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Order VS Chaos GvE Faction Server


Supporting L2 OvC will reward you with Adena ingame.
Rewards will be instant if the payment will be completed instantly or within a few hours otherwise.
You can pay with Paypal using your Paypal balance, credit card or bank account.
You can pay with Paygol using SMS, call, paysafecard, credit, visa or direct.
You will get 250 Adena per 1 Euro, use paypal whenever possible.
After donating, go to ingame "Donations Manager" NPC to claim your rewards!
This NPC will also have special offers for donators.



Covered Costs

Keeping a server up and maintaned takes alot of resources, time, effort and most importantly: money.
Therefore any purchase you will make to this server will help us keeping it maintaned and will allow us to keep improving it overtime.
We have decided to add a payment status bar, so you will be able to see how much percent we have covered from the total server costs for the current month (resets every 10th day of month).