? Shine bright like a diamond? You should decrease the amount of tokens needed for enchants and increase the tokens acquired for gathering 50+ pts or being a hero. As it is atm, olympiad is utterly useless and it's not interesting at all except for people that like watching their char glowing. Olympiad should benefit your character in various ways. It was created to be smth special and it should be. * Aden Castle: Why would someone fight for it after he gets his clan to lvl 8? To gain 50% - 25% boost xp/sp which I doubt it even works? To kill Dr. Chaos that gives you useless materials? Something needs to be changed there as well. * Regarding the community drop, I disagree with most of the ppl here that say that ppl get bored. 75% of the ppl are the common apes that move from server to server weekly trying to find the perfect fit, which will never exist, after their 1st failed attempt to make their wpn +10. Also, many ppl get discouraged from other apes that actually get bored or have failed to enchant their weapons and start creating negative shops or shouting about other servers etc. You should make the rules stricter, and banhammer all these talents from their first shout or shop. If you don't like the server, the solution is really simple, it's actually 2 clicks away, start using it. * @Scaretactic - About the thing a fella said that full-geared players don't have smth to do and get bored, that's so wtf. The whole reason that you join here is to get your gear and PvP. If you expect to get a dragon with a big sword to keep you interested, then you definitely shouldn't join Interlude servers, but you should create your own endless game. Also, if Emerald added any other bonuses for ppl that have reached end game gear etc. then newbies wouldn't even bother to join. The chronicle is Interlude, if you don't like it, wait for the GC season that will last again for a week. At least you will have your starwars fun there. It's my second season here and that's what I've seen so far.
  8. Changelist

    20/08/17 * Reduced amount of titles from 132 to 100. * Titles now have additional requirements besides of just kills. * Gaining ranks is now rewarding, it replaces the previous achievements system.
  9. leveling

    Not a bad idea but it should be slightly changed. When the server has very low activity, then an area in which you can hunt monsters for exp and other stuff should be available,but still it should stay open for a specific time till the server has enough activity to turn the event engine back on, otherwise there will always be less ppl in pvp events. That's the only way this can work and I've got no idea how much time Emerald would have to spend on it or if it's even possible, I guess it is.
  10. leveling

    Our players are playing from all over the world. Because there are few people due to time zone etc, the level is difficult to state. I propose. 1. Create one area to hunt monsters (to get exp) 2. In that area red and green will be inserted (killing possible) 3. Monsters are exp only reward I think that it is necessary for people during less hours. Please examine it once
  11. 'Easy' - The Movie

    Only available at the best movies in town, coming soon..
  12. Mini Events

    Bubble Fight Team versus Team where you can use bubbles without battleforce or spellforce . Reuse 20 seconds on them ? x) Mini Events that matches the real life folklore (christmas, halloween, etc). Has been made before I think but with bad events (snow one). Christmas : Snowball Fight Deathmatch. Everyone is Dwarf ? Everyone throws snowballs. It stuns for 0.5 seconds ? When you get it by 4-5, you turn into snowman ? and lose ? Kills give the reward. Halloween : Fear and Run Freeforall Run. Everyone is Dark Elf ? Everyone must go through a field (close way, impossible to avoid) with a scarecrow on the way (impossible to go out of his range). The scarecrow cast randomly fear, single kill shot skill, mass kill shot skill, onrandom targets. The players that go to through the field alive winthe reward. Impossible to attack other players ? Easter : Kill the bunnies Coop style (new). Everyone is Elf ? Everyone have melee weapon (fun weapon). You must hit rabbits (one shot) that give 2 adena. If you get to 100, you get to a Rabbit Boss that drop another reward. That's all of I think of now.
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  14. Mini Events

    other thoughts - What about adding daily quests like in HS? - Caothic game modes? No CDs, no mana consumption, super speed. If you're on a killling spree you get +20% recieved dmg -50% healing, If you're on a death spree, you get +50% dmg - Events where scenario is impactful; like some npc spawns and if you kill it you get random bonuses/debuffs/dmg/whatever. e.g: a keg spawns and a sorc nukes it => aoe explode dmg - Football minigame? - Casino minigame?
  15. Mini Events

