L2 Order VS Chaos


L2 OvC Patch (20 MB)

Download L2 OvC patch from one of the mirrors below.
If you are running into any issue, make sure you read the FAQ before opening a support request.

Interlude Client (~3 GB)

If you don't have the Interlude client, you can download it from one of the mirrors below:

Interlude Last Version (200 MB)

If you installed a fresh Interlude client or you have edited client from other servers, its fully recommanded to download this patch.
This patch will make sure your Interlude client is fully updated to last Interlude client right before The Kamael was released.
It contains many bug fixes, addition of missing textures and animations and more.
Note that this patch is not a replacement for L2 OvC patch, you must apply L2 OvC patch after you apply this one.


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