    Events will have some changes, thought donations are most likely to stay as they are, in day 1 when there's many players around a few donators here and there does almost no changes to how competitive / balanced events are, it's not like we got enchanted skills / items or full clan stuff on offer like on other servers. Its obvious people like simple stuff, that's why they always go for simple PvP events all the time, that's why Interlude is most popular too, because its simple, that doesn't mean the others cannot be fun - I can always increase the amount of rounds you cannot vote for the same event over and over, or reduce the amount of events you are able to vote for in order to make more diversity, so yes, new events are sure welcome, if there will be any cool ideas soon That's like faction events, it started only with Kill the God one, then few others were added and tweaked over time, now I think everything is pretty much enjoyable - adding a few more faction events too could do wonders.
  16. Mini Events

    @Emerald. That makes sense, I was only around for the peak of Eko, so I did not witness the downfall. I agree with your points, its just that players do not view end game on this server as getting Aden Castle or becoming a hero. I was apart of sieges the first 3 weeks of this wipe, and no clans were interested besides perhaps 2. The rewards were very enticing, yet very strong clans on the server refused to show up. Heroes were the same, as most classes had no competition for hero, if not maybe just one other person competing while the server had 200-300 players. It just shows that players did not care about that as an endgame purpose. Most of the players i knew that quit at the end of the first week (majority of my clan, and a few others I knew) were really bored and just over enchanted their gear and when it failed, they quit. That'swhy I recommended the idea of making event wins more of a priority. Since events are the focal point of the server, it should be more valuable to win an event instead of just receiving a box of luck. Players get upset at OP donations at day 1, this will also prevent that as well. I am not biased in this situation because as you know, I tend to donate at the beginning of ever season, so this would keep those QQers away as well while making events more competitive persay. Its just that player's mentality is pvp and pvp, so mini events like simon says (which I think is really fun) get zero play time, because everyone just votes the same pvp ones over. My argument is that spending time adding new events won't do anything because the majority of the player base will keep voting death match, battlefield, or raid in the middle, vip tvt everytime, because those generate kills. Therefore majority of players wouldnt appreciate the new events or would even vote it. For example, human vs mutants is a fun event (where you transform into the oel mahums i think) yet its NEVER voted because it deviates away from the simplicity of death match etc.
  17. Mini Events

    The server was born in inspiration of ekokinetics - the very first season had the exact same gameplay, talking island from 65 - 70 and then entire world from 70 and upwards, same gameplay etc. But it didn't work out from many reasons, same reasons ekokinetics itself died evantually, it would always get to the point where people cannot find pvp - having an open world pvp for a faction server isn't really benefitical, at start people who reached 70 couldn't find pvp in the main continent, and at the end in addition to that newbies wont find PvP in Talking Island. The changes I do atm are not meant to make gameplay easier, A-grade can now become free and S-grade even cheaper but the progress itself has been made twice slower, also about rebirths now its removed yes but exping is x4 slower, so you end up having the same result, just without the ability to bypass the exp penality by making all subclasses level 80 before rebirthing. There's still alot to do, soon I update the new ranks system which will also be rewarding, and later will also probably rework the maps and add territories with rewards. I honesty don't think anybody reached endgame here, it doesn't end with gear but with actually owning Aden Castle as a clan, getting heroes, enchanting skills and items and so on. The gameplay itself, yup, its repeating, but tell me one server where it isn't ? it always ends up where you are fully geared and then all you do is PvP, that's what L2 is about. That's why I want new event ideas, I start with mini events but will move on to other event types aswell. P.S. Star, that's not the type of events i'm looking for, that's a solo instance and yeah it doesn't seem to be worth the effort of implemenation, thanks for the idea anyway.
  18. Mini Events

    @Emerald, in all honesty, the amount of mini events we have are okay. Personally (my opinion), I do not think it is worth putting time coding mini events. The server is in need of a drastic change to give it a breath of fresh air and some life. The 24/7 events thing just gets boring after 1 week max, especially after the current change logs, you've made it easier to reach end game (easier rebirths etc). There is literally not enough features on the server to keep more hardcore players interested more than 5-6 days. I personally do not know what you could do to change the server up. Perhaps making winning events impactful towards end game. Winning an event gives you a coin needed to obtain boss jewls or end game (That way it keeps events actually interesting and players not able to donate for full S first day). At the moment, no one cares about winning an event, why? because a box of luck is sh1t, they'd much rather treat every event as a TVT. In my opinion that's the easy thing to do, if you have the files or the coding capability, why not try what eckokinetics did back in 2011? They had one of the most successful factions server of all time with their idea of raiding each town or area, and there were npc guards in each zones that dropped mats for s grade etc. I just think there are many things that can be done to overall improve the state of the server, instead of just mini events cause at the end of the day, most people just sees those as another tvt, and you RARELY see the non pvp ones and the only pvp ones we get are death match and battlefield 90% of the time (since most people just want to farm kills). In my opinion, the balance of the server is in a REALLY good state right now, as obviously L2 can never have true balance. Overall though, all it needs is an improvement of features to keep interlude a backbone of L2ovc. Right now, the server is LIT the first 5 days and just falls off a cliff after that and that in my opinion is due to the lack of features, besides event and siege (where most clans dont even participate in) and oly (where most casual players dont play). There is not much to do at all. TLDR; server gets stale REALLY quick at its current rate of only farming events with zero other features. It is not because of interlude, there are many things that can be done with interlude to increase the server's playable life.
  19. Mini Events

    if its too hard to code; you can do it pvpish - enemies have melee wep -people need ot get from A to B but have no weps and die to 1 hit
  20. Mini Events

    CTF already exist as a map and "defend the castle" already exists as a City under Attack faction event, trivia one is similar to Simon Says or Wisdom Test faction event, not about l2 questions but still similar. You'll have to explain that stealth thing better, although it still sounds much like a part of CTF event, where you need to sneak back to base with the flag after taking it.
  21. Mini Events

    - capture the flag - defend the castle:minions in waves come to attack it and you need to defend it before they kill it. You can add diferent kind of minions that choose different targets and have differente strengths.Add pvp? - stealth mini game: you gotta sneak to an end before you get caught - trivial pursuit with l2 questions
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  23. Rebirth exp penalty

    No more penalty after last update, aswell as some changes which in my opinion make it easier.
  24. Changelist

    19/08/17 * Increased the amount of routines the same mini event cannot be voted for from 2 to 3. * Removed rebirth system, rebirth skills can now be learned at grand master. * From now on you get rebirth books when reaching levels 78/79/80. * Removed max level service from god NPCs, instead people will be able to get XP/SP boost by donating. * Since there's no more need for rebirthing, exping is now made slower. * Players will automatically get noble when reaching level 80. * Removed rebirth and noble achievements. * Removed the rebirth exp penality. Added: * Players cannot set custom titles anymore when reaching max title. * Updated Grand Master NPC html text to explain how to get divine inspiration / rebirth skills. * Reduced starting ELO to 2k and max ELO to 5k, ELO will now be more accurate. * Added assists to the game, PvP points will now show assists, PK will show kills. * Updated scoreboard at end of maps to show more details. * Now the top 3 players in a map will get a point toward Wisdom achievement, instead of top 1.
  25. Mini Events

    So i'm looking forward to implement some new mini events, mainly non-PvP ones but PvP ones could do aswell. If you got some ideas or saw some cool events somewhere that we don't have please write them here in details, if they will be good they will be implemenated. Thanks. Current list of events: PvP: Battlefield, Death Match, Korean TvT, Last Man Standing, Humans VS Mutants, Raid in the Middle, VIP TvT. (7) Non-PvP: Bomb Fight, Hunting Grounds, Lucky Chests, Russian Roulette, Simon Says, Humans VS Zombies. (6)
  26. Reanimate server

    isnt tarzan the guy that flooded the forum about archers being OP during GC season which led to a huge nerf that led to the server loosing 90% of its population in like 4 hours? oh yeah... keep responding to this guy's posts at ur own risks, since he has a habit of writing 50+ lines arguing with himself about nothing...
  27. Reanimate server

    Ok u want debate we can debate ,when i see someone as stuborn as you it just give me a challange.1st of all your server aint pretty good balance.It has a decent balance,u made pretty much effort but took u so long so many seasons and still is not good balance....u just have impression is good balance but is not.Get this straight decentdoesnt mean very good and neither perfect .As in balance context the use of this words decent,very good,perfect are different standards. And i didnt know submiting a bug report for u implies i was crying about daggers.No not even close what u imply here.I was talking about th landrates just 1 skill wich is backstab nothing else about deadly or lethal landrate.U can go check again what i said about daggers.The balance i was refering was among th vs aw vs pw.I did effort to research for u to prove lethal blow is buged with more damage than it should.Did u do anything about that?No ofc not u choose to ignore and throw some excuse u work at grand crusade u dont have time blablabla like it takes huge ammount of time to balance the damm numbers in main stab skills.Also i showed u video where a th landed all his backstabs from behind.Its proven but u refuse to change this.And btw if u really want i can make a research for you to prove you focus death and focus power real bonus for stabs aint 60/90 %,this is just for autoatacks not for skills.This will be hard to find proffs but maybe i can,but i wont do it to be moked and ignore by you,you need request me this if u really want make the daggers as it should meaning retail like and not java like. In bug report that i made about dagger i never discussed about balance other than in context as th vs aw vs pw and never about balance aka daggers vs other classes.But i can do that now.I can tell u 100% that vs other classes daggers are slighly overpowered more or less depends vs wich class.Even classes that should keep in check dagger numbers as low and i reffer here at warriors such glad,tyrants cant do their jobs because dagger reach insane p def with rebirth system ~2500 p def,and at this level of defense tyrant/glads damage is irrelevant.Not to mention dagger can switch to heavy to put even more ridicoulos p def numbers.Is not normal here that dagger>tyrant glad end game ,the only warrior class that can keep in check daggers is titan but he can be outspeed ofc and evoided so dagger could care less because he decide if wanna engage or not. Now back to the archer dagger situation.Yes i know dagger>archer but still some decency and common sence should be preserved.Numbers that i told are very real nothing exagerated it can be checked by others and to me this numbers in pvp i told 2500 frontal stabs(lethal blow+focus chance) 5-6k lethal blow(focus death) vs 1600-1800 critical vs ultimate stacked archer are real so nothing exagerated.To me this numbers looks like a parody show that has nothing to do with balance.The fact dagger should be nemessis of archers is not a good excuse for having such numbers.This discrepancy between dagger and archer is just too big not realistic and not retail like because daggers are just broken and extremely buged. A
  28. Reanimate server

    You know what's even more pathetic? you, for managing to break the rules everytime - get banned for it and then come to forum to post a wall of text trying to blame it on me. So lets start off with the fact that I didn't say server is perfectly balanced, but it surely is pretty good balanced, and without input i'm not going to make any change, besides of a few topics before the season even started (based on people guesses, I don't count that as input) - there were 0 topics about balance. But I find it funny that you, who bothered so much making a bug report about daggers that would lead to a major boost in their skill landrates and possibily damage, now complaining about daggers being too OP, that's exactly the reason why I don't rush to fix this bug, because its completely stupid to fix something and then purposely nerf it afterwards, just to say "I fixed it, horray" - and yet, there's 0 topics that would talk about balancing daggers. I'm too proud to admit the server needs improvements? lol, I could've sworn that just a few posts above this one I admitted that it needs improvements. Oh wait, there it is. You're right about one thing btw, using the "banhammer" is so easy and fun when it comes to people like you, but here you are, still roaming the forums, how does that even happen...
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